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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 201 thru 225 of 2785 Poems

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Sep 26, 2015, 4:17 am


After the fan turning
All through the burning
Bright blue day says goodnight
Turns in unturningly
Now somehow sounds right
Through midnight blue to be
Quite quiet tonight

Stars resume their places
Assuming the faces
Of those loved and lost
Like diamonds that cost
Velvet blue to see
In mind but out of sight
Turning and returning

Through the blue to me
Tonight quite quietly

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 23, 2015, 6:40 pm


There is a certain uncertainty
Living between expectation and dread
Where the only certain certainty
Given is the certainty of the dead
With the question answered finally
With a finely certain finality

Everyone knows how that story goes
Somehow or knows how for now no one knows
Wanting to know when one does instead
To haunt in between then uncertainly
Looking ahead but looking around
For whatever certainty might be found

I never know where until I go
Wherever but get there still even so
Seeing things I have not seen before
And having been then now being some more
Going beyond whatever I know
I keep going knowing uncertainty

Letting the present surprise my eyes
When better than knowing I realize
The coming to me of what to be
Not knowing but better than not to be
Around every turn something to learn
Becomes a discovery to discern

By uncertainty I certainly
Feel what is real in my reality
Certainty comes later life goes on
Uncertainty how for now until gone
But how is enough to know as I
Go knowing how certainly might be why

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 19, 2015, 10:26 pm

Being Now I Guess


Having been a long time I have seen
Then to now through history between
And to me it is a mystery
Why people make the choices they do

So I chose wisely in love though she
Surprisingly unwisely chose me

But I too have made a choice or two
In the mystery of history
Untrue to me and not how I mean
To be so now very warily

I undertake the choices I make
Having learned the hard way by mistake


Flailing the fearful ones yearn for a strongman
Failing to learn from the past turn to the wrong man
And turn out to learn what to not do again

Many who would rather not learn anything now
Wanting what is haunting because it has been
Turn out to turn from some of us as lesser than

A strongman railing assailing now somehow
Who tells it like it was turning back to back when
Just because he says so says now must be then

Many who by any means would do what was done
Cannot remember now but some of us can
Never was one ever lesser than anyone


What the dark conceals
Then is enshrouded
That the light reveals
Now is unclouded

Seeing delighted
Day dancing with night
Being invited
By chance I say yes

Shadowed and lighted
The world moves and I
Too move through stillness
My shadow by light

Being now I guess
Seeing how and why

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 18, 2015, 7:02 pm


Flailing the fearful ones yearn for a strongman
Failing to learn from the past turn to the wrong man
And turn out to learn what to not do again

Many who would rather not learn anything now
Wanting what is haunting because it has been
Turn out to turn from some of us as lesser than

A strongman railing assailing now somehow
Who tells it like it was turning back to back when
Just because he says so says now must be then

Many who by any means would do what was done
Cannot remember now but some of us can
Never was one ever lesser than anyone

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 16, 2015, 6:29 pm

Tough Enough

An old man thanks the young who care
Enough to dare to get out there
And fight for what is right
Tough enough and tougher than me

Who get it and do not let go
But I learned the hard way what you know

Carnival barker politics
Cruel shenanigans cheap tricks
Such heat but not much light
Fearful nonsense scares us wary

Everywhere the very very
Angry fill the air with their scary

The enemy is our own fear
Alone but if together here
There might be hope tonight
As much hope as might ever be

To get it and to not let go
What I learned the hard way but you know

Good thing still tough enough to dream
Until as bad as things might seem
The future is in sight
My hope and your reality

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 13, 2015, 4:35 am

Between You and Me

The meaning of life as far as I can see
Is what I mean to you and you to me

The meaning between us to be as we are
Each being a rising but falling star
Seeing as we pass between us what we mean
Becoming clearer in the mirror of
The eyes of another in our place the love
We find in the face of our human kind

This is what we keep but leave the rest behind

The best of us is our humanity
With the rest of us in solidarity
When we look for each other what we find
Above and beyond the beyond and above
Seems to be the meaning to me as far
As I can see the meaning is in between

