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This is just a place where you can post some links about stuff that may be deemed interesting
Videos preferably
Wow, what an uniteresting lot we are lol.

Cymatics, couldnt check out which video this is, but the one I want to post can be found by looking for a 2-3minute you tube video for "MIT non-newtonian liquid cymatic finger":

Crazy hexagon within Saturns atmosphere:

Maybe the old concept of the Music of the Spheres was not too far off...
Some Surat Shabda Yoga Satgurus considered the music of the spheres to be a term synonymous with the Shabda (also known as the Audible Life Stream) in that tradition, because they considered Pythagoras to be a Satguru as well

It is a real possibility that energy is given a material form from the leftover vibrations from the original 'Big Bang' (background cosmic radiation constant). Meditative disciplines use audible chants of 'Aum' and other mantras to help ease them into agreeable brain states. Science is beginning to test theories on all matter and energy vibrating at different frequencies which then gives different properties to those materials (string theory). There was an article a while ago about the 'song' of the Sun - its basically singing in extremely high/low frequencies due to the interference of its magnetic fields as they rotate around the sun. It seems all planets have their own sounds, however high or low.
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