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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Dec 7, 2016, 11:16 pm



What we have here
Is the fear of fear
Of the unknown
Of being alone
Of everything
And this is the thing

What is to be?
What happens to me?

As what you and
I who understand
Feeling this way
Have felt anyway
For so long now
Who wonder somehow

Now there are more
Of us than before


The news is ridiculous
And yet I meticulously
Read it greedily each day
As if I need to anyway

I seem to have to get it
But then I have to regret it
Seems to me it seems to be
Getting harder to be this way

Through this much-too-muchness and
Such out-of-touchness out of hand
Out of mind for even me
Unkindness through absurdity

In this random universe
In tandem with what makes it worse
This fandom of cruelty
That history repeats I see

I know I have to let it
Go try though fail to forget it
Regretting so what I know
Is getting to me letting go

The elephant in the room
Trending toward my impending doom
Absurd enough to be for
Me to read less who need no more

Less is more and more is less
More or less ridiculous


I suppose there will be a war
Now as how it goes and went before

Who knows but I suppose that how
It comes might come as a surprise now
To some living to forget what
The unforgiving never forgot

Some would forget but I could not
What to get from getting old I got

Falling recalling all the dead
Who were sent and went but are no more
Recalling all the fallen when
I think of now I remember then

That they should be living instead
Of who would forget what they died for

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 30, 2016, 11:34 pm

The Role of a Lifetime

Am I demented or just insane
As I have been (not to complain)
Having after all a damaged brain?

Just wanting to be happy though
How I have to be having to go
Along with what comes along now

Wanting to be happy anyhow
Just glad not to be sad about
What is now and then how it turns out

Insanely or dementedly
It seems to me now I seem to be
Having a good time being me

The role of a lifetime this is it
Having it now before I forget

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 26, 2016, 12:57 am


Through rigmarole and folderol
And many a shenanigan
Kerfuffles and a brouhaha or two
Surviving my striving downfall
Arriving here now after all

Not knowing how but somehow coming through
To this is it to now through then
To be and do but this is when
To be after all is all I can do
Surviving the ridiculous

Arriving at the truth of us
We the survivors arriving again
Meaning to be who hope we can
Nonetheless when nothing less than
The meaning is between us me and you

Meaning enough for an other
Like me to be one another
With an other like you when we are not
As otherwise as others thought
Seeing myself anotherwise

My lonely self not only but yours too
When here I am to my surprise
An other being otherwise
Anotherwise to the meaning between
Us meaning you know what I mean

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 15, 2016, 2:44 am

Long Story

They said we could have flying cars
When I was a kid said shoot for the stars
Lying but I tried it out to see
Trying to fly as time happened to me

Observing what happens to be
From inside out that comes from outside in
Not flying yet but still trying to

When not too depressed to progress I do
German Lutheran stubbornness
Is serving me well as I follow through
With the work in progress I have been

I shot for and got my star though falling
At least a tattoo anyway
Finally found myself and my calling
Here in a Hi-Desert hideaway

Maybe not lying they were trying too
I gave up waiting for the car
But what I shot for and got was a star
That now I think of it may be me

Better than ever and nevertheless
Here I am however I guess
For now or never and never mind then

Long story along toward where it ends
Yes I am a mess but I have friends

Steven Curtis Lance

Nov 10, 2016, 1:30 am

Why Not?


I used to wonder if I was
But understand I am because
Of how it hurts the way it does
Now and then but then again when
The wonder is revealed again

I understand because I feel
What is that does if it is real

As how I understand it then
Who feel myself to be now though
It may hurt still go will go on
Having to be though having been
As I am until I am gone

I used to wonder but I know
How I go on now so I go


A discreetly priestly sign-of-the-cross
Small and close points equidistant
Through all the existential loss
When the universe seemed inconsistent
Over the lock on the gate when
I get back from getting the mail again

Then over the coffee machine
When I push the button and let it go
To let the miracle begin
Knowing the universe will know
Though I might have forgotten what I mean
Demented between then and now

What is forgotten is not even though
Remembered inconsistently
Existentially what has been
Or essentially never was might be
What I remember that somehow
Might not have been the universe but me

Now growing closer knowing how
Not to resist an eccentrically
Traced pattern of another time
And place through spacetime just in case
That mattered enough that I write this rhyme


As to my question why am I?
My suggestion why not? is why

Curiosity is to be
And so I am curiously
When curiosity is how
I know I am then I know now

When curiosity is what
Is having been to now through when
I had to see the hard way then
To see it through by being me

Out of sheer curiosity
Not only what to be is but
About the only thing I got
Out of being furiously

Curiously got through somehow
My why am I? to my why not?

