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I see I have been deleted off the Moderator list for poetry
The only thing I love in this world
Shawn didn't care

Amanda, please stay here. I'll always be here for you.

Fuck this im leavein the site too. If hitop cant be on here . Im going to delete my account.
see ya!  :)
rejection happens in life, accept it move on.
the easy thing for hi top to do is leave, stay people like you, so if shawn has taken you off poetry, its not the end of the world.
stay please ;D
You can still enjoy the poetry forums. You can read, write and reply to poems there. Dont worry about not being a moderator anymore. If you really like the site and the poetry forums, just enjoy them as you can!

Have you talked to Shawn and questioned him for the reasons, ...?

Steven and I thought that we should limit the numbers of moderators on the poetry board down to three members..  we havent seen you around for a while so we figured it shouldn't cause too much trouble  for you or this site.

This has nothing to do with not appreciating or respecting you..

I do hope that you'll stay in our community, we arent here because we want to be moderators..  everyone finds his place here if he searches and commits himself to it

Please dont hessitate to contact me

Much Love,
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