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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Jul 14, 2010, 8:09 pm


for my friend and fellow poet Alexander de Juan
and his Facebook Anthology #17: Comedy

It is hot today
In the canyons of LA

Summer is a bummer
When the beach is out of reach
But I have to work hard
The car is in a storage yard
I gave it to my youngest anyway
And I never really liked to drive the freeway

I have a choice today
Of being roasted or fried
By choosing being inside or being outside
And so I lift my voice to say
I never knew that I could be this hot
Or did but did not want to and forgot

If this is how it has to be
The rest of the summer then let me
Be as hot as I am now in other ways
That I might be distracted through these melting days
Maybe see a little action as I
Roast or fry

Then maybe I could be OK
In the canyons of LA

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jul 11, 2010, 7:22 pm

Perspective of the Sky

for Teddy and Jihye

I always used to try
To see things from the sky
Until it became my habit
And how it is that now it is that I
A hawk on the fly
Can look down and find the rabbit
Of what I need to become a part of me
And it does now because I know how to see

It took awhile to learn
Taking my time to earn
First my respect and then my trust
But having been patient I take my turn
If I must return
Like hawks and rabbits to the dust
Knowing I have been having seen from the sky
And from that perspective having learned to fly

I have seen how it is from up there
Having learned to embrace
My specificities of time and space
Embracing to transcend them
Rising toward immortality
Riding tide and wind but not in vain
Rising and falling and rising again
Because that is what I do
But what I do is worth doing right
Having learned I am happy just to be
Who I am as I am and I become

I want to hold close and enjoy
The things those without perspective destroy
When their rabbit of need becomes greed
To be my best today before tonight
To have principles and defend them
But never defensively
To answer simply and not explain
Because I do not need to
And having learned to see to be
True to myself by daring to care
Enough to insist as I am and do
Learning to see as I become
To know who I am and where I came from

The point of it all is that I learn
Now as a creature of the air
I came from the sky where I return
And if you look up you might find me there
Where I belong there where I am free
To be where being I have learned to see
Being now and seeing how who
Learns to see is free indeed
As I am and as I see what is true
Being and seeing and freeing me
Remembering what I forgot I knew
As a hawk on the fly
From the perspective of the sky

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jul 8, 2010, 9:00 pm

The Lovers

To be everywhere is to be nowhere
Without somewhere but
To be somewhere is to be everywhere
Which is how when we are here we are there
With somewhere with someone the ideal
Which would seem like what
We ought to know before we go
Though still we have to try
Looking elsewhere for everywhere
And going too far

Since going too far is only coming near
Going around and coming the long way
Wherever we are on this blue ball
Nowhere everywhere or somewhere between
All of us turn around the same small star
As even by night it makes its light seen
A pretty big trick for a star so small
Bringing in soon by the light of the moon
As something for us to remember it by
Wherever we are

Which is how when the sun is there it is here
Reflecting on itself to make the moon appear
From out of the shadows of space to be
Something to reflect on for you and for me
Returning what will be to what has been
Light after light reflecting on the sea
Being the pitch to which the lovers tune
Being the music of what is real
When open hearts are singing to the sky
Around this small star

And going too far wherever we are
Around this small star as we are as we are
Day follows night as night follows day
As going we come and leaving we return
Wherever we are on this blue ball
Where none of us may leave here anyway
Where two are one and somewhere is everywhere
Which is how when we are here we are there
The trick of it being to learn as we turn
On this blue ball around this small star

A pretty big trick for a star so small
Reflecting on us here to make the moon appear
Everywhere is here and we are as we are
Where somewhere with someone is everywhere
And both of us know what no one need say
Light after light reflecting on the sea
Light after night after light to be
Something to reflect on for you and for me
As something for us to remember us by
We are the lovers as we come near

As we were the lovers who went too far
Around this small star as we are as we are

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jul 6, 2010, 4:17 pm

The Thing About Love

The thing about love is when we give it
We get it because love grows when we live it

Giving love away is how we get more
Because loving is what we are living for
The meaning of life and reason we live
Who would be lost unless we found
Ourselves in the selves of those around
As we do so we can see our way through
As through each other we know what to do

