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[glow=red,2,300]omg! how long has it been since ive been on!!!!! guys im so sorry! Didja miss me? Oh of course you did!!!! lol no my computer is crashed. and we have to buy a new one, so jeex guys tell me what has been going on!!!!! i miss you all!!! ROze[/glow]
+Steven Curtis Lance
Hi Roze!  Yes indeed, I did miss you!  I was wondering where you went.  I really have been thinking about you a lot, and wondering what happened.  

It's good to hear from you again, and I hope you will be able to be back among us on a regular basis now really soon.

My old computer died and I had to get a new one too.  Well, it isn't new, but it's new to me.  Then it was attacked by a horrific worm virus and I had to have it fixed, but now I have that Norton Antivirus thing, which works well to protect against such things happening again.  

Also (and I feel really stupid about this) I will NEVER open email attachments from people I don't know, again!

Live and learn.

I send you all my love.

Good to hear that you are alright.  I was getting worried about you.
It's good to have you back. I've missed you alot.

yay! welcome back Rooze I missed hasn't been the same without you here.........

Nothing but love,
welcome back roze ;D
missed you, was wondering where you got to.
Hello rose. I am Jules. I am new to the group. It is a very cool group of ppl. well it is nice to meet you. wink.gif
nice to meet you to jules, youll learn fast enuf that i cant spell, lol! sorry but yes!!!! omg dangit it crashed somhow and i am so mad but now i can come to the libary everday, BCUZ I CAN DRIVE!! ow lol yes! and yes jules by the way, these people, are the best people ever, they have helped me thru so mush crap you wouldnt know. and steven, did your book come out?!!!!? huh? I wanna read it, i wanna get it,! you gotta tell me!!!!!! argh. i geuss i can safely say i ahve been "OK" i dunno tho. i think i need to have some help .. again.. lol well anyhow how are you all?! ROze
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