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Over the past year Mind-brain has grown so much it is amazing. And i hope it continues to grow. But I am giving my 3 week notice i guess.
Though this forum was once my sanctuary, it has now fallen to something i dont know anymore... Maybe I imagen it but I feel that the community i once loved has started to crumble, where once post every post would be read and given some answer, now post are left to be read by few and answered by none. I realize not every post can be answered or read but the tight knit group is now broken apart. so this is my Goodbye, unless i have reasons to stay I will be deleting my membership on Wednesday Febuary 4th (my Birthday)
so good bye all.
Hi Anne,

I am so sorry that you have found this to be your experience!

You have posted so many times, particularly in poetry and it is such a shame that you have not had the responses you so obviously desired.

Nonetheless, you are quite entitled to draw your own conclusions about the site. If you are not receiving enough feedback, then it is in your interest to seek an alternative 'home', if no improvement is forthcoming.
It is good of you to give forewarning rather than 'jumping ship'.

I have to admit that I don't read all the new poetry that is posted. Indeed my own works are rarely considered to be worthy of comment. But then, I only post a few of my works, and am not really concerned that people respond. They are there for people to take or leave as they wish. I post them only because they seem significant to me, and obviously that they may perhaps inspire another poet along a tangential path of thought.
It could be that you need a site which will review each of your works as entered, and provide constructive criticism to help you expand your horizons.
I do wish you success, and hope you don't fall into the hands of the scam sites like is reported to be as 'taking advantage of aspiring poets'. I do not know if this true generally, but was from my own experience.
I do feel able to recommend 'thepeoplespoet' which you will find with a google search. They receive votes from the public based on web postings and the winners are published by the site in booklet form.

Many thanks for your contributions to the growth of the site and the very best of luck on your progression if you you do move on!

All the best, Bill.
I'm sorry too, Anne, that you've found this to be your experience. If there's something I can do, please let me know. Everything changes. This forum is no exception, and if it's changed from something you used to call home, it may yet change into something even greater. I have tried to be accommodating to as many people as possible, but this site and this forum are inexorably dedicated to its main objective, of which no other path is worthy. I hope you understand why the forum has changed the way it has. I wish you received more feedback on your posts, but I also appreciate that often people are too busy to spend time with replies. In any event, it was a pleasure having you as a member, and I wish you luck in whatever it is that you set your mind to. And of course, you'll always be welcome here.

take care,
It's not that i don't know. I know things change they have to everything changes. Its just you see poeple with comment please and stuff, and their poems are in the crtique yet no one is giving them any feed back. Like I said it might be just me, I guess im just not as comfortable here anymore... And not only the forum has changed I've changed myself... and it seems we aren't as compatible... Things always split off at some time.

Shawn you have done a wonderful job, i don't mean to make this forum seem like its not everything it is (if that makes sense). Really it comes down to my own growth i guess... Im not quite sure anymore...

though im never really sure of anything anymore

you see poeple with comment please and stuff, and their poems are in the crtique yet no one is giving them any feed back

I know what you're saying, Anne, but being guilty myself of not offering feedback on countless occasions for lack of time or other reasons, I realize that sometimes it pays to be content with simply posting your work for others to read without expecting anything in return or without interpreting a possible lack of feedback as anything like a lack of interest or readership. Maybe posting in multiple forums would be one solution to increasing the probability for feedback, though this can be an inconvenience at times. By all means, though, I would recommend that you explore other avenues, bearing in mind that you'll always be welcome in this forum, even though this forum may not always give you the type of feedback that you desire.

sorry to hear that your leaving anne, i think you have a point when you say that none relies anymore, i have noticed this too and maybe i am guilty of this also.
i lot of things have changed like you say and feel the same way as you do.
anyway hope you stay biggrin.gif
Thank you all, I will truely miss you.

Someday the sun will raise
a new day it will become
till then the dark will stay
as i say goodbye to everyone.
When the sun does rise
I will be here once again
but till then sir I must say
Good-bye good-bye my friend.

so thats how I'll end it I think

Sorry to see you go, sorry that I have not contributed to these forums as much as I used to. Come back and post when you can, let us know how you are doing. The community here HAS shifted, changed, evolved into soemthin new and unique of other sites I have visited. I hope you can find out there what you are missing here.

+Steven Curtis Lance
She said goodbye, but she came back again in a new incarnation; the circle of life continues, the wheel of life turns.

Note to the future: just stay here. We are a unique community, having the unique distinction of being at the same time the most distinguished neuroscientific research site AND poetry site on the entire web. This place is really something, and we are all of us lucky to be here. Where else would you go? VoicesNet? Puh-LEEEZE! I used to be Poet in Residence there, they kicked me to the curb, so Shawn and Dara and I built this forum, which means everything to me. So I defend it, proudly.

Every now and then people trumpet their leaving, and then slip back in, quietly. Here's my idea: just stay! Why leave? If you leave, people forget you, and you miss a lot. Stay, grow, live and let live.

And spell the word "sadly" with one d.

(Please don't be totally honked-off at me, Anne; I'm just kidding, and I've been such a good boy and waited SO long to do it... I send you my love, in unbreakable solidarity, always, and you know that.)

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