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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Nov 29, 2010, 8:59 pm

A Winter's Breath

Needing to be perfect while fearing I am not
I do my best and hope the rest of me will be all right
Knowing I am dying and that no matter what
As I ascend in pleasure to descend in pain again
Living to remember all those things I forgot
When I was young and ignorant though it may seem in vain
l have to keep looking until I see the light

In a circle again I begin to see my end
The light saw me before I was as once I used to know
Has been with me always all the places I may go
My ending my beginning my turning to transcend
While needing to go nowhere as I look and I see
I had to keep looking until I saw the light
Having looked everywhere else but here inside of me

All for now and always mine for here and everywhere
If only for the warming coming after being cold
If only for the loving getting better getting old
And I know who I am now and I came here to do good
The son and grandson of the ones who did the best they could
As I have done and I will do as I am called to sing for you
That when I disappear you may remember I was there

If only for a winter's breath suspended in the air

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 26, 2010, 8:54 pm

One Sonnet for Three Animals

for Ginger Princess and Cotton Top

I speak these lines to invite you
Ginger Princess and Cotton Top
Up where sweet grass will delight you
Such as to make your long jaws drop

Come friends equine and asinine
To the upper paddock with me
Created speechless by design
Who practice taciturnity

They call you dumb beasts but I think
Of you when I feel on the brink
And cannot think the word to say
A dumber beast by far than you

Who are not so dumb anyway
Since every word you say is true

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 24, 2010, 9:38 pm

Winter Song


I had to go outside to come back in
Going and coming until I overcame
What was to be the ending before the beginning
Before I died so I could live again
What was to be the losing before the winning
The beginning ending so the end could begin
Before what was to be was to be me
When I remembered my forgotten name
Though nobody is left now but me for me to blame
Because I had to lose then before I could win


That was then when the horse and the carriage
Of my elegant personality
Went runaway through divorce from marriage
The carriage before and the horse behind
Through horror into madness after before
Forgetting before for happy ever after
Becoming a spaceship on a universal pilgrimage
Remembering the laughter I had come here for
Through lonely success into only wanting more
Having come from then and now gone out of my mind


As this my returning reality
Becomes the wings of Icarus for me
When I think of then now that now is when
I wonder how I ever passed between
Since when then is when then is now again
And this is the meaning of what I mean
That as I think I am both now and then
And now as I enter my winter I
Manage the economy of my mortality
Looking after every moment before I die


Sunward slow and steady if precariously
I have been forgiven and been forgiving
Because I have seen how it has been when
I have lost and won and here I am living
Then through the swarms of would and could and should bes
Now between the storms of dreams and memories
Then for the when of before of after
The zenith of the day though wax wings melt away
Now for the laughter of happy ever after
Freefalling to tomorrow through today from yesterday


And so I come full circle into winter after all
Even though the laughter may be sweet and sour
Turning spring to burn through summer I learned in fall
The hard way the way I learn everything
That winter is the losing wherein I win
Learning the hard way makes it easy to remember
As the time has come of my returning hour
Here at the returning of the light in December
Now having lost everything when I am winning
Because I had to end then before I could begin


That was then and this is now and somehow
In the going and the coming I have overcome
Going at today like no tomorrow coming now
And when tomorrow never comes then now will be the same
Knowing and not knowing of another spring to come
Coming to remember my not forgotten name
Coming and going I am going to come home
And though nobody is left now but me for me to blame
For the coming and the going or the knowing and not knowing
I like now better now than I did then


I no longer have to prove anything to anyone
Nobody does except for those who play that game
Being who I am and having done what I have done
And having been a long time making better my best
Here I am now being the best me I can be
So those who do not get me go forget me for the rest
Because I believe in me as God believes in me
Now after not believing in anything at all
But answering my question by believing what I see
Now I enter my winter having learned how in fall


From sadness through madness to gladness take me
Returning light of winter come and as I go make me
The answer to the question asked so many suns ago
The sunbeam sung on Sunday I once sang I would be
As I have slept the time has crept up quietly to wake me
And knowing and not knowing sowing springs ago I know
As I enter into winter now the light will not forsake me
Being as it was and will be doing what it does
And I have kept the secret of the light within my heart
The returning light of winter as both cause and because


I had to come back in to go outside
I had to turn and tune within beyond doubt and sin
To bring myself to be myself as I was meant to be
To the why of the eye of the storm of everything
And here once proven guilty now redeemed and justified
I enter into winter to bring myself as offering
To bring me how it will be through now from how it was
I had to go outside to come back in
But as we come together even though we came apart
I see the light of winter returning now to enter me


