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Hey Hey
One of our most revered and loved BM members. Happy Birthday to You, and many more of them!
Yeah, five birthdays at once! Quite a feat. Happy 79th.
QUOTE(Rick @ Jan 14, 2009, 02:40 PM) *

Yeah, five birthdays at once! Quite a feat. Happy 79th.
Thanks, to one and all of my revered friends!!!

Jokingly, when I write to an agnostic, and I want to ask God to bless him/her, I could write:

G?d bless you.

Of course to the rich and powerful it would be:

G$d bless you.

To those with dyslexia you could say: doG bless you.

Use your imagination. G smile.gif d, G biggrin.gif d, G wub.gif d, G-d, G-d, G-d, G-d, G-d.
Now, put a different kind of "smilie" in place of each dash.

But seriously, I do not pray to a god and ask "him/her" for special blessings.

No, I simply assume that the blessings are already there. It is up to me to get rid of My resistance. Then I tune in to and connect with what Eckhart Tolle calls the Presence, the Now, Being itself--which I summarize in the acronym 'GOD'.

This seems to help make it so that, "all things work together for good"--no matter what circumstances--good, bad and otherwise--life hands me.

For example, here is one who seems to be a GOD-filled person. Take a look at what he is doing with the difficult circumstances which nature and nurture have handed to him:

I like the following words of inspiration: The difficult I work on doing as soon as I can; the impossible may take a little longer. blank.gif
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Congrats to you, B-boy! 79 and kicking is quite a feat in itself. Plus the many more to come, I'm sure!
QUOTE(Lindsay @ Jan 14, 2009, 02:53 PM) *
Jokingly, when I write an agnostic, and I want to ask God ...

One noted atheistic philosopher simply says "thank goodness." Goodness comes from nature (fair weather and bountiful crops) and from people. Thank goodness. May goodness come to you.
Trip like I do
Happy birthday to you Lindsay!
LL cool J and Arnold Schwarzenegger share birthdays with you! If that's not enough to be happy, then happy birthday anyway; keep em comin.

Does joesus not believe in birthdays?
QUOTE(Phi @ Jan 15, 2009, 02:55 AM) *

Does joesus not believe in birthdays?

I have one. What belief are you referring to?
And a potent "happy birthday" to Buy_Viagra_Online who is 35 today!
QUOTE(Rick @ Jan 15, 2009, 03:48 PM) *

And a potent "happy birthday" to Buy_Viagra_Online who is 35 today!
Haha, how I chuckled. We should really have brainmeta spam HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them somehow smile.gif

Happy birthday Lindsay! I'd sing you the song, but its still a legal minefield....

Ah feck it... biggrin.gif
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Lindsay!
Happy birthday to you!

May you find peace and happiness in the years to come!
And a potent "happy birthday" to Buy_Viagra_Online who is 35 today!
Something, BTW, I do not need, yet.
Did you hear about the person who tried it. He was so nervous that it got stuck in his throat. He had a stiff neck, for days . biggrin.gif

T_L, thanks for the interesting and new information about "Good morning to you". Does this mean that the tune and format is open for all kinds of uses? For example, if we wanted to praise someone we could say:

Many kudos to you,
Many kudos to you,
Many kudos, dear Barack;
Many kudos to you.
T_L, thanks!
[BTW, kydos is Greek for glory, fame, renown. To add variety to the stanza we could include all these words. To insult people we could add any blankety-blank word seen fit. ]
Interesting info. about Kudos/Kydos. I quite like the etymology of words, things like Evil/Devil hint to the history behind the Catholic and Christian demonisation of Pan, the Pentagram and Pagan rituals. I think it shows words and their meaning are organic and pliable.

The old method of uprooting enemies by breeding them out is very similar to the way the church stamped out old beliefs, took on their rituals and altered the meaning behind them for ever. Its all very interesting!
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