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It seems I get logged out after just a few minutes of inactivity. The last post I made was a little long and I had to log in again when hitting "submit". I looked over the control panel and couldn't find anything to address that. It's probably something simple I overlooked. Maybe it's my cookie settings? Or maybe that's just the way it's going to be and we will have to get used to it. I don't know. Other places I can stay logged in.

I'd like to be able to stay logged in all the time. Seems like it used to be that way or maybe I remember wrong. I'm pretty sure I used to be able to go away for a few hours, come back and still be logged in. Now it's a matter of minutes. Just a thought.
It might be something in your cookies settings. I have them enabled and have no problem with being logged out.
Rick, I have cookies enabled and some other sites let me stay logged in indefinitely. I'm using firefox which is way better than that piece of junk IE. Avoid micro$oft products at all cost!

Is java required? I allow javascript but not java. Might be something else.
I have java enabled, but that's for other sites, it's not needed for BrainMeta. Has anyone else had this problem with firefox?
firefox works fine for me. Try deleting all cookies set by BrainMeta:

and then try logging in again and see if the problem is fixed.
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