Through dusk to dawn and on and on day through night to day
The turning light returning will not turn me away

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 20, 2010, 3:44 am

The One and Only

for all my friends in The Philippines

Were I to love my neighbor as myself we would be enemies
He has never tried to kill me yet as far as I know
Yet I have tried to kill me such that nothing here below
Could have outdone the determination of that dread disease

Nothing could have stayed the hand of death but the hand of life
With my own against me in the strife of life and death between
But love is everywhere and even and especially there
Above and between where love is the meaning of what I mean

Love makes me believe for the first time in an adult way
A feeling something must be out there caring what I do
Out there above and in here between where love knows what I mean
As tomorrow blooms from the seeds of yesterday today

Still only but not lonely anymore with love at the door
Loving myself as my neighbor a labor of love for me
As I find when I refuse to see I might as well be blind
And I believe for the first time what I only thought I knew

Believing is relieving after only being lonely
Seeing is believing and my eyes are not deceiving when
Opening eyes and heart I begin to see the light of love again
Nothing to prove to me as love proves to be the one and only

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 14, 2010, 1:54 am

All Right with Me

sixteen multiversal verses "of a trip through"


There goes another day here comes another night
As have all the days and the nights I have been
Beginning and ending and beginning again
In the now of always and the when of then


I remember the beginning now the end is in sight
And the turning and returning in the in between
Of a trip through what I may not know to what I may
As I find out the hard way what I may not know


As well as what I may despite what anyone may say
As if anyone may know anything anyway
But to fade to silence from a former fortissimo
At too late to explain now for whatever may remain


Though some of what I may know may not even be so
And though I may not know it even though
I may know what I may know or I may not
I know I remember more than I forgot


As who and what if maybe not how I would be
I could be worse and should be better but never mind
Because I left what to compare me with behind
Within the shed skin of what some may know as me


I used to own a lot of things too many to count
And they had an estate sale as though I were dead and gone
Five generations liquidated for the lowest amount
The curious could pay to take it all away and I moved on


I got married once but do not want to be buried
The one idea the wrong one for me I suppose
The other even less appealing but then when who knows
And both so claustrophobic I would rather just be burned


And not alive as in the one but as the other goes
As this much now unmarried and unburied I have learned
It is not the institution but the constitution of
The married buried claimed and put to bed in the name of love


I seek no sacramental nor environmental walls
I would rather not be buried in the exclusivity
Of the institution since my constitution would be free
The open elusivity of freedom is what calls to me


As a boy I learned a Bible verse about how it was
"Better to marry than to burn" and I did both because
A contemporary temporary man I earn the flame
With no one left now but myself to blame


Seasons of both happy and unhappy surprise
Pass before my eyes now like the grass before it dies
To pass into the past as my time passes too
But by consciousness I am and conscientiousness I do


Decay does not delay and I must pay for today
Tomorrow as an old tomorrow and new yesterday
Like all the old tomorrows and new yesterdays past
Another good reason to make today last


At least until tomorrow anyway
As better than I would be but worse than I should
I mean well and keep meaning to do well by doing good
As well as doing good by doing well as you could tell


And I am all right because I have to be all right
When another day and then another night I see
What I may and I may not know and come what may
Knowing and not knowing will be all right with me


Right now is as right with me as any time would be
And has the advantage of not being a surprise
Reassuring of mere madness and not sheer senility
Readjusting to the darkness through my newly opened eyes


There goes another night here comes another day
Of coming and going of may and may not knowing
But I am all right because I have to be
Another day another night will be all right with me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 11, 2010, 6:35 pm

The River of Stars

for Lucy in the sky


In the middle of the darkness of the midnight sky
Written in the riddle of the sparks of night
Where they fly upward there as I seem born to trouble here
As if to ask why not in answer to my question why


When the only thing preventing me from anything is fear
I wait then for the spine of the sky to appear
When though silence is unbroken love is spoken in
The backbone of the black and of the velvet blue
On either side of glory as it spirals through


The river of stars the superhighway of light
Like heavy traffic late on the celestial interstate
With every light a blazing sun surrounded by the worlds of
Other worlds but worlds the same made one in light by love


And love is the giver the sea to which the river flows
Origin as destiny what comes returning where it goes
The promise unspoken of love never broken in
The course of the source of the universe surging
In the river of stars for now and forever


From me and to me around me and through me
The river of stars is my visible hope of
Now here before me around and behind
Exchanging the unchanging with me changing my mind


