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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Apr 23, 2012, 5:12 pm

Time is Like Water

Time is like water and grows everything
It flows as it goes around in a ring
Giving and taking living and making
A go of it in the flow though we know
That when time comes then we have to let go
To get where we go we know yet without
Knowing what really to hold on about
Knowing we have to let go even so

Getting there finally though finding out
When then is now again and we can see
Us come around right where we ought to be
Where we have got to be now time is how
It goes as it flows around in a ring
Time is like water and grows everything

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Apr 20, 2012, 1:22 am


When we are grateful for
What we have we have more
When then is now again
Not after nor before
Now win or lose we win

To let it come then go
Enough now even though
When down we may not see
How up again to be
To get up even so

As one who rides it learns
The wheel returns and turns
Around who found like me
When we are grateful for
What we have we have more

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Apr 18, 2012, 6:19 pm

Becoming Poetry

for Laura
"the astonishingly attractive barista"

I live as simply as possible for
An impossible old thing ready to live more
Or better anyway by quality
Compensating life for my lack of quantity

Entertaining the possibility
Of it all after all in the fall before and
Entertained by my own impossibility
Certain only of my uncertainty

But certainly the better now to understand
You my new friend who spend the afternoon with me
Falling sun at noon calling to the rising moon
When the evening comes then becoming poetry

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Apr 13, 2012, 6:38 pm

Of Love and Screaming on My Birthday

I remember screaming
On my fifty-seventh birthday
In December seeming
Like it did not matter then (but
Did): I hid myself in alcohol
All day and in the morning when what
Came came without warning all
It was was me again as I recall
Nor can I blame what came for being me

(I remember dreaming
Of love coming true someday)

But I remember screaming above
All as emblematic
Satisfyingly dramatic
Daresay anyway today
To say I survived my birthday
Like the fifty-six before
Like a displaced person after the war
Within my members embers of
Survival my arrival
After all alive to live by love
Or by the hope of some

Of love that went of love to come
Of love that was because of love to be
Of love that is now even though
I know not love knows even so (I see)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Apr 5, 2012, 4:08 am

Guess Yes

Though knowing when I live then die
I may have no way of knowing
When how I wish now I knew then
Maybe knowing anyway I
Guess I might as well be going
On with the show for all I know
To close it though I chose it too
Wondering what and how and why
I might as well guess yes again

Guessing again now even though
I seem to have been here before
Then when the answer has been no
Guess yes hereafter even so
When then may be here now no more
Here now is clearly how to be
The only way to be for me
Or anyone here now to know
The something more someone lives for

Growing and showing no sign of
Stopping dropping all else for love
Maybe like you I am one who
Must take the best just shake the rest
Away like my father shook me
The last and best the past impressed
What it gave and where it took me
By future prospects presently
As tough enough to be and do

Now may be the best time for me
Hanging on hoping for the best
Now half full of half empty then
When time to live then time to die
Like glasses half between again
Know there may be nowhere between
Us here we are now me and you
Not knowing what nor how nor why
Between though who know what we mean

Now knowing here what was not known
When as it is then here we are
Who as it were were not alone
You as me and me as you we
Two in one we who were will be
With us between as what we mean
When you are what and how and why
To me I was and will be then
As now to be and do again

Us where we are is not too far
To see through now here how we are
Tough to be enough to do see
When I am you then you are me
The yes in nowhere there between
For all we know on with the show
May be what we do anyway
And seeing you now here today
Yes maybe you know what I mean

When how I wish now I knew then
I might as well guess yes again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Apr 1, 2012, 12:40 am

The River

then but now

When telling me to shut up failed to work
My father tried to kill me with his fork
At the table but was not able to
Because my mother was able to do
What a mother does and was impaled instead
Unsuccessful killing his successor

But she recovered what I never did
I would recall it all could not get rid
Of that and the rest he did that we hid
Never mind forgiving so forgetting
Getting on with living though regretting
The aggrieved surviving the aggressor

And I am alive and they are both dead
When the dead live among the living now
The dying are trying to live somehow
Without looking back with enough ahead
To worry about to be sorry when
Trying not to dying but living too

