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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Oct 15, 2007, 12:46 am

The Bubble Now

Our present realities can be seen
By the meaningful patterns of our past
Past patterns are buoys in the fog ahead
As dreams and nightmares coming true at last
With several surprises in between

We will always be who we are yet change
Albeit each by pattern each our way
What to one is normal another strange
Flows on like water as night follows day
And as we have come so we will go more

It has to mean something that we are here
In the midst of all this complexity
With no brakes and not knowing how to steer
And then beyond the how there is the why
As you remain you while I become me

We recognize ourselves our patterns clear
No matter how we live evolve and die
Whether past or present reality
Because reality is always now
Whatever was or is or is to be

The bubble now cannot be burst somehow
To look back or ahead is not to see
Our spectrum of possibility for
Within what the bubble now will allow
We are freed from time for eternity

Eternity begins now one might say
No one can find its beginning nor end
We enter the river midstream instead:
May you enjoy eternity my friend
Right here and right now forever today

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 13, 2007, 5:51 pm

Night Rain After Disappointment

I listen to rain falling through the night
As it lands and runs beneath the window
As it slides down the sky from a great height
Its drops joining into a stream below
And I think maybe I will be all right

I can feel the stream and feel in its flow
That I too am a raindrop after all
A stone in the desert star in the sky
A snowflake in winter leaf in the fall
Through good days and bad days wet years and dry
A piece of the puzzle however small

I was surprised by this rain when it came
As one is by an unexpected gift

I hurt but I see no one is to blame
Am disappointed yet I feel the lift
Of the night tears of heaven just the same
Outside the window joining mine inside
Though mine are stinging salt and of small size
A puzzle piece a raindrop after all

Those drops without and these within confide
I join with unnumbered and unseen eyes

Rain fall and flow and carry me away
That I become at one with everything
To ride the tide tonight into today
A piece to speak my piece unquestioning
Rain touch and teach my tongue what it must say

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 13, 2007, 3:31 am

What Fred Said

Sitting on my bed alone with my cat
Recovering from dentistry gone wrong
(Miscarriage of such a good intention
Gone too far nor enough or just gone bad
Requiring medical intervention)
He sleepily hears me implore "Now what?"
Of no one or none in particular
(Too far now from that last pain pill I had)

He opens one eye as he thinks awhile
Then both and meows "Forget about all that
And just enjoy what little we have got:
Remember those troubles we might have seen
Which worried you so and yet never were?
Get up and take a pain pill (we have more)"

He reminds me we are both fortunate
To stay cool in a world grown much too hot
And rather more too shallow than too deep
Awash in absurdity he stays strong:
"You will get over this then you will soar
Let those antibiotics do their part
And rest up now since it will not be long
Curl up your tail and go to sleep: take heart"

Able to be cheerfully celibate
Lucky to avoid scenes which might have been
Far from the dramas of cats which are not
He yawns and purrs "Time now to go to sleep"
And that is that because he is a cat
But if cats do I swear I saw him smile

As he curls close and winks his green jade eyes
I realize which one of us is wise

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 10, 2007, 6:53 pm

Pick a Star

Winter is not what it used to be
Waiting in autumn growing older
As the days grow shorter I can see
My days grow shorter too (and colder)

Those I took care of take care of me
My son with my name will be bolder
In life than me: my other son too
Will go much further than I have gone
Which is as it should be after all

I am ill now in increasing pain
I see someone else in my mirror
A stranger to the me I once knew
Yet somehow I see myself clearer
With poor eyesight and a damaged brain

Autumn in balance is rise and fall
And life just does what it has to do
The pyre of leaves burns smoky and small
But dusk of winter burns into dawn
Into a day which belongs to you

Some people seem to live on and on
Steadily if uneventfully
But I have lived (and would live again)
Eventfully if unsteadily
Does anyone know? I never knew

Winter is not what it used to be
But then winter was never like this
Come spring I hope you remember me
Pick a star then and blow me a kiss

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 8, 2007, 10:59 am

De Rerum Natura

That nether hair is there for our protection
The keep through which the castle works erection
That portcullis whence we sally forth to see
How the other half lives: entangled within
The portcullis of another even as
Our elements combine underneath our skin
In a dance of life which causes life to be
And then rests tender (here) as it always has
In softly saline human propinquity

