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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Apr 4, 2005, 11:43 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1331:
How Spirit Can Soar When Flesh is Not Wasted

The ideal of transcendence beckons me
To rise above the petty and commonday
Actions and distractions of humanity
Yet I ought not must not cannot turn away
From my brothers and sisters of humankind

Denying my flesh is not good for my mind
Inasmuch as I am human I have needs
Which although long denied are destined to be
Pieces of my puzzle of thoughts words and deeds

A being not only of spirit am I
Nor is it natural for my flesh to die
Unfulfilled without ever having tasted
What it is like to be in love and to see
How spirit can soar when flesh is not wasted

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Apr 4, 2005, 11:49 am

Letting Go

+Deus meus et omnia

Letting go of what has been
Open to what is to be
Only saying what I mean
Attempting to take care of me

Since there is no one else who
Has my interests at heart
Cares or shares my point of view
At least not quite the way I do

Together with all apart
With God in a quiet place
One star in one galaxy
In one shining moment of grace

Lord open my eyes and be
The sunrise by which I see
The understanding smile on your face
Lord open my lips to sing
Love songs brought in offering
To the secret place of your embrace

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Apr 3, 2005, 10:24 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1330:
Now Ready to Transcend

Mortally rejected
By one who never was
Divinely elected
To fulfillment because
Now ready to transcend
Now silly follies end

I need everyone
But not anyone
In particular
I stand on my feet
One and all I greet

With all my love with all my heart
I come together now apart

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Apr 3, 2005, 9:02 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1329:
Together As We Go

Lacking logical explanation I remain
In spite of everything I have come all this way

I pick myself up from the dust and start again
With no idea of what to expect today
But I need no idea nor explanation

I have learned there is no point in my asking "why?"
So the question becomes "am I willing to try?"
Right or wrong there is no room for rumination

I want to be with you I want to be and do
My best and pass the test this life would seem to be
And that is all I can do it would seem to me

So let us walk together toward that end my friend
By faith and not by sight through every day and night
Since this is all we know together as we go

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Apr 2, 2005, 12:11 pm

A Spring Worth Waiting For

A winter of extraordinary rain
Months of flood and mud and cold and trouble
My furnace out from beginning to end
Those short days with long nights now down the drain
Therefore the rising spring is a double
Blessing for me as I see light again

As I make a new and find an old friend
As one I thought was lost was not somehow
And life itself seems friendlier to me
I find myself open to others now
A part of humankind's community
As I feel the sun on my face and dream

Lemon blossoms and jasmine scent the breeze
Yellow butterflies flutter by and seem
To greet me and I think God sent me these
Small messengers of light to say to me
Tune in turn on drop out drop in stay strong
I rub my eyes and see that I can see

Although there is a worm in the apple
Although there is a snake in the garden
And we wonder as we grasp and grapple
Soft spring warms hearts winter freezes harden
And all will be all right somehow will be
A spring worth waiting for all winter long

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 31, 2005, 8:42 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1328:
Wind Kiss

The wind blows in as a freshening breath
A gift from the desert scented with sage
The whole of the night is animated
Dynamic respiration sweeps out death
Encouraging me on my pilgrimage
Caresses me whispers I am fated
To be surprised by joy and to embrace
This priceless gift which has been given me

I breathe the wind as it kisses my face
The beat of ultimate reality
Echoes within my chest my open hands
Receive the touch of other in the night
There is intelligence which understands
Behind the veil withdrawn a glorious light

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 30, 2005, 4:55 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1327:
Everything Can Get Better Suddenly

Having finally found a place of grace
A point of repose and some happiness
Through empty time and space a friendly face

I wish there were some way for me to bless
Everyone else with all the good they seek
Give them some love to share along the way

Encourage the strong and support the weak
Ask them to give life one more chance and stay
No matter how far down they think they are

Everything can get better suddenly
Having journeyed so long so hard so far
I know it can because it did for me

So I will do my best to pass along
Whatever good I find like in this song

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 4:35 pm

For Franziska

Take me into your golden lair
Let me keep you company
And we will hide nowhere but there
Nowhere would I rather be
Swathed in the shadows of your hair

Let the whole of the wide world see
And say what they will for all we care
That we are together you and me
We two at last have outsmarted the past
Now knocks at the door and we let it in
With you a new beginning is begun
With nothing but now so now we begin

Franziska flaming tiger burning sun
Melting the ice which imprisoned me
Saving from suicide freeing my mind
Freeing us both to see we are free
To leave the muddling and middling behind

We kick aside the rubble as we rise
Now I will never feel frozen again
But find myself lost in your deep dark eyes
Feel your golden flesh like tropical rain
A velvet volcano between firm thighs
Drink deep your kiss of life deep golden one
Franziska flaming tiger burning sun

