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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

Displaying Poems 1276 thru 1300 of 2827 Poems

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Jan 29, 2010, 9:36 pm


I had to lose all that I had
In order to be free
To lay the good down with the bad
In order to find me
And when all fell away I stood
As naked as newborn
But in that dawn I understood
Blessed are those who mourn

And when all fell away I was
Revealed so I could be
And I was not ashamed because
The quintessential me
Was liberated though it cost
Me all and everything
With what I won and what I lost
Laid bare by suffering

I left behind but could not hide
The things I left without
And having nothing left but pride
To justify my doubt
I realized that nothing is
What I brought and will take
And God made me between these his
To let the maker make

I lost the life I knew to find
If I am to exist
And am to bloom to be my mind
Must open nor resist
That to be fitted for the sky
I must sit quietly
Accept the gift to live and die
And rise in victory

Forgotten wings unfolding now
To catch the wind again
Will bear me though not knowing how
Beyond remembered pain
Which was all that I thought I had
Except that it had me
To find my reason going mad
And through the dark to see

I lost my way a little while
Until I lost it all
But seeing now and being smile
A phoenix from my fall
And God who made me makes me grow
According to his grace
That though I stumble even so
I win the human race

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 26, 2010, 12:08 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1429:
Nice to Be Now Then

a Valentine

Now is always the best time because
No time like the present of what will be
Now is all there is or ever was
No time like the present and now for me
To be to unwrap the present: but how?

It was so long ago we did not know
Not yet anyway like we do today
That everything we did was dangerous
As we unwittingly endangered us

But then we survived and now we are here
When we have arrived and when we appear
And when we must be then we must be now

So nice to be current and concurrent too
So nice to be now then when now is with you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 26, 2010, 6:00 am


Creekside here what you hear is the flowing
The rustling past of rushing recent rains
And though it flow away in the knowing
I know the flood flowing with growing pains

As I am the flood as I connect to
The nature of growing things flowing through
There to where creekside waters are growing

And this new year is my first season here
And so what do I know but it seems clear
That I have become a part of this place
At the crossing of this time and this space

And though it flow away in the knowing
The flood is within me as it must be
Creekside here what you hear is the flowing

First flowing then knowing I take the trip
As though by time machine or by spaceship
As creekside I wonder if I might find
The answer to the question on my mind

I have been out in the rain a long time
I have been busy but been left behind
Filling up thousands of pages with rhyme
In a universal relationship

And I stood on the threshold of death when
From out of the shadows life questioned me
To answer by those who loved me and then
Who freed my mind to think creatively

Perhaps past past pain now beyond the noise
Of imbalance I can find equipoise
Nature aspiring conspiring with me
Since both of us only know to flow free

And though it flow away in the knowing
The flood is within me as it must be
Creekside here what you hear is the flowing

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 25, 2010, 10:09 am


I waited so long I forgot about
Whatever it was I was waiting for

When I was young I needed it no doubt
But now I must not need it anymore

So something which once seemed necessary
Has turned out to be just temporary

Except a nagging curiosity

A feeling almost like I need to know
Keeps wondering "is it too late for me?"

But... in the end I turn away and go

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 24, 2010, 8:13 am

The Thing About Poetry

I like to dream beautiful things up for
Us to enjoy taking less making more
Getting giving gotten when giving pays
Taking and making up out of my dreams
The best it could be beyond what it seems

I take a pinch to make a bushel of
The fruit of dreams grown from the seed of love
This is the meaning of my days and ways
And nothing is more meaningful than this
Taking and making a dream like a kiss

When a dream like a kiss is coming true
I feel validated in what I do
I make it and then when it should it stays
Then I know when I make something to be
Bigger than both of us better than me

And this is the thing about poetry
Opening the mind and closing the door
Taking now and then making it always
Enriching the world though remaining poor
Making something to be better than me

Bigger than both of us better than me
And this is the thing about poetry

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 23, 2010, 11:53 pm

My Neverending Holiday

The creek thunders by in rapids today
But muddy waters are becoming clear
And seeing I am I might as well be
The best I can bathed by sheer beauty here
In a place where I can be happily

Having unwittingly conquered the fear
Which brings down stronger if less innocent
People who do more to help themselves but
Perhaps do not share my simple intent
To be a poet now no matter what

