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My gosh! Where are the moderators? Someone do someone about username "treck" or whoever else is spamming. But seriously, why aren't the moderators active anymore??? Correct me if I'm wrong and sorry for the spaz attack.
Treck was just bringing to attention all of the deeper philosophical posts per Trips request smile.gif Sure bumping them to the active topics by posting about Asian escorts may seem odd, but to each his own.

I would remedy the situation myself, but alas I am a mere God...
I checked up on this yesterday but I fell asleep before I saw the active topics section (unusually slow internet at the time -.-'). I saw someone reported something but usually its deleted by the time I see it. Anyways its taken care of now.

Just report the post if you see something. You can also PM a moderator directly.
Flex: LOL

Maximus242: Thank you!!!
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