Love is the way we care as much
For others as us and talk by touch
Why we dare to care and how we forgive
In the process receiving more than we give
As by being better than we are
We overextend ourselves but not too far
And dare to care enough to try
To not be alone before we die
Reaching each other by reaching for the sky

Fear resists love but we feel no regret
When we find we get it as the it we get
Our nights can be long with nightmares and yet
Love is why we dream and how our dreams come true
And love is why I wrote this for you

If there is nothing more than this
And all we have is love
We find all we need in a kiss
To know the meaning of
The infinite embraced within the small
The ultimate in an intimate action
The riddle and the wonder of it all
Explained to our satisfaction

Love is the courage to call
As well as the hope to respond
And in the end love is all
In all continuing beyond
What we can see to be what we will be
Love is the who we are of you and me
Everything we have ever been
As well as all we are
We overextend ourselves but not too far
And those who love know what I mean

However we fall love is how we rise
Love lifts to create what fear destroys
Of its beautiful openly secret joys
Spinning to music the wool of noise
Causing reality to realize
Now and spring from then to bring another day
To find God reflected in each other's eyes
And to see love is why we are anyway

The thing about love is when we give it
We get it because love grows when we live it

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jul 5, 2010, 6:06 pm

If You Are Lonely Reading This

for Behnaz

If you are lonely reading this
I want you to know
As I blow a transcendental kiss
By way of hello

Still staying though not staying still
Refraining from complaining so
Remaining without explaining
As the only way to go

With the spacetime fabric in between
What was and what is
As I go I come to be
If you know what I mean

Wondering about destiny
Looking for the rest of me
Knowing it will be the best of me
Doing what I do

Drinking at the breast of the universe my mother
Being and becoming and taking my fill
Seeing you and I exist as one to another
Freeing ourselves as we go to come to be

Each confronted by and encountering the other
Wanting to know you wanting to be known
Wanting you not wanting to be alone
Wanting you to know that if you will I will

Having been alive a long time now
Belatedly beginning to
Make sense of life somehow
At least to the extent of my intent

Unlimited but for what time will allow
When unless space knows
Only time knows where it goes
Or where it went

With the spacetime fabric in between
What is and will be
To come to be as we go
Since you know what I mean

If you are lonely reading this
I want you to know
That I am only lonely until
I remember you

And I do

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jul 1, 2010, 8:40 pm

I Want to Dream Again

on the Fourth of July in the Year 2010

The way it is has never seemed right
And why it has to be this way
Is something I have never understood

Some say it is all a conspiracy
But probably it is more random
Than that as the general tendency
For use to come with abuse in tandem
As yin and yang in unsound equipoise

The weeds grow with the grain
And stronger it seems

When what is bad does well with what is good
And we no longer sing together
Our music in common becomes common noise

Our eyes narrow and as they do lose sight
Of now uncommon common joys
And dangerous changes in the weather
As we lose the light

So I keep to myself a lot now
Remembering what some forgot how
Love is what casts out fear
What we listen for
All we need to hear
What all of us are wondering about

Wondering like me again
What happened to our dreams

Our muddied waters have made clear
We could hate a lot less and love a lot more
Who hear a whisper clearer than a shout
Love is what we listen for

To speak love and to listen empathy
Transcending fear and vanity
And with respect between
To mean what we say a more meaningful way
To know what we mean without being mean
Love is all we need to hear

A long way to go but not too far

Boys will be and girls will too
But we are better than we do
On this tomorrow of our yesterday

We dreamed it would be better when
We dreamed of it before
That now would be along in time by then
That we would all drive flying cars by now
By the way

I wanted to soar
But then we stopped reaching for stars somehow

Stars to aspire to and stars to attain
A long way to go but not too far
For the somehow of now and for who we are
At the time to wake up to dream some more

Time to reach for stars again

I can wait awhile for my flying car
When only weeds remain
Or so it seems
So to say

But once I dreamed of catching a star
And about you catching one too
Wondering like me again
About our dreams
Delay has denied

We feel it in our hearts we know
Our love like our time is tough
Because of the dreams we hold inside
And we have waited long enough
Now to bring in the grain

Time for love to be and do
A long way coming and a long way to go
A long way to go but not too far
To make our dreams come true
And catch a star

