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  1. Holotheism: Is This a New and Better way of looking at the GØD (GOD, or God) Concept? (14 replies)
  2. What God is is a Title? Then who is God? (687 replies)
  3. Your Opinion is Important Please answer the following Questions on this Thread. (6 replies)
  4. Destiny: What will be the Future of P.j.S?. (2 replies)
  5. Evolution, Creationism & The Bible (8 replies)
  6. Why the science is silent about the unimaginable (17 replies)
  7. Why God created imaginable and unimaginable items... (32 replies)
  8. Old Fantastical Duke of Dark Corners (10 replies)
  9. How can one establish the existence of unimaginable God? (18 replies)
  10. Only atheists deny miracles (4 replies)
  11. Awareness is dependent hence is not God (1 replies)
  12. GØD, or God: The Eternity of Time and the Infinity of Space? (0 replies)
  13. Carl Jung said that he did not "believe" in God... (0 replies)
  14. yup (12 replies)
  15. We created Man and know (1 replies)
  16. GOD IS FEAR (1 replies)
  17. The Lord said that if one is always associated with His service, He will take care of both the worlds (1 replies)
  18. Free-Excellent books on Divine knowledge, for all the levels of spiritual aspirants including scientists and atheist (0 replies)
  19. GØD IS ? ... IMO, the verb 'to be' is the only verb I can use when I write about absolute being. (86 replies)
  20. BRIEF BIOGRAPHIES---getting to know each other. I will start (15 replies)
  21. What or who does the Holy Spirit mean to you? (36 replies)
  22. The Paradox Of Nothingness And The Case For The New Deism (13 replies)
  23. Unimaginable God and imaginable human form (14 replies)
  24. Who created God (0 replies)
  25. Science is the best religion exposing the existence of God to every ordinary human being on this earth including atheist. (0 replies)
  26. God alone knows God (0 replies)
  27. God's existence is experienced through human incarnation (0 replies)
  28. The God Experiments (26 replies)
  29. A better term for God (50 replies)
  30. einstein (2 replies)
  31. Why does anyone need God (or similar concepts)? (42 replies)
  32. A soul cannot become God (8 replies)
  33. A devotee can become God, but... (3 replies)
  34. Beliefs Can,and Ought to Have, a Practical Value. (8 replies)
  35. God or the Devil (7 replies)
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