Leaving the dead for the living to be
What I should if I could I would be free
At last from the past for the life of me
My mother and the others left behind
When my father felt like killing again
Who lost it all who could not get away

He was more successful with others then
Brothers I lost before losing my mind
With no tomorrow only yesterday
But after it cost it all to recall
Somehow I win now by losing it all
Yesterday lived down then up for today

When living or dying to anyway
Losing but choosing what to live without
Giving it away then trying to say
That was yesterday and this is today
Such as it is much as it is for anyone
Though what was done would never be undone

Forever yesterday then but now has begun
An ever flowing river growing downstream
To never end wherever it may wend its way
Because it turns out this was all a dream about
The river the giver the stream of the dream
That was yesterday then but now this is today

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 31, 2012, 7:07 pm

Kicking Up the Dust of Destiny

A swirling circle of circumstance
Sans pomp as a happy happenstance
My circumnavigation by chance
Twirling like the Milky Way today

Kicking up the dust of destiny
Wondering about the rest of me
Coming becoming and come what may
Here I am so I might as well be

If by happenstance but happily
Turning when burning then learning and
Yearning but failing to understand
Whatever some call reality

Whatever forever never was
Never mind behind look up to see
Me do what whoever I am does
Whoever I am forever free

Anything can happen I know I
Did as I do without knowing why
So rather than destroy it I will
Enjoy it though filled with wonder still

The rest of me as the best of me
Now when always the best time to be
Now then will be my reality
Kicking up the dust of destiny

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 29, 2012, 9:42 pm

This Springing Thing

I sit in the shade
When I am afraid
Before I begin
But after I win
Then when love has won
I stand in the sun

Living it up and down I die
The lotus unfolds and so do I
And it would be fine if this line of mine
Should spring like spring if it could bring
Us to the presence of the divine
One to the other sing two into spring

I see no reason
Not to this season
After winter when
We always dreamed then
Before we two would be who
Stand in the sun again

So this line of mine and another or two
This springing thing bringing spring singing for you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 27, 2012, 5:36 pm

Now This Poetry is How

My Grandma believed the music I wrote
Divinely inspired note by note
And in her grave she holds it in her hand

Left there now I understand
With God where God left me or whatever
Starting the end of forever for me

Starting to be now or never
There with Grandma left to be
A sacrifice to poetry

Left without her left to doubt
I always wonder right about
Now when time has taken me

Here where life brought me
All else has forsaken me
But what love taught me

Then around the circle when
Now this poetry is how
I live all I have left I give

Again and again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 26, 2012, 12:02 am

Reversible Mittens

(work in progress...)

Reversible Mittens the R(money)bot
Though whose rejection on Election Day
Will lose the War on Women in a rout
The War on the Poor the Iran Plan and more
Of their best the rest they seek to steal it for
Their happy ever after of everlasting war
They got what they paid for got what our money bought

By mechanical laughter no thought why not no doubt
No thinking no blinking just shrinking to fit
He takes his turn as if entitled to it
To do as we die as they program him but who
Will doubtless choose something like nothing to say
Without ever finding out too much about
What he never knew or whatever he forgot

Reversible Mittens the R(money)bot
Has got to stay reversible come what may
Edging just away as if entitled to
Shake the Etch-a-Sketch and make a new start someday
Because a bot does what a bot was bought to do
Has got to do when once again he is running then
And we may see he may be running away

They got what they paid for got what our money bought
Reversible Mittens the R(money)bot

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 23, 2012, 7:07 pm

When Lives Overlap

When lives overlap then we pass along
Whatever worked whatever made us strong
Though we were not we thought so never knew
Believing our story through grief to glory
Trying to make some forever come true

Dying to live right and getting it wrong
Forgetting now for never mind ahead
Like getting left behind in kind instead
Making our imaginary friends alone
When our glory is we are the story
Being here to know now and then to be known
Trying to make some whatever come true

