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Selected Poems of Steven Curtis Lance

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Sep 16, 2017, 5:28 am


The wind was blurring a cloud
Slurring the words of the song of a bird
Singing it in a swinging tree
Being transcendental right out loud

Unafraid to sound absurd
Used to acoustical anomaly
Bringing its song along to me
The long way where I was there and heard

I might not have understood
The words in the end it sang in the wind
But heard it was out to transcend
Like I would too and that sounded good

When the wind blew in the night
And a bird remembered what I forgot
We transcend in the end or not
I thought a lot and knew it was right

The wind might blow me away
Already away I am ready here
I might appear to disappear
But I go on going anyway

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 11, 2017, 5:31 pm

Something For My Trouble

Sometimes there has to be trouble before
The bubble pops and the mind sees more
Clearly about what the trouble is how
It nearly always was but for now
Trouble is not troubling me anymore
Having passed some sort of test somehow

Roughed-up and toughened by enough of it
To get what was sent and meant to get
A troubling of the mind all the way down
To find myself mindful or to drown

Having gotten through a lot of regret
Learning the hard way not to forget
With nothing to prove for better or worse
Being approved by the universe
To be as transcendental as I can
For the rest do the best I can do

Withdrawn but not gone and better off than
I was before trouble taught me what
Is ultimately real from what is not
Learning the hard way is turning out
Well for me now gone to hell coming through
Knowing not to be going again

Gone on but not gone going on to grow
I always wonder never quite know
Looking out for trouble looking for me
It took a lot of trouble to be

I can see why now it had to be how
It was because of how it is now
Coming through madness overcoming doubt
About my being and doing this
Learning it turns out the way out is in
Something for my trouble anyway

Coming the hard way I might as well stay
Wondering under this midnight sky
Never mind heaven but heaven knows I
Tried not to be but curiously
Found myself out of curiosity

Being like this too curious to miss
Seeing what the trouble was about

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 8, 2017, 8:57 am

No Fear of the Dark

for Franziska


In my December I remember when
The thunder said turn back and I wondered
Forswear thy foolish ways is what it thundered
I wonder now again like I did then

I remember now how I was somehow
No turning back going wrong all along
Knowing but learning the hard way I was wrong
In my December I remember now

Though mad being glad I remember what
Is real after all seeing what is not
Sadder but wiser they say but what I say
Is when I was born it thundered that day


In corners better not to look
In consequence of a chance they took
In parallel reality

In an existential irony
In there without toxicity

In but not out of proximity
In where to be is not to be
In belittled little boxed-in hell

No vacancy in the roach motel


I had to choose between the Bruckner Third
Symphony on the radio
Or else what I thought was this bird I heard
That I had never heard before
Hearing it appear out the kitchen door

Having to choose to stay or go
Out and about to know or not to know
Unheard what this bird had to say
The dogs and I wondered but understood
Go out there no doubt Bruckner would
Still be on the air until afterward

Though they knew I had heard no bird
But misheard some flute in the symphony
Become a bird and fly away
The dogs were glad to go out anyway
To know or not to know with me


The light is so bright it hurts my eyes
The moon tonight rising to my surprise

O moon take me up too as you rise
To wake up the night shake things up like you
Seem to do O moon enlighten me
Wake me up fearless like you seem to be

No fear of the dark to frighten me
Surprise me and make me surprising too

Steven Curtis Lance

Sep 1, 2017, 4:57 pm

Ending Up

for Marisol and Bowser

No collars and no ties
Nothing binding us
No dollars but no lies
Nothing blinding us
So never mind the fuss

A sensitive snout
Or two out and about
As three of no doubt
Of one sensitive mind

Two old dogs and I
Amid a midnight sky
Follow our noses
To desert primroses
Whenever we find
Them opening their eyes

Out at this late hour
With fate reminding us
We two old dogs and
One old man understand
Us three of a kind

Transcending like we do
Soon the sun will rise
Through a lot but not through
Not yet anyway

Ending up at our
Hi-Desert hideaway

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 30, 2017, 9:12 pm

Only Love

Having been a fool is how
I know not to be now
I know because I was what
I learned the hard way not
To be the way a fool does
Before it got too late