Channeling me to the challenge of love
Through the rocks and the rapids and over the falls
Alone with my feelings together with love
Knowing no ceilings no floors and no walls
From me and to me around me and through me


Around and below as around and above
The spine of the sky comes unaffected by our urging
Doing what it does because of and for love of love
And if the clouds within and without allow we see it now


This is the now as well as the never
We never imagined would ever be like this
In the river of stars when the sky becomes a kiss
To free our being to become whenever we see
The only thing preventing us from anything is fear


Along the spine of the sky every being is free
To wait then for the river of stars to appear
The backbone of the black and of the velvet blue
On either side of glory as it spirals through


Overarching undergirding compassing who are
Rotating revolving notating and evolving
Each to the specificity of every separate star
Harmonized within the music of the spheres
Synchronized within the synchronicity


So all our times are nows and all our places heres
Purpose in the pattern meaning in the measure
And light in the darkness where pain gives birth to pleasure
When we see each other signaling as we are sailing by


We never thought what could be would but see now it is this
In the middle of the riddle of the spine of the sky
Unbroken love in silence spoken by the sparks of night
In the river of stars when the sky becomes a kiss
As if to ask why not in answer to our question why

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 10, 2010, 6:18 pm

Cha Cha Cha

I would like to dance cha cha cha for you
But because I should not I could do what
I could do a little more gracefully

Like cha cha cha chatting amiably
Or dedicating you some poetry
A transcendental sonnet or two (or three)

I would like to dance cha cha cha for you
But because I forgot how I should not

If I could remember now in November
I would cha cha cha charm you but good if I could
Remember to dance cha cha cha as I should

I know and show my limits inimitably
To dance cha cha cha could be the end of me
And yet now in November I would like to remember

Chachachacha chacha
Chacha cha cha

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 10, 2010, 1:19 am

The Thunder of the Butterflies


When I hear thunder I wonder
More like dream than thought
If maybe I could understand
An answer spoken in thunder
To the questioning lightning flash
Like something I forgot


Here between the flame and the ash
Reality feels like a kiss
When thunder answers me as what
Here between over and under
To remember that I forgot
And then I feel and remember this


Alone out here along the way
From never to ever
No understudy for my part
With no one left for whom to say
No one but me to see the play
Its curtain now or never


No one but me inside my head
And yet I say it anyway
Except to everyone instead
Outside my head into your heart
And come what may as we become
A poem for the long way home


And coming apart at the seams
Or so it seems to be
As we come together today
I can see surprise in your eyes
As we shed our skins for our dreams
To be reality


To be reborn as butterflies
Though caterpillars yesterday
And caterpillars tomorrow
Cycling to our joy through sorrow
But we will get there if we dare
And if we care to and we do


Going through the cycle again
Ready to shed our skins
Undergoing then going free
Cycling through our ups and downs when
Now not later and now not then
Now is when it all begins


In purest possibility
Since N and O and W
Become the somehow of to be
And W and O and N
Have those who knew this who have been
And having won now one will be


Some of the total of how but
Possible so far
Beyond the sum including what
Cannot be seen we mean to mean
As total of the sum of us
The all of what we are


The total of the sum of how
Caterpillars can dream and fly
Butterflies to become of us
Who know no limit to our sky
Freedom becomes us rise or fall
In the total somehow of now


And so we are and so we rise
The answer after all
The gift made better by surprise
When we shed our skins of fear
And wonder is answered in thunder
The thunder of the butterflies
When now connects with here

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 8, 2010, 6:10 pm

St. James Wood in the Morning

for Robert and Aurora

I am staying at a place called St. James Wood today
The lawn goes on and on and on I know because I mow
Addressing both the business ends of animals too
Feeding them before and after shoveling up the residue
Otherwise free to pursue my poetry

The snakes sleep now but when they wake must be the day I go
Or so I always say but really where else could I stay
But where I always have the front row seat for the nightly show
Of the universe dancing its delight with all its diamond might
For me up in the upper paddock like it will tonight?

