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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Oct 12, 2010, 11:30 pm

A Clean Sheet of Paper on a Brand New Day

astra per aspera: stars through difficulty


A clean sheet of paper on a brand new day
As we begin again in our usual way
Ascending through unusualness on our way to
Being as we are and becoming as we do


As by happy consequence of consciousness we are
One and all a sun as all and each a star
Who put our best foot forward even when we fall
Each the rising star we are if brittle though brightly


Stars arriving astra per aspera day by day
Though no one wants to hear how we struggle night by nightly
Through difficulty as the stars we are who shine to stay
They say they know already as they struggle even so


Though no one wants to say for fear of going too far
No one knows ahead of now of the surprise of how
With how somehow forgotten to be gotten like why
The becoming of our being seen if not understood


Known mainly as the growing pains by which we know we try
Or maybe pains is not the word because becoming feels so good
So terribly exciting as we just let go because we must and fly
Though we feel unsteady or a bit unready for the sky


And we may not know how but we know about now
These coltish adolescent awkward stars we are just
As we are to rise uptown and not fall down and not know how
But stars we are and those who say we go too far can eat stardust


Seeing it being our because freeing night from day
Just to see how it will be and if it must be how it was
Now when no one knows how but then everyone does
In our usual unusual though our ascending way


Each to be the star we are through difficulty then
Through more possible todays again than we may ever know
Being astra per aspera makes the night a long one when
One way is found as wrong way round another way wound rightly


And round and round and bound to be wound tightly as we go
For the turning and returning and the learning not to fall
The only way to go is to go on with the show
Because we are troupers are we not after all?


Fear falls because it fails to love when only love may rise
In life to fall in love to turn from gravity to destiny
And if we fall the only way is up when we have stars in our eyes
Seeing what can be and freeing it to be by being you and me


Not anybody much at least I know I am who
I think and if therefore I am then I will be and do
Being and becoming stars we are with you to rise uptown
Alongside and ascending not to fall and never backing down


One and all a sun as all and each a star
Ascending through unusualness on our way to
Being as we are and becoming as we do
The consequential consciousnesses of me and you


As we begin again in our usual way
Conscientious consciousnesses consciences clear
Having learned the only time and place is now and here
A clean sheet of paper on a brand new day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 11, 2010, 1:18 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1435:
The Muse of the Music of Mystery

When it comes to me and it wants to be
And it feels like something apart from me
To come and to become a part of me
Then I want to be too because it wants me

The muse of the music of mystery and me

If I am possessed I possess in turn
As we turn and return and so I learn
Possibility made possible by
Looking up from down and seeing the sky
Looking in from out and being the why
Being and becoming to live and not die

The muse of the music of mystery and I

As we turn and return and so I learn
If I am possessed I possess in turn

Transcendental Sonnet #1436:
The Pyramid

Who is this one who comes to me apart
To come together with me in my heart
To bend and to mend my reality
To finish the pyramid where we start?

The wonder the wanderer in disguise
The morning star rising through velvet blue
The eye of the storm to open my eyes
The eye on the sparrow and watching me
The morning star as the evening star too
The primal light shining in me and you

Who could it be but God to come like this
To waken and to make me understand
The butterfly descending in my hand
To finish the pyramid at a kiss?

Transcendental Sonnet #1437:
Reminded by the Sky

I get lost and then I find myself found
In a holding pattern of destiny
Walking in circles looking at the ground

Waiting to catch up with the rest of me
Never seeing much never knowing why
Because I forget to look at the sky

O Deus meus et omnia you
Are with me and have never gone away
O other but mother as father too

And here we are with our where as everywhere

Reminded by the sky within the day
The night and what I can scry in between
You and I are all there is anyway

As anyone who knows you knows what I mean

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 7, 2010, 8:33 pm

E3X: Epitaph Epigraph and Epilogue


An Icarus of spacetime hereafter my before
Herein within an afterlife of after wife and losing
Now seeing the freeing effect of my being meing
The cause of which must be expecting nothing anymore
So that nothing seems to happen which is not of my choosing

I do not happen to choose to be losing today
Opening at closing being shown and seeing the door
But I am happy to have opened up a mind or two
Or at least to have encouraged those who closed them down to
Give love another chance by being

+Steven Curtis Lance

Who lived till now from New Year's Eve of 1954
And by this rhyme who wrote his epitaph ahead of time


These epitaphs and epigraphs of personality
Are ultimately exercises in futility
More moon than sun reflective and of limited utility
Initiating nothing though the moon may wax and wane
More useful is the question of the day today as ever:
What is to be done and who is the one to do it with me?

