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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 576 thru 600 of 2844 Poems

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Mar 7, 2014, 5:06 am

Evolving I Resolve

Though there are those who refuse to grow
I am evolving is all I know

As life goes on and so do I
Evolve revolving even so
Evolving I resolve to try

To do better than I did before
To be myself and to be some more

So life goes on and as I go
I am evolving is all I know

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Mar 4, 2014, 1:08 am


Making the better out of the worse
Minding the me in reality
Finding the you in the universe

Taking the best of the rest to go
Finding out minding the recipe
Challenge and balance it seems to me

When chasing gracefully then to know
Dancing a ring of chance like Ali
Ending up winning now beginning

Round and round up and down even so
Wanting to be happy too like you
As I am as I do as I do

Through the noise to the equipoise of
The rhythm of the music of love
Through hopefully to factually

Actualizing in fact to be
Steven Curtis Lance actually

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Mar 3, 2014, 8:42 pm


Were I to pray I think I would say
This or I believe I would anyway:

Oh God if you are there forgive me
For thinking you too good to be true
The concept of you will outlive me
Especially living as I do
So if you are there please hear my prayer
Of thanks for being and everything
For freeing me from my suffering

If that was you and it was I guess
I think I believe in you more or less

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Mar 2, 2014, 4:08 am

Time is Poetry

Between my mother's birthday and my own
Are hard days for me

Valentine's Day to my anniversary
Of being alone
Too when Saturdays are sadder days
Nor Sundays then again fun days
For some blue Mondays at the edge of always

But what does anything mean but between
One and another?

Between us there was something there
Something meant to share
When love won for me and my mother
Or when love was lost from one to the other
You who loved and lost know what I mean

The rhymes of the times are what I recall
How time is poetry now after all

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Mar 1, 2014, 11:50 pm

What the Hell

The rain they prayed for came somehow and now it is gone
At least I think it has moved on

Everything had needed a good hosing now I see
It all got hosed it shows how we
Could use a good hosing like this understood as good
By those who chose the rain to be
A trickle-down effect of their perspicacity
When hosed then this is what they see

Those who got hosed who thought they could
Who chose to got hosed and those are good enough for me
Better or think so probably
But I try to not get wet and not forget to say
Better this than the other way
Than yesterday better today

I got hosed God knows too but suppose I might as well
Be and do my what as who whatever what the hell

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 28, 2014, 1:54 am

Maybe This is How

for Franziska

To wish though on a star so far
I would have written you a poem on Valentine's Day
Probably should have anyway

But I guess I just got too depressed to do anything
Only some lonely suffering
In spite of myself and everything between then and now
Nothing but suffering somehow

Though shining so brightly tonight love seems far as the star
I wonder if you know you are

But sick and tired of sticking to being retired from love
Now I would find the meaning of
It all if I could if such should be understood by me

Would as much as anybody
Like to see starlight would be seen aright would like to be
Understood if I could I would
But maybe I am already now maybe this is how

And maybe this is what I do
Between how you my star who know you are know I mean you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 27, 2014, 4:05 am


Living out his Quixotic dream
Out among the exotic
Living on coffee and cream
Regrets and cigarettes
Becoming iconic a meme
Unironic for good
Being understood
As more than he might seem

The stone the builders rejected
In the past
As a hopeless misfit
And a total loss
Becoming something like respected
At the last
A rolling sort of cornerstone
Gathering no moss

Getting on with getting it
Questingly Quixotic
Knowing love is the it to get
But always all alone
In his own reality
A little mysterious too
If unintentionally
Making some wonder as they do

Betting it all in the fall
Serious about his poetry
A poem you can jump rope to
Just so and meticulous
But not too serious to see
Laughing after all
That which is ridiculous
As he too can be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 24, 2014, 1:45 pm

Another Noodle Doodle (work in progress...)

Another noodle doodle and the food is running out
Satiated though emaciated I suppose
According to my variety of satiety
Somebody outside of society heaven knows

Encountering society with my dubiety
Of piety returned now I have learned how it goes
Another noodle doodle is what this is all about
Or two I can afford them and I hope you can too

The actuality in fact of my reality
Is not unpleasant not at present not like the past
Though the future ought to wait for me and not come so fast
Teased by these noodle doodles and this lingering doubt

Another noodle noodle like eleven before
Another noodle doodle and the food is running out
Until I go to WinCo for another twenty-four
Another noodle noodle is what this is all about

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 24, 2014, 6:36 am


for Franziska and her fat rats

Pat a fat rat and make it happy
Jog with a joyful dog through a bog
Dig a big pig bring that hog to sing
Rat-a-tat-tat and make it snappy
Imagine many an anything

And you can be a poet like me
Happily making it snappily
Something to show for your suffering

Show me yours like I have shown you mine
Not only the words the music too
Drawn together on the lonely line
Make it thump shake it to jump rope to

And if this is nonsense then so what?
The poet though the one who lives it
Gives it so the reader forgives it
Lives it with you when one becomes two
Becomes four comes to make sense more and more

What is this between but sense though seen
This way to be what we may mean
But maybe could not say another way?