What we mean to us as we come to be
Becomes what we mean between you and me

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 5, 2015, 9:33 pm

The Shovel Next Time

It would be a mistake
For another snake
To sneak like last time
Through the bathroom floor

Wary of any
More scary things where
One was too many
And very in there

Though swept with a broom
Out of the bathroom
And into a rhyme
Through the kitchen door

That one but no more
The dogs forbidding
It not forgetting
Our unbidden guest

That went eye to eye
With the dogs and I
(Who am just kidding)
Say go tell the rest

I may be getting
The shovel next time

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 2, 2015, 1:48 am


When I was young I was wrong
Right along for too long
Now it can be told
How memories haunt me
When I began to get old
I got to be less sold
On what they sell us

Now old enough to tell us
I got it and ask why
And why not as I
Who see I want to be
Live by love before I die
To be mindfully how
I find myself now

I want to be so you know
I was when I am not
By my doing what
I know before I go
With a party at the end
I want to be your friend
A good memory

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 31, 2015, 3:18 am

This Yellow Moon

The moon is in motion the urgency
Of its agency an insurgency
Of light asserting its right to be
And I understand its demand to be free
Surging resurgent through fullness to
Light the way tonight for wanderers who
Wonder why under this yellow moon too

Waking up midnight and making it noon
Breaking through the clouds and taking the sky
From dark without and within me I
Waking too lift up my eyes to the gift of
It to get coming to be through me
Becoming real when being feels like love
Seeing this yellow moon rising again
Having been down I identify
With its rising and I too would like to try
Having to get up again I do

I surprise myself whenever I fall
Bounce off the bottom then rise after all
Down and up the moon and I have been
That knows what I know from below from above
Surprising me by reality
Realizing before my eyes that see
Why in the sky under this yellow moon

If not why being why not seeing how
Rising again with this yellow moon now

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 30, 2015, 10:06 pm

Snake in the Bathroom

No snake in the bathroom this morning
(I checked) though I knocked to give fair warning
I was due in there on business
No snake in the bathroom today I guess

The one yesterday slithered away
Across the sand where I hope it will stay
When I carried it out on a broom
To be anywhere then but the bathroom

A warning but this morning no snake
The one yesterday learned from its mistake
And I did too who sit carefully
Remembering it unforgettably

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 28, 2015, 8:40 pm

By Love

Being simply but deeply
Becoming what I may
Coming to understand some but
Wondering anyway
I keep on being simply
Coming through somehow

Knowing but incompletely what
Becomes me having been
As I was and am again
Having let go of the rest
The better to become my best
Now when love is how

So I wonder though I
Understand now love is why
I am as how I came to be
Who by the same will go
Someday to more completely know
Then for being now

Until then to wonder and
By love to understand

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 23, 2015, 11:53 am

All the Way

A doctor gave me a test
To see if I was depressed
When I got a perfect score
I felt better than before

Diagnosed then but impressed
At least to be perfectly
Depressed taking this to be
Making the best of the rest

Then again I had been good
At taking tests so I could
And that was good since I would
Then be tested more and more

When the way out was inside
Of me to see who to be
There the wheel of real to ride
Clear through to the other side

Where they found me all the way
Gone but being anyway
When diagnostically
Then they threw the book at me

I had become a madman
But at least was understood
Sad some but not a bad man
Who had what they tested for

Love helps when nothing else does
Breaks the darkness makes me who
Makes it better than it was
Going on then breaking through

So I go on being gone
All the way though I go on

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 22, 2015, 10:11 pm

Not to Go Too Quietly

My children are grown and my wife
Their mother with another man
Alone but not lonely in life
I am and do the best I can

Here to be now as life goes on
I see it is by love how dawn
Chases dusk until night is gone
By love the light by which I see

Love is what is best about me
I doubt the rest sometimes to be
At all in fall alone but free
To be and do the best I know

As life goes on so too to go
Though not to go too quietly

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 19, 2015, 1:08 am

Wondering by Starlight

Better to be hot than cold
Now that I am old
I can sleep when I am dead
Stay awake instead
Trying to figure it out

But have come to doubt
I ever will so never
Mind then whatever

When understanding I go
On wondering though
Now where I am here under
These stars I wonder
Diamonds on velvet blue
As I am and do

