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I've seen this on another forum and it's great. By clicking on it it gives you your last ten posts and shows how many replies in the thread. I often lose track of what threads I've been in and if I click the last ten when I come back, it helps me zero in on threads I was involved in. I know it can be done manually with the search function but having just one button to click is handy.
click on 'Profile Options' in your profile. The option is there.
OK, I see it. But, it's not really easier to do that than to use the search function. You still have to click through 3 times and know it's there. I guess that shows how spoiled we have become that clicking a few times and looking around has become an issue. Or maybe it's just me? I am spoiled, I'll admit it. I look for ways to save a few seconds using abbreviations and whatnot.
You could copy n paste the brain meta active topics address in your browser instead of just and then hit refresh. Or bookmark the active topics page.
Good suggestion, Xanadu.

Below "Last Click", there is now a link called "Your Posts" which shows your posts sorted by posted date in descending order. It's like "Last 10 Posts", only it shows all of your posts.

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