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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 2701 thru 2725 of 2858 Poems

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Feb 5, 2005, 7:39 am

"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.
For this reason mastery demands all of a person." - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Transcendental Sonnet #1287:
Warte auf Mich / Wait for Me

How does one speak of unspeakable loss
When roses shatter and when thorns pierce the heart?
How does one bear an unbearable cross
When always together is always apart?

The only hope in answer to this pain
Is that two lovers parted join again
Someday in some sweet place I know not now
Together in a world as yet unknown
But this must come to pass for us somehow
For as I live I would not die alone

So will you wait for me to join you there someday?
Though I can feel you here inside of me
Perhaps you never really went away
And when I look at stars it is your light I see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 5, 2005, 2:02 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1286:
Riddle in the Middle of the Griddle

gesture of a jester

Life as a dying legend
Death as a living lie
The dead agree let others be
The ones to say not you and I

Yet every legend has its end
And I would have death as my friend
But I suspect he would reject
Such common company as me

Death is too small for me life is too big

Since from his photograph he looks quite burly
I heed his cautionary tail if curly
But dress a sow no matter how and I know now
Belle of the barnyard though she might well be

The homemade hog of glory still remains a pig

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 4, 2005, 5:46 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1285:
Papa Lance's Poetry Class

"Be kind to one another"

Leave your e-g-o at the door
Or else see it go through the floor

The better they are the kinder they are
The bigger they think they are the more small
Leave it outside in a mayonnaise jar

Pride seems to precede a precipitous fall
Those who are in need are most generous of all

Climb out of that box into paradox!
Into humanity into reality
Come and be free as poet and person with me

Monkey should you be an ass
Long-eared monkeys shall not pass
Monkey see and monkey do
Not let ego make an ass of you

+Papa Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 4, 2005, 2:32 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1284:
Without You?

Here is my hand
See? Empty...
And nothing up my sleeve

I understand
It must be
I have to let you leave

But I want to believe!

Is there no hope?
What will I do
How can I cope

Without you?

...and there on my empty hand
Unmoved by these tears I cry
A perfect blue butterfly~*

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 4, 2005, 12:29 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1283:
Aprikosen-Blumen / Apricot Blossoms

Silke still shines in the sky

Three in the morning beneath polished stars
The apricot blossoms are glowing too
The neighbors sleep as do their polished cars
They rest to rise and charge the freeways soon
Although I am awake I dream of you

Apricot blossoms bright stars crescent moon
Red cat climbing up the apricot tree
Sensing excitement on a warming breeze
These are my friends who keep me company

The breath of the desert softly arrives
Ruffling my hair and touching my shoulder
Whispering something has died but survives
I thought at this hour it would be colder
But the fire of your love still burns in me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV Silke LLC

Feb 4, 2005, 1:11 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1282:
I Yam What I Yam

and here I come

No point in explaining
I yam what I yam as Popeye used to say
No good in complaining
It never helps in any case
I have nothing to complain about today

The sunshine today is utterly brilliant
Lighting my eyes warming my face
My trees are blooming and I feel resilient
Though life may knock this Lucky Little Bastard down
My face was simply not created for a frown

I am going to get all I can
While I can get it
Better to die as a happy man
Than to regret it

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 3, 2005, 9:52 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1281:

Though miracles are hard to find
And sometimes turn out not to be at all
I have a miracle in mind
A very large one though it might seem small
To those who do not understand
Who I am (which would be everybody)

I feel a miracle at hand

And after a long lifetime of study
I believe I can recognize
Appreciate and realize
After nightmares night and day and stressful
Mind-blowing trips on a mad carousel
In my own single-occupancy hell:

The end of my life will be successful

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 3, 2005, 5:40 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1280:
Tomorrow When You Are a Mother

for Maria tomorrow
for Dara and Marina today

I have children much bigger than me
They get bigger as I get smaller
Bigger than I thought children could be
Not that they are fat just much taller
I never saw this happen before
But they are not children anymore

Someday they will have children of their own
Some of them already have mates picked out
Someway I will never be quite alone
I will hear my grandchildren laugh and shout
When I am old and it is getting cold
And find a meaning I have never known

God bless you today be kind to one another
God bless you tomorrow when you are a mother

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 3, 2005, 3:36 am

I Love It When People Look Down On Me

"Take heed when you think you stand lest you fall"
At half-century my life has taught me
This word of God and Grandma best of all

I am not a starter
The arrogant say
Everyone is smarter
So they all agree

As they look down on me what do they see?
Expensive shoes and insentient clay

But God my father looks on me with love
Not down as all his naughty children do
All his haughty children and maybe you

As the highest he must look from above
Yet God never looks down on me but sees
The glory of his reflected image
He only sees my health not my disease
As the carousel spins my pilgrimage

I love it when people look down on me
As then I get to watch the fancy fall
The sweetest little victory of all
I know who I am and who I will be

I love it when people look down on me
Because it is impossible! You see?

