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I have been lurking from time to time over the past few days trying to get a feel for this discussion forum and where I might best participate, but I am getting eye strain trying to read the very small text.
I have tried searching how I can increase the font size, but to no avail. I would like to contribute here, but the small text size keeps getting in the way and giving me a headache.
Is there any way for me to increase the font size?
probably the easiest way is to use your browser. On IE and MyIE2 browsers, under View in the top menu, there should be a selection labeled 'Fonts' which, when selected, will give you several font sizes to choose from for your browser. On some browsers (like Firefox), you can change the font size by using Shift+Mouse Scroll. If for some reason you can't alter font size on your browser, then please let me know, as I will find an alternative means for changing the forum font size.
[FONT=Times][SIZE=14]Thanks Shawn, but I already have my Text Size to View Lagrest. It doesn't help on this forum. I think you may have the default font size for this forum set rather small.
It's ok, don't change it, I'll manage. ;O)

Thanks anyway

Chuck, I'll have this taken of soon, by allowing visitors to customize fonts and colors for the forum and main site. It's sort of a trivial thing to do, coding-wise, so let me see about getting it done in the next few days.

Is the forum font size being too small still a problem for some people?
I've gotten used to it. There are some advantages to having more stuff in the same area, and I could knock down my monitor's resolution (making everything bigger) if I wanted to. Your thoughtfulness and consideration are appreciated.
Hey Hey
I use a mac and MS Explorer, and clicking on larger a couple of times means I can see the text from three miles with a telescope! I live quite close to a cliff.....woooooooohhhhhhhhh
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