Okay after looking over ebay I have noticed a general stupidity amongst many of it users so I am posting some of the scams people get sucked into tongue.gif


This guy gets insane amounts of money for his crap, he has several accounts but he manages to sell these ten dollar garage sale items with a long explanation of paranormal activites. The pictures have been so obviously faked, a simple photoshop or even a quick movement can reproduce those images, anyways look at how much they are selling for and you will understand.


This is truely ridiculous I almost cried when I read it.


Here is another mystery box, it is truely ridiculous that these people bid $1000's and when they get the box in the mail it has one dollar bill and a piece of candy, and guess what ITS LEGAL! sigh* if people only realized that the precise wording of something is what you get, their might be 60,000 guarenteed but is it play money? are you sure it is in USD? why are they even doing this? lol when I read some of the comments I just burst out laughing, one guy payed 5000 and got a cereal box toy.. truely ridiculous

anyways if you find some rediculous ebay items be sure to post em, il keep updating as more come up