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What about creating a special place were members can write their biographies down? (if they want to).
You know some people just love to talk their miseries out. It wouldnŽt need to be necessarily a life long history but maybe special parts of our lives we think gave us shape as people or whatever we wanted to.
Its quite possible some people will just register to tell their history and never come again to brainmeta but i bet we could read some interesting experiences.

Above that i suppose you will agree with me that us brainmeta cronies sometimes arenŽt exactly friendly between us. Maybe such dislike comes from ignorance (or not) but in any case knowing a little bit better who the others are will help to comprehend why others are like they are and if not agree with them at least accept them.

Any thoughts about that?
Sounds good to me. I think it would be nice and helpful to know everyones background a little better.

I will write mine up sometime, but this should give you a preview of what is to come!
Well that was personal and interesting Flex thank you so much.
IŽd better start to write mine. IŽm still so slow writting in english...
Going a be a few days out so i wont be around here untill next week.
See you then.
Actually this is a very good idea! I'll try and get one done either today or tomorrow.
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