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 6:14 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1326:
Living and Forgiving

Everything is resolving
The nightmare past the earth
Rotating and revolving
I went to pieces now
I come to peace somehow
I see this life is worth
Living and forgiving after all

They can cheat me but cannot beat me
I have survived a very hard fall
Some betrayed me but some repayed me
For my love with true love of their own
I know now and I am better known
That which is good is better understood
Rejected but free I am not alone

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 4:50 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1325:
New Songs

Here in this thick darkness word has reached me that
Out there in the sunshine people care for me
Hanging upside down like a cave-dwelling bat
What goes on outside is hard for me to see

Life goes on or so they say live for today
Yesterday is lost tomorrow may not come
Reality sounds good to me anyway
I have had more than enough of fantasy
If anyone will share real love I want some

I am not bad-looking if no longer young
My curiosity inspires me always
To find such new songs as have not yet been sung
I would like to do new wonders all my days
My life ever new to sing new songs for you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 3:58 am

Easter Epiphany: Now Only Now

The greatest poem is silence so the Spirit said
Work it out scream and shout then retire renounce desire
And still instead of stir the violence of the dread
But also the lure of death within your very breath

And what is real? Is what I feel reality then?
It may have been reality then but is not now
You are so determined to have an answer somehow!
Stop and be content within the question in the fire

For the only way for you to mend is to transcend
As you transcend so you ascend and those who offend
Will destroy each other in sterile stupidity
Consume one another by their crass cupidity

Now you will laugh last and you will laugh best
The past is the lie now you passed the test
Now only now and never mind the rest

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 2:58 am


Once blind with folly now I see
That criminals in foreign lands
Who would destroy me utterly
And preyed upon my innocence
Can never take myself from me
Though bloodied by their brutal hands
My faith in God is my defense
Survival is my victory

The sun is going to shine again
Along with spring I came through the rain
I am going to be fine again
Refined by fire purified by pain
The life God gave me is mine again
I still live and what is mine retain
Nor cast my pearls before swine again
They destroy themselves yet I remain

My love turns into hate and hardens into steel
From now on I will only feel that which is real

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 12:19 am


So many poems are passing me by
Standing silent and hopeless watching an
Endless parade of ideas which die
As they melt like snowflakes before I can
Gather myself to touch them to taste them
To grasp them grieving I watch and waste them

Four books and all of them filled with the name
Of one who betrayed me for another
How can I endure and live down the shame
Of criminals laughing with each other
About what a stupid old fool I was?

Yet I have to get through this now because
If this is the end of me then their game
Will be made perfect all at the expense
Of my good name lost with myself to blame
Transcendence now my only recompense

I have certainly found who my friends were
And found I had but precious few in fact
My calls for help ignored by him by her
Only the bitter truth remains intact
That which I once was lies in ruins now
My only hope is transcendence somehow

No longer having one for whom to write
I feel no reason to write poetry
Since the brief day of my love turned to night
It no longer matters nor can I see
My star has fallen I have lost the light
I am my own and only company
And yet that love which seemed to burn so bright
Was only a lie and a joke on me

So nothing has changed I am still alone
Just that my aloneness was once unknown
At least to me but now I see no need
For poetry without someone to read
But since my beautiful muse was a lie
Perhaps in my aloneness I should try
To wrestle with reality this way

This might well be the only way to say
What is left here in the burned-out rubble
Of me the pay of life for my trouble
Still I wonder if there is enough left
Of me to glean here in this field bereft
Of hope to harvest among the stubble
Cut by the sharp scythe of reality

I hope to write because I hope to see
Who knows? I might even write better now
Disentangled from the lie somehow
I might more clearly see what is to be
What ultimately will become of me
And of you and of all the rest of us
Behind the worst before the best of us

I made it out alive though I feel dead
Survived the most monstrous madness somehow
I resolve therefore to live in the now
To never look back nor even ahead
I will write new poems for you instead
Of the one who will no longer allow
Herself to love me if ever indeed
She did who at the end refused to read

I will and I must emerge from this night
From then to now with myself and some friends
In now I will trust and now I will write
New poems now because now never ends

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 12:16 am

Fallen Star

Back from that unknown I called love
To this known of being alone
Back to what I have known above
All else since all else was a dream
And I was alone all along
Seems things are never what they seem
To be to me reality
Is an elusive quality

The one I sang of never was
How ridiculous a love song
Or if she was she was because
I wished and dreamed and hoped that she
Might be but I see I was wrong

Too old too poor too far away
She just got tired of me one day
Rejecting me electing he
Who purchased her propinquity

Destined for ashes without graves
And doomed as I am just the same
They bought no freedom they are slaves
But she is his that is if she
Is at all whatever her name

