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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 2276 thru 2300 of 2785 Poems

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Sep 3, 2005, 1:15 am

Of House Dust and Nattering Nutters

fiat justitia ruat mundus

House dust bales itself into sundry shapes
Making it easier for harvesting
Dust bunnies and kittens up to great apes
Which handily drift by in offering
A small convenience for the householder
Distracted or drunk or getting older

Cleaning becomes evolutionary
Humble house dust rising to the very
Tip-top of the tree of society
Where it is finally captured by me
The nutters natter but does it matter
What they are saying and spraying today?

Just tell them to shut up and go away

Or like house dust bale their bile into shapes
Make themselves handy for their disposal
Scared bunnies cross kittens not-so-great apes
Quick with a quip or crackpot proposal
Heaven forbid we ask them a question

So here is my fist and my suggestion:

The confraternity of the confused
Has blamed and bullied us and has abused
Us long enough now rough times make us tough
Real people overcome real disasters
And after that overcome our masters

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Sep 2, 2005, 1:58 pm

The Lifting

In a world of insanity
Anger the order of the day
Futility and vanity
Where nobody knows what to say

And it would seem to you and me
That it would be better if they
Could channel their hostility
Into something more constructive

Come my friend let us turn away
From the bitter and destructive
Dogma and ideology
Which would create hell here on earth

Today let us be born anew

Rejecting death let us choose birth
And this shall be the rise of me
And this shall be the rise of you
The lifting of us gloriously

Come transcend death to rise above
Our fear to hope our hate to love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Sep 2, 2005, 3:47 am

Stars in My Eyes

Uncertain as to what to do
While my world seems to spin away
I write these lines for readers who
Might never read them anyway
Finding rhyme to be amusing
Measured time made less confusing
As out of place in time and space
I simply do the best I can
As a thoroughly mixed-up man


Fundamentalist hobbyists
If that is what they are
As they would seem to be
Archconservative lobbyists
If only from afar
Who take things out on me


On my nerves as one deserves
Who roots for truffles such as I
Snout to earth and heart to sky
The wistful twinkle in my eye
Blinks blind as I am going
Into this cloud of unknowing
Into a crowd which is showing
Curiosity with hostility
But with stars in my eyes I need not see


There still be hope in sorrow here tonight
Somehow someway someday let there be light

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 31, 2005, 9:27 pm

Dancing by Moonlight

It occurs to me
I am fortunate
And no matter what
I might as well be
Enjoying this ride

Here on which I find
Myself alongside
You now as we share
Heart and soul and mind

Whether we know it
Whether we show it
Or not since we bear
Burden and blessing
The challenges of
This life which we love

Triumphs tragedies
We are made of these
We pay by the day
It is all we know

No second-guessing
When down here below
Of what is up there
Just wonder tonight
Dancing by moonlight

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 30, 2005, 7:02 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1413:
Sung in the Stillness

Given the slightest encouragement I find
All of the vinegar washed out from my mind
And I wonder then where the bitterness goes
But only the moon and nobody else knows

The moon is not talking but we are walking

And whether
Or not I ever understand anything

I can be grateful for the present you bring
In that moment when the breath is suspended
Before the next begins the last is ended
The moon always knows what to say anyway

The greatest poem is silence after all
Sung in the stillness between the rise and fall

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 30, 2005, 8:08 am

Moon Walk

I enjoy as I have said
Making coffee at midnight
Waking up stark in the dark
Proving life is not yet dead
Moving to shadow from sight
Straying away from the day
Which misunderstands so much

On nocturnal holiday
I reach out as if to touch
The cool white face of the moon
We speak but we never say
A word yet silence is heard
And no sound is more profound
I will be hearing it soon

Beautiful friend come with me
I will show you: you will see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 30, 2005, 4:50 am

My Monday Makeover

A team of dental experts toiled all day
To purge the imperfections from my smile
Thence I went direct to my physician

My Monday makeover made more worthwhile
Because it placed me in the position
Of encountering an old friend from school

A lady now to whom I seemed no fool
At all and we felt like when we were small
Too young back then but here we are all grown
And all this time I thought I was alone

It only seemed that way but now to play
Again to pray again to thank God for
Today again just what I need no more
No less in fact today is all I need

Life loves me and I love it back indeed
(My new tattoo is healing nicely too)
Today I live I love and I succeed

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 29, 2005, 12:14 am

Two of a Kind

I have decided to live and give you fits
Life is worth all your crap to give you the shits
Why should a good poet commit suicide
When a target like you beckons far and wide
For some sharp ridicule? I would be a fool
To pass up an opportunity like this
I am puckering up my sarcasm's kiss
If revenge is sweet your ignorance is bliss

Of course there are a lot of other reasons
To shuffle back into this mortal coil
The beautiful the true the changing seasons
But I really love to make your blood boil
I vow you will only feel the burn you earn
In spite of this I know you never learn
But never mind that as the blind lead the blind
Despite our means and ends let us be friends

Do you remember? We are two of a kind!