Somehow in the now of when and whenever
Possibilities like popcorn or raindrops leaping from a lake
Not teardrops just raindrops an objective wash of rain
In a life though solitary which is extra extraordinary
A heart elastic and plastic enough to bend and not break
Having come a hard road where only the hard remain

Somehow in the now before I open this door
I have saved for when I choose to be together nor alone anymore
Which worries me a portal like Pandora's box of story
Or to put the best construction on an open door to glory
I believe I think I understand but I know who might know:
Whoever might care to go with me wherever it is we go

Somehow in the now of never say never
Till this epitaph is needed let my death be superseded
By my life of onlyness and when any loneliness then epigraph to
The any of the manyness the coming of the some
And being glad to see them seeing what I have become
Past epitaphs and epigraphs of what has been to what is left to be


An epilogue in which I aspire to desire once more as before
Epilogue as prologue to better days spent better ways
From moon to sun the quest begun to find and free the come what mays
To come as they may become as they might and open me
To raindrops leaping from a lake because of possibility

And if teardops only in solution toward the joyful resolution
Of the problem which onlyness can have about loneliness without
Another only near admitting being lonely here
Though solitary extra extraordinary and without a doubt about
This situation to which one solution might be you

Or maybe the solution in the singular when
Within the great duality I learn to love again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 5, 2010, 6:07 pm

Hidden in the Day


I always want to see a shooting star and sometimes do
And whether or not they really shoot they really seem to
The existential action is what is the attraction
For the any of the many or who come of the some
The beating heart of being blazing through the blooming night


Though shooting might seem optimistic from the point of view
Of stars which may fall short of shooting but which overcome
As disconnected diamonds descending points of light
Stunning on blue velvet flashing frozen fire all the way
Down empowered with powers of flight if temporarily


Since anything can happen when to be is to become
They seem to shoot awhile before they fall to be their all
In all in that moment of their opportunity to
Surmount the structured strictures of a stationary ball
As what they lived for after all in all has been and done


To sing the song of the silver swan and then to be gone
To leave the stage quickly and not run into anything
Urging horizontality on a trajectory
Of inevitable downwardness but with a birthright
Of flight if for the moment rising up to take the fall


A moment of the will a gesture outward toward the sky
At a moment which becomes all moments each now and here
A moment which contains both anything and everything
And the moment is the moment without which that is all
With all within one moment and that moment is this one


Though backhanded consolation seeing stars disappear
Leaving holes in the blue velvet as they puncture the night
The flash of their existence has become the attraction
As I see existence as a flash and fall of my own
Remembering my branding with a falling star tattoo


Having seen my fellow fallen to the satisfaction
Of my fear at least till morning as though dreamed in a dream
As though daydreamed in a nightmare I am all alone here
And the part of me which never sleeps sees myself being
Awakened by a sound which sounds like falling stars to me


And as I flash and fall and see that I am not alone
I come to the moment of my existential action
And would like to be like them as the moment comes for me
Having heard how all the way down all the senses are clear
And as they fall to ecstasy they sing their silent scream


As they are freeing themselves I am seeing them being
Brilliant all the long way down along as they fall streaming
Lightning like Lucifer tearing through spacetime and screaming
"This is what we lived for" silent through the brightening sky
Surrendering and rendering respect to gravity


The phoenix spreads its flaming wings becoming one with light
To overcome the hard way to be born within to die
As the morning after whitens to embrace if to erase
The points of light of the night before to mean something more
When points of light converge and merge into the morning sky


A star though falling is bright enough to light wrong from right
An omen how it might be between then and when it was
Allowing us to see how it will be beyond first sight
To be for now for how it was and might be as it does
When only here and lonely in the middle of the night


And I too am a shooting star as doubtless you can tell
Falling is what I do too screaming silently for you
As we transcend together to become the light we might
They say "write what you know" and this is something I know well
When night was never darker but when morning is in sight


What matters cannot be destroyed and so we fade away
To be the stars we always are though hidden in the day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 2, 2010, 9:54 pm

Believe It or Not


A tempest in a teapot a typhoon in a spoon
Camouflaged chameleons none but the blind can tell
Obeisance to the sun done in the dark of the moon
Pigs flying in formation on a cold day in hell
Circumnavigating by not going anywhere


Mad scientists with vaccinations for our disease
Tested on the suppressed and then reserved for the best
Of the rest who were the worst before the bubble burst
Robots marching four abreast into a wishing well
But they do not suffer as we do and wish them to


I never thought forever could be over so soon
But our disease remains incurable as ever
And over and under and around and out and through
Another forever is as easy as you please
You can grab one right now out of the air if you dare


There were forevers at my feet in the street today
But if you cannot find one you may take one of these
As the lotus unfolds through a few absurdities
It never hurts to have a spare forever or two
Given how scared we seem to be of finding never


And then they only last as long as now anyway
Before being sanitized into our sanities
Underestimated to irrelevance to be
Rarified into our ritual inanities
To be the state religion of a moment ago


We are rather silly animals if you ask me
Terrified and scarified with battle lines drawn on
The worried brows of worriers who soon will be gone
Persisting in pursuing and pinning forever
Resisting and insisting to know what not to know


Self-consuming candles cannot last the night till dawn
Which is why I do not worry anymore you see
By transcending both the bonfire and the vanities
I enjoy the equipoise of doing and being
I like it better when my in and outside agree


And if some want to worry about their forever
Let them begin by being open to their seeing
Stop resisting seeing what insists on being there
I would love to have a hand in freeing them and yet
Forever is never when they need it I regret