Your father knew of this and your mother too
As mine and everyone's to cause me and you
To repeat the pattern to know what they knew

It feels awkward to imagine them like this
But there they were and here we are: in this kiss
To repeat the pattern of past human bliss
Then turn side by side as our world turns around
Having found as seeking humans always found
"It is not good for the man to be alone"
Nor the woman as you have so warmly shown
And here we are as there they were: in this kiss
Just as those who came before had always known

I would not wax just as I would not wane
The moon now waxes both of us (again)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 7, 2007, 10:59 pm

Alone with God ...and You

for someone who paid for treatment when I needed it

Everyone has troubles malignant or benign
May yours be more the latter than the former and
May they in any case not be as hard as mine
Have been... but having troubles you will understand
When I say (as you know) that nothing feels so good
As when troubles feared malignant turn out: just fine
Hope shared is squared and life blooms when the news is good

When good news comes it comes on time but not too soon
And thus enhanced by this element of surprise
Can turn an inward dirge into a jaunty tune
Mortality if for a moment washed from eyes
Which blink in the light of hope from the dark of fears

In a moment like this is when we realize
Other eyes were there to share not just smiles but tears
Which cover up the light of hope to blind our eyes
And so we feel alone because we fail to see
Other eyes loved and loving weeping with us then

Though I care for you I forget you care for me
But since my eyes are clear now I see you again
Here at my door as you have always been before

It takes the malignant to bring out the benign
Apparently and it is after crisis when
I can see that you really are a friend of mine

And these eyes washed clean by suffering can see too
Now that I am free from where troubles had taken
That God is with us both just as he always was
As if waiting in the night for me to waken
To see my guiding light my original cause
Waiting there as you here: I was not forsaken
Not merely alone but alone with God ...and you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 4, 2007, 12:45 pm

To Have a Because

I have struggled stubbornly since my birth
(What a massive inconvenience THAT was!)
To justify my presence here on earth

I feel like I have to have a Because

This could be from my being unwanted
Or the fact my family is haunted

Whatever the reason I have been sad
As I scaled heights and reaching them took flight
(If only to float away aimlessly)
Never enjoying whatever I had
(Although whatever I had had had me)
Because I had no time to sleep at night
And if I did such dreams as came were bad

I have to work harder than other men
Although I never make any money

I am in constant pain except for when
You think a poem of mine is funny

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 3, 2007, 4:07 pm

Answered by Silence

We wanderers do not need very much
To gratify our curiosity
Nor do we have to wander very far
To enjoy bright stars and shining moonlight
The morning star to sparkle up the east
And bring the day up rested from the night
To satisfy the turning of the wheel
Which comes before and after when we are

The sun going up and then coming down
The ways of stars the moon the sun and such
These greatest entertainments cost the least
In which the gift of now itself is star
Where all are already admitted free
The sky itself the greatest show in town
Above the town for everyone to see
En masse or in intimate company

Or maybe in the desert all alone
An audience of one which comes to feel
The universe as university
A place to wonder consider and dream
Of things which can and which cannot be known
In which thoughts and stones are equally real
Where questions are answered personally
No matter how universal they seem

Ultimate questions are personal ones
Those campfire questions wondered silently
Asked by wanderers of infinite suns
And answered by silence ultimately

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Oct 1, 2007, 9:45 pm

The Boy is Father to the Man

I am disappointed by the mirror
But disappointment edges with surprise
When my clouding image looms up clearer
And I think I see madness in my eyes

When I was a boy I waited to see
If my eyes could mark the miles of life as
Time and its tumult made a man of me
And now since I have lived so long it has
Been ever more clear I never got near
To life except by serendipity

Whatever a man is I do not think
That this is what I had in mind at all
If man is fallen this must be his fall
That is what I see here: I see the brink
Just beyond yet behind where stained eyes strain
Out of what was to what is and must be

I cringe at this image over this sink
Surrounded by bathroom banality
Where once I stood in boyhood dreaming here
I see my boyhood eyes destroyed by pain
Burned in the darkness and branded with fear
Trapped in this life-death mask mortality

Is this how it happens? Where is that boy
Who had no idea it would be this way
Who waited to mark the miles and enjoy
What seemed to him some endless holiday?