I want to dream again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 28, 2010, 6:27 pm

The Know of the Flow

Water and life are one
Each has its rhythms and insists
On these as it wears away what resists
The know of the flow as it goes to show
Though I go I am not alone
As everything turns around
And as I circumnavigate

Life is a dangerous way to grow
Where stone breaks water ceaselessly
But I come to know the flow as I go
Coming and showing and going and shown
What I can see of eternity
And I come to know the go of the flow
Where water breaks stone finally

I ride the tide of being me
Where others who tried were drowned
Alongside others or beside
Myself between one and the other side
Arriving as I do here
To be departing there
Between the going and coming tide

Though I am ice in the sun
Written on water to disappear
Melting upstream like salmon do
Life will do as it does and has done
Proving me as time has proven true
As in its rhythms life insists
To be as it transforms who resists
Who learns the hard way how
Or the easy way how not to

The beating heart of destiny
The sure and steady breath
Of life to make the best of me
Written on water and found
To leave to time the rest of me
One step ahead of death
One step is all it takes

One heartbeat and one breath between
Life makes its rhythms known
In living synchronicity
In everyone embrace makes
It always so it is never too late
Tuning the turnings of everywhere
As everyone turns around
To the meaning of what things mean
This is the know of the flow
Water is my soul

Stephanos stone by stone
A scapegoat for the sin of fear
Martyred to eternity
Was broken to be made strong
Where water breaks stone finally
Shattered to shards through the mirror
Transcending hate to another state
Living right through dying wrong
Past not to be to be
Forever becoming now

Molecules made whole
Into this form you see
From this side I see clearer
Translated into grace
I know the flow I go along
And I am not alone
Water is my soul

I close my eyes and open to be
In sight of the unseen
As water knows even as it flows
In its rhythms to the sea
Undoing what stone has done
What stone resisting also knows
As water carves its canyon
Stone by stone
Till it breaks

Water and life are one
This is the know of the flow

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 26, 2010, 9:22 pm

Reaping the Rainbow

for Sherry

As we sow so shall we reap
They say
And I hope it is true
Since if it is I have already
Reaped the bitter and am ready
For the better to come due

May the promises we keep
Lovingly like seeds of now
Our openness to be and do
Our uttermost somehow
The works of love we do and are
Never fade away

That each spark of our light of life in spring
Ignite its happy ever aftering
To warm hard winter days
When the light is black and white all night
Reflecting and refracting through
From over the threshold of always
If what they say is right
Where beyond the shadow of doubt between
The rainbow is blooming from this side unseen

As we are reflecting and refracting too
Being and doing as me and you
The works of love we do and are
Our uttermost hoping to be as it does
Making it better hoping it stays
Better because you were and I was

I know you know I know what you mean
And if you do not remember
You know I know you know that I mean
To reap April in December
Or after others reap at least to glean
And find myself like a fallen star

It is always the end of the world
Because that is where we start
Where the living end of time lies curled
Like the tail of a cat the leading edge
Of time where what was and what is part

The ribbon we open the present by
As the paradox and privilege
Of those who are and who will be
At the end of the world like you and me
To open the present as we live and die

When all else leaves us love is what stays
Where the shadow of doubt believing between
Reveals the rainbow blooming unseen
Over the threshold of always

I found myself in the map of your skin
Traced through my fingers
And written in your hand
Receiving the rainbow
Blooming because you were and I was

And now I understand
Believing what cannot be known
At the end of the world where we begin
Receiving the seeds of now we have sown
Reaping the rainbow again and again

Over the threshold of always

This is what lingers
Love is what stays

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 24, 2010, 5:17 pm


With what was left of his childhood faith
Which never asked questions anyway
With what he learned at the library
Which always stayed locked up on Sunday
With a reconstructive memory
Which had stood to stand him in good stead

A mindful process a sense of play
Curricula curled up in his head
Approved by the university
Papers in order and filed away
Certified to be one of the same

With these and with his own point of view
Like a letter signed and sealed and sent
By himself with no one else to blame
As continent as he was content
He undertook to take his journey

Beneath and beyond these basic things
He had a sense of his destiny
Of existential entitlement
By which all he had to do was be
And really being he really was

He was curious to be and do
And to find out what things really meant
To wonder about and follow through
If only as an experiment
Was his heart broken or was it bent?