Carried by the creek this is where I went
And now the canyon chooses me to stay
Arriving here without having to choose
Without ever meaning to go away
Ending up creekside with nothing to lose

Modjeska Canyon calls me to come home
As a naturalized Modjeskan now
To settle by her creek and I have come
Where dreams come true without my knowing how
On this my neverending holiday

And if you come to see me you will see
That this is where I am supposed to be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 22, 2010, 7:54 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1428: Modjeska in the Rain

The rainy season is here it is clear
The rain has come and has not gone away
Of course we might have dried and died without
And who am I from down in town to say

The rain has taught the whispering to shout
The creek sounds like a train arriving here

Not that it bothers me as I enjoy
The process of the canyon turning green
The nature we love we know can destroy
But the fat years tend to follow the lean

And here we have the process seen entire
Heaven enough for each to wish a star
Where life is more intense because we are
Children of the earth wind water and fire

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 22, 2010, 1:31 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1427: The Jungle

So now weary wanderer you have come
Out of your element out of your mind
Slogging through the jungle further than some
Of us who knew you might have predicted

And having left hope with your things behind
And having reevaluated home
You are surprised to see yourself happy

Waking the dream was not as depicted
It seemed rather like a nightmare to me

In their warm bathwater hippos submerge
The jungle is quiet in balance now
This is when weary wanderers emerge
To ask questions and make trouble somehow

Submerge and emerge go and come and see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 21, 2010, 3:52 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1426:
The Breaking Through

for Bernard Betts

If I were to say nothing it would speak
As well of me as anything I say
When life is like a balloon with a leak
Which in spite of this is floating away

If I were to do nothing it would make
A case for nothing doing nothingness
But I think I should do what it would take
To make a statement of more out of less

And if a sonnet should ever transcend
Then it would be connected at the root
The soil of which the dust of who depend
And fall to where the question then is moot

I have to say something and I must do
Whatever it takes for the breaking through

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 20, 2010, 11:29 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1425:
Being in the Rain

I hoped I was when I wanted to be

I hoped so much I finally became
Something of a simulacrum of me
Evolving myself by another name

But the hardest thing I ever did was
To simply let go and know I am free

I feel I am coming to life again
And how the rain is coming and has come!

The dry days were not like this nor gave clue
(Not counting those false starts whenever some
Hopeful appearance turned out to be dew)

Yes: they said it would rain here and it has!

And it is and it will and it thrills as
I am immersed in being in the rain

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 19, 2010, 7:56 pm

Canyon Call

a Modjeska moment

The canyon calls to people she would see
Woven in her fabric of family

From whom she calls she winnows for her own
Those who know about being a neighbor
Who can respect each other alongside
Yet understand about being alone
Capable of grit and farmyard labor
And not too afraid of fire nor mudslide

Not everyone who comes here ought to stay
But those who should could never stay away

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 18, 2010, 2:11 am


I have often wondered what chickens know
I know they know to be chickens and that
Seems enough for them as it ought to be
For me but still I wonder about it

Their world is simpler their earth is more flat
But they know to be themselves even though
If I heard they knew more I might doubt it
But then I see the way they look at me

A chicken seems an automatic thing
If to be admired for its persistence
Waking and sleeping scratching and pecking
Seemingly unexamined existence

When looking at a chicken eye to eye
I see neither of us knows anything
But living to try by grace not to die
To handle whatever is happening

I doubt a rooster ever thinks of death
Except perhaps to see it happens when
It happens that the cockadoodle breath
Stills for the heedless in headlessness then

We humans fret about dying so much
The thought of it overshadows our days
Yet though chickens end up frying and such
They scratch and peck content with chicken ways

I have often wondered what chickens know
They seem to accept their mortality
Whatever they know they thrive even so
And in that way they know better than me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 17, 2010, 2:33 am

The Modjeska Blessing

for Aurora and Robert and their hospitality

The sycamores are full of mistletoe
The clouds look like a painting overhead
I wanted to go to heaven although
I ended up in Modjeska instead

So up in the morning up with the sun
And feed all the animals twice a day
If you want reasons I think I have one
A fragrant flake off a fresh bale of hay

