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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Jun 29, 2015, 4:33 am

Bright at Twilight

Jupiter and Venus approach embrace
Bright at twilight hope by time and space
Conspiring now through human wiring to
Bring the two together how we do
Then see them in the sky when we know why

This is it so we go on with the show
Bright at twilight until we are gone
The only way to know and so we go
Approach embrace before we pass by
Forever or lonely nor ever know

Here we are as we go on
The evening of our dawn

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 24, 2015, 9:34 pm

In Conclusion

A jump to conclusion is but confusion
Elusively exclusive inconclusion

I look before I leap and try to keep
An open mind for what I may find
Or remind myself of a flying leap
Maybe two I took into the deep

Springing into action jumping a wrong
Conclusion bringing me stringing me along
From the wrong bubble to the trouble that was
A conclusion jumping the way it does

Learning the hard way the price was steep
When life was cheap earning an open mind
Now for how later by greater good
Understanding turning out understood

Through confusion to be through with illusion
Conclusively inclusive in conclusion

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 22, 2015, 2:49 pm

Spoken to Reality

I count out the coins of my words carefully
As I am paid and pay in this currency
For the word spoken or the word broken

Each word as a token of reality
Meant to be sent as it is spent and spoken
To be the specificity of me

Spoken to reality by this token
Awoken as spoken deposited to
An account of me as I am and do

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 21, 2015, 6:08 pm


downwind of the Lake Fire

Bound by smoke by wind I escape
The cloud when it blows high
To pass over me then go by

The sun eclipsed I wait
A shifting lifting wind of fate

Under its shadow when
Round the tops of the hills by then
I see the sky again

A fire-escape from the firescape
A ladder in the sky

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 19, 2015, 5:53 pm


for Franziska

Hanging on and hoping for the best
Trying lest it kill me to forget the rest
So it goes for one who knows somehow
Seeing this is not a dream how being now
This is it then as who I will be
Whoever I am at my time to be me

This is it when I have only this
Unique opportunity too good to miss
Too good not to try to be who see
What I can do with this opportunity
As the essence of my existence
By doing my being through my persistence

In my insistence on being who
I am by doing what I do how I do
I am hanging on and you can too
Trying lest it kill us to forget the rest
Hanging on and hoping for the best
To be and to do this is too good to miss

So it goes for those who know this is how
Seeing a dream coming true being now

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 15, 2015, 5:57 pm

As it Happens

My life is as it happens to be
Happening as it happens to me
But to explain it or complain
Is to miss it happening again

Being as it is and seeing how
Albeit improbably now
I happen somehow to my surprise

But happening to feel
As it happens what is real

It was the hard way many a mile
To come anyway though with some style
I gave the slip to the fetter
Of fear to come here and be better

So becoming here now this is how
I would stay if I could awhile
Because this is it I realize

My happening to be
As it happens happily

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 14, 2015, 8:11 pm


for Kate Cassity on her birthday

The angels always say "be not afraid"
When an angelic visit is paid
So angel stories go but even so
A good idea and the point is made
Until they visit me when I will know
Angels are not to be afraid of
Though should some angel come for me someday
I could still be afraid anyway

But should it be clear not by fear but love
They would bring good things someday and say
"Be not afraid" should some stories come true
Still I accept them until they do
Except to accept that angel of death
Who when we do says "be not afraid" too
So then we do though each in our way
I will expect them but not hold my breath

I like that "be not afraid" part best
Until someday I will find out the rest

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 11, 2015, 6:51 pm

Whenever My Forever

what by how


Without a haircut ever
My hair grows however
But now and then I must mow
My whiskers just for show
No haircuts though and never
Mind trying dying it
Living without trying it
Let what be whatever

I never know but let go
And then if forever
Is now when is whenever
I find the rest to be
How I do the best I can
At being this old man
In the mirror now I see
Who looks somehow like me


Who I am and what I do
As who was and was done to
And did a little bit
Is how I get rid of it

As you get if you get me
I am who and this is how
I am and I do now
Not who was but is to be

Having gotten what is what
Gotten rid of what is not
This now or never but
Whenever my forever


Only love has taught me love
If by its lonely lack
When I was most in need of
It then that brought me back
When love is all I have now
Enough as what by how

Only love as what has taught
Me lonely that has brought
Me to find love everywhere
My humankind is there
The lonely only need to
See us be lonely too

Only love can be and do
What we need to know then
Finding us in kind again
Makes one who takes it free
If only the lonely knew
How we are one somehow

In our humanity
I find love as it finds me

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 7, 2015, 4:43 pm


Why do I go to
The trouble I do
With my poetry?

