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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 1951 thru 1975 of 2843 Poems

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Oct 20, 2006, 6:17 pm

Mr. Hot Dog Head

His head looks like the tip of a hot dog
If he wore a hat I guess it would be
A tip of the hat to a spotted hog
The spots seem to be from the sun I see
Sunspots on that big round hot dog tip head
By which he navigates till he is dead

Mr. Hot Dog Head you make me nervous
I try to put the war behind me now
But somehow you are still in the service
You give me sunspot flashbacks anyhow
Marching to the kitchen to the bathroom
Addressing both ends of the meat grinder
A marching hot dog marching to the doom
Which makes us blind and makes you still blinder

I thought things were as strange as they could get
Until Mr. Hot Dog Head and I met

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 20, 2006, 12:42 am

Because of You

The busy-ness of business threatened
To eat the morning and spit out the seeds
Into these heavy-lidded eyes my friend
Till first you measured then you met my needs

Ever since then I am much on the mend
And have had such small successes as these:
The oven man came and made his repair
The garage man filled his dumptruck to spare
Us the ruins and rinds of centuries

Someone will live in the garage and we
My properly-working household and me
Will make better use of our groceries
The oven fixed garage cleaned more or less
All because of you my friend to the end
Too busy with living for busy-ness

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 19, 2006, 4:00 am

A Rice Day

Adding the juice of five limes to my rice
Followed by the salsa I love so well
I feel how blessed I am knowing how nice
Brown rice tastes made tangy and hot as hell

So now breakfast lunch and dinner are done
Since this is all three meals in one for me
An abundance worthy of anyone
A piquant and pleasing satiety

I do not choose to stuff myself with stuff
I prefer a purer and simpler way
I eat once a day and once is enough
This is a rice day: a very nice day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 18, 2006, 4:09 am

Robots Calling

Lately when I answer my telephone
Robots ask me rhetorical questions
They hardly need me they chirp all alone
Or accompanied by my suggestions
That they go plug themselves or blow a fuse

A robot has rather little to lose

Which is actually a lot like me
Although we have nothing to talk about
I could chatter in answer endlessly
I could purr politely or shriek and shout
And none of it matters in any case

I like the unpredictability
One finds within our moody human race
Much better than the cold sterility
Of rhetorical robots calling here
Unrelieved by shades of humanity

With their chipper chirp and their chilling cheer

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 17, 2006, 6:59 pm

Quiet and Cool

when a blowhard blows in then out again

Any fool who cannot write poetry
But can skim the first few lines may become
The judge and jury and jailer of me
Or you or of anyone not as dumb
As this self-appointed arbiter is
This tempest-in-a-teapot not-so-hot
Who could burst the bubbles in a gin fizz
By sheer and self-anointed dullardry

And so every day the real poets pay
As they pray this gasbag will float away
But until he does he creates his buzz
As he gets his kick from making us sick
While he stars in his deconstructive play
Till it all goes back to the way it was
If tempest-tossed and slightly overwrought
With the exception that we all agree

On one thing at least
Having tamed the beast
And booted the fool
Our weather
Is quiet and cool

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 16, 2006, 9:39 pm

Pickled Hell

for some and against others

I do not speak these poems for you
Who tear down to enlarge yourselves
But for those few whose hearts are still true
Not pickled up in jars on shelves
Where bottled-up in brine they will not grow
I speak from a place where these dare not go

No! I speak these poems for you who
Can feel your heartbeat in your breast
Your eyes are open your mind is too
To you my best I give my best
And let those who only pick apart dwell
Preserved picked-apart in their pickled hell

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 15, 2006, 11:09 pm

Midnight Song

Come let us breathe fresh magic from the air
And feel how free it is to be alive
All times all places always anywhere
Particularly right now and right here
In this our time our place in time and space
As we wait for the magic to appear

Come tingle with surprise as midnight brings
Something out of nothing which is born there
Where the moon dances and the raven sings
The song which is the rhythm of our lives

Come let us breathe fresh magic from the air
And see what is brought when midnight arrives
When the hands of time are raised to its face
In a timeless moment of victory
The triumph of time having run its race
And won when the clock strikes for you and me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 15, 2006, 1:19 am

The Rest Remains

for Maria

The more I know the less I know: I know
A secret which nobody else can share
I understand myself and poetry
That it is always better here than there
And thank God for the promise of this day
The rest remains a mystery to me
So I just keep to myself as I go
On my softspoken solitary way

Eyes open mouth shut keeping my head down
Listening to what other people say
Avoiding the fool sidestepping the clown
Waiting for the blowhard to blow away

I walk through crowded streets alone and see
That in the end I am my only friend
A secret which nobody else can share
With nothing left except to simply be
And be more simply here than anywhere
The more I know the less I know: I know
I am my only friend that in the end
The rest remains a mystery to me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 13, 2006, 8:39 pm