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 28, 2005, 6:06 pm


If you can grab hold of a wealthy man
Well then hop to it go ahead do it
But get to him while you are young enough
And still have your looks before things get rough
What the hell might as well get all you can

The rich just seem to get richer each day
But they have to pay if they want to play
So swivel those hips now cash in your chips
You can always divorce him tomorrow
But be sure to get the cash in writing
Before things go sour and you start fighting

Live large and in charge in the USA
And get it all before it gets away
Be wary of ex-children and ex-wives
As you start your honeyed new-moneyed lives
Later there will come a time for sorrow
And until then some will think you are scum

What the hell might as well get all you can
If you can grab hold of a wealthy man

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 28, 2005, 3:00 am

Better Not Read This

Most are only in it for the tax-cuts
At least around here in my neighborhood
Some distant others though seem to be nuts

Their apocalypse of evil and good
Can become confusing in this twilight
It gets hard to tell when they speak of hell
So merrily with their eyes burning bright
Do they like their toast to be dark or light?

But should you disagree they shout: "Treason!
Give me my tax-cut get out of my way
Full-serve my Hummer and have a nice day!"

So we must behave since the souls they save
Might well be our own in the known unknown
Just pray today they will leave us alone

They have those prison-camps for a reason

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV - Greetings from Gitmo!

Aug 28, 2005, 1:51 am

All in the Family

My son the rock star is going to play
Las Vegas where all of the secrets stay

But he likes secrets knowing he has come
From family with more secrets than some
Pezzo novante up there on the screen:
Family business (you know what I mean)
Bobbing and weaving making a living

We have a little problem forgiving

Not always pretty it can get gritty
But it is understood we must look good
Just mind your manners in the neighborhood
Eyes open mouth shut where night spends its days
No one knows anything (maybe crime pays)

I am the white sheep of my family
Fredo... the poet... this misfit you see
But still I remember never forget
And are my children of the blood (you bet)?

So I will write my poetry (just never mess with me)
And if you like it or do not we are polite: agree?

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 27, 2005, 10:52 am

Silent Singing Which Cannot Be Stilled

I cannot fail to find the night is filled
With magic bursting at the seams of sky
With silent singing which cannot be stilled
With beauty so intense it makes me cry

The wonder of it all so great so small
The universe within my hand as I
Bounce on the spacetime fabric like a ball
And though I have no wings embracing fly
At one with all with everything the tide
Of time takes me on one hell of a ride

Do you believe in miracles tonight?
The spacetime fabric is our trampoline
Let go and fall and bounce: it feels so right
Just try it once and find out what I mean

And we will never again want to go
Where they only think but they never know
That they cannot know since they cannot feel
The difference between what they believe
To be real and that which is truly real
I want to spend the night and never leave

Let go and fall and bounce: it feels so right
And your mind too will find the night is filled
With silent singing which cannot be stilled
You will believe in miracles tonight

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 27, 2005, 3:19 am

Feline Celibacy:
Some Idiot Will Say This is Not a Sonnet

Have you ever been tempted to say
When pursued to avoid being rude
That you are gay
Though you are not
To get away
No matter what?

There is this one: when I think of her
Though I enjoy the opposite sex
I wish I were
And wish I could
Escape her hex
Be understood
As celibate with a big fat cat
Be left alone and leave it at that

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 27, 2005, 12:13 am

Never Write Honestly? (Apparently!)

(Your attention please: The following poem is a JOKE;
please do not attack nor analyze me! Thank you! +Stevie)

So many have said so much about me
I cannot write anything anymore
Without imagining how it will be
To be lectured until I start to snore

The super-duper patriots moved on
Giving up on me no doubt as hopeless
I rejoice at this relief I confess
But here where it is darkest before dawn
As I wait for my last book to be born
I shudder to anticipate the morn
And the scrutiny of shrinkadoodles
Should I post a poem on OthersPen

Only my three kids and Freddie Noodles
Understand me I guess and get it when
I write from my heart (which I was taught was good)
And practice my art (now so misunderstood)

Dear analysts: calm down! As I leave town
For a little rest I wish you the best
(And before anybody else has a cow
I must struggle to write something silly now)

I will try to keep my feelings to myself
And shut them up in books for a dusty shelf

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 25, 2005, 8:19 pm


I remember hearing my mother say
Of herself "it is all over for me"
I knew it was true as she spoke that day
When my mother became a memory

I used to feed her ice cream with a spoon
She said "now we are both of us crazy"
I can see her broken smile in the moon
And hear her cry when midnight is hazy

I will go and be with my mother soon
I was so disappointed in this life
No future now no hope no love no wife
Fifty at last and alone with my past

Just one more book and then that will be all
Each moment brings me closer to release
The wind will teach this leaf to fly this fall
This beaten beating heart becalmed to peace

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 25, 2005, 2:52 am

The Moon is Made of Dreams

for lovers

Though the footprints of mere man are marked into it
Though thoroughly studied and scrutinized these years
The moon holds magic and nothing can undo it
Not dust and rock but lovers' laughter lovers' tears
Above all else it seems the moon is made of dreams