+Steven Curtis Lance
The Lucky Little Bastard

Copyright MMV

Feb 3, 2005, 1:02 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1279
Magic Fire: Light from Heat

Here in the darkness where no one can see
Small windblown flicker of dark candlelight
Where no one can take you away from me

Ours is the darkness now ours is the night

Once you were one star but now you are all
Waxing and waning along with the moon
Here in the darkness here hidden with me

I carry you in my pocket by day
You are a shapeshifter now you are small
But you will fill the night with lightning soon

The evil one thought he took you away
He is so stupid he never will learn
Light from heat: you shine as I watch him burn

Along with my beautiful memory

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 2, 2005, 2:29 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1278:
He Killed Her Yet He Dies

Safe from the monster who would not relent
Perversity which would never repent
Safe from the one who could only resent
Her natural superiority
And that the only one she loved was me!

Safe at last now nevertheless
From a past filled with bitterness
Safe from brutality and hate
Victory never comes too late!

The fox escaped the hound
The hound is bound for hell
In heaven she has found
She beat him wise and well
He killed her yet he dies: she is content!

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 1, 2005, 8:42 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1277:
A Thousand Days

the beautiful carousel

A thousand days of up and down and lose and win
Not at all certain where I have just arrived
I have the feeling that I have just survived
A thousand days around and round and spin spin spin

And now the mad carousel stops
The beautiful carousel drops
Me hard on the ground and I look around

What an experience! What a trip!
A thousand spellbound days in the grip
Of the unknown I will never know again

What just happened to me? Was it not glorious?
What is reality? Who is victorious?
A thousand days of searing joy and sadness
An everlasting ecstasy of madness

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 1, 2005, 6:23 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1276:
Alone with You

for my friends

If I speak quite plainly
And straight from my heart
I hope you will hear
I do not speak vainly

I hold you all dear
For you are all part
Of the fabric of me
Of my heart my soul my life my love

You save me from loneliness above
All else as you help to see me through
These lonely means to those unknown ends
Now more than ever I need some friends
Who read my words and care about me as you do
Although I am alone I am alone with you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 1, 2005, 12:01 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1275:
How Odd of God!

How odd to find myself alive
Given the possibilities
How unusual to survive
Into these years such days as these
Each moment seems a gift to me
A sweet improbability

Reality and nothing less
Than this you tell me here and now
Though I know nothing I confess
Of what is unreal what is real
All I can tell you is I feel
Lucky just to be here somehow

How odd of God! But it is clear
He would that I enjoy it here

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 1, 2005, 4:44 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1274:
Those TV News Talking Heads Blues

Watching talking heads on the TV news
They simply could not be any slicker
Wearing fancy threads and airing their views
They look out of touch and then they snicker
They seem creepy and they make me sleepy
I get those TV news talking heads blues

I gave up the booze I gave up liquor
But they make this punk begin to feel drunk
With a zap I zip them with my clicker
And then feel so empowered that I choose
To start exercising my right to snooze
Should have known better could have been quicker
The world is sick but it makes me sicker
Watching talking heads on the TV news

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Feb 1, 2005, 12:12 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1273:
Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry of the wrong kinds
Too many husbands are out of their minds
Crazy apparently heads up behinds

It seems fundamental
One ought to be gentle
To me elementary
Gentle insanity worn tastefully
Better than bestial domesticity

Neanderthal is a beautiful valley
In faraway Germany
Thankfully at a safe distance from me

Cruelty simply is not up my alley
Kindness and love not the sicknesses of
The wrong kinds of animal husbandry

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 31, 2005, 12:52 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1272:
Across the Wide Chasms of Infinity

Out of the night my telephone brings
A signal from the other side
Out of the dark my telephone rings
One perfect ring across the wide
Chasms of infinity for me
It happens every night since she died

Tonight I snatched it up quickly
No voice but my own in echoings
Across all time across all space
I could see her beautiful face

Someone beyond the end of the line
A sound not sound so far away
Came through to show me she is still mine
And she will speak to me someday