The Only Cure

Why does it hurt to grow?
All I know is it does

More when fast less when slow
Then never as it was
Or ever as you were

This pain is not in vain
But effect of the cause
Of life where growth is sure
And ceaseless without pause

Yet pain will not explain
Till death the only cure
For life: by life again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 13, 2006, 2:47 am

Right Here

I eat the scraps my tenants give me
And enjoy their youthful presence here
They and the mortgage will outlive me
But without them I'd have died in fear
And probably homeless hopelessness

To say nothing of the starvation
Which is part of my situation
By nature and nurture ...yet unless
I am very much mistaken I
Will be eating well until I die
Nourished by their solicitousness
Well enough for me in any case

O Lord bless the ones by whom you bless
Your unworthy servant in this place
You gave my ancestors long ago
And have now entrusted unto me
I always believed but now I know:

Right here is where you want me to be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 12, 2006, 10:25 pm

Second Saturday

A dirty little man who claimed divinity
Worked its way through all his works walked on my ceiling
Conspicuously lacking in concinnity
All he left were dirty footprints and the feeling
That I never should have let him walk up there

But I was too broken then to really care
At the time until those footprints first appeared
Since he made them walking on the other side
Which really is as wonderful as it is weird
Especially now that all the blood has dried

I trace the pattern pleasing in its disarray
Of the footprints of a barking madman's reeling
And nobody can see them but for me
And then just on the second Saturday
According to the whimsy of divinity

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 12, 2006, 3:34 am

Back Home to the Dark

I went for a walk with my eyes to the ground
Ordinarily I keep them to the skies
But after that beckoning quarter I found
I knew it could never have been otherwise

I looked up and looked down I looked all around
And I could see it was a very good day
To live and especially to live as me
Already seeing how exercise can pay

So I pumped my fist in solidarity
With the anti-war protesters in the park
Twenty-five cents richer lucky as can be
And feeling a chill went back home to the dark

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 10, 2006, 7:01 pm

Feeling Time a Pinwheel

Somehow I knew she was waiting for me
There was a question mark in blue and black
Tattooed in exclamation on her back
Like me she wondered when we might be free
We both knew we had no answers at all
Just questions as we headed into fall
Those unanswered questions life is made of

Headfirst head over heels in love with love
And ready for that deep-end dive at last
Which had been waiting for her and for me
With presently no future and no past
No time like the present for us to be
And feeling time a pinwheel spinning fast
We held hands as we jumped into the sea

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 10, 2006, 2:10 am

My Special Relativity

"Monday is such a busy day"
I hear the airplane plainly say
As it sighs and shrugs off in flight
I think this might be a long night
But since I think this Friday last
You see how one lives in the past

This soon-to-be Tuesday morning
Fell upon me without warning
Though I am unsure as to when

As once I fell to earth in fall
Caught in the wonder of it all
When last I heard the airplane say
"Monday is such a busy day"
I think it was a Friday then
But since I think... but then again...

Time is relative anyway
And especially so to me
My special relativity

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 9, 2006, 4:26 am

Reality's Ledge

Now in this moment between grace and sin
Here at the meeting place of night and day
Where light and dark play teeter-totter in
Their equipoise I see a middle way
Before the day can end or night begin
Here at the very tip of time I stand

A middleman between two worlds am I
Dark in my left and light in my right hand
The black and white of only one grey sky
As of one world where kiss the sea and land
Converging in our tandem-beating hearts
Make love to me on reality's ledge

In perfect balance as the magic starts
Come dance with me upon the razor's edge
Where we will glide between the to and fro
The universe will make it worth our while
Between two ways the shadow of a smile
Is how you know that now you really know

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 8, 2006, 9:49 pm

Fresh-Baked and Only for Today

There is a moment more or less
In which right when I first wake up
I find it clarifying to
Begin my day from nothingness
Remembering that all I do
For good or ill to curse or bless
Find new love or kiss and make up
Is only mine to choose and then
Proceeds the somethingness of when
Fresh-baked and only for today
Alone unfettered by some stress
From overnight to overstay

Since new days ought to be brand new
Let each unfold in its own way
Without the complications of
The preconceived: less fear more love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 8, 2006, 5:51 am

The Man in the Moon

I wander alone at the midnight hour
And see the face of the man in the moon
Who while saying nothing sees everything

Since he says nothing I might as well sing
At least these words if you make up the tune
Because my heart feels like a blooming flower

It waxed with the moon now it opens bright
To taste the magic in the air tonight
Which affects the cycles affects the tides
As well as everyone and me besides

I study the face of the moon and see
That we are different in many ways
He has the gift of patience unlike me

But I agree with how he spends his days
And when I go rambling he comes along
Over my shoulder my friend in the sky