No trouble at all
A tree in the fall
Lets its leaves go free

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 5, 2015, 11:06 pm

Deep Velvet Blue

I know so many things to forget
I cannot though I know what I can do
Before I forget I can not regret

Remember embers and let them die
My troubles flying upward to the sky
These sparks of my darkness may they flee
To disappear through the deep velvet blue

To be gone if not forgotten yet
To begone and be gone as l go on
Until fall when all my leaves will be gone

Then when a new diamond you see
Through the deep velvet blue that will be me
Taking a chance and making it there
Forgetting yet remembering to be

Love will remember me better than
I did and bids me forget if I can
But until I do I can not regret

Who disappear through the deep velvet
Blue to do what I can and cannot too
There I will be until always where
Remembering who I am to forget

And made unafraid to get this far
I will shine on and become a star

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 4, 2015, 9:53 pm

Finding My Way

Doubtless I am not without doubt certainly
But I feel certain about uncertainty
Wondering but understanding mystery
With a certain mysterious history

Not without a certain despair now and then
Of what however may never be known so
I let it go then and now I never know

I feel better to be free of certainty
I was certainly wrong a long time ago
Having learned the hard way again and again
The more I know the less I know as I go

As uncertainty would certainly agree
Not to be certain feels uncertainly free
So I keep going knowing enough to learn

Questing by questioning awaiting my turn
Wondering but understanding anyway
The love I give is given me in return
The only thing I am certain of today

Living love giving love having love returned
As part of my heart the best thing I have learned
Never mind the rest not now finding my way

I know this is it then and so this is when
I keep going growing though uncertainly

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 3, 2015, 11:26 pm

Report Card in the Yard

June will be blue in the morning
Still then until without warning
Commencing to intensity
The daily sweeping of the sky
Comes through the blue immensity
When the afternoon wind swings by

Here where I am in this valley
I tie my hat on and go see
What the wind slings up my alley
Things as it swings it brings for free

Like this report card that went hard
When sent down then took off and went
By wind to end up in my yard
By which no disrespect was meant
Then when the wind blows in it knows
What it must do just where what goes

The wind does what it has to do
I know because I do it too
It brings me things and I will see
More before it swings by for me

Until I too will blow away
Come afternoon of some June day

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 3, 2015, 5:33 pm


I like it to be fine
My ducks in a row as I go
Everything in line

Just so because I know
It turns out accidentally
As it does I see

But the accidental
Keeps existence existential
If surprisingly

Though now and then I doubt
It I recall it all turns out
It all becomes me

If not how but for now
What must be but just enough for
Me to be some more

And having overcome
As I become I let it come
Though not knowing how

It turns out however
Change is steady now or never
But I am ready

To keep it steady then
As who learns by what turns out when
It turns out again

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 1, 2015, 9:33 am

Something Else

for Franziska


I know who I am because I know how
To where I am here when I am now
Having been elsewhere but no longer there
Knowing who I am so what I mean
How beginning through end now in between
Being me I can be anywhere
And still be who I am as I will be
I know who I am from being me

A long time in the making here I
Am taking my chance for a glance at why


The men would close those doors
When I was on the other side
Said it was ours not yours
To do who did and to decide
When I was a kid but
I remember then and now what
And how it felt to be
In the family

The men played their cards and
They said hard things to understand
And then I saw them go
On and be gone but now I know
What they were doing when
They closed those doors and I again
Could see then from outside
How it had to be

When they went they ushered me
In with them inside


When my mother said I was no good
By her smile I understood
She meant I was like my father
And understanding should not bother
Me because I saw she thought
Remembering what she forgot
I would come to be a poet too
Maybe become something else he was

Remembering like I do
I saw she knew like a mother does

Steven Curtis Lance

May 29, 2015, 7:06 pm

Icarus All the Way

As near as I can tell
Forever is whenever
And who are would do well
To be but that we ever
Could be at all what I
Think of when stars fall from the sky

The only way I know
Is to let go and let fly
Though what a way to go
Like Icarus all the way
But someday you will say
Here comes another star go by

As far as I know of
Things one thing I know is love
Is what it means to be
Between us like you and me
So lucky as we are
To see then be a falling star

Icarus all the way there
To be us everywhere

Steven Curtis Lance

May 27, 2015, 10:54 pm

Everybody Needs Enough

for Sherry

Small and meek or big and tough
Everybody needs enough
Of whatever makes us go

That whether or not we know
It is the what of us though
In between us felt unseen

The what of you and me and
All of us to understand
Each other by if we try

Felt unseen where it may mean
Feeling incomplete or not
In completion of the what

But each action in between
Us reaching satisfaction
Completes us in reaction

This is how the what is why
When we have enough and then
Where we find us there again