Camouflaged chameleons none but the blind can tell
And I can tell if not tell when their minds have been made
A tempest in a teapot a typhoon in a spoon
Robots marching four abreast into a wishing well
But I am dancing now and the piper has been paid


Considering and reconsidering I perceive
My reality becoming that part I believe
And seeing believing I come to see forever
As now as how it is not when then but whenever
It may be as always now as it was never then


I can only be now since that is all I know how
To be though still I try to be forever till when
I see how I can never be anytime but now
Which any way you look at it is better than then
Circumnavigating by not going anywhere


Never mind forever it is only now again
This moment of transcendence within the in between
The moment within which all other moments remain
Hopeful fruitful and pregnant with possibility
Whenever they say forever now is what they mean


The sharp edge of eternity comes sudden and soon
And the only cure for our disease is being now
Because now is forever and becomes everywhere
And because I am here now I am already there
Then believe it or not when forever I will be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 29, 2010, 1:53 am

One Basso Bow Profundo Wow

a sonnet for The Big Old Dog

They called him Yankee Doodle and he was a friend of mine
He was a big old dog who must have weighed a buck oh nine
Although I never weighed him (since how could I anyway?)
And having buried him I come to praise The Big Old Dog today

Oh The Big Old Dog The Big Old Dog (to me that was his name)
He looked like Senator John McCain but I loved him just the same
Becoming the hit he would become he started gold then went platinum
Resembling some of us in this way with that serious sense of play
And the gravitas gravity gifted his face he wore like a timeworn gift of grace
As settling with time settling into the ground he settled him down with a settling sound

But in the chorus of the canines who transcended time and space
One basso bow profundo wow stands out and one familiar face
Looking like Senator John McCain but loving him just the same
Yes! The Big Old Dog! The Big Old Dog (to me that is his name)!

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 26, 2010, 6:53 pm

A Little Luck Left in My Shoes

a Mystery of Nine for Sachin


I always seem to have a little luck left in my shoes
If nothing else but weariness where used to be a penny
In the left for luck for many years but now bereft of any
Because luck and money are not necessarily
Birds of a feather I have found from watching warily
All I can do is know my wish was granted and came true


Though sometimes I allow analysis to run amok
Because it does sometimes as some things like that tend to do
When it can get confusing in the wonder of it all
A flood of feeling all about and only drops of doubt to drink
And life is even more confusing in a time of drought
Repeating things I hear like "I do not believe in luck"
Insisting "that is only hay I find between my toes"


But the fact is that whatever you may call it here it is
An observable phenomenon like writing in the starry sky
And if you speak of it and me you might say "it is his"
Or "that ungrateful one does not know what it really is"
As the he of me is as surprised as you are I suppose
At having what I have for having nothing left to lose


And after I walk in circles awhile I think to stop to think
How I could kill myself again or I could sing the blues
Left foot right hand wings to fly away the way I choose
Or I could be an even bigger fool than I have been
Having a hell of a time of it now as heaven already knows
And as those of you like me who have been fools know what I mean
If I forgot my luck and got stuck out of the in between


But the good news is I have a little luck left in my shoes
Good enough for me somehow at least enough for now
With luck in any case the grace to make my footsteps sure and swift
Though I have been a long way down I step up now and this is why
At never any better nor indeed another time for me to be


A little luck left in my shoes becomes the transcendental gift
Of one who knows my footsteps and has been this way before
Who knows we must exceed ourselves and supersede us that we tire
Of being where we are to get to where we next desire
The fire of forward motion falling out of the commotion
Of a disciplined dissatisfaction with what is outgrown
Discarding what becomes too small exceeding what before was known


And every day a multiverse of open roads not taken yet
A crossroads of a thousand ways and shadow on the way through yes to know
With each moment a decision everyone must make alone
Creating in detail a future when we see succeed or fail
A thousand worlds which are yet never were with some to our regret
And some to our relief with every possible joy and probable grief


Worlds we never were to know yet are forever even so
Worlds which I remember at the same time I forget
What went before I wonder when I then discover more
In and with and under I transcend into and through the wonder
Of it all now as I find the great revealed within the small
Ungrateful he transcending to be thankful me who knows
As the he of me is as surprised as you are I suppose


I know who brought my feet this far these years to more through less
As the walls have shrunk the sky has grown into one great embrace
Of my footsteps through the path of sky as led to follow sure and swift
Pursuing as pursued by the familiar transcendental gift
Of one who knows my footsteps and has been this way before
Who blessed me by the journey I begin again this time to bless

Chorus Mysticus

My footsteps through the starry sky will find my place
At the crossroads of space with time where they embrace
When a little luck left in my shoes there by the grace
Of one who has been here before will be enough for me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 24, 2010, 3:01 am

Being the Kiss

When the evening star is as bright as this
Some people wonder and others believe
So much they become less able to see
An opportunity too good to miss
Who in not of miss out as not above
Projecting their own image on the sky