Back from that unknown I called love
I have never been this alone
As dream turns nightmare push to shove
And soft sweet flesh to hard sour stone
As cornered now the mind gives way
Yet stings with folly sharp and stark
Nothing but sorry left to say
As stars fall and the world grows dark

A tattoo has been born again
Which once marked my not being free
Even as one once loved once slain
Transformed in its symbology
The star is fallen from the sky

A trail of fire rains in its wake
Where once it bore her name so high
Forsaken now thus I forsake
As she lies in the arms of he
Who kept his word that he would take
The one I dreamed I loved from me

She broke my heart and thus I break
The spell the hold of hell which she
Held me within her web of lies
As falls the star so would I be
Deceived no longer as I rise

Now ripen fruits of bitterness
Ever more bitter never less
When will this rock to gold refine
This vinegar ferment to wine?

I hate but will I hate them still
As spring warms sink beneath the chill
Of lost love never found again
Or is there yet an end of pain
If only by the trembling hand
Of one who failed to understand
That life is not fair after all
After the fall after the fall?

Calling on the phone alone
Holding only a phone
No one wants propinquity
To madness nor to me

Only answering machines

I understand now what this means
In darkness here I sense the fear
Of those who were once near and dear
As they all back away from me
And as I feel myself alone
On the lonely end of the phone

How empty now to realize
They wish that I would go away
Behind civility's disguise
I wish I had their strength today

Their machines are chirping hello
I am calling to say goodbye
But I am the last to know
To face the lie and die

So life was not fair after all
What does my life mean? It means
I face the lie and die
Fallen so far my fallen star
Chirping answering machines
After all chirp after the fall
Hello! Hello! Goodbye
My fallen star fallen so far!

What does my life mean after all
After the fall after the fall?

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 29, 2005, 12:12 am

Easter Vigil

Through a time of testing and of trial
When madness had become my daily bread
Drama on her part on mine denial
The dead alive the living nearly dead
From bad to worse there must have been a curse
Deliver me from the idolatry
Of she would control me utterly

The creature displaced the creator to
Become my god my Lord instead of you
And so I fell to false idolatry
But my idol proved unworthy of me
Offending divine sensibility

As dawns your rising day I ask you Lord
Forgive and may you only be adored
The impostor was not even a real
Person as I am with a heart to feel
But only a conspiracy of lies

Lord Jesus rise in me too as you rise

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 17, 2005, 3:53 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1324:
Heavy Metal Thunder

My '65 Chrysler is being repaired
I know she will make it I'm not even scared
I felt like I left her in good hands down there
When I looked back over my shoulder and saw
This morning at the Quality Auto Care
Them diving with wonder into her great maw
Where that enormous 383 V8
Has roared and wrestled with forty years of fate

She will rise to roar and wrestle forty more
I may not be fancy and I might be poor
But I have the only car I would ever
Want and she is a part of my family
Has been these forty years and I could never
Bear to hear her roar for anyone but me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 17, 2005, 12:05 am


I got hosed by a crazy girl
Doo-dah doo-dah
Took me for an Internet whirl
Oh doo-dah day

I rode that insane carousel
Until my nerves were shot to hell
Oh double doo-dah doo-dah day
Always in trouble anyway
No matter what I said nor did

But I searched and finally found the lid
Of Pandora's box and screwed it back on
Now all my troubles are corked-up and gone
Zippity doo-dah ding dong derry day
Men in white coats came and took her away

A thousand days of life and love went poof
And this is the end of my silly song
So double dog doo-dah and oof oof oof
I pick up my pieces and move along

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 16, 2005, 4:05 am

She Winks at Me and I Suspect the Best

for she who is hope to me

Though at the darkest hour more wide awake
As here at midnight I keep watch alone
Than any blazing noon which I have known
Is this a dream? A nightmare? A mistake?
I ask with but the moon to answer me
Alone at midnight only destiny
With me and she seems fickle company
Yet here she is albeit in disguise

I have been young and jaded old and wise
Now only lonely I face and embrace
This only woman who still understands
Me as I was and am and in her hands
Is what remains of that which I will be

She keeps the future secret locked with bands
Of steel and she is sworn not to reveal
The mystery of what will be but she
Is smiling as she draws me to her breast
She winks at me and I suspect the best

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 15, 2005, 3:38 pm

Future Rising in the Sky

for she who is hope to me

The sunshine and the Santa Ana wind
Have swept in and I am no longer pinned
Within my doors by chilling winter rain
The breath of the desert breathes here again
And with this swooping sweeping of the spring
I feel that anything and everything
Any new thing can be new life I see
New love for me a possibility
Which blows in on the scented desert air