This is not what that boy waited to see
I shudder to think of how he must feel
I am too disappointed to explain
But he is blind now not to see again
And having gone I hope he has gone free
Where nightmares shown in mirrors are not real

What vision disappointment left surprise
Took that when he saw madness in my eyes
And though I age it was he who made me
So I would like to find him if I can
To say I was sorry to see him go
And that he was me just so he would know

A boy like that might fear this crazy man
Perhaps we will meet in eternity
Where we could forget about all of this
Enlightened there by sheer lucidity
Disappointed eyes surprised by a kiss
To make a man of him a boy of me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 30, 2007, 2:20 am


Would that cigarettes were everlasting
Nor burn up so expensively so fast
Would that they would not kill me as they do
Would weight fly away today through fasting
Defining my true self beneath false skin
And would that you loved me as I love you
Both God and you forgiving me my sin
My sacrifice acceptable at last

If wishes were horses beggars would ride
This beggar would like to ride a big horse
So I could ride read-and-respected now
Though beggars cannot be choosers of course
But if you see me riding up astride
Some noble steed then mine came true somehow
As noble deeds and begging needs allow
Or I could simply ride away and hide

I never had an adolescence then
Pruned by puritan prunes for Vietnam
And marrying beyond my means back when
I should have been king (or queen) of the prom
An adolescent now at fifty-two
My adolescent friends say just be free
And live and love and laugh now while we see
If the wishes of beggars can come true

Just barely beginning to live now I
Commit to this life to the death (daresay)
And despite my late start test wings to fly
More hurried than worried up and away
To have my say by turning night to day
And celebrate the seasons of the moon
Which though it has waned will wax again soon
When finally I get my chance to play

So never mind Uncle Jack what you did
And how we "lived" and how my people died
You came and I went to my room and hid
Fox talking henhouse hens squawking about
Farewell old man those tears have all been cried
I bet it all to try and put things right
Found out what that fox was talking about
The hens squawked all day but then said good night

I will fly high as a kite till I drop
And then will drop extraordinarily
Or just might fly so high I never stop
Till I become who I was born to be
My issues my tissues my rhyme my time
Those loved and lost had such high hopes for me
Then left me here alone without a dime
But left this ticket to eternity

Would that cigarettes were everlasting
Nor burn up so expensively so fast
Would that they would not kill me as they do
Would weight fly away today through fasting
Defining my true self beneath false skin
And would that you loved me as I love you
Both God and you forgiving me my sin
My sacrifice acceptable at last

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 28, 2007, 10:50 pm

Sweet Addiction

I know that you are lonely...

But you are not the only
One who feels like this

We are all in need of love
And we are all in need of
One sweet tender kiss

First morning comes before us...

Then evening behind...

If someone should adore us
Then how could we mind?

(Sometimes we seem blind)

We mortals are so complicated but
We all need to be loved no matter what

And all of us need it so
Much more than we admit
Even more than we might know

But one kiss could fix it...

With that one leading to another one
With each becoming better being best
Our lips our hearts left trembling to find more
As then our lips our hearts explore the rest
And soon a sweet addiction has begun

Therefore let us lie down that we might soar

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 28, 2007, 12:26 pm

Could Be

I have a hole in my soul without you
But you are with me now although you might
Not know that (and I love this about you)
Not yet at least because it is still quite
An unexpected turning of the wheel
You do not doubt me nor do I doubt you
Yet cannot help but doubt this could be real

As though we knew each other long ago
And have for worlds and lifetimes in between
That time and place and this as though we know...
As though we know exactly what we mean

An unexpected turning of the wheel
An awkward rather inconvenient turn
But maybe this is how we have to learn
That this force of gravitation we feel
Which draws us together (unwillingly)
Disturbing our designs (if thrillingly)
Leaves little room for doubt: this could be real

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 27, 2007, 4:51 am

Mackerel Sky

Under this mackerel sky you and I
Wonder about where Lent and Advent went
Where do the days go when they have gone by?
Maybe like us they retire to repent

All I ask of God is that he love me
(I rather think he already loves you)
Here with this mackerel sky above me
I really have no idea what to do

Apparently I should write poetry
Because when I do all my words feel true
And that must mean something (at least to me)
Is there some meaning here I fail to see?