But maybe now this will be how we do
Forever or whatever for me and you
Through pleasure and pain to links in the chain
Woven of love over and around again
When lives overlap then we pass along

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 22, 2012, 8:49 pm

Spring in Fall

I miss my wife
I miss my life
I miss it all in fall
And everything in spring

Nothing now to laugh about
Nothing after all
Funny how it all turned out
Dancing on a string

No strings attached I dance for free
And never look behind
Forever looking back at me
There where I lost my mind

And everything in spring
I miss it all in fall

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 21, 2012, 2:06 am


Man and woman begin again
Once more after war
Finding out about dying then
For a garden or a metaphor
To win or lose who choose at last
Dying to live for
Living by forgiving the past

That the future may be more
Of a present than this
Former child of a latter war
Presents now like a kiss
That will not turn away
Till yesterday becomes today
And then becomes now when

Today becomes tomorrow
Turned all the way from worst to best
But that is then and this
Is now and never mind
The rest that is before behind
When this not there is where we find
Us here now anyway

After the dying for of war
Forgiving before the living for
Whatever was that was then because
Between what will be and what was
What might be and what might have been
For a garden or a metaphor
Us here now is how we win

Between us knowing what we mean
Ending as begun
Through tears to laughter after all
Who entre nous through two to one
Know spring follows fall
Through winter when we enter in
Man and woman begin again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 14, 2012, 2:14 am

The Opposite of Fear

Hope is found at last
When all else is lost
A present from the past
When love is what it cost

In my future now
When I hope to be
My hope through love somehow
Will bloom then into me

As I still endure
I will persevere
By hope the only cure
My life the death of fear

The opposite of
Fear to hope through love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 12, 2012, 12:09 am

I Want to Be a Star

for Teddy my son the actor and
for Lindsey my friend the writer

Who could blame us we who would be famous what else should we do
But give and take and make do living through it dying trying to?

Because it does us good to make this better than what was
That behind our duty to find beauty being as it does
In mind forgetting farther than we are as far as we can go
Making good now being understood when you remember me

Not only for myself a trophy lonely on a shelf of
What was but as what will be who we are because the who of love
Is us becoming as it does us being so to grow
Better than what was because what is becoming what will be

Us being as we do becoming each the star we are
No star out of reach for all or each who reach nor star too far
Out the window like a mirror a familiar face I see
In the sky or in a book I take one look at you and know

Now you know who I am and I know who you are too when
What might seem to turn out wrong farther along turns out quite right
How when a star must fall then it must surely rise again
Burning bright when I see the light and it looks like me and you

A star not far away today to shine tonight when we are light
I want to be a star then I want you to be one too

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 7, 2012, 8:29 pm

Worrying About My Checking Account

Worrying about my checking account
Money that is or not I suppose
Fearing it is not because I forgot
Maybe the bank remembered me when
Being too worried to check the amount
It all went crazy again but then
If not worried enough to forget
About it remembering to doubt it
Is what I think thinking no one knows
How worried now worried enough to regret
Being this way today worrying about it

I think spring is coming but I know fall
Comes for me now when being like this
Is almost enough not to be then at all
Though too much to miss so with no one to kiss
Being anyway now to say this is how it goes
Worried about money when being without it
And then if I amount to more than the amount
Less a discount of whatever I might count
For before the more or less of after no more
Nor less any more than many ever bargained for
That is or not in my checking account

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 4, 2012, 8:26 pm

Now My November

Down the path of the psycho up I go
Nuts now with only one alternative
Peanuts and tree nuts and then me I know
Nuts all around in the trees in the ground
And though both and neither nuts even so

When I am trying though dying to live
To be happy but if I cannot be
I must take what I can just be a man
About it though I doubt I can get out
Alive to find out what this life was about

Except for the love I think of when I
Think about living knowing I must die
Thinking I knew but did not I forgot
Never to finish this man I began
To remember till now my November

Whatever the name of the month may be
Whatever a man is the best I can
When knowing now is always then for me
Never to finish but start in your heart
Now when this man is then when I am not

Never to finish but always begin
Not saying goodbye a good enough start
Keeping on keeping on waking sleeping
Giving and taking using up making
The most of my moment of destiny

To leave you with only the best of me
The rest of me left behind with the mind
You lose only once who find it again
Another day in another way too
Peanuts and tree nuts and how about you?

