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How about making our Mind-Brain Logo 3-d?

It would look great with the look of our site
I actually wanted to place this under the topic "Some Suggestions needed please" You can move it there if you like

I thought the head might want to have some dimension.. or shadow.. did you create that logo pic yourself?
hi +Franziska,

your posts are fine here. I did make the logo, in what seems a long time ago. The head and brain, I made in a program called Brainvoyager, using MRI data from one of my brain scans. The 'mind' part of the logo, well it was so long ago, that I forget how I made that..... it was either using paint shop pro or photoshop, though I'm pretty certain it was paint shop pro. Once I had the individual elements of the logo, I pieced them all together in photoshop. About making it 3D, do you mean just the lettering and words, or everything (including the head and brain)? It should be relatively easy to add shadows to the the words (using photoshop), though if I were to go beyond that, I'd have to think more about how exactly I would do that. What sort of 3D effects would you recommend?

I definitely agree with you, though, that some sort of additional 3D effects would go very nicely with this forum. Let me see what I can do.

take care,
I was thinking very digital style3-D like.... not just a hue on the head or the mind, that might over line the statement mind-brain suggesting sect accents but maybe just 3 mm of digital cyber outlining...

You can experiment with this in different ways.. you have a picture and the sites name on a white banner.

You can think of adding a thin blue line going from the right side of the brain across to the right side of the site.....
I would be careful about being dramatic.. but you could give it a cool digital accent

thanks, Franziska. I'll see what I can do about the logo this weekend, and will probably post several different samples.
then again, maybe not this weekend. I'll post them in the coming days.
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