St. James Wood in the morning and another day again
Of ora et labora then with Robert and Aurora when
Through the animals through the sod
Through the love of my friends to the love of God
I will be and I might even be at home someday

Whatever happens happy to be here and now and anyway

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 7, 2010, 5:47 pm

The Wonderland Verses


I am shrinking with age but better that than
Stinking with rage the way an angry man can
Not getting mad going mad slipping away


A little smaller today than yesterday
With everybody angry and with me not
But not with me not that it matters anyway


Except that I am curious about the what
Of the why whereby I seem to disappear
As though I were something the future forgot


And though I know that I am now and here
I wonder if my now will be later when
I get smaller and smaller then not thinking shrink again
Suffering to separate my now from my here


Every year I very nearly die but remain
A little smaller little too confused to explain
Trying to understand it all in wonderland


As in December I remember things the past forgot
To bring from spring I thought would be forever
But because they were here there here they are not
And since they were now when now they are then


Now never to evermore see them here again
Nor do I understand it all at all not yet and yet
Better small than bitter gall better now than never


Long ago an ego like the great outdoors
Was at my command and might have battled yours
But shrinking I have changed and thinking I may say
You mean more to me than me or as much anyway


The inwardly expanding here of now allows
Our heres to be here now together with our nows
Here to realize us now at actual size


And though I might appear to be
Disappearing gradually
It seems to me to be and entre nous
That I am being realized actually


Doing what I do in order to come true
Realizing how I want to be actually
As you actualize now what is really me
As I am realizing what is actually you


Made clearer in the mirror of reality
Shared and compared and completed in reflection
And though old and small and fallen I arise again


The penalty death but the pardon resurrection
Content now to be outwardly growing in reverse
While inwardly here expanding with the universe


The scope of my hope is if anything greater
And richer and deeper if small if problematic
Than it was when I was then now that later is now


Content and continent if strange if enigmatic
An ego like the great indoors but still not angry
Living through bad times but having lived through worse
Never having died yet but wondering how


With everybody angry at too late to explain
Aheading and behinding forwarding and rewinding
Where not many if any explanations remain
In wonderland though small I understand it all at last


Understanding how I understand nothing
At all now wondering why it took so long for me
To see I could be happy if I let myself be


And that is the part that is harder than anything
To let myself be happy allowing me to see
Myself clearer through the mirror shrinking but thinking
To understand in wonderland a wonderful thing


How it all works out now somehow though not easy nor fast
But this is how it is and how it does what it does
How now is my present from the future and the past


A Trojan horse or Pegasus on which to go free
How it will be when now is then to see not to say
But now is how it is because it is not how it was


And here and now is all I ever hope to be
Happy or else understand why not in wonderland
So forward no behinding ahead and no rewinding
It is clearer through the mirror when I go the right way


As in the dark immensity of fear
What could it be but us I see who could it be but we
Who spark the bright intensity of here
And now as the somehow of those who go free?


Time may have its way with me
If I may have this day to be
The way it is because you stay with me
And it may end if till then you will be my friend


As in this our meeting within this fleeting greeting
Of sparks in the dark on the eve of despair
And in this our finding each other never minding
I can feel the future remember us from there

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Nov 5, 2010, 8:31 pm

The Madmen

for Lydia Aswolf

Have you seen the madmen walking
Men with something on their minds
Heard the angry sad men talking
Less aheads and more behinds?

Walking straight ahead into the past
Talking straight behind into the when of then
Having been but never meant to be again
Men for whom the endgame cannot come too fast

Ignorance in action rude reality
Closeted and goitered faked and baked and brewed
Laughing at us even as we help them be
Men for whom money is their favorite food

Have you heard the madmen talking
Less aheads and more behinds?
Seen the angry sad men walking
Men with nothing on their minds?

Straight ahead off the cliff after us behind
Blindly having bought and paid now for the blind

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 29, 2010, 4:14 am

Up the Hill

I went up the hill and here I see
The death of the sun through the dogwood tree
Seeing the mindful process entire
From when it was too bright to see but light
Then glory and the phoenix death by fire
The promise of morning given by night
And for the absence rising the higher

What if God were wiser than we thought
The universal better through worse
Kinder than we knew or we forgot
Making ourselves and others dizzy
Getting nowhere but keeping busy
Caught up in rules and regulations
Races and tribes and warring nations?

What if God were simpler than we are
Nothing but the all of everything
The ambient amniotic of
The birth through death of the sun of love
The still small voice of hope along the way
No matter what anyone else might say
Open and real and pure as a star?