It hurts so much to be an outsider
Alone since you do not really exist
But as an idea muse and provider
Of grist for the mill by which I persist

Although it seems odd: perhaps you are God
Imagined by this existentialist
And if you are I suppose we are friends
So it could be you exist after all
Since means never make as much sense as ends

I fell yet still feel a long way to fall
My chaste superego's chastening rod
Hurts so much I wonder how I can bear
Being here anymore (or anywhere)

I grow this poem xylem and phloem
Wondering why I do anything: yet
Somehow I want to live and leave a mark
If but a broken token of regret

Written up as an obsessive poem
Written down there to get or to forget
What I really mean: that I am afraid!
That I find my life meaningless! And yet...
When I am gone my say will have been said

But for the fact I know not what to say
My life feels barely bearable today
I try so hard to live a life somehow
And have not yet found what it takes to die

I wanted to ask those I loved and lost
Why everything had to be as it was
That most obvious question which is "Why?"
Yet could not afford to because it cost
Them everything they had to live and die

I never wanted to be a bother
And yet I wonder if they knew: do you?
If you are God then are you my father
Origin destiny ultimate cause?

A father who is also my lover?
And do you wonder under this sky too?
I am alone as I remain unknown
If you are my Comforter come: hover

Come: and love me among the broken stone
Of this heart where you could set up your throne
Where you could reign within this vacancy
If ever I needed you it is now

There is only love left here: all past hate
Has eaten its way acidic through me
I am a scarred monster: is it too late?
I am a scared man: heal and seal my fate

I love you God (and I need you to be)
I want this to mean something in the end
I am lost here alone: no other friend
I love you God (would you take care of me?)

There is no one else here: I am alone
Unless you see through the mackerel sky
And know me as I wish that I were known
We are alone now: only you and I
To tend these broken bottles of the heart

God let my sickness end your healing start
To mend this heart I had such high hopes for
I love you God (how I need you to be!)
I just want you to love me: nothing more

Father? I love you (but do you love me?)

Underneath me the everlasting arms
Are obfuscated by anaesthetic
I comfort myself with counterfeit charms
Some intellectual some aesthetic
But under this mackerel sky I dare
To walk on the water believe you care
And hope you will rescue me sinking there

Father! I love you (and yes you love me)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 26, 2007, 1:00 am

Lunchtime in the Plaza

(a fountainside adventure: I ate nothing and enjoyed it)

Large men like cartoon-animals bounce down the street
On herky-jerky animated lunchtime feet
And though their cartoon-watches have no time for me
I sense this is their lunchtime and their lunch is free

Two men teeter on the rim of the fountain's pool
Patiently dragging nets on sticks and gathering
Such leaves and coins as found their way there to keep cool
Or which were cast with reverence in offering
I wish I had found those coins before these men did
Spending money so well-laundered must be splendid

The out-of-towners hit our roundabout and go
Out-of-their-minds as well somehow it seems to me
Strapped in unseemly haste they find themselves to be
Here where it is lunchtime and we always walk slow
Especially after eating when like cattle
Our large men herd back (less bouncy now) to battle

My poetry is not right for the Plaza Review?
I thank God for this (even as I thank God for you)!
Someday we ought to print our own alternative voice
Of those who really live here or who come here by choice

We balance here on the blade of time to keep things real
Newsprint is for recycling so they will not have me
I am recycled anyway but I was born free
(St. Joseph's charged a fee so my father found a deal)

You there! Sleeping on that bench! I like your perspective
Your life (like plastic surgery) remains elective
(Though here plastic surgery has become de rigueur
For those who live forever as if they never were)
You simply do not do those things which you do not choose
For this policemen wake you and find you defective

But we know life is not some race to win or to lose
I (who defected long ago) find you reflective
Through the mirror you have sought your own reality
And having found it here you choose to share it with me

So I am not for everyone? "For Madmen Only!"
Madwomen too (perhaps like you?): for I get lonely