Given to open themselves to receive
Like a pelican presenting its bill
Paying by praying for what is for free
Feeling holier than some about it
As I am one of the some to wonder
And it could be just me but I doubt it

When the evening star is as bright as this
Some people and one of them might be me
Feel a sense of universality
As if the universe offers a kiss
As free as we were always meant to be
Not above of but in with and under

To love and to know if not to know why
And if some people will not be I will
An opportunity too good to miss
By seeing the light and hearing the call
Of the universe as the call of love
By being at one with the one in all

Giving receiving and being the kiss
When the evening star is as bright as this

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 22, 2010, 4:35 pm

No Regret

My father knocked an opportunity
When my mother then was knocked up with me
Though that might not be the way they might see
It then in the inconvenience of
Their anxiety answering the door

Love when given is received in its turn
As loving we live as turning we learn
And opening then they found I was love
Turned and returning after to before
And turned and returned two as three turned more

You are like me and you know what I mean
We give and we take we spend and we make
Through breakup and breakdown and in between
And oh how we bend but we do not break
Do not forget we have not broken yet

I have risen up and have fallen down
Bottom side up and wrong way round downtown
I got knocked down but I got up again
I am and because I am I remain
To give and to get what I came here for

And I am like you and I know that you
Know what I mean and what you mean I know
Because you are love because I am too
Because returning then is what we do
When after to before we turn to go

Let love not be spoken of with regret
We get knocked down but we get up again
We are and because we are we remain
We give and we take and we do not break
Do not forget we have not broken yet

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 20, 2010, 7:46 pm

Between Us and the Sky

Smoke break in the lockdown psych ward was the public square
The agora of the insecure or overblown
Wherein each of us was crazier than each other
Exchanging our schizophrenic paranoias there
With each other mistaking us for Dad and Mother

And out of many one dysfunctional family
Wherein the unspeakable was fluently spoken
Everyone insane in pain where some someones remain
The garden of memory weedy and overgrown
There where I always knew I was and might be again

Where the brilliant and the beautiful go when broken
Going for broke in a haze of psychiatric smoke
As if we were on fire and who can say we were not
In twos and threes of dos and bes gone strangely awry
When anyone remembered then what no one forgot

In the fellowship of the to be or not to be
I was on a pilgrimage and some were in a rage
With everyone together and each of us alone
All of us alone together in our metal cage
With razor wire and chain link between us and the sky

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 20, 2010, 7:31 pm

A Sonnet for Cotton Top

Happy Birthday Aurora / Acts 3:6a, Numbers 22:28-33

A donkey gets dusty just being the way
A donkey is when in the course of the day
She rolls on the ground then with no one around

Asininity in the whites of her eyes
As she wiggles her ears to scare away flies
With no one around when she rolls on the ground

Seeing how she is being a donkey now
As ever and she never horses around
With nothing whatever to do with a cow

A donkey sees things as she pleases because
A donkey always was as a donkey does
Just being her way in the course of the day

And should anyone say she is asinine
Heehawingly she could say that would be fine

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 16, 2010, 6:54 pm

The Paradox of Love

I turn with the seasons
And return with the tide
As love rhymes its reasons
The heart cannot explain
In riddles solved inside

To reveal what is real
Like a spark in the dark
Where what is not has tried
And failed to understand
The paradox of love

You ripen with the grain
As dusk turns into dawn
April turns September
And you leave to remain
Where coming you have gone

I fall to rise again
As I have come to go
Beyond thinking to feel
Beyond feeling to know
As below so above

How love is the wheel and
Love is what turns the wheel
As both effect and cause
As what is and what does
As why what does and how

As above so below
As going you have come
As coming you become
And turning you return
From having turned away

As returning you learn
Or as I remember
Passed along hand to hand
When skin responds to skin
As a spark to a spark

And we begin to see
The paradox of love
As ending we begin
In the in betweening
Of what will be and was

On the breath of today
In the heartbeat of now
When love is the meaning
How love is the wheel and
Love is what turns the wheel

As above so below
And skin to spark to skin
As below so above
And you and I within
The paradox of love

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 13, 2010, 8:53 am

On the Wind of a Wednesday

thinking about Joel Bratton

Wondering under the sun of a Sunday
I feel one with the sun when it speaks to my skin
And then another one to listen to the wind begin
But in the end the wind will be what carries me away
On the wind of a Wednesday another time around
And under the sun with a wonderful sound
Of the wonder of love when I rise above from under

Where I sat silently on Saturday
Like another did once in the tomb like a womb
When waiting for the sun there to speak to my skin
And listening then for the wind to begin
When that was the how what was then became now
And now is the how I must just wait and see
What the sound of the wind of a Wednesday will be

But I can tell from now it will be wonderful somehow
As above and under full of love and wonder
Under the sun I discover how to fly
On the wind of a Wednesday and into the sky
Under the sun and then into the sea
Carried back to the womb for the lack of a tomb
When the struggle is over then and I will be free

Carried by what is and does nor buried by what was or might have been
And not only to be carried to be carried as it were away
To be and not to be beyond what any day has seen
So the moon of a Monday may find it hard to see
And though the tune of a Tuesday is the existential blues day
By day my eyes adjust as must but night by night as might
And they only see love now as they open to the light