It got better so I was
Better late than never
Got better not bitter fate
Bloomed later than ever
Unexpectedly said yes
I guess nevertheless

Grown a little wiser at
The end to my surprise
Now that this is it and that
Is that I realize
In the ever after of
What matters: only love

Lonely though to get to know
To love is to let go
But it grew and it came true
In unexpectedness
What I got that got me through
Lots of meaninglessness

To get through what I had to
I had to love a lot
But did and I was glad to
And love is what I got
Having been a fool I learned
By having love returned

Not having expected it
Not having dared to feel
Having rejected it it
Was there and it was real
I was a fool to deny
What I know now is why

In between reality
Love is what it means to be

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 23, 2017, 2:55 am


I use the word pignorant
Not meaning to imply
That all pigs are ignorant
But as it may apply

Root hog root my grandmother
Used to say in other
Words do what you have to do
To stubbornly break through

But despite their stubbornness
The pigs down on the farm
Blow up big but mean no harm
If greedy nonetheless

When humans act like pigs though
They never do it well
Porcine overlords from hell
Who though they never grow
Blow up bigger even so

Though humans I suppose
Those big pigs that heaven knows
Are close enough to call
Pignorant and hope they fall

Pigs who do not get it
So the reference I guess
Living to regret it
Is to their pigheadedness

Dead hands hold the controls
Kept us ignorant this way
Already sold their souls
Ready to be swept away

I do not want to be
Pignorant but to be free

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 21, 2017, 5:28 pm

21 August 2017

The unthinkable was not
As unthinkable as I thought
What I doubted but turned out
What I try not to think about
Turned against reality
And people who thought they were free

Beyond unthinkable now
On the brink to think this through how
I do in this only way
I know to in this lonely way
No longer lonely to me
No matter what happens to be
Myself doing what I do

To think the unthinkable through
And to write down what I find
Write it right for my humankind
One to one anotherwise
Down but not out up for surprise
When up in the sky we see
The mystery of history
The humans I have in mind

My kind of humans being kind
Outgrowing this thoughtlessness
Finding this meanness meaningless
Wondering like I do and
Thinking it through who understand
What is wrong and what is right
In the dark as we look for light

To look in the right places
Is to see it in our faces
We find us in each other
As the hope of one another
Opening our hearts and eyes
Nothing can stop us when we rise

In the unthinkable dark
I think I see a spark

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 13, 2017, 4:29 pm


for W. D. Lance

This side of the other is where
We are but there is something there
On that side of a great divide
Between the living and the dead

Seemingly we were meant to be
Were sent here for better or worse
Knowing to go on though and so
We went on with the universe

Surviving arriving this far
Where this is it and here we are
On our side of the far side we
Find out about mortality

Wondering if we understand
The implications of this and
On what seems like a need-to-know
Basis face our fate up ahead

Though once in a while we can tell
From our side of reality
One another in parallel
Not gone but gone on who got through

Waiting in line to take the ride
The other side is classified
Where the dead are living instead
Knowing to go on so they do

But I thank the dedicatee
Who declassified this for me

Steven Curtis Lance

Aug 4, 2017, 12:51 am


Awakening now
The future is here
Tomorrow has come

For shaking up how
It is after all
For choosing between
What is or is not

To rise or to fall
By love or by fear
To mean what we mean
Or be mistaken

Fear can only take
Only love can make
What is that is what
Is ultimately

In the shadow of
Fear a rising spark
Surprising the dark
In the name of love

We wonder about
It but understand
That this is it and
It will not go out

To love is to be
What is to become
Of us as we do
What makes us come true

How to be shaken
Up to make us see
The hope in our eyes
Our reality

Open to surprise
Now to awaken

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 31, 2017, 6:12 pm

The End?

