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mind-brain is such an awesome site...and there are so many different topics to discuss here...but there is one in particular that is missing...a message board for drug abuse...i think that would be good to have...i know there are times that i just need to rant about addiction, or just would be good to get feedback...i think it would go over well...anyway...just a suggestion

Good idea. Drug addiction is serious. People need to talk about that sort of stuff.
I think that's a great idea, Ash, and I know that quite a few visitors here will find a Drug Abuse board useful and interesting.  Before I set it up, do we have any volunteers for being a moderator?   Ash?  Joseph?  Anyone else??  

awesome...i would totally be a moderator...but i must tell you now...there will be a short transition period where i'll be between computers...but hell yeah...i'll do my best. smile.gif
great! consider it done, Ash.  And thanks.
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