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???Why did they take me off of poetry???  Makes me cry
i know.  Let's take a poll!
You should have never been taken off as Moderator. [img][/img]
You should have never been put on as Moderator.   [img][/img]
what does being a moderator actually mean?
have you asked shawn why you were taken off?
i think we need to hear it from the horses mouth so as to say.
shawn lets have it all out.
what does being a moderator actually mean?

hello Parvez,
it's funny you should ask that question, because that's what this issue revolves around.   At the very least, being a moderator means the ability to lord over the board and add/remove/modify posts as one sees fit.  However, with these new abilities comes new responsibilities and expectations that are unique to each board, and mainly determined by others who make the board what it is.   I respect the boards that certain moderators have played a large role in maintaining, as well as their decisions regarding the criteria for being a moderator on their boards.  As such, it was decided that Hi-top was not fulfilling the expectations set up for being a moderator on the Poetry Board, and hence he was removed, because to keep him on as moderator would have lessened the expectations of what it means to be moderator on that particular board.  It's not to say that he can't be moderator on other boards, and I hope that he would take advantage of this fact and that there aren't any hard feelings over the turn of events on the Poetry Board.  

However, I would like to hear feedback from others about this, about whether they think this is a fair decision or not, and whether they have any alternative ideas for resolving this issue.

take care,
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