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So many of our family here at Mind-Brain have asked Chrissy and myself to keep them updated on what's going on with us, I thought that I would do so. Chrissy called me last night and we talked for the first time. It was fantastic. Chrissy is so easy to talk to. It seemed like we had known each other forever. We spoke for over an hour and a half. Today she sent me her picture. She is my Angel, both wonderful and beautiful!! :-* :-* I think that I fell in love all over again. ;D

This is SO great!  I hope you two can get together, and spend some time with one another, very soon.  If I were in your situation, the very idea of that first meeting would make me feel incredibly shy, nervous, and more excited than words can express.

It's after 5:00 pm here in EST.  I'm just about ready to fix dinner for my sweet darling and husband of many years.  Every day of my life, I think about how love brought me to this place of comfort and peace.  I wish the very same for you and your lovely Chrissy.
Thank you sweet and kind Lori! for your wondeful comments and for your interest! I am so happy you are in a loving an d happy marriage so what is the secret of a happy marriage!? Just curious as all I dream of one day being married and having a wonderful little girl or boy!? I am a dreamer as many would say! Thanks again Lori! I love you dearly
You are so funny! I am happy for you and James, I hope all works out! You both deserve eachother and I believe you will be happy with him!

Love, Dara
Dear Chrissy,

What's the secret of a happy marriage?  I wish I knew the answer to that one!  I'd publish a book, teach seminars, and share the secret with the entire world.

I attribute my own happiness to blind, dumb luck.  My husband and I were a case of love-at-first-sight.  We knew, right away, that we would be together for the long haul.  We got engaged a few months after we'd met, and our wedding took place a few months after that.

I was 33-years-old when I met my husband, and my whole life changed in an instant.  He's a very kind, generous, and even-tempered man.  We balance each other well; I'm extremely energetic and Type A, and he's a calming influence who seldomly gets upset about anything.

I guess I could sum up my feeling for him as follows:  He's my best friend in the world -- we're very comfortable together and enjoy one another's company -- and I'm also head-over-heels in love with him.

I really am very, very lucky.  Believe me, I had more than my share of bad, ambivalent, and ill-fitting relationships before this one came along.
Aww so cute!
My Angelita asked me to update what's going on. We talked on the phone again. She has just the cutest laugh! ;D

you know, even though I'm grown up and all, my brain went into nervous teen-ager mode. It took me two phone calls to get up the courage to say to Chrissy 'I love you' over the phone. Hey! At times I can be a real doofus. Love me for who i am.

We'll keep you posted.
Love you all!!

Chrissy asked me to update this thread again. Well ,we talked again the other night. We both revealed a part of our goofy/nutty side to each other. (I'm a cashew and Chrissy's a pistachio) ;D

She really is an amazing woman. She is the most passionate and sensual woman I have ever met. She puts so much of her spirit into her writing that I melt evertime i read it.

Is it any wonder why I'm totally, read-over-heels, can't think of anybody else, want to be only with her, in love with her?

Hi Everyone. I've been going through something of a rough time lately. My Father's been ill and my Sister has also been sick. Yesterday, my Doctor called me in for more blood tests next week. My new kidney isn't functioning as well as it has been.

My Angelita, Chrissy, really helped me yesterday. I don't usually let things get to me. I'm usually the strong one. But I felt so overwhelmed and scared. Chrissy talked to me...reminded me that I am a strong person...and just made me feel loved.  Once again, she brought me out of a very dark place. Thank you, my love.

Thanks to all of you for creating a place where I feel loved; and where I can open my heart to others. You ARE my family and I love you all.


This is my home. Here I am alive.
you are more than welcome... I there for you because I love and care for you deeply and you will always have a special place in my heart and in my life! ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT!

I am just glad I was able to be there for you in your time of need to know that I was and that I helped you brought me a sense of belonging and honered to know i am valued and special.

Everyone here cares for you because you are a genuine sweet and caring person! ;D

oh and thanks for posted on our thread..

Love yas,
Chrissy (~*Angelita~*)

Many ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) :-*
I love you, too, Chrissy. Deeper than you may know. :-* :'(
I've written a story for Chrissy. I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it.
Chrissy is starting college this week so that she can obtain her degree. I am so proud of her. She is my inspiration. And she is my Hero.  [img][/img]

Hi gang some of you may remember me from a little while back,I have some poems posted around this site,and I have been away due to ill health,well I just came back to check how my poetry family were doing and found this.

I want to say that one person who really stuck by my side when I was starting all my surgery was Chrissy and we became friends chatting and helping each other through our difficulties.

If anyone deserves happiness it's you sweetie so James and Chrissy I hope this is the start of something really special biggrin.gif ;D ;D

QUOTE (Lori_F. @ Mar 03, 07:13 AM)
What's the secret of a happy marriage?  

blind luck, a mutual willingness to make it work, and a fair amount of compromise
Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I updated this topic. Sorry. Chrissy and i are doing great. We are very, very much in love...and our love for each other grows everyday. I will be visiting her soon in Pennsylvania...and we have talked about marraige. We are each other's best friends...and we always listen to each other and do our best to understand each other. As you can see...I've changed my displayed name to Chrissy's Pookie Bear...that's what she calls me. wub.gif And she is my Angelita.
We are very happy...and I want to thank all of you here who have supported us.

James M. Guzman
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