To be and not to be an any of the many one
And being lost and found to hear a wonderful sound
When the sun having spoken I transcend my skin
In token for the broken and I hear the wind begin
As the wind of a Wednesday brings me to the day of thunder
A day to span forever now a day to always be of
All the days the ever best the ever blessing of the blessed

When you will hear the singing ringing swinging down to me to bring
Me through the other side of always to the heart of everything

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 9, 2010, 4:58 am

The Open Mind

for my friends in Aklan

I have the magic in me and I think you do too
As I realize those really are stars in your eyes
And because you were reading this I already knew
About you just the way you must have known about me

Or else we both got lucky but that too suggests the point
That the universe smiles a proud parent to see
Some someones of the many one who turn out not to disappoint
Appointed as we have been to return eternity

The ones who understand some of the some if not for everyone
The some who do what must be done the sum of me and you
Unequivocal equation universal evocation
Vocation vocalized in transcendental invocation

And ever the reflection of forever as we realize
It turns out better than we knew being me and being you
Being us unfolding like the lotus everlastingly
As new beginnings here and now begin to be begun

Listening to silence we are called from everywhere
Enlightened to enlighten called above it all to love
To simply be and then to see what happens next from there
From where the heart finds out about how now is anywhere

As some someones are drafted other someones volunteer
With all of us together many one now and here
And each of us according to our specificity
Since we who are of many one are anyone we please

Finding who we are each of us shooting like a star
Or leaf in autumn lifted by the wind to fall the other way
If only for a moment now but beautifully and when
We fall we only fall to catch the wind to rise again

Discerning algorithms of untold realities
Present in the promises of parallel eternities
The possibilities become the Dao of now as learned from then
As if to scry the multiverse projected on the midnight sky

Revealing and peeling the layers away
Concealing this the present given here and now today
And not to be ungrateful but to try to understand
Gleaning meaning overlooked by harvesters who hurry

As hidden in plain sight we find today where yesterday left it behind
Thinking it tomorrow and that it would never come
But those who say it does not said it yesterday when it was not
And come what may it has come now at least to some of the some

Being who we are and speaking what we have to say
With authority and not as the scribes anymore
Worrying spacetime like a dog a bone to find the paradigm
But not that way a person does because the magic does not worry

Continuing with the continuum since whether or not we do it will
Keeping on going growing and knowing that what we do not know will be known
Someday someway having learned it the hard way first but this time not alone
In movement in stillness as movement moves on and we move on moving still

On the journey of a lifetime seeking wondering what for
And finding it to recognize the stars reflected in each other's eyes
As none but some of the some and we really are seeing stars we realize
And wonder what else we might be seeing what other wonders we might see being

Finding ourselves there in the eyes of everywhere and seeing how
With so many stars to comprehend too many to explain now
So many to count but if anyone would one could only number them one
Of the ones of the some of the some with the magic within beginning again

Nor are we disappointed by what comes at the end
At least at the end of the part we can see
When it comes let it come then like the long lost friend
It is which we have not seen since the other end of be

And having come this far by questing now we rest with life suggesting
Being was a mindful riddle but a game we won
Out of hiding feeling riding the wheel in the days of always to find
As if it were an open car the freedom of the open mind

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 6, 2010, 2:54 am

Strangers No More

Knowing as I know now going as I go how
I know now and know how I have gone a long way
Toward making my hope of going home come true
Of coming home to put it more immediately
Hoping for home with a hollow heart
Though lost and far away with no idea where to start
But hoping for the best and suffering the rest

Having taken a pretty hard fall or two
And wanting to go home and be safe someday
Having looked into the eyes of strangers and seen
That occasionally one of them knows what I mean
Having found out hope lies in humanity
But in spite of itself tells the truth anyway
Having gotten some scars from catching some stars

Though hard to hope now it was harder before
Stuck in a place between dying and living
The hope for home less hopeful and stranger
Less hopeful or more hopeless I should say
Becoming dangerous and unforgiving
But I am a stranger no stranger to danger
And I know the hard way how home is nowhere now

Knowing as I know now going as I go how
I know now and know how I have a place to stay
And the hope of this will be enough of home for me
Because my home is found in the propinquity
Of another to care enough to dare to understand
A stranger at the door offering a hopeful hand
As if hope were coming home and we were strangers no more

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 3, 2010, 6:08 pm

The Eyes of Everywhere

for you

Hiding in plain sight seeking in the in between
Looking for love and finding it too
Wondering about wonders and seeing the unseen
Looking for love and finding you
I am happy you are here with me to know what I mean
Bending spacetime in this transcendental interface
Of one and the other becoming one another

With so much to think about so much to explore
Never so far along as today
And so few like you looking deeper for more
Seeking in the in between and seeing what you see
Where you find what you find where you change your mind
But where the many are not the any to be
Showing their faces or leaving safe places for in any case

