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interesting reading.
Trip like I do

My name is Charles Andrew Ososami many call me "Charlie"


Hears are explained pieces of the interconnectivities of my life.
My name is Charles Andrew Ososami “Charlie", I run a business called Chaos Packs ( ) . I was born on July the 12th which connects me with changing time, because the "Boyne battle over Time" occurred on July the 12th 1690, it was the battle that changed the Julian calendar to Georgian calendar.
The discovery of the first Nebula by a man named Charles Messier on the July the 12th 1764, 217 years before my birth. The Nebula is called the "M27 Dumbbell Nebula" this connects me to the number 27 and Stars.

Being born in Shotley Bridge Hospital Durham Newcastle 12th of July 1981 links me with the Angel of the North as it resides in Newcastle, 1981 is also Chinese Astrological year of the Rooster.
Before the creation of Chaos Packs I setup and ran "Chaos Energies" a utilities broker that sank when the Enron bubble burst. The use of the word Chaos in my company names comes from the acronym for my name,
Ch-Charles A-Andrew & Os-Ososami.

The Logo for Chaos Packs Ltd is the basic shape of the fractal that constructs our genetic DNA.
The symbol also make up Figure 27 in the book of Solomon as a war God symbol.
The Chaos Packs logo is also A God incarnation symbol.
The Ogdoad are the 8 Gods and Goddesses of Chaos that complete the Egyptian creation story, to find out more on the Ogdoad please click the link "8 Gods" or read Exodus 27:16 of a Holy Bible, that is if you can still find an Old Testament as I don't remember if they are mentioned in any of the 27 books in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.
I share my birthday with Julius Caesar but he was born 2081 years before me.

I enjoy Rollerbooting, Smoking heathy dry things, the company of thoughtful creatures, music, physical fun exersion, finding out what people expect of me on Earth and Expressing my self in all forms.
I hope all my Children love and respect all that is my Goddom.

Oh there is also a Planet Chaos.
It's full name is "19521 Chaos" and some sources say "It belongs to the class of outer-system asteroids known as Cubewanos".
If you take a closer look at the number "19521" you will see it is divisible by 27, 723 times, also 19+5+2+1=27 and 27 resonations are found in the name “Cubewanos” as 27 is a cubic number. You see this gives planet Chaos and number 27 Cosmic alignment.

I Love you all.

.... sounds familiar! This guy is a virus!
QUOTE(Dianah @ Dec 14, 2008, 12:56 AM) *

interesting reading.

Depends on what you find interesting.
Hey Hey
QUOTE(Trip like I do @ Dec 14, 2008, 01:03 AM) *
This guy is a virus!
Wish we could get inoculated!

Go F**K yourself
QUOTE(Dianah @ Dec 14, 2008, 12:56 AM) *

interesting reading.

Dec 14, 2008, 12:56 is te scren Tie and datetag of the starter post of thishread. 56 is the Gematria total of my name ChARLIE.
1.quote name='Dianah' date='Dec 14, 2008, 12:56 AM' post='95516'" is the first inner post this thread.
Th date and Time may form the sum 1+4+2+0+0+8+1+2+5+6, ts i through the individual digits getting aded together, totaling 29 resonating my being born.
99916 is te post number
resonating the GOD Line of my name GOD trough the total of te adition sum of the single digits.
222 I Love you ALn.
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