Differing traditions disagree
And I with all of them as I am free
Being a someone of the somehow
On the precipice of the present now
Though they insist on their explanations
For that which they fear to understand
Impotent but for the fear they command

Maybe in others but not in me
Because I see how below as above
Always and everywhere God is love
The ambient amniotic we
Have given the name reality
Here at now with God and you and me
So close there is no separation

No race no tribe no warring nation
Nothing but the all of everything
Open and real and pure as a star
Better through worse through the universe
Kinder than we knew or we forgot
The how of now and the why of what
Is but is without explanation

And for the absence rising the higher
The promise of morning received by night
Then glory and the phoenix birth by fire
From when it was too bright to be but light
Being the mindful process entire
The birth of the sun through the dogwood tree
I went up the hill and here I see

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 28, 2010, 6:52 pm

Doggie Doggerel

As soon as you see him you can tell
A dog on the go when he steps out

Meeting and agreeing
With other dogs out seeing
The sights a dog can see

And if there is an answer to his bark
On the doggie telegraph today
You can tell a dog well on his way
To a doggie convocation in the park

Sniffing things and peeing
Getting worked up and being
As God made him to be

Talking what the walk is all about
Simply speaking doggie doggerel

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 28, 2010, 12:53 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1441:
Birds of a Feather

I am becoming my own best friend
Taking me with me wherever I go
Because I feel like I can depend
On me to be nice (well usually)
Always to others often to me

Though becoming unbelievably
Older than I ever thought I would be
But still with that certain savoir faire
Like a parakeet in a new mirror

Parakeets in parallel who know
We are seeing our true colors clearer
That most of our feathers are still there
And that whatever happens we could be
Birds of a feather together anywhere

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 27, 2010, 7:16 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1440:
Another Day

for Teddy, "my son the actor"

Whatever happens now we did our best
The lights are up now and the curtain down
And if it was well then we passed the test
But leave it to the critics and the town

We know we gave our uttermost and so
Do they because that is the only way
They know and so do we and it will be
Another show tomorrow every day

We always leave them laughing when we go
And there is nothing I would rather do
Than be a trouper and to bring the show
An entertainer here alongside you

A showman now and always born and bred
Another day along another ahead

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 23, 2010, 4:55 pm

The Singer in the Song

The singer in the song and the ringer in the bell
The painter in the canvas and the sculptor in the stone
The reader as the writer in this poem as well
Transcend ourselves into a higher consciousness we share
In which we are surprised to find ourselves unalone
When marked then by the moment to remember we were there

As here as well as such the spell where inner light has shone
A small spark in the dark but shared to shine anywhere
Being the light of our recognition of another
In ourselves as the ignition of connection to
All other souls who feel it as it is will be and was
To make and take this leap of faith one to touch the other

The moment when you feel me as I am feeling you
Like reaching out into the dark to feel another hand
Conducting eternity like electricity
And conjoined in this connection at last to understand
Art exists as we do to remind us that we do
The secrets of our souls compared and shared to make us free

Because God is love and making is the thing love does
Made to make we become to be the image of divine
Creativity as we remember who we are
Showing to be free is to be godly and if some tell
Us it is not they forgot how it is to be now
At not only the only but the best time we could be

Singers ringers readers writers all as each a star
Shining in and sharing the sky to which we all belong
The reader as the writer in this poem as well
We remember who we are and through art remember how
As moon to sun as earth to sky when all the stars align
The ringer in the bell and the singer in the song

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 19, 2010, 3:26 pm

The Transcendental Season

for Robert on his birthday

Autumn is the transcendental season to be
When wind fills trees like sails and turning leaves let go
To sail their one and only voyages past me
To ride the tide of destiny though they must know
By now the only way is down from up a tree

in September

When though the leaves change then their essences remain
Perfected as life does what it does perfectly
Now turning and returning to the earth below
As life is love is God for those who have eyes to see

Perfection is too big and small for me to understand
Out the corner of my eye forgotten like the sky
Or when remembered then as unattainable for me

With my fear and my itching ear for the next big thing
Then my lonely predilections for only and unless
My neither with my nor when God calls for both with and
Completion asking of me nothing less than everything

in October

But I know love and of the feeling of a loving hand
I can comprehend kindness can fathom friendliness
And tenderness togetherness and sharing questions why
All of which bear embers of the universal kiss
With completion of the pyramid completed hereby

On this voyage of reunion all along the long way
Remembering the future by forgetting the past
Becoming now and being here as always everywhere

None less than all are called within an all-seeing eye
Love looks for love through love in one who does more than pray
God seeks no slaves nor masters only friends and this is why
The call is and the answer only we the loved can say

in November

A vision clarifying now which can be terrifying
To reveal the transcendental other in another's eyes
Reflecting in our own and on how we are not alone

Easier to know somehow than to remember now as we
Wonder through the thunder the lightning and the come what may
As easy to forget as to remember then the reason
When perfected as life is what it is perfectly

