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This may not be the best place to post about this,
but I didn't realise that I had my email showing in all of these forums. The other day I got an email and a pm to have "a cup of coffee.. etc" and visit this person that I don't know. (Not from this forum). So I turned off the emails information on all forums. I'm sure that there wasn't anything to it, but I was thinking that maybe the email information should be off by default, unless the user wants to have their email shown.
I'll bring it up with Shawn he's been doing some site improvements recently. I'm sorry that happened.
Thanks, I "followed" you here from imminst. and found the poetry forum!
Neurosail, thanks for pointing out that email security issue. It has been fixed now so that newly registered members will have their email hidden by default. The setting to hide/show your email address is located at the following: go to your profile page, click on 'Edit my Profile' near the bottom of the page, then in the left navigator click on Options->Email Settings
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