The many do not seek so do not see the unseen where
You come face to face with you coming through me
But you are not the many anymore but the any
And though the many would say you should look away
You are like me and you look anyway
Into my eyes and you find yourself there
As both of us look into the eyes of everywhere

The deeper we look the more we find
What we have been looking our long lives for
As the more we wonder the more we know
Never so far along as today
As we listen to what the silences say
How the lotus unfolds in an open mind
How love is what makes it bloom and grow

And though the many would say you should look away
You are like me and you look anyway
Hiding in plain sight seeking in the in between
Looking for love and finding it too
Wondering about wonders and seeing the unseen
Looking for love and finding you
I am happy you are here with me to know what I mean

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 1, 2010, 9:15 pm


The clouds were wearing wedding white when they gossamered grey as day turned night
And then after dark they wrapped themselves in softest sable of raven black
They were light and then shadow and then they were gone on a day further on
Beyond the future present as presented by the wind as it blew past

The clouds passed over and away too fast but I will not forget that way
They looked that day that way they would if they would come back again if they could
Bearing their whispered witness by the wind in the sky again and again
So many clouds and so many more I have not seen but have seen before

The clouds were wearing funeral black when the wind came due and blew them back
Blown away the way I know on the breath of the universe I must go
But if only I could understand I might not be quite so lonely when
The wind carries me inevitably away someday when now is then

Someday to come to comprehend the way the universe borrows to lend
Around and around receiving to send and turning and returning where
What turns returns where one who learns this way finds the freeing of being there
In a heart where love grows when it knows as it comes and goes around the sun

I have to know if I have to go that nobody ever goes anywhere
That there is always here as here is always everywhere that all is one
And then for when the wind carries me inevitably away someday
To come to go but to know the freeing of the being of everywhere

The clouds were wearing wedding white when they gossamered grey as day turned night
The clouds passed over and away too fast but I will not forget that way
The clouds were wearing funeral black when the wind came due and blew them back
Whatever the clouds are wearing we turn returning to eternity

However we look whoever we are we spiral each a rising star
If lonely only because we have not met ourselves in each other yet
Remembering myself along the way I know the clouds will not forget
That way that day which they remember up to down but it is this same way

What turns returns where one who learns this way finds the being of everywhere
Though the night is long the journey longer still I know I will find it there
In a heart where love grows when it knows as it comes and goes around the sun
That there is always here as here is always everywhere that all is one

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 31, 2010, 6:04 pm


Fifty-five years alive and older than I ever
Dreamed it to be possible for me to be
Nor do I feel it somehow I who once said "never
Trust anyone over thirty" but never does
Not seem now because I am who I was
Even though a quarter of a century past:
Now is not never now is forever

I have gone on but I have not left me behind
Still having my improbable child's body
A legacy of my idiot savanthood
Still having my still more improbable mind
All more or less accepted if not understood
And do I trust myself? I believe I do at last:
Now is not for striving now is for arriving

Myself and I have been through a lot together
It has been very strange and subject to change
Encouraging times through discouraging weather
Like a red eye flight through a very long night
But I can see the sunrise from my window now
As arriving I have a good feeling somehow:
And here I am world! Are you reading me?

When the world seems it is ending is when it begins
For me anyway just to get my attention
And the one who knows what goes around comes back around wins
A new world a day of intention and invention
As the closer I look the further I see:
Now is not never now is forever
Now is not for striving now is for arriving

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 26, 2010, 12:10 am

To Be a Star

There was thunder and lightning the night I was born and
As a child the adults could never understand
How I knew what I knew but I had read ahead
And reading behind if not all the way through
Some posited that I might be possessed instead
Meaning by the devil as if everybody knew
Since some are always imagining something

But simply self-possessed and unimaginary
Imaginative certainly a dreamer born to be
Existing to imagine what else I might find
Transcending as it were by curiosity
Being on my own alone with what is and what does
And tuning to my inner specificity
I began to feel how specific I was

I gazed at stars and noticed how some others were
Shining around me like stars in the sky
Free of credit and of blame of pride and of shame
Getting it straight by keeping the point in mind
At the point of a point of bright light in the night
The point being love above everything
That we are love and love is what we do

And my mother was one so I became like her
Opting to embrace my opportunity
Having had done with the imaginary some
Aspiring toward a more perfect propinquity
Knowing where I came from and remembering my name
I decided that to live by love was worth a try
And by loving me and everybody I have overcome

Knowing who you are is the way to be a star
Opening your heart to be the star you are
To be here free and clear to see the now is how
And to be as we were meant to be is why
Just as to be content and continent within your own
Specificity albeit paradoxically
Is when not to be alone then in December

Knowing when young then growing old remembering
Who you are remembering that you are a star
Knowing now and later in December to remember
The star you are the specificity you bring
To the universe to never stop discovering
And knowing the point and being love above everything
Be and do because the thunder and the lightning are for you

Fall and rise again and you will learn to fly
Up and down and up until you reach the open air
To get up there where you belong or else by trying die
But everybody dies so keep on trying and get there
Remembering that we are love and love is what we do
So go on with the show and play your part with all your heart
No matter where it leads you even when it seems too far