His curiosity gave him wings
He never could afford to buy them
So asking why and answering why
Not put them on and go and be gone
He put on his wings to go and went

And from the perspective of the sky
Up doing what that perspective does
In circular linearity
He looked at life beginning with death
Wondering how it was how it was

From the funerals of yesterday
He had to remember to forget
Since he came to live and they to die
As the way it was without regret
Remember not to forget to live

To forgettable temporary
Things remembered as reality
Which seemed unreal from what he could see
And took all the hope he had to give
Neither proven nor disproven yet

With people chasing themselves around
Without ever going anywhere
Turning without really knowing why
Sad on the silent merry go round
Just after closing time at the fair

Down from up he could see nothing to
Stand out as the only answer or
The only question even as he
Overlooked what he was looking for
And he was uncertain certainly

His curiosity failed him then
Frightened by his nightmare coming true
And feathers fluttered downwind like rain
Since he had soared too close to the sun
Waxed warm in his curiosity

And though he fell hard to the sea when
He fell somehow he survived his fall
Remembered now forgetting its pain
Where washed up on the beach after all
There he felt like he had been and done

He was one of the one and the same
One of the same who could not recall
By himself with no one else to blame
Who wished he had someone even so
To remember his forgotten name

The tide withdraws itself from the beach
Trying the notions of all and each
And he felt his slipping from his hand
Even as he tried to deny them
As if he were learning to let go

The tide washed away his yesterday
But allowed his today to remain
Till tomorrow when it comes again
If it does but with no guarantee
As he knew as no one need explain

And up from down he could see his own
Reality forgotten alone
A long time ago but now to know
Remembered when all else slipped away
Resurrecting like rock from the sand

Tips of spires of castles from the deep
Emerging in the sunset gleaming
Each with a secret within its keep
Sand castles as of stone still dreaming
Dreams of childhood as before
Dreams he would have to live to die for

By the tide he came to understand
As by the tide he came
A castaway to his promised land
Who by his learning to let go
Felt strength return to his empty hand

As the tide returned the echo
Of his remembered name

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 22, 2010, 9:23 pm

Time Out

When all is balanced in equipoise
Time our existential background noise
Is not so distracting then
And we are in less of a hurry

But we know time will come when
It stops for us and this is what we worry
About when time is in doubt

About time then to take time out

To be out of time is to be immortal
Through death or through madness the portal
Of interface the meeting place
Where time becomes interwoven with space

Joined where the woof and the warp of
Reality is woven
There where what is real is proven
Woven strand by living strand
Proven hand by loving hand

To live new laws of motion
To love in waves of the spacetime ocean
Where the music we hear is the atmosphere
Around below and above
Where everyone knows everything is love

To be out of time is a good way to be
But if death or madness is too much you
Can take time out for a moment or two

An interstitial interlude
Wherein you refuse
To choose that which you do not choose
Nor mind being rude
Gleaning the meaning of an untimely mood

From death and madness finding out
A third if temporary way to learn
As we turn away even as we turn
When all is balanced in equipoise

Sometimes it comes through as it comes true
That time is more than existential background noise
As we take time out for a moment or two
Of the silence in the music of untimely joys

Our father who art as we remember
Mother who made us the way we are
We sow April but reap September
Gleaning the meaning of a fallen star
In dry stubbled fields of December

When we are speechless what do we say
To turn and not to be turned away?

Father mother one another
Why we are and why we bother
Now is when we take our turn

Woven strand by living strand
Time to live and love and learn
Proven hand by loving hand
When time is in doubt

About time then to take time out

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 21, 2010, 4:04 pm

A Free Man

Built brick by brick stacked stone upon stone
Timber and timber floor to rafter
Some build houses to live in alone
Like the ones they will die in after

Acting a play and acting that way
People do when they take forever
To mean hang on as long as they can

Packing their things for their holiday
That one way trip they paid their lives for
Passing through on their way to never
Houses on sand then under the land

Possessed of a proper house and grave
I used to be like them but no more
These things passed away but I did not

And though it was dark though it was day
And though it was hard to understand
And sad I still had my soul to save
And remembered something some forgot