And so here we go
The fearful say The End

I mean to transcend
Though and so I say no
To their fear of now
Becoming clear to see

Not for me not how
By love I came to be
And so I say yes
To love nevertheless

More than ever and
Before now or never
By love understand
How now is forever

How love is the spark
Of light here in this dark
Land from hand to hand
And so we overcome

The only thing fear
Is fearful of is here
And so here I go
By love now with my friend

And so here we come
This is when we transcend

Steven Curtis Lance

Jul 18, 2017, 6:36 pm


I want to disentangle
Myself from this jangle
Of dystopia coming to be

To overcome what haunts me
That I have lived to see
I want to be transcendentally

As curious as ever
Then but now was never
Like this furious stupidity

Looking back after the fall
Shenanigans were all
It took then to trick reality

Apart from not a part of
This opposite of love
Dystopia finds me left behind

In the alienation
Of my situation
I too am an alien I see

At a good time to transcend
That begins through the end
Better late than never to let go

Better late than never know
Through this insanity
Without me within my own still free

Still being me anyway
In dystopia though
Not of it seeing from far away

But finding myself I find
Out of an open mind
Hope in my heart for my humankind

Involving evolution
Evolving as it may
A kind of human revolution

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 27, 2017, 9:17 pm

An Outside Chance

for Franziska

A deputy knocked me upside the head
Inside after I had returned from the dead
But that was when I was young before
Turning out to be ill I learned to keep still
Not anymore

The next time I was old enough that they
Chose from those younger to rough up anyway
Diagnosed I was dosed with a pill
Or two then in the lockdown psych ward until
Knocked out that way

The orderlies who were like deputies
With orders and orderly priorities
Enforced the disordered with a twist
Of force and of course I knew should I resist
They would insist

I teased an orderly about his hair
Almost got knocked out about it then and there
But too much paperwork if I died
Tied down to that yellow board so we both tried
To look away

Three times an unsuccessful suicide
Every time was my crime why I was inside
Haunted always wanting to transcend
Not giving up I do to the living end
Mad but not sad

Happier now than I have ever been
Because as it was then I had never been
I took a chance I forgot I had
What I got from inside looking out somehow
Glad I did now

On an outside chance outside looking in
That I take to be making the best of it
What I learned from inside looking out
Turned out to be now but never mind about
The rest of it

Finding myself out of trouble I stay
With hounds in a Hi-Desert hideaway

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 27, 2017, 6:56 pm


This stupefying stupidity
Kleptocratic cupidity
Banality and venality
Acting reacting out of spite
Out of sight and out of mind tonight
Out of touch with reality
Is the numbing dumbing-down spectacle of
What happens to us without love

After the rise but before the fall
I wonder is there hope at all
Unable to bring myself to say
The name you know it anyway
By now and how I wish it could be
Another time in history
But here as they lock up democracy now
I fear this ends badly somehow

Sadly a bad time for me to be
A madman in a kakistocracy

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 25, 2017, 9:35 pm

Somebody I Am Thinking Of

Franziska has what I have and
Because she does she can understand
And stand me for fifteen years or
However many between us we
Have shared comparing what we see

Having seen through the years between us
What we mean and that we mean us
Having seen us through we mean to be
And I see what she means to me

For more than however many more
Forever for now or never
However we are for whatever
Now hard to remember before
Knowing somebody who knows about
When reality is in doubt

No doubt about it somebody who
Knows me somebody to go through
It with and to go through with it too
Sharing it with her we compare
Our notes about bearing what we share

It feels good to be understood
Like only somebody like us could
Bearing with me with what we bear
Somebody like us is hard to find

Both of us out but of one mind
Two of a kind she knows what I mean
Through all the time and space between
Together in the in between where
Propinquity is everywhere
With somebody I am thinking of

Somebody I think I love

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 21, 2017, 9:20 pm

Living for Love or Dying Trying

The news is so sad as to be sadistic
To be addicted to it feels bad
To me not being at all masochistic
This is a bad time for being mad

Though reality was confusing before
What seems unreality is more
As if this were a reality TV
Show I know is confusing to me
Already confused but refusing to be
Part of this stupid reality

It could be I had to go mad to transcend
To see this madness through to the end
As crazy outside of my head now I guess
As in is how it is more or less