Steven Curtis Lance

Oct 18, 2016, 8:20 pm


My whole life would seem
A dream to disappear
When the morning comes
That goes on but becomes
What comes and goes when
Now remembering then
It would seem a dream
I had on my way here

Maybe a nightmare
Sometimes but anyway
What I had to do
And be but I got through
It glad to have been
If I had to be where
I see myself there
Dreaming my life away
Yesterday became
The day tomorrow came
Dreaming of today

Somehow I know I go
On as how I grow
And so now I go on
Gone on but not gone
What seemed a dream before
Seeming something more
Remembered toward the end
Waking me to know

Dreams do come true this way
Waking to transcend

Steven Curtis Lance

Oct 14, 2016, 3:08 am

Until it is Gone


All I want is to transcend
Wanting this haunting election to end
Somehow without catastrophe
Having my doubts about it
Being within now doing without it

The fear is here that much is clear
But out there without not within me here
All I have to remember
As fall falls into November
Is in from out let them shout without me

Seeing without from within
Taking note I will vote but absentee
Make myself heard out there from in
Fleeing what is going on
Out there going in until it is gone

Steven Curtis Lance

Oct 5, 2016, 8:49 pm

This is It

When I was young before I forgot
I thought I had better get what I had not
So thought a lot more and what I got
Is this is it and I had better get it
Or if not then always regret it

But I did so I got rid of ties that bind
Let it all go along with my mind
Left what I had lost as what it cost behind

I had to grow so I had to go
On when life went on then because I had to
Find out who I was and what to do
About it and found out I had to go through
A lot but I got to go on too
To learn as it turns out what I had to know

Is from is not and now from then but
In the confusion of now with then again
To see now through illusion then at
What an ever stranger time see how to be

Nevertheless only strange for me
As what never was before but I recall
Change rearranging reality
For me though strange at first to be changing that
Brought me through the worst of madness fear
And sadness to strangely be how I got here

Now better strangely than not at all
In interesting times interestingly
Enough for me to see what I see

Things changed but I found out who I am and what
To do about it to not regret
Living through a lot and not giving up yet
Glad to be if I had to be when
Now is forever but never then again

What I had to tell you before I forget
Now when I am old is this is it

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 28, 2016, 8:51 pm

Spark of Hope

As I realize reality I find
Hurrying to worry as it does
What never will be because it never was
Crowding into cloudscapes in my mind

Reacting to distracting things that may come
Staying on as shadows they become
Mirages and mirrors before and behind
Between tomorrow and yesterday

Through distractions of attractions ties that bind
To letting go as I get to know
Then how to go on now when somehow I go
On between to be and not to be

I come true as I become reality
Come through to become when even though
I go I come true as Steven even so
To find me in kind in humankind

Through the dark tonight this spark of hope I see
Says take this chance to make it as me
In light of this tells me I might as well stay
Not to miss this opportunity

My mind might not be right but this might be how
I find real in reality now
Between is and is not as I find my way
Through and if not to be anyway

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 26, 2016, 7:15 am

Astonishing Reality

The stars are astonishing
As if to be admonishing
Me I should look up so I could see
How they would astonish me

Sparks through the dark of confusion
Reality through the illusion

Wondering I lift my eyes
And understanding realize
How they do now to see you and I
And everyone as one under the sky

Admonished by our stars to be
Our astonishing reality

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 24, 2016, 11:20 pm

Too Much

Existentially ambivalent
To be in equipoise with not to be
Life and death essentially equivalent
In touch with my mortality to such
A degree it may be I think I may see
Maybe I think about it too much

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 20, 2016, 9:30 pm

My Awkward Age

It may be that I
May be demented but
Maybe it is not
My awkward age but my
Madness may be how
To get through then to now
Maybe this is why

Though not forgetting to
Remember me who
Earned now by letting go
Then of what I had
But learned by going mad
What I had to know

When sad I had to let
Go then glad to see
It go not to forget
To be who had been
Freed to be or not be
Me though madly more
Than I had been before

Being more or less
Obsessively I guess
Demented no doubt
But this may be about
Now transcending then
Letting go to go in

At my awkward age when
In is my way out

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 18, 2016, 4:08 pm

(work in progress...)

Nice to see my niece my sis and my bro
Nice to find myself to be in family
Nice of them to come and nice to see some
Of the nicest kind of humankind I know

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 13, 2016, 9:34 pm


The sun that went down has come up again
At as good a time as any to begin
A new day when the world begins anew
Beginning to be as I begin to see
I am and I am glad that you are too

On another day than otherwise to be
This side of the other you alongside me

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 13, 2016, 1:53 am

In a Fearful Time

Can I make sense of
A time more then than now
Of more hate than love
More heat than light somehow?

Why should I bother?
On one hand I could say
But on the other
Am bothered anyway

Where it would appear
We scare one another
Could it be that fear
Is what this is about?

