Whenever we have questions which we cannot answer, we have just a few options available to us.

Seeking answers - Option 1
Ask or study a source (which you believe you can trust) for their answer.

Outcome 1
If the source provides hard evidence with proof of the integrity of that answer then it is safe to accept it as new true knowledge for yourself.

Outcome 2
Accept the answer as a belief or put your faith in it. Always qualify your related statements as being based on Faith, or say " I believe....".

Outcome 3
Totally disregard the information as insensible. Try Seeking answers - Option 2 (below)

Seeking answers - Option 2
Give good thought to determine your own explanation for the topic, based on your own experience, existing knowledge and experimentation if possible.

Outcome 1
Hope to arrive at new knowledge of truth which you can prove, or a new belief (use qualifiers as in Outcome 1 above).

Outcome 2
Fail to draw a conclusion, continue searching or start over.

I welcome additions or corrections to this suggested procedure which I believe would avoid much frustration and confused postings.