Small and meek or big and tough
Everybody needs enough

Steven Curtis Lance

May 27, 2015, 1:54 am


for Bud and everybody

I find myself in computer hell
But for how long who can tell
Now because it goes on and on

It was all night already
And I am becoming unsteady

This is the reason I am gone
Why you do not see me where
I ought to be and I miss you there

Though incommunicado now
I want to get back there somehow

Steven Curtis Lance

May 26, 2015, 11:19 pm

For Franziska

I learned the hard way what I know
The only way I ever
Learned anything but never
The hard way as I went and go
Not how I meant to go but
That was the how of the what

I like to be making things
Like making a poem that sings
On wings of words just so
Like making things though I know
Making no money yes although
Taking what love it brings

Giving it back by living
Like it was always Thanksgiving
Is how I like to go
When it comes and becomes time
I come to the end of my rhyme
May death be forgiving

Having aspired to the best
Through the worst and all the rest
I got there and I got the scars
To prove it but I see stars
Lest I forget the it to get
Here I am now this is it

Steven Curtis Lance

May 26, 2015, 11:13 pm

Like a Mother

When my mother said I was no good
By her smile I understood
She meant I was like my father
And understanding should not bother
Me because I saw she thought
Remembering what she forgot
I would come to be a poet too
Maybe become something else he was

Remembering like I do
I saw she knew like a mother does

Steven Curtis Lance

May 20, 2015, 6:11 pm

Anything Could Happen

As it happens I was not a happy kid
Anything could happen and many times it did
That when it was happening then it was me
It happened to and this is what to overcome
As I come to be now who come to become

If not forgetting at least not regretting
As being and doing letting go and getting
It I get through it who get to it today
Forgetting yesterday until it goes away
Remembering tomorrow will never come

So I might as well be a happy old man
Though not a happy kid but quest the best I can
Anyway and leave the rest to yesterday
Never mind forever today happens to be
As good a day as any for forgetting

At least not regretting how yesterday was
Anything could happen and many times it does

Steven Curtis Lance

May 20, 2015, 6:06 pm


When I feel something coming to be done then
Becoming real coming duly to be
Its own contribution to reality
Comes the time for something newly begun
When time in season and rhyme with a reason
Comes to become a new poem for you
Done with the other then one with another

Somehow or other another comes through
Becomes due for me to do then so I do
When another comes the other is done
Though from my heart so there becomes part of me
Wherein I will scry therein who try to
See what I see there to share it with you when
I slip off on another trip again

Inasmuch as I go on adventures such
As one has who ventures to keep in touch
Through the mind when behind the curtain to see
What I will see that through my dark mirror
Appears until I can see it clearer
And when it is clear then share it with you here
To bring back what I find as poetry

So I go to see what comes to me to be
Though I leave you here this souvenir I have been

Steven Curtis Lance

May 20, 2015, 6:01 pm

Better Not Bitter

I have written of regret
Bitten of its bitter fruit and yet
It was nothing I would want to
Do again but something I got through

On the way to better from
Bitter and better overcome
Something to let go of let
Love know better about outgrow it

Though I had been tempted to so
Tasted the waste of it but I know
Better than bitter who when
I did it then did not again

Having tasted it I get
Regret is something I should forget
Nor could it be anything I
Would want to live for before I die

Better not bitter better for
Being then seeing now being more
Having written my getting by
Way of tomorrow through yesterday

Not for nothing anyway
To live for love forward today

Steven Curtis Lance

May 14, 2015, 7:17 pm

Alice Blue Eyes

Alice to my Caterpillar
I remember still and will her
Questioning suggesting hope where
Looking round I had found none there

But there she was and as it were
Unfolding like the lotus she
Was someone who believed in me

And does because she understood
Me as I would be as I could
Given some encouragement and
Living I come to understand

An angel found me unaware
Discouraged to encouraged rise
Seen anew through Alice blue eyes

Steven Curtis Lance

May 12, 2015, 11:13 pm

For Paul

Too soon and too young to understand
Someone who loved me and shook my hand
But is no more is no longer there
As taken from me has gone elsewhere
Far away from where I am at least

And this is why I am not a priest

How would I know now what I could say
Of what nobody knows anyway
Of where love goes when it goes away
Why too soon someone too young would die
Someone who loved me and I loved: why?

Near to my heart still here he will be
Taking but leaving a part of me

Steven Curtis Lance

May 11, 2015, 9:08 pm

I Want to Believe

I want to be and to believe
That I got this far not to grieve
What might have been or who I was

But be and do it now because
Of how by somehow I receive
The feeling of who is and does

Revealing my way I may be
And do some good before I leave
And to believe what I may see

Seeing me being free
I want to believe in me

Steven Curtis Lance


Displaying Poems 301 thru 325 of 2857 Poems

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