I think he likes it when I sing a song
About how it would be if I could fly
He surely thinks flying is no big thing
But he just smiles and shines on while I sing

I wander alone at the midnight hour
And see the face of the man in the moon
Who while saying nothing sees everything

Since he says nothing I might as well sing
At least these words if you make up the tune

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 6, 2006, 3:24 am

Harvest Moon of Saturday

When moonlit magic shines my way
It feeds my soul and makes me smile
The harvest moon of Saturday
Is something to savor awhile
As I already feel its light
On this bright blazing afternoon
Here on Thursday before the night
Has fallen yet: but night falls soon

And when night falls then I will rise

When moonlit magic shines my way
I dance beneath the waxing moon
And rise with it through velvet skies
Reflecting on reflected grace
Two rovers riding destiny
We bloom full-blown on Saturday
When we reveal ourselves full-face
Ascended to our rightful place

My friend the harvest moon and me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 5, 2006, 9:06 pm

As the Night Gives to the Day

You are every song I sing
My poems are all for you
Whether you know it or not
All I write and all I do
Is for you no matter what
Anybody else may say

Count the countless stars which shine
And you count one dream come true
All the sky is yours and mine
For as you give I give too
As the night gives to the day
Nothing less than everything

You are every song I sing

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 4, 2006, 10:20 pm

Smokey Joe the Extra Cat

Smokey Joe the extra cat bumps me with his head
Offering an ear to kiss which I freely do
As he peers out the window from the sofa's back

This cat I inherited was once filled with dread
Now he drinks his water from the tap in the loo
As those who live here know there is nothing we lack
So Smokey Joe the extra cat is settling in

No more cold nights for him he sleeps inside instead
Now as the best days of his curious life begin
I see that he has found what he was searching for

Smokey Joe you are the extra cat no more

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 4, 2006, 6:39 am


Pinpoint puncture in time and space
Manifold manifestation
Of compound reality in
Joyful juncture of life and grace
A multifoliate mirror

A possible explanation
For what is about to begin
Where in the window comes a face
And the image becomes clearer
If only to shatter again

And so it goes at this window
So polished that even I shine
Seeing both sides above below
With all the layers peeled away
Duty delight despair disdain

A thousand thousand times a day
And the face in the mirror knows
What goes will come as what comes goes
The face in the mirror is mine
But the reflection is divine

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 3, 2006, 11:46 pm

Rind of Reality

Nothing is as it seems
Our eyes can see but the
Rind of reality
As mottled by moonbeams
This surface which you see
Is but the crust of me

While the real is what the
Eye may never discern
One must look deep to learn
Things are but as in dreams

Which is not to say they do not exist
Indeed they exist in multiple forms
But only to say that one can resist
The dullness which would dominate our days
Trying to conform to commonday norms
Like those who see things as they seem always

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 3, 2006, 4:08 am

Broken: Free

Light of always bright and only
Rain to wash the darkness away
Light the night tonight for lonely
Ones who await the break of day
Under their mushroom clouds of fear

Light of always in your rising
Forget us not in darkness here
You who so enjoy surprising
Those who believe but what they see
Skeptical and enterprising
Tonight make unseen things appear

Light of always bright and only
Rain to wash the darkness away
Spiraling specificity
Of highest purest noblest best
As I await the break of day
From east across the night to west

Come shine your always light on me
Shine me into eternity
Fulfill the promise of the quest
Forget me not and let me be
One whom the truth has broken: free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Oct 1, 2006, 7:28 am

This Gift We Live

Out of the silence the shadowed ones speak
Their breath like starlight on this autumn breeze
Hear if you listen and find if you seek
Those sounds which make the strong weak in the knees
Which simply cannot be and yet which are
Defying sense and sensibility
From past our world beyond our yellow star

In words soft sound and sensible to me
I hear them charge us cherish life on earth
Enjoy and not destroy our fragile sea
Embrace and not deface our soft blue sky
Accept this gift we live and give our best

It still is not too late but we must try
They whisper urgently to me and you
The hour is late but too great is this test
That we should fail through failure of desire
Caring so little for life that we die
The death of earth by water air by fire
I want to live and I hope you do too

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI

Sep 30, 2006, 6:58 pm

Rose Red

A rose is blooming in my teacup here
In front of me at Friday midnight where
An hour ago red steam curled up instead
Red petals unfold while I watch them near
The place my mother fell and hit her head
I think that rose knows just what happened there
The blood of life at midnight still runs red

My mother smiles at noon from heaven now
Where noon is midnight here as time stands still
The pieces all fit together somehow
The rose my mother and I and we will
Bloom red nor can death make these petals fall
But to the mystic rain which washes all
Refreshing the living raising the dead

The world rose red within my cup tonight
The rain like fireworks blooming into light

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVI


Displaying Poems 1951 thru 1975 of 2843 Poems

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