I may only be a visitor here
But there is something right about this place
Above the canyon rim where stars burn clear
I see a reason for the human race

Yankee I thank you for your canine ken
Your kindness in making me a part of
A blessing and a lesson learned again
If you want reasons I think I have love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 17, 2010, 12:00 am

Rain Check Reality

a Modjeska moment

Such a beautiful day it is today
But they tell me it is going to rain
And that up here where I live it might be
A small disaster all over again
I just hope no one gets carried away
Or if someone does that it not be me

And I have always wondered wondered why
About about everything I have seen
Most of the part of the part you can see
Trying to figure out what it might mean
That I am dependent upon the sky
And to be rained on is reality

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 14, 2010, 7:55 pm

Someday Between Time

The man I used to be has blown away
Except in my imagination now
Or else more likely in his memory

To become a between time wanderer
Closer to homeless than he cared to be
Between what times may come and those which were

No choice but only opportunity
To live unencumbered from day to day
With nothing left to care about but me

I never knew he could be this depressed
Or if he could be that I ever would
I had hoped this isolation this rest
Could cure him or at least do me some good

But everything reminds us of nothing
And he sees nowhere everywhere I go

Though one with nothing is one who should know
Anyone might discover anything
And one who seems none might be somebody
Already yet not see it till someday

But that supposes we forget somehow
Someday between time is so far away

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 13, 2010, 3:57 am

The Rebels and the Renegades

I sing those who have not surrendered yet
The rebels and the renegades out there
The stubborn and recalcitrant and strong
Out finding their meaning and purpose where
They give all they have to go all the way

Who risk it all yet who do not regret
The struggle against that which is not fair
Toward the dream of dawning a better day

Even though the struggle is hard and long
Even though it might cost them everything
Everything is nothing to those not free

The rebels and the renegades I sing
I sing them near and far met and unmet
The people who are rising everywhere

I sing as a revolutionary
Who knows our revolution is made of
People who are empowered by the love
Of people who have not surrendered yet
The rebels and the renegades out there

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 11, 2010, 3:42 am


for my friends

One who has nothing is one who is free
To do
Whatever might come with the day

A stranger in a stranger land like me
One who
Knows to listen if not to say

A sojourner in solidarity
With you
A wanderer going your way

I lost it all and then I found my friends
I know I lost less than I found
To follow this road and see where it ends
To shadow the sun homeward bound

Losing and winning ending beginning
I lost I find to change my mind
To be
A sojourner in solidarity

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 10, 2010, 9:15 pm


Some living things grow better growing wild

It takes a couple hundred years to grow
A sapling to a sycamore this size

It grew here a score of decades ago
Slender then slim when seen by other eyes

I wonder if those other eyes could know
Now it has grown so would they recognize
This tree grown through the centuries to be
A place of pilgrimage along the way

A creekside watchtower by which to see
Past yesterday for me beyond today
By which to see tomorrow for my child

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 9, 2010, 5:26 am

With a Pair of Socks and a Paradox

Remembering the good times I recall
Late afternoons as though in amber cast
Walking dogs wildflowers red leaves in fall
Finding the best and saving it for last
Asking was it and answering it was
Then asking why and answering because

With a pair of socks and a paradox
A change of clothes and a change of venue
As a student of the school of hard knocks
I can see some change is on the menu
And even if a turn is for the worse
It will turn again with the universe

We are all as young as the moment of
Existence here at the tip of the spear
Hoping for happiness looking for love
And the good times are not to remember
But to surprise now in this moment here
Just as January as December

I tried to keep God in a puzzle box
But the puzzle was I was keeping me
God opened my mind I opened the locks
And once I escaped I began to see
Outside and in both beyond and within
God as the end and the where to begin

Remembering the good times I recall
The good times both surprise and remember
Are as January as December
And any times are good times after all
Have a good time if you want to be wise
Learn to love the element of surprise

With a pair of socks and a paradox
As a student of the school of hard knocks

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 6, 2010, 10:53 pm


I feel the hand of God on my shoulder
Though I have not felt religious awhile
I feel my steps as steps of destiny
Becoming stronger though I grow older

This late I might as well step out in style
As I step into a good time for me
To transcend whatever would prevent me
To manifest the will of who sent me