Maybe it is nonsense maybe not
Nonsense may be what we were looking for
When we were too sensible to see
A sense of our nonsensicality

Pat a fat rat and make it happy?
Rat-a-tat-tat and make it snappy!
Nonsense remembers what sense forgot

The embers of the needful
What makes sense in the present tense
Of timeless comic karmic consequence
Presented to the heedful
Now when this is how nonsense makes sense

Rat-a-tat-tat is the thing to bring
When nonsense then can mean everything

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 22, 2014, 8:29 pm


An otherwise reasonable man
Because of the paranoia
Schizophrenic mind-destroyer
Though formerly dramatic
Latterly so systematic
I must find lost reason where I can
Just out of town till the voices die down

And finding my reason by rhyme
As I am and as I do entre nous
Being high as a kite all the time
I do so reasonably well
At least otherwise as one who tries
Though that moment I might be in hell
You might not even be able to tell

Oh but I know I am crazy though
Glad to be but sadly madly
Me but being madly gladly
Erratic enigmatic
Schizophrenic symptomatic
My poetry grows like me I know
But shows though gone we go on with the show

Writing to right myself reason by rhyme
Entre nous high as a kite all the time

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 21, 2014, 3:22 pm

The Only Years

She asked "is it you?" I knew it was me
So even though we could never agree
Ever between us two who meaning we
Would know who it was because finally
Somehow here we are me myself and I
Do not as two now but am three thereby

A trinity of lonely victims of
The duality of an only love

One and one whether together as two
Or not who forgot what we never knew
When only was even lonelier than
We were alone then before it began
Somehow here we are me myself and I
Do not as two now but am three thereby

Though through the tears so the laughter appears
After the lonely in the only years

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 18, 2014, 7:11 am

Silly Really

for Adam Browning

I would rather be than not
Tempest in a teapot
Clock a doodle do the time
Prince Albert in a can
I can be a rather silly man
With a really silly rhyme
But what is silly really
And who is? Is it me?
Yes I guess gone mad still glad to be

Freeing seeing being silly
Not as though who can get out
Of this alive just so you know
Better to be silly than
Not at all though tempest
In the pot or not no doubt about
It love lives on forgives the rest
Something like forgetting as we go
But like learning too then what love taught

Forgetting I remember and
Having come full circle understand
Clock a doodle do the time
With a really silly rhyme
I can be a rather silly man
And since I am I might as well
Have some fun then what the hell
Doodle do twice what I once forgot
As a stranger in a stranger land

But I would rather be than not

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 17, 2014, 8:47 pm

In the Swim

I see a manatee
In the swim at sea
And I wish I could swim
In the sea like him
But it is not to be

I must be like this
So I just blow a kiss
Waved upon my hand
And he will understand
My not getting wet

So wrinkled and grey
Though daresay I can see
How he now his way
In our affinity
Is a lot like me

So manatee see
Me wave from land to you
Better I stay here
For in the wave I fear
To do as you do

When from the wave too
A wave comes back I see
Then we two agree
We get it so we give
It from where we live

And so the empathy
Of the other for
One waving from the shore
Not forgotten yet
Is the it that we get

I am in the swim
Like the swim is in him
He is in the sea
And the sea is in me
Man and manatee

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 14, 2014, 11:50 am

Long Gone Lone Lobo

Some call me a bum some a hobo
But I call myself a lone lobo
Some mention the Antichrist but I
See my shirt says how "I'm a fun guy"
Something of a hallucinogen
No doubt about it now and again

I like to be by myself a lot
Like what is but better what is not
Better being me unfetteredly
With a lean and hungry look a book
Or a dozen being Poe's cousin
Some bum some hobo some lone lobo

Grateful on Valentine's Day to be
Some long gone lone lobo long gone free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 9, 2014, 9:59 pm

Franziska You

Franziska you
Are like a fantasy
Though you are true
A miracle to my

Franziska new
Burnished gold by old sun
Timeless who grew
To be who are the one
I want with me

Franziska to
You I dedicate what
I can do here
So late though afraid but
Love knows no fear

Franziska do
You realize how much
It means now such
A happy surprise of
A life for love?

