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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Aug 29, 2011, 1:31 am

The Nearaway Faded Red Store

amo ergo sum

Well I walked up to the nearaway faded red store
Today because the faraway was too far for me
For big Zig-Zag papers and was able to get more
Thanks to my son Teddy and his generosity
On a Sunday in the dog days a beautiful day
And the marijuana man is on his way

Always before forever I never would have been
Now wondering if blundering I rise as I fall
Let down I get up again within the now and then
I wonder when I ever get anywhere at all
Once you know you have to go but I went anyway
Not knowing so not having to on Sunday

I would always be as I have never been before
As I love therefore I am if temporarily
Where the nearaway faded red store then would have more
When nearaway is far enough away there to be
Amo ergo sum with or without relationships
With an open heart and a smile on my lips

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 25, 2011, 11:11 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1473:
Rising Toward the Light

Labor Day 2011
solidarity forever

Fearing us holding us down and back by body or by soul
At war on the poor by propaganda and starvation
What conservatives seem to seek to conserve is their control

They know our day is coming of righteous indignation
And realizing how we rise they hate us all the more
To see the dignity of those with dreams worth fighting for

As echoes in their echo chambers having had their say
Their fearful day our night they fear but may not disallow
The now and realize we rise to sweep them all away

When we rise then and surprise them when the ones they sat upon
The shat upon start standing up to be counted as free
When we know our day is coming then their night is almost gone

The night is long with all the wrong that wounds us from the right
But we are left the stronger for it rising toward the light

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 23, 2011, 2:56 am


The bread is only a day or two stale
Because it was frozen a month now or two
What it is like is how it tastes to fail
But standing here in the breadline to get it
You get it the hard way get by to get through

Will that old lady be preaching today
Who wanted us all to get on the bus?

No: she was sick so they took her away
They said look away when she made a fuss
When prodded like cattle we just stood there when
We wanted to go but we had to stay
When they spoke with their voice of authority
Without addressing us trying to say
When she was just dying to be something then
Though lying that we had nothing to see

We see anyway but on Saturday
Morning is when we stand in the breadline again

To get it the hard way get by to get through
Then to forget how much you regret it
Like doing something you just have to do
And when I say you I mean me and not you
But it gets to you then if you let it

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 18, 2011, 7:22 am

As If

I found love but lost it along the way
Gone the wrong way because I was afraid
And in the ambiguity between
In incongruent continuity
A sense of suspense in a ready state

Somehow alone now I wonder someday
As time keeps returning a steady rate
Of return when the time to turn has come
About love if hypothetically
And if it should be that I could find some
As if not denied but only delayed
And as if someone could know what I mean

As if not too late for a turn of fate
To lose love but find it along the way
The long way when always is in between
Tomorrow and yesterday only when
Today is the only now and again

Fate turned away once and left me for dead
After the universe turned for the worse
To turn out for the better anyway
As if it had to turn worse than it was
Turning around and returning instead
As if from behind to come out ahead
And turn out for the best then when it does

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 17, 2011, 12:33 pm

I Hope So Anyway

To smoke a joint and get the point
Would be enough for me
A can of beans and what it means
Should be as I could be
By simplicity of living
Known by necessity
Necessarily forgiving
Not one to disappoint

Looking to be happy somehow
Just looking after all
But someday looking back at now
Today as yesterday
A little great however small
I hope so anyway

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 14, 2011, 11:53 pm

Thank You My Friends

Not outside my head but inside instead
A cymbal sound like a circular saw
Cutting to the chase of natural law
Like sunset and sunrise cycling the sky
Turns like I do only natural to
Sizzle with the rhythm burn to the beat
Of my own heart told by my empty hand

Come in for the light but stay for the heat
That never begins till forever ends
But waits there in the dark for me and you
With the living instead of with the dead
Where it is easier when we are friends
For both our sakes then as we wonder why
And two is who it takes to understand

Come in for the night as we wait and see
And thank you my friends for visiting me

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 14, 2011, 1:55 am

No Time

I remember a war on poverty
But that was before this war on the poor
And any way I look at it I lost

But I can see this is not about me
Or anybody human anymore
When corporations count and count the cost

