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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Jan 2, 2015, 2:42 am

The Any if Not Many

I like people and keeping in touch
With readers in the Philippines
At one with anyone pretty much
Who knows what my poetry means
Though few so far away not many

Over the sea under the sky
We share they wonder there the way I
Do the way you may wonder too
And some have come to understand now
Not the many but the any

Some have come to know my poetry
What it means in the Philippines
Or wherever whoever may be
For people who understand how
What it means is everything to me

An any of the anywhere
An arcing spark across the dark goes
Out to someone somewhere who knows
But the any if not many there
And there and there are everywhere

Over the sea under the sky
We share you wonder and so do I

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 30, 2014, 10:51 am

Becoming Sixty

Enough of fifty-this and fifty-that
Fifty-something is becoming old hat
And I have so outgrown that though OK
I guess for some more or less uncool cat
As for me I am having a birthday

Still curious as ever I will see
Something become me like never before
A nice round something a sum of threescore
Years turning growing learning going on
With the show I know goes on anyway

Years since New Year's Eve 1954
Then betwixt me now becoming sixty

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 30, 2014, 3:31 am

The Book of Me

on my sixtieth birthday

I look in the book of me and see
How somehow still I will be me
As being I was when I will be
Me then and now simultaneously

Prevented by mortality
From living forever never mind
Until I understand somehow
I look ahead now and then from behind

One to wonder about it now
In his crossword puzzlings to confess
To be who did this poetry
Who does because he was me more or less

Honored to be nominated I
Accept my gift to live and die
Trying my best the rest I forget
Getting on and yet getting on with it

Forgiving forgetting getting it
Falling so far though like a star
Any of many all of us are
Who write to light the night if but a bit

Written down in the book of me
Now and then simultaneously
Is how somehow still I will be
After the fall shining on after all

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 29, 2014, 1:12 am


for Jaye Tomas

This beautiful journal reminds me of
One I had when I was young and in love
With everything in general above
All with art as I took my own to heart

When I knew then I was an artist too
How I am now still as ever I do
Has come a gift sent me from far away
A very encouraging way to say:

"Write in this beautiful journal tonight
When after you have lived today then write
It up and down remember nor forget
This is it and it is not over yet"

This beautiful journal reminds me this
Is it and whatever it is it is
Whenever however it needs to be
It is and forever enough for me

And what is is better than what is not
I never forgot that but this is what
How I am now still as ever in love
This beautiful journal reminds me of

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 25, 2014, 4:25 am

Potatoes to Poetry

Even at sixty my curious body
Converts this potato to energy
Like many before one potato more
A log on the fire that I might aspire
Higher because of my secret (but this
Was but that the butter is cannabis)

But I can tell you and might as well too
Having not always been but being free
Even at sixty my curious mind
Makes me go seek though I take what I find
Then like to share it with you so I do
Converting potatoes to poetry

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 23, 2014, 6:01 am

December I Remember

for the rest of us

Memory like a recurring curse
Recalls it all and even worse
As it does though it was bad enough
Then and now again where the stuff
Of nightmare is right there in the day
Rehearsing again in reverse
The worst like it always does because
Of how it never goes away
Now making how it is how it was
Though I let go then it did not

December I remember

So I remembered never forgot
Though had thought had I ever got
Ahead of instead of where it was
Behind to find the future then
At last the past might forget me when
Gotten old gone far away from
The hell I knew well when I had come
Here forget what there I could not
Forget but not yet it follows me
Comes from behind me to find me

December I remember

But somehow being now becoming
When January is coming
Until I forget I will forgive
Nor give up yet I who will live
As if to say I remember you
But I still remember me too
Understanding what it is I do
By being is overcoming
The past and when I laugh best and last
Then January is coming

December I remember

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 21, 2014, 2:30 am


Elegant Bowser pauses while
Narrowing wiseguy eyes looks how
To look his best when with a smile
Then he bows in with his bow-wow-wow

Though Marisol so ruff-ruff-ruff
Must be just arf-arf-arful tough
"Treat them as meat should you meet them
And eat them" could be what she would say

Bothered by someone or other
Dogs who are sister and brother
Wonder to greet them or eat them
Understanding teamwork either way

Through their complementarity
To be my crack security
Detail nor fail for faithfully
Taking care of me now they vow

To keep the dogwatch doggedly
Making me care more now too somehow

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 19, 2014, 1:47 am

"Why Not?"