I look on with horror but see I am not
Hallucinating that this is what
Is hurrying to happen and I worry
Stupefied as the stupid scurry
The news in the morning is cruel and sad
Warning of a habit going bad

But I know what is and it is love I know
Even though I am mad even so
I know who I am and I know how to do
What I do now that I am glad to

By taking the madness outside of my head
Inside and making it rhyme instead
Of succumbing to the numbing of the dread
Stupefying talking heads lying
Talking the living in fear into dying
Out of my head as they spread despair

Living for love or dying trying
In sad times may mad rhymes spread love everywhere

Steven Curtis Lance

Jun 10, 2017, 9:49 pm

Out There


At the slanting of the sun
On either end of day
That is when the rabbits run
Then warily away

A turkey vulture eyeing
The rabbits from the sky
Has a habit of flying
In circles by and by

For dying no denying
It I spy it trying
To carry the unwary
Off very scarily

Though they got away today
Tomorrow who can say?


Watching YouTube videos
About UFOs
The only alien
I see is lonely me again
Out there I suppose

I like to think there are
Some others from another star
Having come this far
Out there like me having been
Watching now and then

But then again who knows?


Life feels forgiving
So I feel like living

And though I grow old
I feel life is giving
Me reason to be

Let the lotus unfold
For one to forgive me

One to outlive me


Not a bad man but a madman I confess
Not always knowing what is going on I guess
Not lazy but crazy I enter my plea
As not guilty by reason of insanity
If I disappoint by my disjointedness

Steven Curtis Lance

May 28, 2017, 4:15 pm

Some of How

for Maria

In my right mind and then out again
I understand how it is not right now
And wonder if it ever was how
It was because it does not remember
But gets what got me through November
Arriving the hard way surviving it
Into December of having been

It might not be right but might not be wrong
To be mindful having been so long
The how of ever it is however
Or never mind what not to forget
I get it is better to be than not
If not getting better what I get
Is this is the what of my whatever

Handed down to me a legacy
I got from both sides of my family
What I got the hard way but I got
Is this is it and the way out is in
Being myself doing what I do
In this the who of ever I am who
Had better do it now than never

A stranger in an ever stranger land
With news so stupid it hurts my head
The dead are better off without instead
Of a live show deadening to see
Bickering on a flickering TV
When I wonder but I understand
This then is what they call reality

If I get to be if I let me
If this is the when of my whenever
And this is it when I get to be
If though not right how I might be right now
Some of how it gets better somehow
To get to be gets better than ever
Summoned now to become some of how

I might not be right but what is left of
Me can see all that is left is love

Steven Curtis Lance

May 14, 2017, 9:04 pm

Interesting Times

They said it was a Chinese curse
But whatever it was is getting worse
Living in interesting times
When what is real is hard to feel sometimes

Teaching me about timelessness
Reaching out for reality in rhymes
Like magic spells from long ago

The things I learned the hard way on the go
On going of the growing of
The knowing that reality is love
And what is not is meaningless

Because it never really was at all
After all but before the fall
Enters into winter's uncertainties

At the beginning of the end
Of what never was in time to transcend
When thoughts are free and so am I
To say yes or no to these times that try

I might as well be trying too
Through the vanities of inanities
Time for me to be timelessly
To be what is real in reality

I get this is what to get through
If this is it to forget or regret
I get this is the it I get

Forgetting regretting and getting it
Is not a curse and not Chinese
But the unfolding of the universe
Like I am too or trying to

And if this is it I will be and do
My best and let the rest go by
Having said no to being saying yes

Seeing love is nevertheless
The meaning of things in the in between
The lines where things are when they mean
Within the in between of lines like these

Steven Curtis Lance

May 6, 2017, 8:01 pm


On this sunny windy Saturday in May
Today when I say these things I say
I can honestly tell you now I may be
Feeling pretty good about being

May as well stay for the rest of it seeing
Me being something like happily
Letting myself get away with something good

Letting me be getting understood
By others as another feels good I could
Be and would be feeling like maybe
More than any of many this is the thing
That brings me through nothing to something