Remember me now my November when
You see me again remember to go
On with the show (this is it) even though
I forgot remember when I am not
Remember me now my November then

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Mar 1, 2012, 12:05 am

A Very Useful Thing

A penis is a thing to sing
In spring to bring between us
A thing that brings the he-ness
In things out like no other thing

Mars to Venus night to day
Or Mars to Mars like singing stars
Singing planets anyway
Singing like they mean us

Ooh la la la la

Like a flower in its power
Springing up to bring in spring
When love grows in us it shows
Us doing as we say

And when one comes between us
A penis entre nous

(Ooh la la la la?)

If one knows then where it goes
And two know what to do

Can be a very useful thing
By which to sing the stars
By which to bring a springing rose
Singing like we mean us

Ooh la la la la

Mars to Venus Mars to Mars
A penis in between
Night to day to Mars or Venus
Used then either way I mean

A thing to bring a thing we sing
If entre nous between us
Sung by the well-hung come what may
A very useful thing

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 28, 2012, 7:36 pm

The Only Way is Up So Here I Go

fifty-six lines at fifty-six cents overdrawn

Let me be alone to take my mistake
In stride or hide or something like heal now
Let the disappointment ache out somehow
Enough reality I need a break
If the psychotic kind out of my mind
Though even so let me take time to take
What little I have left and do my best
To be happy and to make my mistake
The past at last to learn from left behind

I would be happy if only I could
But knowing I should at least I would try
To find happiness then before I die
Now before all this is over for me
At least when this side of reality
Learning from this as from all my mistakes
Always the hard way as harder each day
Turning and earning whatever it takes
I wonder what it all means anyway

When all it takes is all I have to give
Everyone tells me I have to forgive
To forget and yet remember to live
As I should but would tell them if I could
That now I am something like tired and would
Like to try and figure out how to be
If I am supposed to how to be me
Let me take a break then with my mistake
Behind me to find such me as can be

Having taken time to be mistaken
It might take awhile now to smile again
Returning learning to smile again then
Better than ever with wrinkles to show
Someone who suffered but let it all go
Who will always wonder though never know
To know has no importance anymore
Winning the peace through having lost the war
The peace that comes from having understood

This is it for me now the only chance
To be for this being becoming Lance
Belatedly fated to join the dance
And this is it to be the best I can
This as this fifty-seven year-old man
Having had trouble and wanting no more
Having done what I should then what I would
Now wondering what all the fuss was for
Doing what I should then the best I could

Fussing behind I keep an open mind
Finding the meaning of life to be kind
Of hard to understand for those who fuss
But kind of easy for the rest of us
Having what it takes when it takes it all
Humankind is best when humans are kind
Learning from mistakes we rise when we fall
So it is then as I open my eyes
To my surprise now to see how I rise

Having understood not needing to know
The only way is up so here I go

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 27, 2012, 2:07 am

About to Find Out

Are we because God is or is God because we are?

A question of faith in answer to a sentence of death
Up a chain of command I could never understand
I never got forever down but it got me

Whose movie is this anyway and who is the star?

Now somehow in the question the suggestion of one who
Never knew because I was too busy asking you
When I was one too busy asking then to be

One heartbeat to the next suspended now between one breath
And another reaching for each other through the black to blue
To immortality through our mortality

Suspended as we are between one and the other hand
When each a star is reaching then for God because we are
About to find out we are each the star

When I see God is you then you see God is me
Being God through you when you are God through me too
Albeit through doubt about to find out

Believing in us to reality

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 25, 2012, 1:18 am


My adventures are small
If adventures at all
To you who go out and about

Never going anywhere
I have them never doubt
Not out but in my head

No becoming everywhere
Instead of out inside me there
No becoming yes instead

Nowhere can be anywhere
The snake has shed his skin
Something new can now begin

Something I can keep in mind
Looking ahead leaving behind
Another skin beginning again