Turning now before I go returning to the love I know
As love is God is life for those with beating hearts to be
So big so small and this is all but nice to know in fall

and in December

I have found my reason in the transcendental season
I might even be ready now for happiness at last
This then as the story this the glory this as this

Life because as is and does perfected as I see
Completing the cycle and beginning again
Continuing love into immortality
Transcending and bending my perception of death
Life becoming visible suspended in air

Making me appreciate every autumn breath
As each a ghost to mark the moment I was there

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 19, 2010, 3:21 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1439:
Nice to Know in Fall

God seeks no slaves nor masters only friends and this is why
This is the story this the glory this is this
Completion of the pyramid completed hereby
By nothing less than all in an all-seeing eye

Perfection is too big and small for us to understand
Out the corner of our eye forgotten like the sky
With our fear and with our ear itching for the next big thing
Our lonely predilections for only and unless
Our neither and our nor when God would like our both and and
Our completion asking nothing less than everything

But we know of love and the feeling of a loving hand
We can comprehend kindness can fathom friendliness
Within which burns an ember of the universal kiss
So big so small and this is all but nice to know in fall

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 18, 2010, 3:12 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1438:
Life and Death in Autumn

Autumn is the transcendental season to be
When wind fills trees like sails and turning leaves let go
To sail their one and only voyages past me
To ride the tide of destiny though they must know
How the only way is down from up in a tree
Now turning and returning to the earth below
When though the leaves change then their essences remain

Because this is life as it is and does I see
Completing the cycle and beginning again
Continuing life into immortality
Transcending and bending my perception of death
Life becoming visible suspended in air
Making me appreciate every autumn breath
As each a ghost to mark the moment I was there

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 12, 2010, 11:30 pm

A Clean Sheet of Paper on a Brand New Day

astra per aspera: stars through difficulty


A clean sheet of paper on a brand new day
As we begin again in our usual way
Ascending through unusualness on our way to
Being as we are and becoming as we do


As by happy consequence of consciousness we are
One and all a sun as all and each a star
Who put our best foot forward even when we fall
Each the rising star we are if brittle though brightly


Stars arriving astra per aspera day by day
Though no one wants to hear how we struggle night by nightly
Through difficulty as the stars we are who shine to stay
They say they know already as they struggle even so


Though no one wants to say for fear of going too far
No one knows ahead of now of the surprise of how
With how somehow forgotten to be gotten like why
The becoming of our being seen if not understood


Known mainly as the growing pains by which we know we try
Or maybe pains is not the word because becoming feels so good
So terribly exciting as we just let go because we must and fly
Though we feel unsteady or a bit unready for the sky


And we may not know how but we know about now
These coltish adolescent awkward stars we are just
As we are to rise uptown and not fall down and not know how
But stars we are and those who say we go too far can eat stardust


Seeing it being our because freeing night from day
Just to see how it will be and if it must be how it was
Now when no one knows how but then everyone does
In our usual unusual though our ascending way


Each to be the star we are through difficulty then
Through more possible todays again than we may ever know
Being astra per aspera makes the night a long one when
One way is found as wrong way round another way wound rightly


And round and round and bound to be wound tightly as we go
For the turning and returning and the learning not to fall
The only way to go is to go on with the show
Because we are troupers are we not after all?


Fear falls because it fails to love when only love may rise
In life to fall in love to turn from gravity to destiny
And if we fall the only way is up when we have stars in our eyes
Seeing what can be and freeing it to be by being you and me


Not anybody much at least I know I am who
I think and if therefore I am then I will be and do
Being and becoming stars we are with you to rise uptown
Alongside and ascending not to fall and never backing down


One and all a sun as all and each a star
Ascending through unusualness on our way to
Being as we are and becoming as we do
The consequential consciousnesses of me and you


As we begin again in our usual way
Conscientious consciousnesses consciences clear
Having learned the only time and place is now and here
A clean sheet of paper on a brand new day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 11, 2010, 1:18 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1435:
The Muse of the Music of Mystery

When it comes to me and it wants to be
And it feels like something apart from me
To come and to become a part of me
Then I want to be too because it wants me

The muse of the music of mystery and me

If I am possessed I possess in turn
As we turn and return and so I learn
Possibility made possible by
Looking up from down and seeing the sky
Looking in from out and being the why
Being and becoming to live and not die

The muse of the music of mystery and I

As we turn and return and so I learn
If I am possessed I possess in turn

Transcendental Sonnet #1436:
The Pyramid

Who is this one who comes to me apart
To come together with me in my heart
To bend and to mend my reality
To finish the pyramid where we start?