I used to know I knew the answer but
Now I think I know the question what
To wonder if not to understand under
The sky if not to know "why?" to wonder

After the lightning before the thunder
Now I think I know the question when
Under the sky then and wondering again
I understand the answer is "why not?"

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 17, 2014, 3:45 am

The Hard Way

turning sixty

Had it not been as awful as it was
Had when it was not been quite so sad
Then I might not be as glad now because
Good gets better having been so bad

The wheel of life balancing as it does
Suffering with the buffering of
Hope for something better living by love

Hanging on and hoping for the best
Forever after forgetting the rest
Letting it go even though I know
Never forgetting yet still I will try

Understanding though wondering as
The turning wheel of life is passing by
And under the wheel I understand

Unclenching my heart I open my hand
Learning I am turning too and glad
Now through the bad for the good I have had
How it was then because not again

But as any of many anyhow
Mistaking then as I did for now
When I went down and around and around

Turning and learning and inward bound
Learning how the only way out is in
Returning then to begin again
Better off now than I have ever been

Glad I learned my lesson even though
I had to learn the hard way even so
Good gets better having been so bad

And when the wheel turns then somebody learns
Somebody like me what the hard way earns

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 16, 2014, 4:22 am

Four-Color Pen

Writing down first lines of a poem done up green
With my four-color pen means I know what I mean
Lighting up a vision of revision drowned in red
Means this now and not that then is what I meant instead

Where I know what I mean somewhere there in between
Green and red again till I do it black and blue
In my small notebook sideways I will fit it all in
When my four-color pen then will do now how I do

There among the Joshua trees where I begin
Harmonizing what arises colorfully
Something new to my eyes that surprises even me
Sitting weather permitting with my four-color pen

Green and red again till I do it black and blue
Squared-away when black and white then shared with love with you

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 14, 2014, 9:57 pm


The clock around runs down and about
Hands to its face as time runs out
Its artificial reality
Of time kept by machine to be
Symbolic of our mortality

The measure of our days
Between us and always

The cock of the walk of tyranny
The clock tick-tocks insistently
But my heart beats inconsistently
And my head is full of wonder
My soul full of lightning and thunder

I am not a machine
If you know what I mean

I always wondered about it
But lately I have come to doubt it
And believe in time like seasons
Not machines without rhymes but reasons
Those cocky tick-tock martinets

I know what time it is as well as how
To tell it is when I am then is now

No clocks and no regrets
Time passes and forgets

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 13, 2014, 10:19 pm

The Deity in You and Me

Because of the way I was raised
That a jealous god has to be praised
By constantly repenting of
What they say he hates but what I love

Being sorry for everything
Or worrying like an offering
Is what I did as a kid when
I was a miserable sinner then

When trying to make it work and
Then when it did not to understand
How it was not my fault to be
Human and embrace humanity

Both mine and that of others to
Find the deity in me and you
Not what I did but what we do
We miserable sinners so they say

Though less miserable than they
Winners of our own humanity
I know now so how I am free
Of my past at last free to be me

The deity in you and me is how
I am no longer miserable now

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 12, 2014, 7:12 pm


The dark is coming
The light becoming
Harder to see

But it is still there
Within everywhere
Here within me

The rainbow explains
The light remains

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 11, 2014, 5:29 pm

Coming Home

for Bud


I looked for me I looked around
And found my way though different
Where I was bound so there I went
Consequently as subsequent
Events unwound were found to be

The tree grew as the twig was bent
But went differently for me
And the difference I went why
I went ahead to live not die
To be instead of not to be

Meaning to be differently
Therefore I went where I was meant
To get lost and yet find my way
To my tomorrow yesterday
Because where bound there was unbound