Franziska too
There is always the hope
Of forever
At the end of my rope
Now or never

Franziska who
Love me even though I
Who love you too
Am old and soon must die
Not knowing why

But I know who
Franziska you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 4, 2014, 10:35 am

For Lovers Who Never Were

One becomes unafraid when two become free
To live for love for lovers who never were
Because they were afraid not to be alone

Love is empowering as fear is devouring
Though afraid not alone so to the unknown
Each lover a hero an adventurer

Daring to care to be here and now and there
Where each shines a star for having gone so far
Unafraid of love become reality

How love is what is now fear is what is not
Love what we remember fear what they forgot
Whose love was not because their fear was to be

Fear is unmade when love is made unafraid
Unalone one being unafraid again
One was not but two are where each shines a star

One is free to be now or not to be then
Being free to be by two and so to be
One who wants to be though seeing two go free

Each a star a hero an adventurer
To live for love for lovers who never were

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 3, 2014, 9:08 pm

Shake It

Take a deep breath and make it or break it but take it
No one else knows the answers either though some fake it
All you have to do is ask the questions mindfully
And then is when you and the greatest minds all agree

My suggestion is to question everything you see
With an open mind and leave behind what is unkind
What is unloving and above all leave behind fear
To live for love being curious of the now and here

Know as you go the only way out of this is in
I have no doubt as I went through a lot to find out
The hard way then the way it is when you have to learn
Though I got through and so will you who get it in turn

So go on in as though you know into the within
On the never ending journey that ends to begin
Arc like a spark across the dark and then end again
All the way home from home on the way through out to in

Ahead as behind you will find it what you make it
So when it looks like it needs shaking up then: shake it

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 2, 2014, 10:56 pm

Plangent Tangent

In a plangent baritone he went off on a tangent
Or maybe it went off on him but went and it was gone
Wherever it was sent it went there though he never meant
It to where tangents do once gone then they go on and on
Though when they go revealing what the speaker is feeling
And though he would not speak to me I hear him on TV
Where he and God are in a pod there and he is a pea

He says I am a sinner but he is a winner and
A spinner of roles for souls with holes as I understand
What a tangled web he weaves as he believes to deceive
Though he is not deceiving me but himself I believe

He says give it all to God through me and you will be free
You can live the high life too through me vicariously
Send me your money and I will send you a fantastic
Plastic image of your Lord for the dashboard of your car
A polyurethane Savior for wherever you are

He believes and I do not though I believe he forgot
What he was believing in so his crown of gold to win
Became a quest for gold itself his crown left on the shelf
Of heaven as the seven deadly sins live well within
That hollow shell I know so well that smell of fakery
Living well on the fear of hell in a success story
Of heaven to sell by televangelical glory

And I believe he does not worship any but himself
Though he can make the many wonder underneath his spell
In happy hope of heaven as he threatens them with hell
Give if they want to live forever when now is never

How they now will never see what they saw hardly ever
When he says jump who ask how high to live that way then die
Well may he fool his tools this way he is not fooling me
I may not make it plangent but would like to make it clear
How I see now these bullies are their own worst enemies

Not even the plangent can rein in such tangents as these
When they open up a vein then the pain comes rushing out
Seen nor wished to hear for these plangent tangents are of fear
What many do anyone can too but to do this who
Must be a preacher not a teacher just not curious
And so the truth comes out he is afraid about his doubt
Still he has whipped himself up now till he is furious

Big talk with that reverse effect of being too little
A little too loud and proud a little too much spittle
Fantastic polyurethane in vain getting brittle
Tangents like these speak to the speaker's inadequacies

Though in a plangent baritone afraid to be alone
Afraid to be together too with us like me and you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Feb 1, 2014, 9:10 pm

January This is Not

The wind is cold the sun is hot
January this is not
And I for one am ready for
Something with a little more
Love and a little less of fear
Spring is coming almost here

Though it may come and go I know
Back and forth along the way
Winter takes a long time to go
As it looks back but someday
Old eyes may be surprised to see
New life insisting to be

When someday is any day now
February this is how
I March through April into May
Encouraged on this first day
Of something new to share with you
Wondering under the blue

The wind is cold the sun is hot
January this is not

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 31, 2014, 7:00 pm

Cold Rain Old Pain

Cold rain and old pain too much to forget
Getting too old to get cold and wet
December remembered January
Gone now I move on somehow to be

Becoming the me you see somebody
Like anybody else is and yet
With maybe a little more to regret

Bring on February change the scene
If not spring not winter then but between
It comes and goes when anyone knows
About cold rain doubtless knows what I mean