A stranger within
A stranger time without
A doubt now how in
Is my only way out

How I am being
Now in a fearful time
Being here seeing
If I can make it rhyme

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 5, 2016, 10:30 pm


I think I have seen what I need to see
Of what is agreed to as reality
Enough now that I know not to agree
To it seeing it not to agree with me

Agreeing to disagree with what some
May say is real but no matter what they say
Is not or is not for me anyway
When the answer is no question about it

Questioning the answer then I doubt it
Having my doubts about it having become
Not much of a joiner better alone
With reality realized on my own

To see it for myself from in between
To be and not to be to know what I mean
In between what is and what is not seen
Discover through it if by disillusion

See what I need to eventually
Through the agreed to agree to disagree
To see it through beyond the confusion
Engendered by the general illusion

Being to become as I come to be
My realization of reality

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 2, 2016, 9:44 pm


We humans may
Have come a long way
Toward going too far
But here we are
Being anyway
To become and
Come to understand

To seek and find
Above all the love
Of us to go on
From what is gone
Being in spite of
My yesterday
I leave it behind

To go ahead
As I come to be
Today instead
Of the nevermore
Of ever before
In the laughter
Of ever after

With a hopeful heart
An open mind
To find us in kind
Not apart a part
Of you and me
As we come to see
Ourselves as we

To be humankind

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 27, 2016, 3:25 am

The Lotus

Some people I know
Choose to refuse to grow
Those having chosen
This way to stay frozen

So some might suppose
As they find their minds close
So right though right there
Not getting anywhere

With nothing to get
Having forgotten it
Losing it choosing
To go on refusing

Some I thought I knew
Choosing to refuse to
Grow whose choice was made
Because they were afraid

But in the being
What I have been seeing
Of reality
This way is not to be

And in the doing
Of the going-through-ing
Life will not stay still
But goes on so I will

Yesterday today
It only goes one way
Tomorrow will come
Until then to become

New reality
To go and grow and be
Still makes me go and see

The lotus unfolds
Becoming never ends
The lotus unfolds
And so do we my friends

What the future holds
That presently transcends

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 18, 2016, 11:34 pm


for Maria, Stevie, and Teddy


I pushed back from the table
While I was able
Excused myself from the fable
And origin myth
Bereft of what was left with
Nothing in its place
But nothingness a space of grace
Where I stood to be
Myself originally

When I saw nobody else would
Then I understood
Got up and got out when I could
As soon as I got
To know what was from what was not
And so I got to know who
I was too because
Nobody else was who I was
None but for one but
Me so I stood up for me

To stand in solidarity
In the in between
With many knowing what I mean
Knowing what to do
For anybody standing too
Now or knowing going through
You are going to
Understanding being free
Seeing you standing up to be

I stand there with you


My dogs are getting old and walking stiff
But so am I and it is not as if
Any we three are for many years more
But these years are better than those before

Presently presented with being now
The future like a present from the past
Seeing how everything works out somehow
Going on going until it is gone

Through the rest to the best and at the last
Transcendence in the presence of my friends
Not so bad now if this is how it ends
Living on poetry but living on

Yes I went through hell but survived to tell
About it so I guess I might as well
But from the point of looking back at what
Was then disappointment but now is not

Keeping a standing appointment to be
With the universe understanding me


As tomorrow turns yesterday
Turns out I only know such
As I may remember today
Learned lonely and the hard way

The only way I knew to know
Something how somehow to see
Whatever it was I should was
By something happening to
Me as many things would and do
As anything could and does

But I got what I had to get
Through regret to not forget
Things I remember now because
What was easy never got
My attention but what was not
Was what I never forgot

I wondered but I understood
Lessons learned for my own good
Having to learn them anyway
As they repeated until
Completely learned becoming what
To overcome if I could

To come to be becoming still
Unforgotten now each scar
I got shows how I reached this far
In December on I go

Remembering such as I know
Not enough and yet too much

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 13, 2016, 11:30 pm

Between Now and Never


It rained today surprisingly
Its petrichor surprising me
In my window on the wind when
I knew before I saw it then
What had been and was glad it was
That it had been for me because
The thunder I had heard had been
Here wondering if I was in

But by the time I went to see
The rain had come and gone again


My grandfather had but a tonsure of hair
That once upon a time they said was red
My father the hitman had bristles up there

Between these two extremes is how my head
Seems Benjamin Franklinesque now I suppose
Like neither and yet both actually

What we have in common is the poetry
And we all three got this Lancean nose
When we got what we got genetically

Gracing the faces of sons who have been
And the ones growing up showing once again
What I got from them that they got from me

What a daughter got too in the feminine
That goes on going now coming from then
Is this nose as it grows through my family


Getting old was how I learned to wait
In the letting go of what comes by fate
What comes of becoming whenever
Coming to be between now and never
And what goes too the hard way because
I saw how it comes and goes as it does
Thought it was forever but for now
Is how it is that I know this somehow