To feel realized into reality
That this is it but it is for me

Steven Curtis Lance

May 4, 2017, 5:16 pm

My Way Out is In

Something from nothing
Cosmos out of chaos
New reality

By creating something
Making something where
There had been nothing there
Regaining the loss
That was gaining on me

The shadow behind
Always there to remind
Shrinks back from me when
I make something again

Something like this how
I overcome it now
By what comes to mind
The light by which I see
Coming from within

Becoming me I find
Making something be
There where nothing had been

My way out is in

Steven Curtis Lance

May 1, 2017, 12:18 am

Spring is the Thing

The mountain is melting in the sun
Spring is the thing now that winter is done
Summer is coming becoming me
A season that gives me a reason to be

One with the sun out wondering when
Under understanding ultrabright then
Living in the most forgiving one
Of four once more outliving winter again

So it gets better though I get old
Regretting forgetting and it gets cold
After the fall of all has begun
But whatever fate has for me has to wait

Spring is the thing now that winter is done
And now is how it is never too late

Steven Curtis Lance

Apr 26, 2017, 6:42 pm

This Cry of Us

non moriar sed vivam

We get here and let out a cry
Not knowing what to say
But announcing our arrival

Before the words we mean
What afterwards is in between

As our way of saying here I
Am for now anyway
Arriving at my survival

Coming to be to do
What it is I am supposed to

Haunted to want to get going
With getting on with it
As soon as we get our first breath

What comes out as this cry
Of us to live and not to die

Not knowing the words yet knowing
That this is it to get
At this matter of life and death

This cry of us to be
Is what poetry is to me

Steven Curtis Lance

Apr 18, 2017, 1:29 am

Hanging On


I did the best I knew
Then and yet when I grew
Better for getting through
It regretting but not
Forgetting to get what
I got the hard way for
The after of before

When after all the rest
Through better into best
Was better having been
The best I could do then
I knew what I should do
Before I knew how to
Do better then again

Now I know better so
I do the best I know


An opera buffa buffoon
Tears the air an out-of-tune bassoon
Offending ears to jeers but cheers
From fans of some fancy fantastic fears

Opera buffa bumbling on
Stumblingly dumbly would it were gone
Or would I could get out of this
What I regret I did not get to miss

Shenanigans chicanery
The mockery of democracy
Jaded degraded made to be
This tacky hacking kakistocracy

Another now that seems like then
Because like when I was young again
The kids are still alright though they
Know what to do and will grow anyway

Doing as life does being who
Know how to grow now reminding me
I should persist resisting through
This opera buffa buffoonery

That got not funny anymore
Maybe an opera buffa war
I may be old but live to see
The day come someday to be Twitler-free


Treading water getting pulled down
By the haunting that says to drown
Instead but wondering what for
Not wanting haunting anymore
For any of us many who
Wonder about going under
Between the lines are haunted too

Who know so who know what I mean
Hanging on in the in between

Living it down but living up
Not drowning yet not giving up
Not going under I wonder
If this is it but let it be
Is what I get from being me
What it taught me is I ought to
Keep treading water so I do

You know so you know what I mean
Hanging on in the in between

Steven Curtis Lance

Apr 16, 2017, 9:45 pm

Now I Know Better

I did the best I knew
Then and yet when I grew
Better for getting through
It regretting but not
Forgetting to get what
I got the hard way for
The after of before

When after all the rest
Through better into best
Was better having been
The best I could do then
I knew what I should do
Before I knew how to
Do better then again

Now I know better so
I do the best I know

Steven Curtis Lance

Apr 13, 2017, 9:26 am

Hanging On in the In Between

Treading water getting pulled down
By the haunting that says to drown
Instead but wondering what for
Not wanting haunting anymore
For any of us many who
Wonder about going under
Between the lines are haunted too

Who know so who know what I mean
Hanging on in the in between

Living it down but living up
Not drowning yet not giving up
Not going under I wonder
If this is it but let it be
Is what I get from being me
What it taught me is I ought to
Keep treading water so I do

You know so you know what I mean
Hanging on in the in between

Steven Curtis Lance


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