As round and round I lost but found
Myself today my then by now
Instead of not to be to be
The difference I went is how
The bent of me meant I went free

Getting it now getting to know
What I should do but how I knew
And that would be differently
Getting to know me letting go
Of what was not for me I went

I looked for me I looked around
And found my way though different


The twig that was bent almost snapped in two
The only way out of the way into
The only place the answers ever are
Like the lonely questioning of a star

Waiting at this end of a telephone
That leads me to believe I am alone
Waiting for something on the other end
Someone to answer waiting for a friend

But here is the tree and here is the me
I wanted to be here and now you see
What I wanted to do and did for you
It was because of love and love is free

I did not break because I could take it
Then and now I am going to make it


Somehow as I see the moon rise
Now I see with different eyes
That know I go on but remain

To see the moon rise here again
From where it went to where it meant
So much to me to my surprise

Though gone at dawn by dark I see
It come back soon from where it went
Because when it does we agree

The moon and I were meant to be
Here that much is clear to me and
I know the moon would understand

The bent of me meant I went where
I meant to go and now I know
How coming home here going free

Finally I belong somewhere
Along the way and I am there

The dark is coming
The light becoming
Harder to see

But it is still there
Within everywhere
Here within me

The rising moon explains
Surprisingly the light remains

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 9, 2014, 5:39 am

The Transcendental Freedom of the Unsuccessful Suicide


The moon surprised me rising tonight
In the lower left-hand corner of
My window from below surprised bright
Orange like a pumpkin right above
The road as it strode across the sky

From orange through yellow left to right
And in an upward trajectory
Brighter and lighter it passed me by
Shining on until gone on from sight
Into its intensity of light

Gone but gone on shining on like me
In the immensity of night


The transcendental freedom of
The unsuccessful suicide
Is that by which I rise above
What held me back but I let go

What held me down but now I know
How this is it on with the show
I go on with to play the part
Of me subsequently being

Since I am I might as well be
Part of it all however small
Who I can to see what I see
Part of the sky like stars that fall

To go on a hell of a ride
By this transcendental freeing
Takes all I have gives all I need
To play my part with all my heart

So I rise though to my surprise
Having been freed to be indeed
Open and with hope in my eyes
The meaning between after all

To live and since I live to love
Since I am the one to decide
The transcendental freedom of
The unsuccessful suicide


And so the moon comes up again
If not quite like last night
If not spectacular
When it was like a pumpkin then

But it comes up all right
All bright and if not quite all there
Right in my window where
Seeing it rise I realize

I come up like this too
As I am as it were
But when time comes to then I do
With moonrise in my eyes

In the immensity of night
Into my intensity of light

Steven Curtis Lance

Dec 2, 2014, 8:58 pm

Expecting the Rain

I expected the rain to come by thunder
And lightning but now as it comes I wonder
If it has decided to ride in under
Cover of a mist arising to persist
Little by little surprising to insist

As from nothing it grows into anything
Goes out of the stillness when then from the mist
Comes the thunder and lightning and everything
The wind at the end and the howling I missed
Down in the flatland of that land I am from

Expecting the thunder and lightning to come
To become something that nothing can resist
Up through this high desert place come to face me
One born in the thunder and lightning to be
At the destination of my destiny

Expecting the rain accepting the wonder
Of being surprised by lightning and thunder

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 28, 2014, 11:51 pm

The Wind

The wind picks up in the afternoon
Blowing away the day
Singing of bringing the evening soon
Knowing now come what may
The evening will come how it must become
Calm again just that way
It tries to surprise the rising moon
Still as the falling stars

So the wind blows and the show goes on
Calls though it falls away
Till then "be still" as Venus and Mars
In silent interplay
Go on with the show when the wind has gone
As I know I go who
Come to become when the wind has come
To pick me up then too

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 28, 2014, 7:25 pm

Just So

Hair down the middle
Unbound all around
Riding the riddle

Tuned in and turned on
He got it let go
Got lost and is found

In flattering pants
Patent-leather shoes
And ironic books

In some old Who's Whos
And iconic looks
Everything just so

Nothing left to chance
And (just so you know)
Nothing left to lose:

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 27, 2014, 2:15 am

The Other Side

for Patricia Lance

Sometimes I wonder if someone is there
Not understanding but sensing something where
As if the other side of some divide
Between the one dimension and the other
The wall of it all I sense my mother
At the wall there calling from the other side

When one and another then we both are
Either side of time now through the wall somehow
Palms facing through space as if through glass when
I sought her in the sky then thought her a star
But she was not up there she is here now
To see me through it all through the wall again

I understand how love goes on now where
Sometimes I wonder if someone is there

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 26, 2014, 6:14 am

Cannabis butter is like caviar
A little dab will do I have found
A mindful spoonful here and there we are
Or I am anyway upward bound
A therapeutic thing to have around

Nov 24, 2014, 5:08 am

Warm Through the Storm

When Marisol eats she eats it all
A hog of a log of a dog
Eats like a hog then sleeps like a log
A hog of a log of a Marisol
By me on my bed immovably

I say "get down your end baby"
And she says "I may or not (maybe)"

A hog of a log of a dog
There is nowhere she would rather be
Near as possible here to me
Asleep to keep me warm through the storm
A hog of a log of a Marisol

A hog of a log of a (hog
Of a log of a) dog-dog-dog

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 22, 2014, 11:56 am

Through the In Between

Time comes and I go on
To fall like a star
Always but how far
Where do I go be gone?

Where do I go when
Now transcending then
Finds me of a mind
To go behind there
Through the in between?

(If I go anywhere
If you know what I mean)

Is now then again
The what of ever
Or is it never
Being forever?

(Either or neither nor
Whatever it is for)

Spring through summer and
Fall to understand
Winter after fall
Yesterday before

(Someday after today
Time comes and overcomes)

Somewhere anyway
When tomorrow comes
For me and I find
I am everywhere
Anywhere at all

To go but not be gone
Always never far
To fall like a star
Time comes and I go on

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 20, 2014, 8:35 pm

Dwight and Mamie

Dwight David Dugong was swimming to the sea
Transcending the rest through the estuary
Swimming east to west because Mamie Manatee
Up another river down the other way
Had asked him to swim against the tide to be
There so he went where he was sent by love one day

Under the water he wondered on the way:
Could one manatee take one dugong two make three
Unity triangulate duality
To bring two tribes together singing in the sea?

A dugong may dream anyway and he did
Marrying Mamie they had a kid named Syd
Singing to her softly in sirenian song
As along the laughing calf grew long and strong
Dwight noticed her tail was not shaped quite as his
Nor Mamie's was but how it was now as what is

Undivided by tails divided or not
Now to see a seacow somehow no matter what
Syd the symbol of the solidarity
Of Dwight David Dugong and Mamie Manatee

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 19, 2014, 6:18 am

The Ride

My life is a roller coaster ride
Instead of out of my head inside
Heading up and down headsnappingly
Now every day this happens to me
Happening how I happen to be

A merry go round a carousel
Daydreams of heaven nightmares of hell
Formerly more latter latterly
But this up and down situation
Is my crucible of creation

And I can mean what I might or may
By charting stars seen along my way
Who wish I may wish I might to write
The ride up who write it down right now
When up and down then around is how

I go to learn who return to tell
You too of the ride I know too well
Who ride too if you do alongside
Unknown but known unalone with you
Instead of out of my head inside

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 18, 2014, 3:48 am


In an idiocracy on the edge of time
I do the best I can through mad nursery rhyme
Hanging on somehow hoping for the best I try
For meaning in the in betweening or what for
To live some meaning through it all before I die

Rising in the fall of it all looking for more
Finding maybe less but how it is now I guess
Wanting to be happy and knowing you do too
In betweening the meaning of life more or less
To do the best we can who do what we can do

I do the best I can through mad nursery rhyme
In an idiocracy on the edge of time

Steven Curtis Lance


Displaying Poems 401 thru 425 of 2858 Poems

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