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Mr Rennie
Hi, I have taken up a job where they use a electrical generator which powers a 3 phase which pulses an electrical current. this is then placed in to the sea by 6 welding wires with alternative pulses, this is used to stimulate the shell fish to come to the surface of the sea bed. then it is up to the diver (me) to swim behind this contraption and pick the shell fish up. As in a diving position you are always head closest to this electrical device. The set up is 400V generator and 130amp output don't quote me on this output. I would like to get information to know whether this has a long term effect or 1 that will later occur, 1 symptom that I have been getting is very poor sight, but it can come and go. I'm not sure if this is a factor to the job. I have been to the opticians and he says my vision is not a problem with my eyes. I am now wondering if this is to do with the job. I hope some one can give me some further advise on this matter

cheers Mr Rennie
First off, I have serious job envy smile.gif Sounds like fun less the vision loss!

Is the vision loss correlated to your actual time in the water? What I mean to say is, does your vision seem to slowly improve over the next several hours after current exposure from working?
Mr Rennie
hi, No it's not always a problem with the eyes its not a regular ocuring after the diving. I can get this problem sitting at home or days after diving or sometimes it doesn't happen. It's the damage that i'm wondering about is there any knowledge of or direction i can pointed in that there might have been some research in this kind of exposure to electricity.

Cheers for your reply.
Mr Rennie
Hi again, Thankyou for your time and I have looked over that link you sent, I see it's mainly to do with surface electrical shocks. I'm still looking for swimming in a current of electricity, and to find out if there are any long term affects. I am keen to search for any information on this. It is a new way of fishing for shell fish and i belive there isn't enough information on it to feel its safe.

Thankyou again.
Mr Rennie
Thank you, I have read over this link that you gave me and it has given me a better idea into the impact and safe guide lines with this method. It has been very helpfull.

Cheers again.
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