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Full Version: Telescope Keppler discovering several exoplanets in just a tiny portion of space. Forum > Science > Physics, Cosmology, and Geology

Even if we canīt travel to those exoplanets, humand kind could send space probes carrying life to planets at goldilock areas.
But honestly wouldnīt be better, or more exiting at least, to find life?
Haha we are well over a decade before considering Mars. And 9 years before revisiting our moon again. Funding has decreased for NASA, so progress will be very short for the time being.
When i said sending life i meant sending bacteries or seeds able to resist the jorney to those planets, not humans. Life will evolve differently there.
That would take a very long time with conventional propulsion methods
As long as the life samples remain viable...Probably thats the bigger issue as it wouldnīt really matter how many millions of years would the journey last for.
Itīs been proposed life in earth started that way whether itīs quite irrelevant if it did start here or somewhere else and imposible to demonstrate.
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