Time turns and tide returns revealing
Houses on sand then under the land
These things pass away but I do not

And so I return as a free man
Rising through tears to my last laughter
Like a stalagmite toward the ceiling
Drop by drop from the floor of a cave

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 19, 2010, 11:30 pm

Now is Enough

Let them run till they run out of breath
They will never outrun death

Take this to heart while your heart is beating
You who know but have to try
The way I knew but had to try when
I was now back when now was then

I think this is what they mean when they say
Time is fleeting and to seize the day
But in a universe of now
Chasing it seems to make it worse somehow

Does it go slower when they go
Faster even though they know
Nowhere knows no fast nor slow
As they hurry to get there anyway?

I no longer hurry because
I learned the hard way to understand
Between what I learned and what I was taught
Between what I gave and what I got

Between what will be and what was
Yesterday's tomorrow and
Its image in the mirror as
Tomorrow's yesterday

This is the day to worry about

And less a worry more a doubt
Of other days but what
I think it means is that I mean I
Thought it would be like I thought it should be

And was it? It was not

However it was it is no more
Only the is of now
Is what to be and how to be for
The real to realize

And looking neither back nor ahead
Seeing now is how to find
What is by being now instead
Of going blind before and behind

Sometimes a window and sometimes a door
Never why but always how
The serendipity of surprise
Is how as now opens my eyes

If they want to chase the future let them
Now remembers to forget them
Now is eternity
Between what was and what will be

Now is enough for me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 18, 2010, 7:32 pm

Do it Again

for Erik Anders

All of these years and all of this pain
Must mean something somehow to someone

When it is over what will remain?

One thing ended another begun
Up in the morning to do it again

There is more to life than what we see
I wish I could tell you about it
But I am too old now to explain
Death and would rather live without it

Mortality is reality
More real than the kind we think about
The not to be which follows to be
The reality we drink about

Against which we make up stories to
Try to make ourselves feel better and
Try to justify the things we do
If we fail to try to understand

That we are each an experiment
A miracle and an adventure
And usually a marathon
To go to show how far we can go

We go to show just how far we went
To remember us just how we were
Who if we are not were even so
Who may be forgotten but not gone

And it will mean something to someone
All of these years and all of this pain

When it is over what will remain

One thing ended another begun
Up in the morning to do it again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 17, 2010, 2:04 am

My Special Relativity

I have been lost as I have been found
Without going anywhere
On this turning world I got turned around
Or so it would seem to be
How it all happened and like the way
It was but I believe I see
The answer in the question day by day

My special relativity

To make it real compared to what
I see
To "keep it real compared to what?"
To me

By which I say that if I was there
I was neither found nor lost
But there in my own company
Where relative Rubicons are crossed
Absolutely relatively
A lesson learned at considerable cost

It turns out it all depends on me

To find myself losing my mind and stay
Not found because not lost to find
What everyone else is looking for
Some happiness some peace of mind
And maybe even some love someday
Enough for me and I would ask no more

In my own company
And yet in propinquity
To those
Who enjoy being now
And who would like to see how
It goes
And if we cannot know anyway
At least to see it go

Or maybe knowing is not to know
But wondering why as it is going by
Not knowing but growing even so

Who knows?

To make it real compared to what
I see
To "keep it real compared to what?"
To me

My special relativity

On this turning world getting lost and found
Or so it seems getting turned around
In the absolute hope of destiny
If we cannot know what can we do
But believe in something relatively
And hope that it comes true?

So relatively I believe in me
And hope that you do too

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 15, 2010, 5:48 pm

Like a Wheel

for Timothy Restor

I look tonight to the silent sky
Ember light below and starlight above

All is wonder as I wonder why
I am and if I want to be this way

But the silent sky believes I know
That the answer to my question is love
Will come for me when it is time to go

Love will decide when it is time to move on
Love will stay with me all night until the dawn
Of life through death to life again as day through night to day
My part to play and I will not walk out of the show

As I was meant I am and I will always be
Meant to be here now although not meant to stay
Like a wheel my destination is this journey of me

And turning I am learning to embrace
Immortality as another name for now

And riding this riddle through time and through space
Love will stay with me to show me how