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 24, 2007, 11:51 pm

Beachcombing in Autumn

a love song

Picking among some shards which seem like me
I find among them things I recognize
Clutching at broken bits tentatively
Pieces of hand in hand I realize
What these things must be (as the rain begins)

These are the dried husks of old snake-shed skins
Which I wore at varying lengths of snake
And then there came those times of turning when
I wriggled from my skin made a clean break
To leave here reupholstered once again

And from this process my detritus lies
Here where it fell to tell the truth today
Of growth and change and how things rearrange
Falling leaves on the way to November

I think this is why we find snakes so strange
Because they are strangely familiar to
Evolving humans fitted out with hands
To clutch at broken bits of me and you
Quietly insisting we remember

Whatever a snake knows it understands
Evolving humans fitted out with feet
Now wet from the rain to wake with the pain
Of having come a long way in old skin

It could be time to shed my skin again
Not to replace it but to turn it in
You may come along later and find this
Most recent skin whose shards you might recall
The lips of the face still curled by your kiss

(In this skin I was happiest of all)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 24, 2007, 8:01 am

The Other Side of the Mirror

Our best poems might not be written yet
Nor would I want to burden them that way
Our sweetest apples bitten with regret
For our fear of missing something someday
Anticipation hesitates to wait
But realization might arrive late

Or some poem I wrote some years ago
For all its crudeness might yet prove my best
Too close to see I know I never know
I wait and study as though for a test
As though life were some university
With grades in letters and work before rest

Is it me or are all things in motion?
Earth pulls the moon the moon pulls the ocean
And each of us is a philosopher
Pondering the meaning of him or her
Of what can be and what she means to me
Loves past persistent loves which never were
But (do I dare to hope it?) which could be

Life itself is the test which teaches me

So without anyone to tell me how
I have to do the best I can for now

N.obody can tell you
O.f heaven or hell you
W.ill simply have to find out for yourself

Nor yet can they show you
They do not yet know you
Except to choose a poem from your shelf

But realization might arrive late
Anticipation hesitates to wait
For our fear of missing something someday
Our sweetest apples bitten with regret
Nor would I want to burden them that way
Our best poems might not be written yet

And yet it is not given us to say

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 23, 2007, 1:36 pm

Mattie and Me in High Society

(Coto de Caza will never be the same)

The cream of the crop at the top of the tree
And in the midst of all of this? You and me!
The hottest chick there was older than your mom
I wore your ruffled shirt left over from prom
And drank a lot of really good wine: I was
Glad I went as a Displaced Person because
That walking stick which was part of my costume
Served as my focal point in the spinning room
Although I blame that stick for breaking that glass
It kept me on my feet and up off my ass

I just woke up in costume now (quite well dressed)
Bleary in the mirror (hung over) impressed
By the way we made our foray into that
Through-the-looking-glass world of the Cheshire Cat
I have some coffee going and this cigar
I found in the pocket of my costume coat
Remembering good cigarettes in your car
Turkish Silvers in that valet-parked Hyundai
Our magical-mystery undersea-boat
In which we sailed 'neath Saturday to Sunday

The old folks jitterbugged back to World War Two
As the Greatest Generation took the beach
With the poolside mermaids singing each to each
They sang to me but wanted to dance with you
We shared their fancy chow but declined to dance
Still we cut a mean rug without meaning to
And did it all ourselves without a tailor
But then Mattie Fisher and old Stevie Lance
Are known for being stylish in all they do
And our hostess made a seaworthy sailor

I never would have gotten there and back alive
Without your uncanny ability to drive
And you bid for and won the silent auction too!
They took pictures of us and I hope we will be
Written right up in the Register on page three
Or two or one or headlined on the social page
To witness our assault on high society
And increase our notable notoriety
As souvenir of our ascending pilgrimage
Up to where those with lives to die for go to die

But Mattie: we live lives to live for you and I

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 22, 2007, 4:04 am


Will is the ability to say: "No"
Will is to lay down our lives for our friends
To lose the battle yet to win the war

Will is the agility to say so
Should we be the means to somebody's ends
That we will not be held back anymore

Will is our essence insisting to be
Asserting our equal right to exist
Remembering what we have come here for

Without will no one has ever been free:
As long as time turns till the wheel stands still
I would we have the will to say: "We will"

Will is the steel in our back to resist
Will is the steel in our back to resist

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 21, 2007, 11:16 am

For Shelby Cundiff: My Poetry Pal

an acrostic and then some

S.o here we are my friend my poetry pal
H.igh on life itself and some other things too
E.nlightenment elusive and mystical
L.eans light across this bench to bridge me and you
B.eing far more friendly than most people think
(Y.our Starbucks cup contains no mere coffee drink!)