The wonder the wanderer in disguise
The morning star rising through velvet blue
The eye of the storm to open my eyes
The eye on the sparrow and watching me
The morning star as the evening star too
The primal light shining in me and you

Who could it be but God to come like this
To waken and to make me understand
The butterfly descending in my hand
To finish the pyramid at a kiss?

Transcendental Sonnet #1437:
Reminded by the Sky

I get lost and then I find myself found
In a holding pattern of destiny
Walking in circles looking at the ground

Waiting to catch up with the rest of me
Never seeing much never knowing why
Because I forget to look at the sky

O Deus meus et omnia you
Are with me and have never gone away
O other but mother as father too

And here we are with our where as everywhere

Reminded by the sky within the day
The night and what I can scry in between
You and I are all there is anyway

As anyone who knows you knows what I mean

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 7, 2010, 8:33 pm

E3X: Epitaph Epigraph and Epilogue


An Icarus of spacetime hereafter my before
Herein within an afterlife of after wife and losing
Now seeing the freeing effect of my being meing
The cause of which must be expecting nothing anymore
So that nothing seems to happen which is not of my choosing

I do not happen to choose to be losing today
Opening at closing being shown and seeing the door
But I am happy to have opened up a mind or two
Or at least to have encouraged those who closed them down to
Give love another chance by being

+Steven Curtis Lance

Who lived till now from New Year's Eve of 1954
And by this rhyme who wrote his epitaph ahead of time


These epitaphs and epigraphs of personality
Are ultimately exercises in futility
More moon than sun reflective and of limited utility
Initiating nothing though the moon may wax and wane
More useful is the question of the day today as ever:
What is to be done and who is the one to do it with me?

Somehow in the now of when and whenever
Possibilities like popcorn or raindrops leaping from a lake
Not teardrops just raindrops an objective wash of rain
In a life though solitary which is extra extraordinary
A heart elastic and plastic enough to bend and not break
Having come a hard road where only the hard remain

Somehow in the now before I open this door
I have saved for when I choose to be together nor alone anymore
Which worries me a portal like Pandora's box of story
Or to put the best construction on an open door to glory
I believe I think I understand but I know who might know:
Whoever might care to go with me wherever it is we go

Somehow in the now of never say never
Till this epitaph is needed let my death be superseded
By my life of onlyness and when any loneliness then epigraph to
The any of the manyness the coming of the some
And being glad to see them seeing what I have become
Past epitaphs and epigraphs of what has been to what is left to be


An epilogue in which I aspire to desire once more as before
Epilogue as prologue to better days spent better ways
From moon to sun the quest begun to find and free the come what mays
To come as they may become as they might and open me
To raindrops leaping from a lake because of possibility

And if teardops only in solution toward the joyful resolution
Of the problem which onlyness can have about loneliness without
Another only near admitting being lonely here
Though solitary extra extraordinary and without a doubt about
This situation to which one solution might be you

Or maybe the solution in the singular when
Within the great duality I learn to love again

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 5, 2010, 6:07 pm

Hidden in the Day


I always want to see a shooting star and sometimes do
And whether or not they really shoot they really seem to
The existential action is what is the attraction
For the any of the many or who come of the some
The beating heart of being blazing through the blooming night


Though shooting might seem optimistic from the point of view
Of stars which may fall short of shooting but which overcome
As disconnected diamonds descending points of light
Stunning on blue velvet flashing frozen fire all the way
Down empowered with powers of flight if temporarily


Since anything can happen when to be is to become
They seem to shoot awhile before they fall to be their all
In all in that moment of their opportunity to
Surmount the structured strictures of a stationary ball
As what they lived for after all in all has been and done


To sing the song of the silver swan and then to be gone
To leave the stage quickly and not run into anything
Urging horizontality on a trajectory
Of inevitable downwardness but with a birthright
Of flight if for the moment rising up to take the fall


A moment of the will a gesture outward toward the sky
At a moment which becomes all moments each now and here
A moment which contains both anything and everything
And the moment is the moment without which that is all
With all within one moment and that moment is this one


Though backhanded consolation seeing stars disappear
Leaving holes in the blue velvet as they puncture the night
The flash of their existence has become the attraction
As I see existence as a flash and fall of my own
Remembering my branding with a falling star tattoo


Having seen my fellow fallen to the satisfaction
Of my fear at least till morning as though dreamed in a dream
As though daydreamed in a nightmare I am all alone here
And the part of me which never sleeps sees myself being
Awakened by a sound which sounds like falling stars to me