The stars are frozen tears the moon will melt my heart
Tonight all nights our years reflected in our art
If I should die before I wake my soul shall take
The memory of the moon to eternity
Forevermore the shadows of the moon and me

Above all else it seems the moon is made of dreams

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 24, 2005, 11:26 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1412:
Two Cowards

He called me a "sociopath"
Since he could not spell polymath
Not that he ever heard of it
Being a blowhard full of sh*t
His protege tried "predator"
No one had called me that before
But this rooster and his booster

Two monkeys swung down from the trees
To spread their sociopathies
Small predators large cowards these
Two losers who would be writers
Gossiping bantam cockfighters
As fate honors me to my face
Two cowards sow their own disgrace

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 24, 2005, 5:47 am

The Relativity of Reality

What I thought was the moon was a bare bulb reflected
In wavy old glass in the window of the bathroom
Whereas the actual moon was neatly bisected
Flat on one side when I ventured outside of the womb
Which is this place and saw it floating there in the sky

Finding this comforting I was glad it happened I
Made that mistake or I might never have gone outside
This is the sort of thing which takes place when worlds collide
Light bulbs with flat-sided moons apples with red balloons

Then I ask: Is it analogy or is it me?
Then I know: It is whatever I want it to be

I love the relativity of reality!

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 23, 2005, 1:23 pm

Dark in the Park

Lynx-like tufts of hair festooned his ears
His cheeks were covered with carpet tacks
He unselfconsciously wore his years
As green turtles wear shells on their backs

His teeth were brown and silver and gold
It seemed some spiders had spun his hair
And he never came in from the cold
But he brought it with him everywhere

And who he was I will never know
But then nobody else will either
He repelled but fascinated so
Was here nor there yet both and neither

When he looked in my eyes I could see
That he was blind but had left behind
Back there somewhere all complacency
He was completely out of his mind

How I have tried and failed to forget
His face as he emerged from the dark
That night so long ago in the park
Maybe someday I can but not yet

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 22, 2005, 2:02 am

On Time

for Franziska

I questioned the clock but
It struck me as it stuck
To its tick-tock story
That it never knew what
It was ticking about

So why should I worry
About what something thought
Which never stops to think
Tick-tocking to the brink?

I went away without
The certainty of time
I know what it will say
Tomorrow as today
A pleasant mocking chime

It cannot stop to ask
But answers on the hour
Relentless in its task
Mechanical with power

Ordering the lives of
Those who are not in love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 21, 2005, 1:33 am

Out There Where the Sun is Shining

There is hope for me and I can feel it
Tears to diamonds refining
Destiny unfolding to reveal it
Out there where the sun is shining
I can make a deal with fate and seal it
With a kiss forever just like this

I can see my life is changing
Healing growing rearranging
Things are looking up for me and so
Wish me luck my friends now as I go
Tears to diamonds refining
Where it shines out there for me I know:

Out there where the sun is shining

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 20, 2005, 7:47 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1411:
April Come December

Forgiving is easy forgetting is not
Some people tell me and they say it is true
Your life has shattered now and a jagged shard
Is all you have left now so what have you got?

From one shard to another both things are hard
Nor do I have a clever answer for you
I cannot explain but I can share your pain
Because it is my own: you are not alone

Forgiving and forgetting cannot be done
Without the grace of God the forgiving one
But we remember April come December
And when these my words you see remember me

April come December souvenirs of spring
In the dark days we remember everything

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 20, 2005, 12:34 am

Sorrow's End

You ask me to forgive you
I cannot
I am doomed to relive you

You forgot
Me but it is so hard to
Forget so easy to regret

I cannot forgive you: not yet

Only grace can erase your face
Only by faith can I be free
Of your madness and cruelty

May God forgive and grant the grace
I need to leave where nightmares feed
Upon my heart upon my art

I will forgive you when I can

When grace will mend at sorrow's end
The miseries of mortal man

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 19, 2005, 3:53 am

The Little Book of Lance

As the Little Book of Lance comes out
No braggadocio for me
The self-promotional spout and shout
That do-si-do of vanity
Strikes me as base buffoonery

But celebrating inwardly
Quietly then this book will become
In transcendental victory
My handbook and my vade mecum

When I go out I can show it to
Friends when I meet them and maybe you
In the way my mother taught me
Modestly and with dignity

And may the arrogant relent
If I have seemed so I repent
Pride has chased but has not caught me
For first and last I am but dust

Though I could never tell you why
I write my life down since I must
I live I write and then I die
To give The Little Book of Lance a chance

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV

Aug 18, 2005, 10:43 am


It is the intention
Of God for me to live
Divine intervention
Comes quietly to give
Me reason in season
To continue my quest
My duty to beauty
The brightest and the best

When my way is shrouded
In shadows of the night
When my day is clouded
I walk by faith not sight

And in the end I will not fail
And I will get up when I fall
For watching just behind the veil
Is one who waits and knows it all

Since he has walked this way before
And there is none who loves me more

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMV


Displaying Poems 2276 thru 2300 of 2785 Poems

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