C.ara mia! I pronounce you: a poet
U.ntil the whole world knows at least I know it
N.ow and as always we pals in poetry
D.are to test the limits of reality
I.f such limits are for some they are not for
F.ree spirits like us who seek and thus find more
F.ree spirits like Shelby my poetry pal

And if your name were longer
(But of course it is just right)
This poem might be stronger
(But I wrote it late at night)
Your name will be known soon and quite as long as mine
(Now share with me that Starbucks cup of Napa wine!)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 21, 2007, 4:08 am

With Salem Far Behind Me

I enjoy doing things which once were forbidden
Right out in the open where once they were hidden
And writing it down then (if elliptically)
All rhymed and reasoned into cryptic poetry

They meant well I know as they tried to repress me
And they succeeded if they tried to impress me
In fact I remain so impressed I get depressed
While passing from the repressed to the unrepressed

(Though to have told it this way is to have digressed)

I started as a puritan became a witch
Left Salem altogether and never got rich
But oh what a way to go! What sweet poverty
Is this perfect freedom to do what pleases me!

Should anyone repress you then anyone lies
We must each live our meaning now before each dies
My path has been circuitous and very strange
But I have learned the only constancy is change

You feel (nor do I blame you) change is frightening
But this is how to bloom feels! Your enlightening
Is only strange to you because you have just met
And yet better to love and lose than to regret

(A few lost bets but no regrets as blooms the rose
Yet if a bet is won or lost: only God knows)

With Salem far behind me I will not burn now
Except with curiosity to find out how
To get out of this life all I can while I can
Evolving as a poet from a puritan

While those who repressed me only did what they knew
I know nothing and (I suspect) neither do you
So live it up now and should you come to see me
You can share in my adventure of breaking free

Why wait? Why hesitate? What do you save it for?
You think you have lived but you can always live more
A few lost bets but no regrets as blooms the rose
Yet if a bet is won or lost: only God knows!

How about this? Savor those longshot bets you win
Whether we know it or not we are in this race
Called life yet our destination is not a place
But a process (what a process!): let us begin

I seem strange to you now because we have just met
But come and love me win or lose without regret
A few lost bets but no regrets as blooms the rose
Yet if a bet is won or lost: only God knows

If God is love then in his image so are we
And love like life and God himself is always free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 18, 2007, 11:30 pm

Straightening My Cigarette

When I was in jail once not too far from here
For trying to die by crashing my fast car
I wore a cigarette behind my left ear
Had a jolly time but now it is too far
From here after all in a distant dead year

All my fellow jailbirds and I got on well
As united in the solidarity
Of those who find themselves together in hell
It seemed more fun than my university
So I felt a bit let down to be set free

I had been ready for anything at all
Having expected to die the night before
But they threw me out so I rose from my fall
Blinked into a future I could hardly see
Straightening my cigarette to live some more

I smile now to remember my delousing
Which without lice I found unnecessary
Young shoplifters yelping and old drunks grousing
Each maintaining his innocence steadfastly
It seemed the only guilty one there was me

"I know my rights!" some cried "You have no rights here!"
Some replied and those were the ones with the sticks
One cracked me on the head since I showed no fear
(Being suicidal) of bully-boy tricks
He paused disappointed then left me alone

If he felt anything it was jealousy
And I gathered that he rather liked the tone
Of my answer given insouciantly
But with coming dawn he knew I would be gone
Leaving him behind and he wished he were me

So I was in jail once now too far from here
For trying to die by crashing my fast car
I wore a cigarette behind my left ear
Was cast out of hell to rise a falling star
All in all I came out better than before

My fast car was repaired my psyche was aired
Lots of hugs and love and memories were shared
And it seemed to me that I was meant to be
Having come out of a coma that same year
Apparently I am supposed to be here

Straightening my cigarette to live some more

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 17, 2007, 11:49 pm

(I simply cannot tell you...)