Ready now or never for whatever
Not in a hurry already late

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 9, 2016, 10:09 pm

Paradise Valley Rhapsody


At the wall
No coming back
From the fall
Down through the crack

After all
Come from I guess
Nothing less
Than nothingness

Nothing more
After before
Written on
Water and gone

Except for
The scars you see
Left on me
Like acid then

But I saw when
I was in
The in between
What I mean

By having been
In it got
Out of it what
Becomes true

What coming through
Comes to me
That comes to be
What I do

Sent and meant to
Hope that you
Will read it and


Marisol came in from out
And with her dusty snout
Poked and joked about with me
Spoke solidarity

That is what we spoke about
As beings glad to be
Seeing the reality
Of empathy no doubt
About it here we are

Coming in from out this far
Whatever it may mean
Our way out is in between
Us in our empathy

Being universally
Our time is never up
For forever fills the cup
And though we go we go
On going even so

Seeing coming in from out
Is what being is about


May I be here
Year after year
Not ending gone
Transcending on
Up through the fear

When it got worse
I knew it would
Get better when
I got through then
To now again

I knew I could
Be understood
On my way in
The only way
Out anyway

Not forever
But whatever
This however
Or how for now
Is how somehow

If not quite what
I might have thought
I understand
The universe
Written on sand

And if from dust
To dust I must
Be I become
What I have come
Through to and from

That I may be
And maybe do
What there is to
Up through the fear
May I be here

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 6, 2016, 11:01 pm

The Way it Ends is it Transcends

Coming to be so long why should I stay
A long way along anyway?
To me it may be curiosity
About it and the way it ends
Coming a long way circuitously
Becoming me curiously

Adventuring with some friends alongside
Who venturing went on to see
The never before whatever would be
Glad I had them along with me
Some along some long on the other side

The way it ends is it transcends
When we go on at the end of the ride
That some think is over but then
For some overcoming becoming when
To go on not to be gone and
To come to become from another side

Going to come to be again
I wonder but I think I understand
To go on still until I know
Going on coming to think so I go
On knowing life goes on this way

Out on my way in alone but with friends
The way it ends is it transcends

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 29, 2016, 1:32 am

Not Anymore

My grandfather Lance was a hundred-and-two
In Sedona Arizona where the red rocks said
Though old enough to die you must live instead
Just what he would do because he was a poet too

My father the hitman was seventy-five
A poet like his son at sixty-one still alive
In a hideaway in the Hi-Desert here
A reasonable madman in a season of fear

But my grandfather Gibson was thirty-four
Because he was a tough guy who lived his life too fast
Like any of many after and before
Presented with his past by that knocking at the door

Johnny the Barber whose luck ran out at last
When though he was a tough guy death said not anymore

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 23, 2016, 7:53 pm

A Desert Bird In the In Between

for Franziska


In the in between
Franziska here we are
You know what I mean
So near me though so far

Time and space belong
To us for being strong
So I am with you
As you and I come through

Together become
Together overcome
The shadow of fear
Together being here

Knowing that we mean
To be and to be free
In the in between
Where you are here with me


Stars like burning candles in the night
Distant lightning flashing at the edge of sight
Thunder crashing just out of hearing
Far away tonight somewhere must be raining

Beyond the horizon appearing
Rising surprisingly the moon though waning
Comes as it goes without explaining
Being itself seeing no need to know why
Over the mountains under the sky

Some say something must be the matter to be
That solitary this far away
Ending up willowy and otherworldly
Like the moon transcending on its own

But it just turns out I like to be alone
Ending transcending finding my way
Mindful that for this it matters to be free
Now seeing being itself I see
How being myself is what matters to me

And to understand is not to try
To understand though I wonder but to be
Here and now to see reality
Unfolding like the lotus all around me

Seeing it being where it found me
Not to walk out until the end of the play
Going on going still I will stay
Seeing for myself being itself is why
Enough to be for me anyway


I write my poetry
As the to do of my to be
As what I do as me

I know I know nothing but I
Think I think I can see
Through many seasons reasons why
Any of which apply
As it has come to be this way
Becoming me today

My understood reality
To wonder by to have
Now come to be the how of who
I am as what I do

And it is in the sharing of
This between me and you
These words heard in the in between
Where you know what I mean
That having looked I find where love
Went bringing me in too

Singing like a desert bird in
The night where I have been
Heard in the in between again

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 22, 2016, 9:53 pm

Entre Nous

In the in between
Franziska here we are
You know what I mean
So near me though so far

Time and space belong
To us for being strong
So I am with you
As you and I come through

Together become
Together overcome
The shadow of fear
Together being here

Knowing that we mean
To be and to be free
In the in between
Where you are here with me

Steven Curtis Lance


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