I feel in my heart I know in my mind
The excitement of breathing free at last
My hope is real I know I feel it there
Inside of me the dark days left behind
The detritus and debris of the past
Blown away by the warm refreshing breath
Of budding spring as it overwhelms death
My life is blowing in the wind and I
Can see my future rising in the sky

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 14, 2005, 6:25 pm

On the Bridge at Break of Day

Drifting lightly on the ocean
Underneath is dark and deep
Up and down a gentle motion
Far above where dead men sleep
Dappled sun descends serenely
I can hear the widows weep
Here where fate is felt so keenly

Night-watch evermore they keep
At the bottom of the sea
At the windows far away
But the lost and left shall be
Found in glory so they say

May there be a place for me
That I might their victory
Savor with them then I pray
Over death the enemy
From the windows far away
From the bottom of the sea
On the bridge at break of day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 14, 2005, 10:30 am

The Delft-Blue Eyes of Tiffany

for Tiffany Andrea Ross-Fletcher

How wrong I was to think blue eyes
Held but contempt and lies for me
I never dared to realize
The wondrous possibility
These Delft-blue lights could ever be
Shining for me at this late hour
I would those two bright stars devour
And overwhelm me utterly

The summer skies which warm your face
Are captivated by the grace
Which they find there and so remain
Enchanted mirrors where I see
A dawn of hope an end of pain
A rising blooming destiny
Blue roses bud to bloom tonight

The Delft-blue eyes of Tiffany
Reveal my hope and it is bright
You give birth to the best of me
I leave behind the rest of me
Tonight your eyes restore my sight
In an undreamed-of ecstasy
The bright surprise by which I see
The Delft-blue eyes of Tiffany

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 13, 2005, 10:22 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1323:
Socksual Conundrum

a sonnet in couplets or in this case pairs

Having washed my socks in the sink yet seeing no sun
I find a conundrum of celibacy begun
Outside is misty-moisty inside I am alone
Drying options are limited and some are unknown

To pop them in the oven "peccata fortiter"
Has appeal I feel but then I wonder "do I dare?"
And a riddle fit to drive one to an early grave:
If the oven then conventional or microwave?

Then if I did use an oven for a laundry load
Would something unspeakable happen? Would it explode?
And if so would I go out in a blaze of glory?
More likely it would be seen as a silly story

Which it manifestly is and I will be just fine
My his-and-hers socks all his and they are all just mine

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 13, 2005, 7:39 pm

No Drama Please

Now all the hot air and hullabaloo has passed
Hysterical hotheads run out of gas at last
Or is it just that I can't hear them anymore?

I know I don't give a damn what they're shouting for
Not buying what they're selling and sick of smelling
Their hot and bothered and lathered-up demeanor
I seek a life simpler smarter purer cleaner

Weary bleary others teary dreary drama queen
And take your entourage too (you know what I mean)
Keep your juvenile tricks on your side of the Styx
The adults would like to have a conversation
Without the noise of your permanent perturbation

No drama please
Just do it
Get off your knees
Go to it

You continue to fail to realize
The audience does not like long goodbyes

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 13, 2005, 1:39 am

One Girl One Boy: Play With Me

for my friend Chanti

My friend and fellow-victim at the hands
Of hysterical and histrionic
Friendly enemies with insane demands
No sense of humor and unironic
So lost within themselves they cannot see
The light which shines for them this very hour:

If they won't have it then let's you and me
Enjoy it nor let their dark souls devour
Those black holes take the glories of this day
By which our God would beckon us away
Into the life intended for us here
A life of light and love and quiet joy
Thus let us leave behind the pain and fear
To step into the sun one girl one boy

Leave the twitter and the twaddle
Nevermore to mollycoddle
These damned and draining fools
Life's to enjoy
And we are not their tools
Step into the sun and play with me
One girl one boy
We'll all be better off you'll agree

And they'll just have to work it out on their own
We'll say "We've gone out to play: leave us alone"

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Mar 12, 2005, 7:08 pm

I Would Rather Be a Beagle Than an Eagle

A haiku sounds like a Japanese sneeze to me
I am sick of sonnets as anyone might be
Who has written one thousand three hundred and some
Mostly for a girl who treated me like a bum
Rejecting me for a German paralegal

Now my brown eyes are those of a beaten beagle
But if I learn haiku I will write one for you
Writing all those sonnets gives me something to do
And it could be the blue-eyed Aryan master race
Might yet receive from me a cream pie to the face

All these years I had thought that losing World War Two
Had discouraged them from treating people like me
As lesser children of a lesser destiny
I would rather be a beagle than an eagle

Let us pray
That someway somehow someday we can all be free
Both the rejecters and rejected: them and me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV


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