I was too serious when
I was young but then
I never knew what I know
Now nobody told
Me nor would I have heeded

What I most needed
To know but found out about
Then bound the hard way

Roundabout but even so
Now I know today
How the meaning in between
Is love anyway
Love is who we are and what
We do or do not

But I did so succeeded
In being who does
Love is why and always was
Love is what we mean
Wondering by starlight now

Understanding how
Better late than never I
Finally know why

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 18, 2015, 1:53 am

Dog Days

Bearing ice-water
Carrying a fly-swatter
Wearing my straw hat

Nor much else for heat such that
It comes to become
A challenge to overcome

Be overcome by
Or come to terms with as I
May on a dog day

Underneath the dog star here
In the bright blue sky
Shedding stars this time of year

Dog days underway
Hot days and warm nights awhile
Watermelon smile

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 15, 2015, 5:53 pm

Late in the Day

Late in the day here I am anyway
In a place of grace with plenty of space
More space than any other place before
Far from the tangled mazes rats must race
To nowhere just like I did but no more
Now this is the time when this is the place

Life looks better to me from this angle
The jingle of money and the jangle
Of the jungle is quiet now and how
I like it to be as before me fate
Has being some more in store for me now
More now than there ever was then with less
At a time for traveling light I guess

With all that is left to appreciate
Maybe not forever but whatever
Anyway of many may send my way
Seeing I have friends though being a mess
Better than ever being here to stay
Late in the day but better than never

For now or never and never too late
In the day here I am anyway

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 12, 2015, 6:42 pm

Being Friends

Being friends is how I like to be
Reality as realized between
Us seeing we who know what we mean
Actualizing us actually
More real than before for getting through
It then to be again now really

After for the laughter presently
I thought I was alone but I was not
Realizing now through other eyes
Reality my own and otherwise

Being friends is better than I thought
Alongside along the long way as you
And I who get us the way we do
Get on with the show nor forget us who
Get it because we know this is it
Remembering us as the it we get

Realizing our reality
Your being alongside my being me
Seeing us together being we
Who are us now is how I like to be

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 8, 2015, 6:53 pm

My Hat Down Low

With my hat down low and my hopes up high
Under the sun of the Hi-Desert I
Become as one with the sun like a son
Or father brother someone or other
Who for all or nothing have each other
Someones who like it here like I am one

Understanding under the bright blue sky
Being as if I were supposed to be
And not opposed to being I agree
To be and do something or another
To make it better the best way I know
Knowing how and knowing now this is why

The rest of the way with a ways to go
With my hopes up high and my hat down low

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 7, 2015, 4:55 pm


Lightning through a cloud
Thunder far away
Though soft here so loud
Somewhere anyway

Somehow sounding proud
How I hear it here
So dark now though bright
Images appear

Lucifer the light
Bearer tears the sky
Where the velvet blue
Wears the scar tonight

Now to fall how I
Recall as I do
As who wonder why
But understand too

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 3, 2015, 5:58 pm


Now at this only time that ever is
When it will be whenever it was
Never then somehow as one who was learns
It turns out it was now whenever
It was or will be is now or never

Whenever is when I am because
Before as behind me forever this
Eye of the storm when everything turns
One learns when it turns now it turns out how
The pieces of reality fit

At peace with my piece of reality
Never mind forever this is it
This is the show and I know I go on
So I will go until I am gone
Until the end this is when to begin

Life goes on and this is when it does
At this only time to be timelessly
I accept the present take the prize
I realize is now to my surprise
At the ever of the forever

To be what is who become whatever
I am to be timelessly somehow
When though I was then not anymore now
Transcending then to be whenever
For now not what will be nor what has been

By taking this opportunity
Whatever whenever now however
It turns out it makes me turn out me
To be now and free of how it was when
I forgot now and thought it was then

But I know what time it is when I see
Now never mind then is when to be

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 25, 2015, 5:38 pm


The reel of reality unfolds
Riding the real I see what it holds
When as it is unfolding to me
Becoming what is not yet coming
To be like an image on a screen
Holding unfolding reality
Coming attractions become between
The rising and the falling away
Of tomorrow becoming today

