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where are all the old timers gone, ppl like chrissy, roachman, gloryoflove,greg murray,
Yeah I was wondering about Roachman... he stopped posting his poetry... a while back... but said he would still be around every now and then... where? +sigh+
+Steven Curtis Lance
I especially miss greg murray; he's my cousin, after all, if a distant one, and my only contact with him used to be through the site here. I hope he comes back, and others whom I miss as well.
Thank you Akhtar, Try, and Steven for asking about me. I am still here. I was in a car wreck back in december and the re-hab on my shoulder is taking awhile. When I can get to the library....I visit the site. Also, the library here at Compton, for some reason, won't let me access my I have to go to another library...which is tough for me sometimes. I have been reading the poems today....wonderful. And it is amazing to see the growth of the site.If you saw my last know that I am no longer writing. But, although we are not going to be together...I still talk to Chrissy. But the hurt I feel in my heart still won't let me write. I am sorry about that because I know there are those who enjoyed my poetry.

Chrissy is back at school and is doing well.

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