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hi, its me, veda, but i cant log in.
when i go to the forum page it says "hey, veda'" but then it kicks me off and says welcome guest. i made sure mind-brain cookies were allowed still no go. when i tried to log in like normal it said wrong password but i kno i had the right one becuz i saved my original password email from here.
so, just a glitch, i thought, and decided to get a new pass generated and mailed to me, but when the mail came, it looked like this:
[quote]The Declude Virus software on has reported that you were
sent a virus from, with the subject "Password Forum : veda". The Virus
named [Outlook 'CR' Vulnerability] is contained in the file [No attachment] and has
been quarantined to prevent further damage.

Original Headers Follow:
[Deleted due to dangerous content][/quote]

1. somebody needs to kno that their mail is corrupted, maybe its you Shawn or maybe all of i dont kno.
2. may i somehow get my new password please?

hi Veda,

I'm working on fixing the login problem now. I'm surprised that you should've received any email from registering since I turned off that option. Thank you for bringing all of this to my attention, and please let me assure you that any problems will be fixed within the next couple of hours.

Btw, I noticed your email address.... are you affiliated with

take care,
hi Veda,

Is there anyway for you to find out cookie info on your comp? The cookie used by this forum is called "mindbrainYaBBSE151". If you're on Windows, then a great program for this is IECookiesView at . I ask because I think the problem you're having is that you're not getting the cookie. I'm not sure why that's the case, but am looking into it now.

Btw, can you forward me the email you received after you tried having your password emailed to you? I just wanted to see if there's any other info that may help me determine where the email came from. (whether the address was the real source of the email)

Is anyone else having this problem??

hi Veda,

I tried to email you a new random password. Please let me know if you have the same problem that you had before.

sorry Veda.... I'm still having difficulty trying to correct the login problem that you experienced. I'll continue to work on it, but I now see that it's not going to be as simple as I originally thought. Nonetheless, the problem will get solved sooner or later. In the interim, please feel free to continue posting as guest. I'll post again when I make progress or fix the problem.

O i just made a new account! i logged in and out several times already and it werx great!
i dont really care about my post count, so i thought if fixin it was gonna be a pain, why not?
i only used the funny swear-word symbol becuz i had snuck away from my busy busy day and the first time i tried to post as guest i used veda and it wouldnt let me post becuz that name was already in use! argh!
weird tho, whatever it was, and gosh thanx so much for your time and attention smile.gif
hope that virus thing can get resolved tho.
about yahooka, i signed up for their message board and email, so yeah mang, im a yahookan! ;D
great! I'm glad to hear it. I'll fix your post count today. It won't be any problem.

btw, is awesome, and definitely gave me a good laugh the first time i heard the domain name (yahooka ~ yahoo).
hi veda, your post count is now fixed. smile.gif
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