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 13, 2010, 9:01 pm

Mystery and Methodology

My poems are squared away they say
And some ask how I do what I do
Between the now and the now again
What variables come into play
Writing it down and letting it be
As I dream a dream which comes true then
Writing it down to share it with you

To speak of its methodology
Though I am something like afraid to
My poems are generated from
Catalytic couplets as they come
Seeds sufficient each to grow a tree
Each at its right time as each knows when
Time comes for its being to become

Then what follows is the working out
Painstakingly through its prosody
Of how the poem will go about
Causing what causes others to see
To hear to taste to smell and to touch
And by making these sensations clear
Conceive the other another way

Perceived to be received beyond me
Purified to their essential state
Syllables are balanced and counted
Attention is paid to every sound
Into each line each word accounted
For and how lines and linegroups relate
And what is the total of the sum

In the shape of parts unknown is found
How all the parts stand separately
By sum the total to calculate
The shadow play as seen from behind
And how what is becomes what can be
When what is unknown is brought to mind
Through the writing of reality

The specificity of the here
Creates a to by answering from
In the mindful process of finding
By what I do not say and I do
The matters of my mind reminding
From my present to the future you
As from the now to the now again

By saying but not saying too much
Caring enough to say carefully
How the here of an alternative
Universe is a place you can live
Settling in so the dream can begin
An alternative life for awhile
Inviting the other to come in

By not saying and saying by style
Where everything is exactly so
In the execution of the how
As the poem unfolds in the when
Dreaming forever by being now
And always simultaneously
In a dialogue of now and then

I do what I do and do not know
The specificity of the why
As a mystery I do not try
To understand as it guides my hand
To fly blind as it changes my mind
I can only tell you that I feel
My dreams come true as I write them real

But mystery does not like for me
To speak of its methodology

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 12, 2010, 3:31 am


Looking in the mirror
I like what I see
As clearer and clearer
Helps me to remember
It is not too late
Though in my September
For a twist of fate
For serendipity

A curious boy at fifty-five
A sense of who I am and was
Curious and curiously alive
Nothing now and no more because
Myself locked in labels and names
From being inexplicable
Is him not me though I was he

I used to be afraid
But not anymore
My decision is made
Not against but for
And you and being
And for our being free
Freeing by being
Becoming you and me

I lead and I follow
I find where life goes
I know and do not know
Since nobody knows
And if you want to come
Along for the ride
To find what we become
When we go outside
I offer you my hand

An opportunity
To bloom and to be
As you as I am me
As we understand
And appreciate
Through curiosity
It is not too late
For a twist of fate
Through serendipity

I am not a same among sames
Now I am inexplicable
Like a door
Opening outward to the clouds
Into the sky
Opening inward to the crowds
To enter by
Which to come through curiosity
And I wait for you there
At the cloud crowd door where we go free
We who are everywhere

We used to be afraid
But not anymore
Our decision is made
Not against but for
Become by being
By our becoming free
Freeing by being
Becoming you and me

We know and do not know
Since nobody does
As we come and go
Through is to be from was
We come becoming come because
Of curiosity
Through serendipity
To be as you as I am me
We come becoming free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 10, 2010, 7:31 pm

Our Dream Our Destiny

get well Teddy

We become afraid
Becoming along
When the plans we made
Before we knew what
Life would really be
Like turn out all wrong

It is hard to see
It at the time but
It makes people strong
Learning the hard way
While learning about

Believing through doubt
We can only feel
Since we cannot know
What comes and also
How we take what comes
Becomes what is real

As we see and say
It so it becomes
Our reality
And how we agree
It is just the way
We see and we say

As we believe
So we achieve

Our dream our destiny

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 9, 2010, 6:56 pm

With Lips to Kiss and Eyes to See

In matters of life and death
Matters of what matters to
Matters of heartbeat and breath
Matters of to be and do

That catch in your breath that dawn of surprise
That skip in your heartbeat that spark in your eyes
That crash of thunder that flash of lightning
That moment both exciting and frightening

That you are kissed

That is when you know you really are
To be and do
When it feels like the explosion of a star
Inside of you

That is when you know it is true
That you exist

And whether it is God or your wife
You know that you are and that you have a life
To live