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 31, 2005, 5:22 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1271:
For One Who Has Been Kind to Me

"To whom much is given much shall be required"
Being raised this way can make one very tired
Tired but tried and proven to be true
This is how it is for me and you
We do what we can as we do what we must
Knowing it is better to wear out than rust
And all the good you do will surely follow you

That is why I am drawn to you and love you
When you are mired in mud you look above you
And know that there is a meaning to it all
To make a difference no matter how small
Is worth not one penny less than everything
To help and heal and comfort the suffering
Around you--and in me--which others will not see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 31, 2005, 1:14 am

Chorus Mysticus:
Phoenix Rising from Your Pyre

What God creates remains he says
It and it is and it shall be
Beyond the span of numbered days
The dead remain as you and me
As life has spoken so we know
The cord once fashioned here below
By love remains to bind always

Therefore I speak my love now to the sky
To one who passed through death but did not die:

Seed of life planted by fire
Fallen star engulfed by flame
Virgin wife of pure desire
Here within my heart your name
Burns a new light great and strong
Everlasting is your song
Phoenix rising from your pyre

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 30, 2005, 1:23 pm

Falling Stars are Seeds

to comfort Marina and to honor Silke

When your star falls from the sky
What do you wish upon?
When the one you love must die
How does your life go on?

Even though you know you will see
Them again tomorrow
The one you love is gone
For today anyway

Do you bear this sorrow
Now to share in their destiny?

For each and every falling star
Is a living gift below
For those of us down here who are
Broken and alone should know
The sky weeps stars for lonely ones
They fall to sprout as seeds of suns
For new worlds to be born

To bless
Those of us left behind who mourn
Life from death proceeds
Wish upon every falling star
You see

Falling stars are seeds
The ones we love are never far
From you and me
They were they are and they will be
Our destiny

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 30, 2005, 5:37 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1270
Manifesto: Resurrection and Return

Not to decide is to decide
Thus I make my decision
Never to commit suicide
Not subject to revision

As long as I am here
I might as well enjoy it
Live and love free from fear
Embrace it not destroy it

I am alone but I am free
No one to tell me what to do
In control of a destiny
Which I would like to share with you

None to allow nor disallow
The pleasures which await us now

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 30, 2005, 1:17 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1269:
Make Sure Your Lover is Your Friend

The hard way but at least they learned
The house always wins
Who plays with fire is always burned
We pay for our sins
Whether we think we sin or not

The shotgun only speaks by shot
Desire by fire or jealous ire
Which either freezes or it fries
And neither ever satisfies
Whether we lose or win the pot

What does it all mean in the end?
The house always wins and none can defend
Against jealous fate when love turns to hate:

Make sure your lover is your friend

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 29, 2005, 2:26 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1268:
We Lie Awake and Wonder

This day so short this night so long
We bob and weave and blunder
Delay abort the fright so strong
We lie awake and wonder
Gainsay contort till right is wrong

And are we going under
Or getting over a nightmare?

As we hope and grope and dope and cope
And seek out the meaning everywhere
We eke out the gleaning here and there
But what we want is to be together
We ache for the love we cannot find

Just a matter of when or whether
The blind will lead each other to be kind

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Jan 29, 2005, 3:33 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1267
Scatter to Gather:

+Words for Marina to read
for Silke on the North Sea

Scatter to gather scatter to form
Scatter to come home now safe at last
Eye of the cyclone calm of the storm
Present forever absent the past

Nothing can ever hurt you again
Free of the madmen free of their pain
Who thought your loss their gift and their gain
Damned are they now forever they were
Yet still you shine as ever you shone

I have seen the face of God in her
In Silke my love both known and unknown
Even though we never met on earth
May God bless her now at her new birth
Here in my heart where I am not alone


+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV Silke LLC

Jan 29, 2005, 12:41 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1266
Violets Upon the Sea:

+Words to be offered with violets
as Silke's ashes join the North Sea

4 February 2005

As by petal and by part
Here I offer you my heart
With yours as falling raindrops now
As tears wept in the cold North Sea
I feel two hearts made free somehow
To ride this tide which flows through me
And flows through you becoming one
To ride the tide of destiny

Violets upon the sea
Purple tears which grew in shade
Eyes which have seen little sun
Violets are wishes made
Promises kept to the night
Dark our petals bright our light!


+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV Silke LLC


Displaying Poems 2701 thru 2725 of 2858 Poems

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