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I can use some ideas on this one.

To remember what I have gone trough I want to get a tattoo since 2 years, that covers my back completely. I want to use religious symbols of good and evil (just like my brain created good and evil when I got ill) on each half of my back.

I am struggling with the idea of an angel and demonlike (human creature) facing eachother with a guy in the middle (last one symbolizes me) with some weaponlike things in their hands..? A angel with what kind of weapon, is there a story where an angel defeats evil with a weapon? Not a cupido arrow ^^.. A demonlike creature, I know there is the devil himself or the grim reaper but both do not qualify for me..

On the good side:

colourfull flowers

evil side:

rotting flowers

You get the idea..

Any help on creativity and symbolic ideas are much appreciated.
I have a small 2"x 2" Eye of Horus on my chest, I will like it forever because its a mark of my spirituality and respect for the concept behind it. Hopefully yours will be loved permanently too!

What you're looking for I actually attempted to convey in some art about a mushroom trip. It had a lifelike mushroom in the centre, then the left was all bright and sunny, the right was night and creepy. The point was to highlight the range of emotions from the center piece mushroom.

Back to the point though, I guess you want a kind of personal Yin-Yang on your back. If I had the inclination I'd get a kind of bastardised caduceus up my spine, with one serpent evil and another good (probably just by being fire/red and ice/blue). Theres room then for some style.

I'm not sure about Devils fighting Angels, theres not many stories of head on fights that are considered cannon in the Bible. If you want religious art then it might be best to try some research Indian/Hindu stories and symbols. They tend to be more metaphorical and free flowing when it comes to details of their Gods fights with demons.

Theres a story of Churning the Milky Ocean, which is symbolised in the Hindu/Buddhist temple Angkor Wat. Its about Angels (Devas) and Demons (Asuras) working together pulling a giant serpent to turn the sky and allow the Universe to sustain life.

I'm sure theres more than I know about in Hinduism. Maybe Joe or someone will come with some suggestions.

P.S. The spine hurts when its tatooed! Good luck smile.gif
St. Michael defeating the Devil (with a sword)
Hey Trojan and Lucid,

I seriously thought of a good and evil caduceus that would cover my back completely but it just don't fit with the other ideas I have (one big caduceus would've been very nice though).

I have more a modern painting like style in mind. A landscape on a mountain divided by good and evil. I definitely can use the serpent idea. The angel with sword facing an angel of death with a scythe will be nice.

What else can I fill the landscape with that's a bit of my problem right now...

@ Hey Hey,

Thanks for the inappropriate link!
Well I only ever got the contrast of a night sky and bright day and shining mushroom before my consciousness wandered off and did something else. I found it difficult to describe in pictures the raw awe and fear that can be felt within consciousness. I didnt want to resort to horror imagery like a scream mask.
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