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+Steven Curtis Lance
Hey, cool!

Thanks, Shawn!

Isn't my little sister a beauty? She looks like me, only much, MUCH better...

But I think the resemblance is there.

That's her cat, Bart, with her, also known as Bartose, BootieRee, and ninety-nine other names.

So there we are! Dara and I were the original members here with Shawn. Things have just gone beautifully here for our forum in this first year of its life. Our happy anniversary will be the 22nd of January.

Dara and I will always be grateful to Shawn for giving us such a happy home here.

Unbreakable solidarity, always!

Hey! COOL Tattoo!!! cool.gif
Ah, as I guessed, "Silke" .. how special.

And I must agree, Dara is very beautiful (and so is Bart - I do adore cats) x
Hi Steve,

What a lovely set of photo's!
And, yes she is indeed a beauty!

Are you also a star performer on that there piano? - blues perhaps?

Best regards, Bill.
Please admire Bart, she is the beauty in the picture, in fact, as Steve pionted out, Beauty is one of her Bart has so many names!!!

Hmmm, I don't really care for pics of myself, but I will deal with this one because my sweetest Bartose is in the pic with me!

Now I need to post pics of my 3 other cats, my 2 greyhounds and my 2!

Dara and BARTOSE(the only beauty)
Silke Lance
~Beautiful photos!

Dara IS really,really beautiful!(and so is her *Angel-Bart*)

And great pics of my dear Husband!

(Love the Tattoo! happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif )


Goodness, that cat looks like mine. A little larger, and a little puffier, but pretty similar, right down to the smudge of white on the upper lip.

Makes her look like she's perpetually smirking.
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