The rain got colder I got older
Though still hard to kill I got over fear
Over the hill on the down side here

Having chosen to remain through old pain
Frozen here in the cold rain again
Still as I was and will be finally
Trying to forget but not quite yet

Though better off for a worse memory
Having lost everything but regret
Soon the moon and stars will be all I know

Happy at last to let the past go
Soon when I remember then to forget
When though I go at last even so
The past lets go of me and we agree

No more cold rain nor old pain for me
Forgetting though getting it I go free
Coming in again from the cold rain

Gone I move on somehow so this is how
Still as I was and I will be now

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 28, 2014, 4:47 pm

The Goats Go

Under desert sky
The goats go everywhere
Doing their fair share
To disentangle us
From our detritus

Cactus and garden waste
Will do and trash too
Is even to their taste

If you wonder why
And your lawn needs mowing
The goats are going
To show you who can do
It better than you

With goat milk in season
Another reason
To go where the goats go

And as you now know
The goats go everywhere

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 27, 2014, 2:07 am

What Becomes

Being becoming and coming to be
Going in lonely the only way out
Coming out with my without by within
And when I go now who end to begin
Where I go there then you know it is me

Writing so you know in spite of me so
You can tell my hand and well understand
Who wrote it if not what it is about
They say write what you know so this is what
About who wrote it there can be no doubt

I therefore in my specificity
Not fancy but Lancean certainly
Would seem to me to be observably
Reading me from both sides wherefore I say
That I must be if we see me this way

That if not possibly I probably
Exist so why should I resist the sky
Not falling but calling me up today
To see tomorrow free of yesterday
To see how to be now to be happy?

The happiness I would feel I cannot
Sometimes for this depression I have got
That I had rather not but have it good
Blunder yet wondrously get understood
Not the sweet by and by but I get by

However now is forever I see
Turns out to be now then or never when
Becoming being nor coming again
Till this is over I think I should stay
Nor would I walk out on this play that way

And what I write of above all is love
Of the love I found on my way around
Of love when I lost and then what it cost
And as it was love I wrote when I found
So it was love I quoted when I lost

Becoming old being too young to die
Though getting used to it now so somehow
Coming along having gotten it how
Disentangled from my right-angled past
Being becoming I come to go now

And going as me specifically
May love be what becomes of me at last

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 26, 2014, 2:38 pm


As are the sunsets so the sunrises
In the desert twice daily surprises
Where a madman with a nursery rhyme
Likes to be out there surprised every time
He who will tell you about it too when
He is surprised then and comes in again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 24, 2014, 8:23 pm

Hope: the Evergreen Unseen

A family of birds now nests within this dead tree
And though groping I see hope as though reality
Rests in exquisite equipoise above any noise
Of subjectivity for many like one who sees
Hope in the objectivity of life in dead trees
One sees along the way anyone who hopes today

There were leaves where there are feathers now and this is how
Hope always rises to surprise hopeful eyes somehow

I see a tree in me that does not die
Because its leaves are evergreen and day
By leaf by day it grows along the way
Hope knows it grows but knows you may not see
The evergreen unseen was seen nearby

Resting in the equipoise of nesting life in death
One once dead more hopeful for each heartbeat every breath
Hope gives me hope forgives me living through me to be
Open to the meaning of the in between thereby
Hopeful since to be or not seems to be up to me
It was because of hope I chose to live and not die

Hope is when you bet your life on love then see it through
Hope is how I think of now when I do what I do

Unseen though evergreen hope is the tree
Of life that grows reality in me
Going to bloom someday hope then is why
Enough when I mean to be evergreen
Blooming when the unseen then will be seen

From then to now and then again hope is knowing why
And if not why then why not when asked the other way
As my reason going through the seasons as I go
Hope is all I ever knew but all I hope to know
Hope like I had hoped to see tomorrow yesterday
I have seen today the way I love when hope comes true

Like for me hopefully living as I love to see
A family of birds now nests within this dead tree

Like a bird ascending so transcending
Along the way unseen the evergreen
Survives the winter to enter the spring
Now as what was growing within me when
I hoped knowing how it could bloom again

Hope is the evergreen soon to be seen
When it blooms then you will see what I mean

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV

Jan 22, 2014, 6:34 pm

Here We Go

Morning star evening star
And between us not so far
Between them now we are
On a trip across the sky
As how the world goes by
As now one more day is done

Gone where we went before
Bound we found around the sun
Then ending as begun
Here we go around once more
When we begin again
Bound we found around and in

Evening star morning star
As the stars we are

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXIV


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