I too become as I come to be
On the reel where going is coming
Between what is and is not yet real
At what is and is not yet to see
By becoming my overcoming
At the edge of now with open eyes
On the horizon to see the prize
Who declare myself there to be free
Of what has been because it was then

When what is not yet is then again
Yet another chance to ride the reel

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 23, 2015, 9:52 pm

Without and Within

Sometimes outward reality
And I disagree
Now seeing how being and yet
Not being really
I become trapped in my own head
Alone with self-doubt
Now seeing how being within
Me to be without
Anyone else to blame who claim
All the blame instead

When I remember then regret
Until I forget
What I know exogenously
Would see if I could
How outside I am understood
But now trapped inside
Descending endogenously

Depression the name
Of something the matter with me
What has come to be
So many times before somehow
That anymore now
Sometimes no one else knows it goes
And comes becomes how
Unforgotten it is not gone
Then when it goes on

Anyway many may not see
But me through the gloom
Where the elephant in the room
Is still there but then
Until what comes goes on again
What goes as it came
Will be what is until who knows?

Now no longer strange
How the up and the down of change
Is to ride the tide
As who has been and seen inside
Up through down to mean
Whatever I do in between
Being who have been
Riding the tide to take the ride
Of a lifetime when
Inside me knows what outside shows

Reality in harmony
Without and within

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 21, 2015, 4:53 pm

Lost and Found

A mantle of clouds
Descending enshrouds
This valley where I
Look up at the sky

When clouds as if then
Remembering what
To do but forgot
Go their way again

Gone on where they meant
To get where they got
As the sky was bent
Were here but are not

Weather goes this way
These Joshua trees say
Windblown grown to go
Too though not too far

They lean where they mean
To wind through between
So going they grow
Though staying they know

They went where they are
To go as they stay
As I do where I
Look up at the sky

When I got lost I found
Myself where these Joshua trees surround
The sound of me the only sound
Around me heard but a bird at dawn
A day to remember me by

I wanted to meet me
Challenge myself if not defeat me
Meeting me I get me greet me
Too lonely to be the only one
Remembering myself and I

Who lost myself to find
Me then again had to lose my mind
Leave who I thought I was behind
Go who know to go on until gone
However now never mind why

A bird is heard at dawn
That knows it crows it: life goes on

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 14, 2015, 8:22 pm

For (What I Have of) Ever

Objectively subjective
Looking in and being
Obsessively reflective
But one who passed a test
Or two to prove effective
At getting it to get
Through now who vow no regret
Persistently is how
One who gets it got here now

Insistently to be
Being free resistantly
Developing thick skin
Enveloping my love in
A heart becoming strong
From beating persistently
Someone insistently
Content for (what I have of)
Ever to live for love

Being a long way along
Looking out and seeing
Love my directive freeing
Me now to do the best
I can to forget the rest
See if belatedly
What love has in store for me
Or what I have in store
For love to live not die for

Somehow I never knew
Then however when that was
Between now or never
What to do but now I do
When love does what it does
Then I live down yesterday
Who live up to today
Now when it is whenever
For (what I have of) ever

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 11, 2015, 4:57 pm

Look Deeper

Looking at others I imagine
Being them seeing us from within
Looking back at me as if to see
How it is to be now in the skin
Of another one other than me
Imagining us each other then

When if I look deeper I can tell
See the resemblance of family
Sibling other sister brother when
Looking within not looking away
Through semblance to see reality
When I know I am then so are we

It is we I see who wish us well
I see us be each other to be
One another from the other way
Reflecting us together again
Clearer in the mirror of the soul
Out of many one becoming whole

Steven Curtis Lance


Displaying Poems 201 thru 225 of 2785 Poems

Pages:                     10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   40   41   42   43   44   45   46   47   48   49   50   51   52   53   54   55   56   57   58   59   60   61   62   63   64   65   66   67   68   69   70   71   72   73   74   75   76   77   78   79   80   81   82   83   84   85   86   87   88   89   90   91   92   93   94   95   96   97   98   99   100   101   102   103   104   105   106   107   108   109   110   111   112 

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