Everybody just wants to be happy
As I would be too and I have become
A grateful grey fox sprung from a trap he
Never saw coming yet got away from

And having been sprung by once thought unreal
Forces beyond me I cannot but feel
I have a role in that which is to come
And that where I am is where God will be

Whatever God is God seems to exist
And calls in the night to me like a child
I once could but can no longer resist
As we opposites become reconciled

I call in return and we both persist
And as God exists so I exist too
I feel the hand of God on my shoulder
And having felt that hand give mine to you

In pledge of the promise that I will be
What I was meant to this Epiphany

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 4, 2010, 6:28 pm

Setting the Homeless on Fire

Is this the way the homeless have to sleep
Worrying someone might set them on fire
(I read somewhere how this was happening)?

Depressed into celibacy so deep
Existence becomes the only desire
Or not but if not without suffering

Nothing today seems very amusing
In this amusement park I stumbled on
How this was amusing is confusing

But I will remain till all hope has gone
And they close this park tonight after dark
Then more confused than ever stumble on

Who am I? What am I? Why (anyway)?
I might ask yet I might answer and say
That I this human being ask why not

Weary of analyzing everything
I have come to question my questioning:
The questions are the answers I forgot

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jan 3, 2010, 12:29 am


on turning fifty-five on New Year's Eve

Experience is the onion we peel
Through the layered somethingness of tissue
To where nothingness becomes the issue
With each layer mirrored in memory

And there somethings turning someones reveal
Through their receipt and reciprocation
Of gentle gestures of its gestation
The rise of something like reason in me

I could not yet say wisdom or would not
But reason is reason enough to be
Grateful at last to forget I forgot
Who I was for awhile and remember
Myself at this the death of December

Here at the turn of the year it is very
Clear to me to see we are temporary
Who live and who die and who fade then away
Momentary actors in a shadow play

Tomorrow will come should we ask it or not
None seems to remember tomorrow forgot
To remember that it was only today
Life goes on and flows on and bears us away

And at dusk as I return to turn again
I lay down the works of my hands to remain

December's death is January's birth
Through where nothingness becomes the issue
Returning with the turning of the earth
To the layered somethingness of tissue
With each layer mirrored in memory

And reason is reason enough for me
To turn as I return and turn to say
I turn because I could not turn away
To find what is found on another round
Remembering I was born on this day

Turning and returning I remember
Alive at this the death of December

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Dec 29, 2009, 7:14 pm

Still Asking

Though my life would make a wanderer of me
I would still like to find a star I could hold
And should I hold nothing then nothing is free
Thus I could afford to have my future told
By light from the past though shining presently

If I ever hold one I know you will know
That I never want to disappoint myself
Quoting Melville by anachronistic glow
Thus "Great God I ask Thee for no meaner pelf"
You will know I am still asking even so

You will know I have to ask still have to try
Even though I find stars should stay in the sky

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMIX

Dec 26, 2009, 12:15 am

Christmas Midmorning

The feet of the chickens are like garden rakes
Moving and removing stubborn winter leaves
I know there are bugs I believe there are snakes
One chicken squawks and apparently believes
Two chickens hope that whatever eggs they lay
Both might avoid decapitation today

A green bough of mistletoe falls on the ground
Falls from a great height in a sycamore tree
A green bough of mistletoe falls and is found
On Christmas midmorning is found there by me
And I take this omen as omen my own
That in the new year I might not be alone

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMIX

Dec 18, 2009, 9:52 pm

As the Raindrops to the Waterfall

Each sees all individually
With each perspective contemplated
From and toward a specificity
Which joins us each at the heart to all
As the raindrops to the waterfall
People are simply complicated

But if other people understand
As we are differentiated
Though difference is what they might see
The mind unseen is meant to expand
To and through the connection we share
We can recognize each other there

And finding a face in the mirror
Of another by understanding
The situation becomes clearer
The mind though unseen is expanding
To and through what we are meant to mean
The mind unseen by seeing is seen

To and through the connection we share
Which joins us each at the heart to all
We can recognize each other where
The mind unseen by seeing is seen
To and through what we are meant to mean
As the raindrops to the waterfall

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMIX


Displaying Poems 1276 thru 1300 of 2827 Poems

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