And as I flash and fall and see that I am not alone
I come to the moment of my existential action
And would like to be like them as the moment comes for me
Having heard how all the way down all the senses are clear
And as they fall to ecstasy they sing their silent scream


As they are freeing themselves I am seeing them being
Brilliant all the long way down along as they fall streaming
Lightning like Lucifer tearing through spacetime and screaming
"This is what we lived for" silent through the brightening sky
Surrendering and rendering respect to gravity


The phoenix spreads its flaming wings becoming one with light
To overcome the hard way to be born within to die
As the morning after whitens to embrace if to erase
The points of light of the night before to mean something more
When points of light converge and merge into the morning sky


A star though falling is bright enough to light wrong from right
An omen how it might be between then and when it was
Allowing us to see how it will be beyond first sight
To be for now for how it was and might be as it does
When only here and lonely in the middle of the night


And I too am a shooting star as doubtless you can tell
Falling is what I do too screaming silently for you
As we transcend together to become the light we might
They say "write what you know" and this is something I know well
When night was never darker but when morning is in sight


What matters cannot be destroyed and so we fade away
To be the stars we always are though hidden in the day

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Oct 2, 2010, 9:54 pm

Believe It or Not


A tempest in a teapot a typhoon in a spoon
Camouflaged chameleons none but the blind can tell
Obeisance to the sun done in the dark of the moon
Pigs flying in formation on a cold day in hell
Circumnavigating by not going anywhere


Mad scientists with vaccinations for our disease
Tested on the suppressed and then reserved for the best
Of the rest who were the worst before the bubble burst
Robots marching four abreast into a wishing well
But they do not suffer as we do and wish them to


I never thought forever could be over so soon
But our disease remains incurable as ever
And over and under and around and out and through
Another forever is as easy as you please
You can grab one right now out of the air if you dare


There were forevers at my feet in the street today
But if you cannot find one you may take one of these
As the lotus unfolds through a few absurdities
It never hurts to have a spare forever or two
Given how scared we seem to be of finding never


And then they only last as long as now anyway
Before being sanitized into our sanities
Underestimated to irrelevance to be
Rarified into our ritual inanities
To be the state religion of a moment ago


We are rather silly animals if you ask me
Terrified and scarified with battle lines drawn on
The worried brows of worriers who soon will be gone
Persisting in pursuing and pinning forever
Resisting and insisting to know what not to know


Self-consuming candles cannot last the night till dawn
Which is why I do not worry anymore you see
By transcending both the bonfire and the vanities
I enjoy the equipoise of doing and being
I like it better when my in and outside agree


And if some want to worry about their forever
Let them begin by being open to their seeing
Stop resisting seeing what insists on being there
I would love to have a hand in freeing them and yet
Forever is never when they need it I regret


Camouflaged chameleons none but the blind can tell
And I can tell if not tell when their minds have been made
A tempest in a teapot a typhoon in a spoon
Robots marching four abreast into a wishing well
But I am dancing now and the piper has been paid


Considering and reconsidering I perceive
My reality becoming that part I believe
And seeing believing I come to see forever
As now as how it is not when then but whenever
It may be as always now as it was never then


I can only be now since that is all I know how
To be though still I try to be forever till when
I see how I can never be anytime but now
Which any way you look at it is better than then
Circumnavigating by not going anywhere


Never mind forever it is only now again
This moment of transcendence within the in between
The moment within which all other moments remain
Hopeful fruitful and pregnant with possibility
Whenever they say forever now is what they mean


The sharp edge of eternity comes sudden and soon
And the only cure for our disease is being now
Because now is forever and becomes everywhere
And because I am here now I am already there
Then believe it or not when forever I will be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX

Sep 29, 2010, 1:53 am

One Basso Bow Profundo Wow

a sonnet for The Big Old Dog

They called him Yankee Doodle and he was a friend of mine
He was a big old dog who must have weighed a buck oh nine
Although I never weighed him (since how could I anyway?)
And having buried him I come to praise The Big Old Dog today

Oh The Big Old Dog The Big Old Dog (to me that was his name)
He looked like Senator John McCain but I loved him just the same
Becoming the hit he would become he started gold then went platinum
Resembling some of us in this way with that serious sense of play
And the gravitas gravity gifted his face he wore like a timeworn gift of grace
As settling with time settling into the ground he settled him down with a settling sound

But in the chorus of the canines who transcended time and space
One basso bow profundo wow stands out and one familiar face
Looking like Senator John McCain but loving him just the same
Yes! The Big Old Dog! The Big Old Dog (to me that is his name)!

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMX


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