In the adolescence of my efflorescence
Like a sunflower I turn my face to the sun
As hopeful as ever as true to my essence
As I was to sprout when this cycle was begun

(I simply cannot tell you how I love the girls
All of them as each of them with or without pearls)

At the crossing of a life spent wondering why
I realize that I should have been asking how
Trying so hard to live I was ready to die
My never-ending journey had better start now

(I simply cannot tell you how I love their eyes
That sparkle which intoxicates yet terrifies)

If I took care of myself I could live for years
But I would rather have someone take care of me
With our cupboards full of love and empty of fears
Should I go home with you or you come home with me?

(I simply cannot tell you how I love to kiss
And short of that to tease your lips with lines like this)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 17, 2007, 12:16 am

Dark Angel

You are more beautiful than anyone could be
And yet you took my arm and you embraced mere me
I ought to write a thousand poems just for you
And read them to you with your perfect arm in mine

So long these lonely years without a dream come true
But now you offer me your cup of angel's wine
I drink at last to find it never empty now
And drunkenly drown in dark sweet depths of your eyes

(You touch me and you bring me back to paradise)

A miracle to silence why to transcend how
A thousand times dark angel I thank God for you
I thought I had forgotten my humanity
But you encompass man and you have come to me

As you have read my books and know the rest of me
The torments and the trials of the tortured past
Touch me dark angel: bring to light the best of me
My life was not in vain! The best was saved for last!

I seek to speak unspeakable delight tonight
More beautiful than anything could ever be
Which only one (dark angel you) could bring to light
And when you took my arm and you embraced mere me
A life lived upside down revolved to turn round right

Now you dark angel shall be my reality
A life lived in your crucible of ecstasy

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 16, 2007, 1:41 am

I Too

A half-forgotten fixture of my days
An unremembered eccentricity
Becomes more precious threatened in small ways
To be worn like a cap of liberty
As doves descend and evening bells strike praise
If to someone else's imagined norm
As though to truth and not some someone's law
I am expected to somehow conform
My independence sniffed at as a flaw

It is not that I am not up to it
I am up and down as quick as a cat
It is just that I refuse to do it
I am no fool and no one likes a rat
Or more like I cannot cooperate
To ring in a wrong of stupidity
With someone interfering in my fate
Just that in that case I would not be me

I would not want to appear ungrateful
Although I must if that is how it is
But to be ordered about is hateful
I have my ways as someone else has his
The sun sinks in the sea yet does not drown
The friends embrace the light is shared in kind
Stars emerge softly as the friends lie down
Though the sky grow dark it will not go blind
The eye of the moon comes watching behind

A half-forgotten fixture of my days
My sun will rise as surely as it sets
A remembering eccentricity
Truth remains true no matter who forgets
And I will rise remembering to praise
Early next morning heedless of warning
Rise as always no matter what who says
Since to be ordered about is hateful
When doves ascend and morning bells strike praise
I too will strike for I too am grateful

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII

Sep 14, 2007, 6:38 pm


I am doing better than I thought and I hear
That people now are beginning to notice me
After thousands of poems which leads me to say
All I have done is be here to write of my stay
If only in my tea-drinking maiden-aunt way
But there is a side of me they will never see
Since I cannot let them nor anyone that near

I want before I die to write great poetry
Because I have lived a life of meaninglessness
And whatever meaning is it seems it would be
Something which feels like the contentment of success

And yet what does anything mean ultimately?
I sit here on my bed with my cat at my side
Wondering whether or not I should make more tea
Wondering deeper what might the world make of me
I will embrace the honor but will shun the pride
A maiden-aunt's first dance first kissed by fate tonight
Let fire fall and light lance me and I will burn bright

So people now are beginning to notice me
Since I am doing better than they thought I guess
But there is a side of me they will never see
Because I have lived a life of meaninglessness

Maiden-aunts come and dance by the light of the moon
Success has not come yet but they say it might soon

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMVII


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