Corporations are people too they say
No time for the poor in the USA

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 12, 2011, 6:16 am


The arc of a spark in the dark
We know as we are known
The secret signal of the light
Across a lonely sky

The disappointment of the night
Because the day passed by
Made better as by touch of hands
We know then the unknown

When someone sees who understands
And we are unalone

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 11, 2011, 8:18 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1472:
Happy Birthday Everyone

Happy Birthday to my son
And then to another one
A grandmother my father
Two former in-laws other
People born in August too
Many people maybe you
Must forgive me I regret
If I should not remember

Though I never could forget
When August turns September
That what I would say and do
Then when all is said and done
Is wish all and each of you
Happy Birthday Everyone

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 5, 2011, 8:29 pm

If Counterintuitively

It used to be the princess and the pea
Was how it was and because it was me
Who was if counterintuitively
To play the princess in the story when
I was to I was very wary then
Of anything that might have bothered me
For anyone who might have mothered me
In the wrong story again and again
When mattresses of my mind smothered me

Othering myself my self othered me
So I came to become another one
Became some other someone else begun
Someone not very wary anymore
Because no princess while meanwhile the pea
With no one left then to be wary for
Bothered by nothing and mothered by none
In its own story becoming to be
Was me if counterintuitively

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Aug 2, 2011, 6:54 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1471:
Into the Dark Tonight

for my children

I will carry your love with me into the dark tonight
So that I know I go from love to love from light to light
When I will remember your love in December I will
Be with you then as you are with me now I will be still

And though the world grow cold and I grow old I will be there
Because of love because to love is to be everywhere
To be there for the fall nor will I leave you after all
Because of love because to love is to be everyone
And everything and always never ending just begun
Another way those who know say and so to love again

But all I know is I will always love you even then
Nor will I leave you after all but be there for the fall
So that I know I go from love to love from light to light
I will carry your love with me into the dark tonight

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 31, 2011, 10:10 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1470:
When Tomorrow Never Came

When sinking down at the crossroads of neither and nor
Interjected to the intersection of the two
By rejection say or by dejection anyway

After the happy ever after and yet before
Finding out what it was one was to be happy for
But minding by the laughter it was something worthwhile

One who knows what it does now when it goes how it was
I suppose the only thing to do is what I do

And eyes begin to rise then to either and to or
When lips find they must follow them and curl up to smile
A sonnet on it in the end and so to transcend
Whatever if it ever was it was in my way

When tomorrow never came because it was today
And never was a lot like forever in the end

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 27, 2011, 8:30 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1469:
Through the Eye of the Storm

Rooting through the rubble I finally find
For my trouble wandering wondering here
What matters depends on the state of my mind
I can see by love or be blinded by fear
No trouble ahead but the trouble behind
And here in between a time to celebrate
To love unafraid now is never too late

I see clearer when I put down the mirror
Where I saw my trouble double then went blind
Afraid of the dark there I remembered love
To find what I need for my September of
Turning and the burning of hope keeps me warm
What matters depends on the state of my mind
I can see by love through the eye of the storm

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 24, 2011, 2:25 am

Transcendental Sonnet #1468:

The more I know us the more I know
We need each other and even though
You might not like to admit
Having a place in your heart I fit
You do as I have one to fit you
And everyone else does too

As we spark the dark across the sky
We know us as we are known
That we need each other even so
Even though we are alone

The more I know us the more I know
We go together as what we mean
As we come together in between
Love is what we are and why

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 20, 2011, 6:09 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1467:
In the Funhouse Mirror

An uncertain nagging agitation
Or in a certain inflammation of the mind
Huntedness hauntedness infestation
Of thoughts hoped forgotten but never lost I find
Myself in the funhouse mirror again

No fun by myself in a house of pain
Without walls but instead what inside of my head
Is reflected by refraction to distraction

With fear the reaction but where love is the action
Of being seeing you remember me as I must be
Outside of my head there freeing me to see instead
What I really look like when my familiar face
Full of scars of fear by love is full then of grace

Seeing what love can do being reflected in you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 8, 2011, 7:11 pm

By Love I Transcend

for Lindsey, the Laughing Daffodil

The mystic embraces the other
Though not in the fact
Nor the spark
Of interaction with his brother
But in the abstract
And not for now when only then