Knowing who you are is the way to be a star

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 19, 2010, 4:57 pm

Night in the City

It is night in the city and the light is bright
But shadowed now and not quite real like how you feel
When you have been burning the candle at both ends
And what end do you hold on to? Well that depends
On if the center holds and what is holding you

Night in the city of the living and the dead
Who when living were dying then to get ahead
But neither here nor there they found themselves nowhere
And having gone too far now wonder where they are
But I am living here in the city instead

Night in the city at one time was so pretty
But one time looks a lot like another time now
When there have been too many times for me to see
Witnessing firsthand the unfolding of always
And overhearing what the disappointed say

Some of them say the city has gone bad or mad
And then some say the city is not what it was
As it is what it is and it does what it does
While others say the city has seen better days
And yet what day is better to see than today?

But other times and other places interpose
Memories of other times and places like these
Between what was and what will be at what is now
Having been and seen too much I remember those
Things you might have remembered to forget somehow

And it interferes that some of my heres are there
And that some of my nows are then now and again
But I suppose remembering those is just what
I must do and if not forget then at least not
Regret what I cannot forget at least not yet

But when my heart is always I am everywhere
And this is the higher me to which I aspire
Passing time through space to a sense of place by grace
At the center of the universe wherever
I find myself to be so I find myself free

When night in the city is pretty forever
With its elements of earth air water and fire
Reconciled in balance as its seasons revolve
Belonging the city belongs to us because
We and the city are as one as we evolve

And though the city is a place of belonging
We are lonely by nature and lonelier where
So many people are with so many needs there
Being met and unmet in close propinquity
Night in the city and you can feel the longing

I dream back in time to this place and remember
The beauty of the duty of the people who
Built the city for one another to be in
Back in the May I remember in December
As what ends in the city brings what to begin

Things I forgot to remember about somehow
Since one time looks a lot like another time now
But this looks like as good a time as any to
Stop dying trying as the living dying do
And not try anymore at all but doing be

I want to be the higher me alongside you
Because night in the city can still be pretty
When we are the living and it is our city
Along the way to how between nowhere and now
Into the center of the universe and why

Night in the city of the living and the dead
Is here now as our time to live and not to die
We are living tonight in the city instead
It is night in the city and the light is bright
Night in the city of the living and the dead

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 13, 2010, 6:00 pm

For Teddy

21 August MMX

Teddy my fellow traveler through time
My fellow seeker for the paradigm
And for the pattern of reality
Trying to figure out what it might mean
As we have wondered why but found out how
As we have wondered so we wonder still
Adventurers alongside all the way

Thank you for being a best friend to me
My fellow wanderer wondering why
But finding out how these two decades now
Of this our connectedness as we find
Someone to listen when no one else will
Someone to talk to about what to do
A partner in the shared life of the mind
As well as my son so that I have two
And not only one so that I have you

Who though you might not realize it are
As transcendental as a rising star
Ascending constantly and steadily
Rising but remaining in equipoise
Lighting the sky for those orbiting by
Finding the center in the in between
Where I who see you rise know what I see

In a world of people who do not care
I see one who does and is always there
Alongside me when I have need of you
And I see you love me as I love you
So that we are alongside everywhere
I see humankind in you being kind
Humanness informed by humanity

I see balance among the many joys
Awaiting those who now discover you
To be as fascinating as I knew
You to be in your long ago with me
In the incunabulum of us as
We got off to a good start and we grew
In our Lancean specificity

You shot me for the cover of a book
Or two just as I look just as you took
Care of me as I once took care of you
Then when my life was in the in between
Suspended like a floating leaf in fall
To land in your hand recalled by your call
And because of you I return again

As how it is remembers how it was
While wondering about how it will be
And we turn to return with what we learn
We leave but we never leave us behind
And always say I love you when we go
Turning as we go to learn to return
We turn but turning do not turn away
Because we turn together through it all
Till someday we who have wondered will know

And if someday somebody should bother
To ask you something about your father
Something of you as something of me too
And if you wonder what on earth to say
Not that they will ask but in case they do
You can tell somebody I was like you
And gave you this poem for your birthday

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 10, 2010, 7:41 pm

For Stevie's Birthday

16 August MMX

"Me dearest darlin' boy" where would I start
If I were to speak the love in my heart
For you? But then again you understand
That when all is lost some things remain and
As some things become the way they must be
Some things become too important to say

Understanding connected hand to hand
As though we were links in a living chain
From soul to soul through love by circumstance
We turn but turning do not turn away
Through spacetime in shared synchronicity
And both of us are Steven Curtis Lance

Remembering Frank's Hobby Shop and all
The adventures we shared before the fall
And you with your blue book of poetry
Sad old songs with you at the piano
Saying too important things anyway
And saying them seeing we understand

Those moments like these when both of us know
Seeing me in you seeing you in me
Seeing from a look in each other's eyes
That we are not alone before the rise
Of what was and now is rising again
Of what is and how what will be will be

In the Santa Ana wind at midnight
Is how I first saw the diamonds shine
On the blue velvet and knew they were mine
Holding the sky by the string of a kite
And you hold the sky by the string now too
Hold on then my son and never let go

The specificity begins again
We turn but to return another day
I cannot imagine being my son
Or my doing as well as you have done
Without even mentioning how you do
Or how you will do and how about you?