And that you feel free to be and do
Because of the love that is given to you
To give

The greater and the lesser lights
The sparkling stars of summer nights
The blue of the sky itself will be

And will be for

Those with lips to kiss and eyes to see
Further and more

And furthermore

It already is for you and for me
The nights and the lights and the sky will be

For those with lips to kiss and eyes to see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 7, 2010, 6:15 pm

Days of Always

for Maria, Stevie, and Teddy Lance

Both from the way things are and from the way things have been
From things both seen and unseen within the in between
I think we have a future if you see what I mean

Or at least now I can see how I still want to be
A part of the heart of the unfolding of these days
Which even though we fear them are the days of always
My eyes will see triumph as they have seen tragedy
Though dimmed by disappointment as nearsightedness they
Will keep on looking till they see the light anyway

Of many who are chosen a few will volunteer
And those who overcome fear become the chosen few
Within the in between here to do what we must do

I have a happy feeling that my sad eyes will see
Us all being happy having seen things through at last
Remembering the future by forgetting the past
Here in the days of always to never fade away
I believe in our future if you see what I mean
In these our days of always within the in between

In the in between we are connected now where we
In the matrix of these days becoming you and me
Together start what we were set apart to do here
Within a web of balances we come as we go
Here we want and need each other want and need to know
Reaching out to reach someone who does not disappear

But the sun in the morning comes back up in the east
Not where last night it went down in the west in at least
As good an example of the process as any
Of our progress toward the light within the in between
The future is ours and its promises are many
All night toward the light the dawn brings on another day

Of many who are chosen a few will volunteer
And those who overcome fear become the chosen few
Within the in between here to do what we must do

We are afraid but have nothing to be afraid of
We want to be happy but we need to deal with fear
All we need to be happy is to want to live love
Like I want and need to as I look at you and say
Here in the days of always within the in between
I think we have a future if you see what I mean

From things both seen and unseen within the in between
I believe in our future if you see what I mean
In these our days of always to never fade away

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 4, 2010, 2:40 pm

Magic Words

The reason to write a poem is to say
What cannot be said in the usual way
Something unspoken but something which is said
Though said without saying within mystery
Saying the unsaid by magic words instead

Questioning an answered question answering
A questioned answer around the bend ahead
Spoken though unspoken as a question to
An answer one questions unanswerably
A question as the answer to anything

Through the process of being written and read
One can be broken but speak the unspoken
Too and can speak without being spoken to
By not doing anything do what is done
By saying unspoken things waking in dreams

And those who do not in this way as they do
Whose dreams come true as how the waking world seems
Those once broken now unbroken and spoken
Shapeshifting timebenders of reality
Who dream its dreams are poets and I am one

Who having established my identity
Having found myself in the ruins of time
Seeing time has not made a ruin of me
Having left the old behind now for the new
I am here in counted syllables and rhyme

I have come to become and I am to be
Where I am unbroken and count for something
Here to speak my dreams into reality
An answer as the question to anything
I am here to let go and not to hold on

But as I fall I rise to my destiny
Remembering I have forgotten my fear
As I find myself falling more up than down
Feeling for the moment as though I could fly
With the answer to the question coming clear

I am doing now what I was meant to do
And the only thing I have to do is try
As a child's smile replaces a grownup's frown
I see dreaming my dreams has made them come true
Having asked for miracles now they appear

And having asked for magic words I find some
Telling me turning is all I need to know
Even though I turn away I turn back here
Turning with the world around the sun I come
Speaking magic words before turning to go

Saying the unsaid by magic words instead
Through the process of being written and read
As a child's smile replaces a grownup's frown
The reason to write a poem is to say
What cannot be said in the usual way

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 2, 2010, 11:11 pm


a blessing on St. James Wood

Of each human relationship friendship is the heart
Humanness in equipoise by divine design
Culmination and completion present from the start
Of miracles when people of good will combine
Their energies in synergies of light

In coalitions of the common good
In being and in being understood
In being being understood as right
However wrong we might be now and then
And getting through the bumpy spots with grace

Friendship may not know how but it knows when
To scry through the mirror of what we see
To spy each other's spark in the dark and
As though predestined then to understand
And find each other as we were meant to
Find as we find that we have been sent to
Do something important together now

