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In response to some feedback, I've modified the forum script to prevent posts in ALL CAPS, which many people seem to find distracting. However, this forum modification does not effect the posting of small numbers of words in ALL CAPS, but excessively long strings of ALL CAPS will be converted to lowercase. Feel free to let me know if you have any problems with this, or if any bugs arise.

all-caps test poem

some seem to think that poetry is better
when they use all uppercase letters
some say that it looks, with the caps-lock key on
that the writer is shouting from dusk to dawn

short strings of caps should be ok,
but if the string is too long, and goes on and on, then we say:
forcefully decapitalize them, without warning, what happened to my artful display?
Damn, it worked. Every other line was ALL CAPS.
QUOTE (Rick @ Sep 08, 02:55 PM)
Damn, it worked. Every other line was ALL CAPS.

you think it's too much?
+Steven Curtis Lance


Besser als nichts.
Too much? Yes, there must be some legitimate need for ALL-CAPS, but I can't think of it right now. If somebody insists on posting poems in ALL-CAPS, let him. If it gets to be too much, readers can 1) ignore his posts, 2) criticise him mercilessly, or 3) start a poll to ban him for idiocy.

By convention, C and Java constants are in ALL-CAPS, but I don't see much code published here. There was one bad poetry contest entry in ALL-CAPS that I thought was inspired (in badness).

Back in the bad old days of FORTRAN, all programs were in ALL-CAPS and a lot of human-read procedures were to, so I wrote a slightly AI program to convert ALL-CAPS to mixed case for prose. Now that could be a solution, but it would require a very smart AI indeed to handle mixed case conversion for poetry.
+Steven Curtis Lance
Rick, I was interested to read your reference to FORTRAN. Back in the seventies, I used to compose electronic music at Cal State Long Beach using ANSI FORTRAN. Big fat decks of punched cards would cause the big clumsy computers of that day to drive oscillators and produce the music. I still have decks of those cards, the rubber bands which held them together having snapped long ago in disintegration... And then there were enormous reel-to-reel tape recorders, and we used to cut and splice the tape with an Exacto knife. The tapes have disintegrated, too.

Remember the computer lab at CSULB in the seventies? I don't know if you were in the area at the time--I see you are in Redondo Beach now--but that computer was absolutely enormous! Behemoth!

The making of electronic music in the seventies was an extraordinarily primitive process, and my compositions of that era are doomed to dusty decks of meaningless punch-cards now.

Ironically, all the music I wrote with a pencil in conventional notation and subsequently published is still in print and being sung all over the world, and it was done according to a process little changed since the advent of music printing with the granting of a twenty-year monopoly to Ottaviano dei Petrucci by the Republic of Venice in 1498.

Latin is far less a dead language than FORTRAN.

I bought a copy of the LP record Switched On Bach in 1969. Today, the MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) standard does the same job that MOOG did back then. A Canadian friend of mine composes and arranges for MIDI.

FORTRAN is still alive and well, believe it or not, because of all the legacy code. You can buy a PC compiler for FORTRAN at any computer store. You could re-key your punch cards if the writing across the tops of them is not too faded. You might even find a MIDI translator program.

I remember learning FORTRAN with an IBM 370 at the Univeristy of Hawaii. I punched a card deck on a keypunch machine, stood in line at the card reader, where usually there was somebody ahead of me with a dog-eared deck that would jam the reader, and then wait 15 minutes for the printout to be torn off and folded. I lost all my old program decks years ago. And yes, a keypunch machine was very much like a teletype: capital letters only. So here's a use for Shawn: if I write an old fashioned short story with a police teletype message (or telegram) in it, I will need ALL-CAPS.
+Steven Curtis Lance
Yes, I remember the dog-eared decks which would jam the reader; there was always at least one such somebody ahead of me.

I remember the MOOG and ARP synthesizers, and Walter Carlos, whom I remember as having had a sex-change operation and emerging as Wendy Carlos... and Tomita, remember him?

I went all formalist about the time Penderecki did, and immersed myself in the composition of a cappella choral motets of extraordinarily intricate counterpoint. Poor singers... Now it's these sonnets! I think it is some sort of OCD.

Which reminds me, I must write three sonnets now, and it is getting late, even on PST.


I am glad you are staying, Rick, and I like your picture.

In all seriousness, thank you for your political work. You are trying to save your country, and I think you are a hero for doing it. I'm doing the best I can, too. God help us; I shudder to think of the fate of not only the nation but of the planet should we fail.

Peace and Respect to you, in unbreakable solidarity.
Last month, I went with over 100 South Bay Democrats to Las Vegas, Nevada, a swing state with five Electoral College votes, to help the Nevada Democrats. This weekend we are going again, 100 people giving up their weekend to register voters in the mid-day heat outdoors in Las Vegas.

Republicans don't care if we rape the environment because they believe that the end of the world is just around the corner. Foolish Christians have been spewing that rubbish for two thousand years. Bush himself has said he doesn't care how history views his admininstration because we are coming to the end of history. And this is a man with his finger on the button! Fifty years ago they used to lock up people like that in institutions for the insane. Nowadays it passes for religious piety. Ask the World Trade Center terrorists about piety. They had that in abundance.
+Steven Curtis Lance
Genau richtig!

You have stated it perfectly.

And thank you with all my heart once again.
Sorry about the rant, but they get me wound up sometimes.
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