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Hi Shawn,

Infrequently, about once every 2 logins, I find I cannot obtain the site [which is set to my home page].
This never occurs on first access, but after some time on-line.
Cookies enabled.
Time for cookie ok.
All other web sites available.
If I try again after at least 5 minutes, I can get the site again.

Am I taking the site down?
What could explain this?

Best regards, Bill.
hi Bill,
I'm not sure why this site would be unavailable for several minutes at a time, unless it was some temporary server problem, but let me assure you that there's no way you can bring the site down by normal browsing. If you were trying to load 1000's of pages simultaneously, then that would be a different matter, and I'm not sure what would happen in that scenario on the current server, though it's possible the site would go down temporarily in that event. However, there's no way that normal browsing would take down the site temporarily. If the site is temporarily unavailable, it's very likely due to a problem with the server that's not due to you.

Btw, how long has this been going on? If it's an ongoing problem, I'll email the people running the server to try to find out what's going on and how to fix it.

take care,
Hi Shawn,
Normal site browsing.
Has only happened this week, about 3 different days.
Since nobody else is reporting problems, I'll monitor my situation and try to find more specific details.
It's probably my problem after all that Spanish wine!!!

I'll come back to you.
Best regards, Bill.
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