No wonder the mystic is lonely
Unable to see
For the dark
One there under the only
Where caught in the act
Of being only human again
The other his brother is only me

Being one to wonder now because
By not doing good he is not doing well
But only sticking to his story there
Suspended between his heaven and hell
In his own purgatory where
His forever never ever was

Once the mystic then but not anymore
For now love is how I pray for today
Having nothing left except for love for now
Living without secrets to be dying for
But having this knowing why because knowing how
Having nothing left for now but all and everything
Or all I ever needed anyway

And in the end I know
As much as I know anything
I rise even though
I know I will have to fall
Having opened my eyes
Seeing death an act of love
And hearing its call

And hearing now I have no fear of
Falling seeing falling as falling in love
When falling is rising then to my surprise
Not in the abstract but caught in the act
Of being only human after all

And so in the end
By love I transcend

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jul 3, 2011, 1:33 am

A Star to Fall Across the Night

for all my friends all over the world

A screen house under an apricot tree
In the summer of 1965
Was where my being first occurred to me
It was there I began to feel alive
As my own existential entity

And there on my own in that house of screen
Where I was alone to know what I mean
I began to think using my own mind
Of so little known and so much unknown
And so much I would have to leave behind

But all I knew then was time would come when
I would remember June in September
After the summer then after the fall
When the tree was cut down in December
That I would still be me then after all

And so it is and so I am as I
Am counting the rings of life passing by
Those times around the sun I understood
Now in December as I remember
My turn and my return for my own good

Whoever I am I have always been
Around and around and yet always me
And whoever I am I know will be
As I was in June so in December
And now as then and so around again

Till turning shall cease and the wheel release
My turning to the burning of the light
After December then as an ember
You remember when my being at peace
Occurs as a star to fall across the night

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 28, 2011, 9:06 pm

The Thing of Everything

for Lindsey (as for everyone)

Love is what we do
And who we are our only something
Meaning lonely anything
To us as we pass by

Our universal kiss
Love is nothing less than this

As what we do and why
The thing we sing in spring
All summer fall and winter too
Nothing but the only thing

Love is the thing of everything

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 24, 2011, 6:41 am

Candle of Our Dreams

A few have almost everything at last now as it seems
To us past how at why we who have nothing but our dreams
The many without anything much left to call our own
On the edge of life and death where our heartbeat and our breath
Flicker but keep going as though our brief candle knowing
How we either live together now or else we die alone
And if something should go right for us then we would have earned it
The hard way when we did it wrong the right way when we learned it

The few have left the many nothing right now but our dreams
At why past how as it seems for now and always where we find
What we have and do not have and what we have to leave behind
What as it seems but by our dreams our life outlives their death
Who would not share could not be there to share it who would not
Evolve and learn as we revolve and turn could not remember
The falling leaf becomes a rising ember in December
When the light returns remembering then what the few forgot

And so it is we who rise even though to our surprise
We who stop being invisible when we open our eyes
We the many who have nothing but our dreams at why past how
Not the few not with their nothing less than nothingness of
To have or not to have the question asked them then by love
When at last our dreams are all of always as it seems for now
Each a spark though born to trouble flying upward through the blue
An ember in December who remembers what to do

At why past how we live for now and let the few have then
We the many who are not afraid to live until we die
When love is now or never then now never comes again
We the many who have nothing but who light the morning sky
By our dreams to be beyond what as it seems we might have been
Unseen we were invisible but seeing we can see
Past how and passing through why not at last now seeing why
By our own light us being right and how we can be free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 12, 2011, 6:15 pm

Transcendental Sonnet #1466:
Face Reality

for Situatist, Brinks Gallery Cafe and The Brinkers

Reality is nothing to be afraid of
Being only you and me and our lonely love
We lonely beings our only reality
The cure for lonely fear being only love now
Afraid of nothing as enough for you and me

Reality being only love seeing how
Being lonely us nothing to be afraid of
On our own all alone now how we would appear
Seeing only you and me and our lonely love

But love is our reality and love is here
Now if we allow it as how we know what we
Learn and have to show for us when we turn to go
To love afraid of nothing face to face to be
No longer afraid then to face reality

