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i got many many error messages yesterday, they all looked very much like this one:
user posted image
but i didnt get any this morning, so really im just posting this for the sake of posting, and to say hi since i been away, and aside from the errors i like what youve done with the place shawn smile.gif
and much wub to all of mind-brain wub.gif
thanks, Veda. I'm glad you like how things are turning out. The errors yesterday were due to me playing around with the forum code, though you shouldn't have gotten them for more than an hour I hope. The particular image you posted was from me messing around with (i.e., learning) how php/mysql sessions are added and updated in the forum. It's not just that I enjoy tinkering with code, but also I am trying to avert any future problems that may result from excessive bandwidth usage or strain on the server.

If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see, I'd always be happy to hear them.

Anyway, i'm glad to hear from you again, Veda.
take care.

Well, veda, I am surprised to see that you store 'crap' on your computer !!!!

And how do you get those funny words with the first letter underlined - some of which seem to go backwards?

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