I want you to know I am proud of you
That you are the meaning of life to me
Because of you I want to be and stay
Here being doing and seeing you grow
If only to remind you I love you
And if only to say Happy Birthday

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 8, 2010, 7:54 pm


Who is she they dared and called her name three times
When we were children waiting to become
Like the darkness haunting our nursery rhymes
They dared and called who appealed to and appalled
Generations of wakeful sleepovers in the bathroom
With a little sliver of a shiver of doom?
She was under the bed in bed with the bogeyman
Waiting to catch the unwary as catch can
Though I did not call her and she did not come
By the bogeyman she would give birth to some
Names in lights who serve the dark through politics
The ones who specialize in wakeful sleepover tricks
But bogeys only exist as we let them
As we remember to forget them

Bloody Mary

She of the extraordinary
Darkness at the dawning of our curiosity
Who is not but some would like to be
The dark lady of our darkening times
They dared and called who appealed to and appalled
But I never dared and I never called
Remembering other voices who
Waiting to catch the unwary as catch can
Remembered her in their own way too
And call it poetic license if you will
But she who comes when called is here and waiting still
Under the bed in bed with the bogeyman
As fear in bed with hate becomes the new reality
All night and day in an angry USA on TV

Bloody Mary

If repeating a lie three times will not make it true
Her brood of bogeys with their names in lights
The only light they ever knew and ever see
Bet their billions that thousands of times will do
The trick to make us sick the way they are
And going too far is not too far
For those who turn our summer days to winter nights
Lying and trying to control the souls of me and you
With their frights and fights against all we hold dear
As the bogeymen conquer our country through fear
And Bloody Mary you are scary
But your brood of bogeys terrifies
Living their lies by which our hope of civil discourse dies
Waiting to catch the unwary as catch can

But bogeys only exist as we let them
As we remember to forget them

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 6, 2010, 7:11 pm

The Man in the Mirror

for Nick Rocz

The man in the mirror is becoming my friend
So familiar and so like me in the end
That I worry about him when he is away
And feel better about him when he is not
Off wherever he goes but someone has to stay
Behind I suppose or that is what he thought

Or so the man in the mirror got me to agree
On this side or so I thought then when he brought
It up but now I wonder if that was only me
Since for better of worse our images reverse
He called me his shadow but would not explain
And when I asked him he would only say

"Mirror mirror on the wall
As I wonder how
Who reflects whom now
I wonder if you know
Seeing my reflection
Which of me is after all"

But being reflection
The mirror does not know
All it knows is that it goes
Without introspection
The mirror would be helpful but
It says it does not know how only what

In which direction
Does reflection go?

The mirror does not know
It says (and looks the other way)

I will have to look in the mirror and see
Over there where it looks so much clearer to me
About this and ask my friend if I might come
Across through the mirror the better to see clearer
What I have only seen reflected but
If there is happiness there I would like to find some

And if it is true that over there is where I become
The person he makes it look so easy to be
Or come across that way or at least come nearer
Through the mirror where my friend seems to be so free
Making me ask why I have to remain
Here behind the window of opportunity

Wishing I knew which is looking which way
I entertain the possibility
That the man in the mirror might be me
Only to be frightened into turning away
To turn back and ask my friend which I might be
Who am I / who are we anyway?

Mirror mirror on the wall
As we wonder how
Who reflects whom now
We wonder if you know
Seeing our reflection
Which of us is after all

In which direction
Does reflection go?

The mirror does not know
It says (or knows but does not say)

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Aug 5, 2010, 4:36 am

Diamonds on Blue Velvet

remember me

You wonderful ones who have wondered with me
In your youth about truth and what that might be
Who have understood me better than I could
Having grown up with me and my poetry
Remember me now as you venture and go
To all of the places I never have been
As I adventure in the spaces in the in between

And if peradventure you know what I mean
Think of me now and again when you see
A ring around the moon in the blue velvet sky
Wearing stars like diamonds to remember us by
To wonder about wonders beyond what we know
And when you see this to receive a kiss
Around the corner of the universe from me

You know about stars from my poems before
Who know what I mean and who know that I know
That you know that I mean that none of us go
That is when we go then we go like a ring
Around the moon or like the wheel of everything
Turning but returning no matter how far
Around the corner of the universe to be

Spangling we spill across blue velvet and call
To one another each to each the star
We are and know we are because of these on this
Our history across the sky no mystery to see
Like diamonds on blue velvet we flash until we fall
To rise again within the memory
Of you wonderful ones who have wondered with me

A star though having fallen now rising after all
Remembered is thought of all over again
A flash and we are in the sky once more
Remaining to depart and arriving to remain
Like all of us always again and again
Like stars though having fallen now rising after all
Like diamonds on blue velvet we flash until we fall

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX


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