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 9, 2011, 4:27 pm

New Stars

Born aesthetic or so they say
Never athletic anyway
Worn ascetic along the way
Of the fray on the way to die
Always the hard way never less
Enslaved in sanctuaries of
The rich for what I saved for love

Enduring the hypocrisy
Of those who would diminish me
Would hold me down by gold to crown
Their own illegitimacy
But I escaped from those who gaped
To swallow up and finish me
To take the rest of what they raped

So I took poverty as far
As I could go where those who knew
Me were and knew I had to know
You few believing I could fly
Or knew I had to leave to try
To do what I thought I ought to
In the thrall of a falling star

And I was caught up in the sky
Worth staying for nevertheless
Becoming one one wonders why
About and one who wonders too
When night is falling calling out
And bringing in what night has brought
What some are praying for I guess

New stars to rise then each alone
But only lonely as we choose
To shine while falling down or not
To fall with nothing left to lose
Though costing everything at last
The poor pay more the rich pay less
The hard way of humanity

But we all fall down slow or fast
Up in the air with naught to care
For anymore but falling for
The sake of being then and there
A descending trajectory
Where here and now is everywhere
When now is how it is to be

On velvet blue we shine unknown
Out of the blue but know it then
As seeking finding what was sought
Tonight to own what light has shown
We remember to forget when
Not knowing why but learning how
We turn out in the burning now

New stars as it turns out we are
Taking pleasure and leaving pain
Forgetting to remember and
Returning through the velvet blue
Burning now between me and you
As we do how to learn and who
To burn what we are each a star

We shine for now if not again
As close as we are far away
One reaching for another hand
Calling out to us as we fall
Born aesthetic or so they say
Maybe falling and maybe small
Never athletic anyway

We take the greatest fall of all
Maybe not the brightest ever
Worn ascetic along the way
Born to shine from now to never
Throughout tonight into today
Now at least if not forever
As though just so but what a ride

New stars though falling calling me
Who calling join you in the tide
Of falling stars who after all
Though falling see how now can be
As we fall to the other side
New stars though falling calling me
New stars though falling falling free

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 7, 2011, 3:35 am

Just Like Forever

At church the minister was so sure as to shout it
Far and near as maybe easier for God to hear
Inside looking out I saw me outside looking in
The condition though fatal not serious about
A cure and though unsure there was no doubt about it

Outside looking in I saw me inside looking out
As to me enduring was to be doing it wrong
Obsessed with sin there never knowing where to begin
I never thought forever was so temporary
As he made it appear to be or at least to me

I thought right or wrong it was about a sermon long
Forever in the negative was never to fear
The freeing of the soul as the unbeing of me
The measure of my wary fear of pleasure very
Much the pain of never wanting to be hurt again

Having to believe somehow I never had to leave
Believing because I was afraid to be leaving
Paradise my paradigm unfolding right along
Or if not unfolding holding steady if frozen
As a snowman slow to warm to cold reality

Having learned early to fear change and innovation
Having learned if I could not believe I would not be
Or not be where I would be there I could be for all
The days of always out of sight and out of my mind
Left behind as guilty still though by insanity

Whatever else it was an awkward situation
The permeating pall of permanence I knew then
So constantly strange to me the constancy of change
To be one way one day another way and day when
The time would come then for everything to change again

Never or forever not so hot or not for me
Reality not cold but realistic again
If forever ever was I started to doubt it
Let doubt about it all out let fall what I had known
Or believed I had known as it were scales from my eyes

As well as the part about us being the chosen
As I began to realize I was not alone
Began to realize how together we would rise
Now or never not to wait forever for the pie
Nor give life away to get a piece of it someday

Cooling on the window sill of heaven in the sky
I feel lonely for how it was before only now
But now or never here we are for now you and me
If we feel lonely now is only temporary
Just like forever always was and always will be

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 6, 2011, 1:30 am

Diamonds from Pain

a prophecy

The river has gone underground to feed the desert rose
And it will bloom in spring in spite of everything it knows
The burning bush where now only the lonely smoke tree grows
As sparks fly upward so we petals rise up into skies
We never dreamed existed until we opened our eyes
One night while we were dreaming to see what the dark side knows

