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Hi everyone,

As I leave Mind-Brain, at least for some time, I just want to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts, experiences, problems or ideas since I joined.
I have enjoyed my reads and writes and learned more than I could have imagined about other people in such a short time.

I wish everyone the best for the future, and continued expansion for the site as word spreads of the range and depth of interest that exists here.

Especially, I thank Shawn for making the whole experience possible. The time you spend improving the site and making it more appealing is amazing, considering your work committments! Thank you very much.

All the very best, Bill.
You will be much missed.
+Steven Curtis Lance
Dear Bill, I will miss you very much.

Why are you leaving, anyway? I don't understand.

hi Bill,

please be sure to check your PM for my message and know that my door will always be open if you should decide to return. We'll all miss you, and wish you the best.

take care friend.

+Steven Curtis Lance
Every now and then people announce they are leaving, and I never understand it. This time it's even someone I don't want to leave and will really miss; I REALLY don't understand this one!

Therefore, since people seem to like to announce such things, I would also like to make an announcement:

I am NOT leaving! Ever!

Sorry to disappoint anyone who would rather I did, but I am staying as long as the site exists, which I hope is as long as I live. I do not have one single complaint about the site; I love it, and it has changed my life very much for the better in myriad ways. I do not exaggerate! My book, for example, would never have happened were it not for Shawn's help. That's just one example; there are many, many more, like the support of this wonderful community we have here, and the tremendously positive effect which this has on my mental health and outlook. I got thrown off two poetry sites before Shawn gave me sanctuary here! I was a regular pariah! I don't exactly know why, but I seem to have a unique ability to cause people to hate me and become apoplectic with rage. Who knows, somebody might become apoplectic about this very post, for all I know (I sure hope not; that gets to be SUCH a bore). I owe Shawn and a great deal, and I am grateful with all my heart for the wonderful opportunities which have been afforded me here for the past two years (even before the forum began; I was here before the beginning!).

So I just thought I would announce that I am staying. Silke and I are both staying; we both love it here and make our home on the web here.

Thank you, Shawn, for being a wonderful friend. I won't leave until you throw me out!

And thank you too, Bill, for also being a wonderful friend; why don't you just stay, for heaven's sake? For the life of me I just don't get these announcements of departure (no criticism of Bill intended at all).

Just stay, people. You will never find a better place. And if you don't like something hereabouts, help us to make it better!

All my love to all; I am in unbreakable solidarity with you all, always.

It is the second greatest honor of my life--the first greatest honor to have the title of Silke's husband--to have the title of Poet in Residence,

Let the conversation, and the expansion of consciousness, continue!

bye Bill. I'll miss you!
Silke Lance
Bill...I will miss you....
Why are you leaving....?
sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif


Hi all,

Thanks to Shawn, Silke, Steve, ganjii, exodusnights, and anyone else who might have missed me for their kind thoughts.
I think the shock of losing consciousness suddenly and not being able to drive my car because of it effectively put me into a state of shock!
I have, nonetheless visited frequently and posted anonymously as a guest in places in order to keep a finger on the pulse as it were.
I take this opportunity to welcome all new members who have joined since I took my 'holiday' and look forward to contributing again.
Bye for now, Bill.
PS I am still in a state of shock! You should see the way Chris drives!
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