Ahead or behind instead my mind
Will find great adventures however small
Nothing left to lose still always win

Not out nor about but nowhere at all
Never going anywhere but in

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 22, 2012, 10:16 pm

The Love We Share of Everywhere

The only way is up so I say up up and away
The only way to go I know the only thing to say
Though I was not so happy yesterday I know today
Is as good a day as any to be being anyway
I may as well as I can tell tomorrow looks to be
More to be then for now and again or how it looks to me

Going who you know as you through human propinquity
Known as me as knowing I am growing going day by day
Wherever I am going knowing I am growing still
As I never have before as one who has forever will

Though I was not so happy yesterday I know today
The only way is up so I say up up and away
The only way to go I know the only thing to say
And the love we share of everywhere is showing me the way

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 20, 2012, 7:43 pm

Minty Fresh Boogaloo

What will I do when my dream comes true?

Given half a chance
I will wash my flattering pants
And I will do two loads of laundry when
I will wash my favorite shirts
Giving quarters till it hurts
Into the washer and the dryer too

I will shave up minty fresh and comb my hair
Gathering myself I will go downstairs then
An even stance and specificity
And courteous and Lancean like me
As one who is but may not be all there

By the Plaza fountain where under the sun
In fun entre nous I will say "au contraire"
After the debacle to cockadoodle do
Because of what was what a cockadoodle does
Whatever I please saying things like these:

"Bon voyage" "Bon chance"
I will sing and I will dance
I will do the boogaloo
And be Steven Curtis Lance
With a yabba and a dabba and a yabba dabba doo
And then I will go back upstairs again

This will I do when my dream comes true

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 19, 2012, 8:50 pm

Grandma Was the Easter Bunny

I remember finding out the truth about Santa Claus
And the Easter Bunny too and who the Tooth Fairy was
But when I asked the grownups about God they said to me
That God was real and asking was committing blasphemy
That some things are imaginary but that some are not
That I had better shut up and believe what I was taught

Grandma was the Easter Bunny Grandpa was Santa Claus
My mother was the Tooth Fairy but I was who I was
And thought a lot about what I was taught doubting a bit
Deciding just in case to live this life like this is it
Now though it has been odd I go on how I do not know
With or without keep going on but growing as I go

That I might be who God is to me doing what I do
To live the truth I earned through life and learned the hard way too

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII

Feb 17, 2012, 8:05 pm

Finding Out

Once it was one and when one was another
The mother of my mother then the other
Though I was always one alone together
Twice it was one again but myself another then
Myself and not myself as I remember

And where were you? I wish I had known whether
Taking first and making second opportunities
You may have recognized me as you or not
If your April remembered when my December
Once brought them to their feet then twice fought me to my knees

Now to me you seem to be the me I forgot
Once but I remember you now marveling how
Losing all is liberating when you find out
Once then twice now thrice about this lonely mystery
That always is because it was only what will be

And where was I? Between what was and what was not
Once believing thinking twice beginning to doubt
But if the third time is the charm no harm finding out
Reaching for each other though never having known
Who we were lonely for being only all alone

Mindful one is always all in ways like these
Any of the many finding out by threes and
Finding out what all that talk of magic was about
Mindful all is one through such lonely mysteries
As these I never understood only always knew

Only now finding out how lonely without you
Waiting in the darkness between now and then
Ending waiting for the beginning to begin
Reaching for each other unknown and unseen
Reaching out believing in us through doubt between

Looking for each other it took awhile to see us
And to realize our eyes could see us again
You in me and me in you but now I understand
Finding you now finding out how you were looking too
Finding us we find ourselves lonely to be us

Finding you now finding out how you know what we mean
When we are the meaning now again and again
Finding out the past at last was only what will be
Clearer in the mirror when here and now is how
When now is all we ever have never minding then

Finding out we find ourselves each other I find
What I forgot ahead but you remembered behind
I find myself about to find out what to do
When you are me then I am you seeing us come true
Finding in each other how finding out now

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXII


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