He is no poet no not as we know it anyway
For what he writes by rights is rites and rituals some say
Encoded secret messages sacred geometry
Demonic or Masonic making some look moronic
While making some look better than they ever thought to be
But who would anyway nor would he say as laconic
He gives them for the living and forgiving of the day
That come unbidden from the hidden places of a mind
Such that though many look for it only a few may find
And when they do may find that it has been given away

Why is it always good then that is misunderstood when
What something some say bad enlightens like the dusk the dawn?
For the dusk before the dawn is the hope that leads us on
When the dawn comes we remember how good the dusk felt then
And the profit from the loss and the gold out of the dross
And as diamonds from pain from the chaff the grain again

With a vow of poverty a human being at least
A poet anyway we know it though not as we know
And all I know is this is all I have before I go
On water written in between these lines of me and you
Encoded secret messages sacred geometry
Some things to show the somethings in between of you and me
Before I have to go now how I know before I do
Though I go I know I go a human being at least
I believe I know before I have to leave even so
A prophet not for profit or a poet like a priest

First the dusk and then the dark when the coming of a spark
And another in each other show us we know we go
When the dusk before dawn is hope enough to lead us on
A prophet not for profit sparks the dark till hope is gone
And the profit from the loss and the gold out of the dross
And as diamonds from pain from the chaff the grain again

One night while we were dreaming we saw what the dark side knows
The river has gone underground to feed the desert rose

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

Jun 1, 2011, 12:53 am

For What We Tried to Do

Everybody argues now but anybody knows
As we feel it in ourselves and we see it in the street
How it is then in the end when this is how it goes
Led not by light ahead but clearing from behind instead

We know it in the faces of the people that we meet
Looking back like from a mirror in front of our nose
How some deny the rule is golden still that we should treat
Each other as we would be as our family grows

Kindness is the only cure for blindness of the mind
As we could see as we would be bound by the ties that bind
Of love above the fear of us that tears us apart
The answer not in gold but something older deep inside

The blood of our humanity is what sustains our heart
In spite of everything to sing in spring and bring us to
Each other up where we could be beyond the mirrored lie
That only what who seem the blind in mind should see is real

Where tight shut minds like eyes would have to open up to see
When we behind the blind in mind then find the dark they deal
Us as the hell they know so well and not where we would be
Where they are finished there but we are only passing through

But hearts that feel the light unfold the lotus to reveal
Though we are all we have we can see clearly we are free
And good enough to better live our best before we die
When the thing more real than anything is this love that we feel

When the trying is the doing and then the getting throughing
Of the journey is our destination when the wheel turns
To face us with each other and another point of view
And the seeing leads to freeing then to being and to this

The inescapable conclusion life feels like the kiss
Of God the oddest puzzle piece the trying of the doing
The eye atop the pyramid unfinished by who learns
The hard way as the only way and all we ever knew

And should you find these lines of mine be sure to read between
Written as they are on water in and out upon the air
Of you and me we share to be when where you are then I am there
But then again you always do you always did know what I mean

When I thought this a lonely way once then remembered you
When the trying was twice doing then thrice the getting throughing
Of God the oddest puzzle piece the trying of the doing
Who thought I ought remember us for what we tried to do

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI

May 24, 2011, 11:19 pm

Peripheral Vision

Mental illness gnaws now around the margins of my mind
Purposefully the way a rat gnaws just because it does
In peripheral vision as the way how I go blind
To what will be my just because as I forget what was
In peripheral vision where the rat will still be kind
In an autumn to remember there falling back to spring

When you will see me still be me then as remembering
What I forget you will remember that of me and yet
I hope what you remember is the best of everything
That you forget the rest the way the rat gnaws my regret
At being temporary very grateful anyway
To be at all though poor and small albeit in the fall
The rat gnaws by the laws of nature as it does its thing
And I am here remembering still as I do today
Despite myself and everything to rise a fallen star

When what I learned from life was love as our thing that we do
In peripheral vision then to see you there for me
Who care for me who dare to be with me the way you are
Out of the corner of my eye away but not too far
Forgetting what was false as we remember what is true
In peripheral vision there where I remember you

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMXI


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