Friendship knows when and love will show us how
As joined at the heart of humanity
There where our friendship mirrors you and me
We reflect one another face to face
Revealing mine in yours and yours in mine
To care enough to take each other's place
Where the fulfillment and fruition of love start

Of each human relationship friendship is the heart

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Jun 1, 2010, 5:14 pm

Careful for Nothing

Philippians 4:6 (KJV)

He was a careful man
A man with a plan
Who never lost face
In spite of spectacular rises and falls
Never if he could help it anyway

Because of his painstaking
And his planmaking
He threaded with grace
The needle's eye right through reality's walls
To be able to write to you today

And to say

We might as well be careful if we can
There are accidents enough heaven knows
Even for a careful man with a plan

Who has to take what comes but likes to see
It coming by peeking at destiny
At least to see it going as it goes

Who might have even learned a thing or two
Like being careful and writing to you
And who has learned there is no mistaking
From which he has not emerged better than
He was before if a more careful man
Painstaking if no longer planmaking

Who learned here it is and to let it be

Though he is old and sad now
He still would like to live
Who lost it all and somehow
Has that much more to give

Not for things but for people instead
Remembering now to forget the past
Healing the hole it left in his heart

Remembering a scripture he once read
Feeling a part of the whole part to part
Remembering the first things at the last

Those who live love survive what is dead
Careful for nothing as the scripture said

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

May 30, 2010, 8:10 pm

What Brings Us Together

for Robert and Aurora

The dynamic of our sharing
Our caring and our not-caring
Being parallel and bearing
With one another through the day
And then at evening still to say
It is good not to be alone

What is it and is love its name?

Knowing others and being known
Whatever it is seems to be
The way we human beings came
To be if perhaps the hard way
But it is and love is its name
And love is what it is to me

Love! I would know you anywhere
As you care and as you not-care

And be

Asking no less than everything
Being the song the singers sing

Like me

In the journeying alongside
As we circumnavigate this
Wheel on which our destiny is
Determined on a bumpy ride

Where cheek by jowl and chockablock
We size each other up take stock
Some more agreeable than some

Love is what brings us together
Love is what makes us overcome
Obstacles when and not whether

And so we are together as
We find each other now and here
Those twins what-will-be and what-was
Feeling unwelcome disappear

And we are left here face to face
Together in this time and place
Love makes it work by light and grace
With one another through the day
And then at evening still to say
It is good not to be alone

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

May 29, 2010, 9:43 pm

Like the Closing of the Eyes for a Kiss

My eyesight is poor and the lenses in
My glasses come from many years ago
But after all these years my eyes begin
To see what they missed many fears ago
And their tears ago when they could not see
Because they saw too well to notice then
How what they see becomes reality

Which can be obscured in anyone when
We fail to see beyond the aspects of
What we have seen and therefore what we know
Or think we know and that is how we miss
The aspects of what we have not yet seen
Which as we age is shaped by life and love
To be informed by hope then as we go
And if I see meaning it might be this

Learning to see things for what they might mean
And not fearing them as we did before
Seeing the in within the in between
And though our eyesight worsen seeing more
Becoming more accustomed to the view
Our eyes though dimmer reaching toward the light
Seeds in soil sprouting toward blue sky above
So we can see to be as free to do

And all I know is somehow it feels right
To see myself first inside and then out
The aspects of my specificity
As shaped by life and love to bring about
The blooming though belated of my soul
The sum and total of my destiny
And how all the parts relate to the whole

With things at last in balance then to find
And glean the truth from stubbled fields of lies
As not too little and never too late
To take the best and leave the rest behind
Embrace the good and leave the bad to fate
And see more clearly than I thought I could
The aspects of my specificity
When the mindful process is understood

And I can see meaning in the distance
By seeing things deeper with inward eyes
Finally enjoying my existence
As not a struggle but a victory
And not a breaking down but breaking through
By new eyes of experience to lift
My old eyes to see what is always new

I open the present to simply be
Myself and see my being as a gift
The aspects of my specificity
Seen clearly now as I see myself see
And I can see meaning and it is this
Like the closing of the eyes for a kiss
And opening inside becoming free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX


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