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> My Nootropic Stack - Advice/Opinions?
post May 22, 2016, 06:12 PM
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Hi, I am relatively new to the nootropics thing, Got into it seriously about 3 months ago. This is my current stack and I'd like some feedback on where I might take it next, if there are any exciting substances that I may have overlooked. Male, 30yrs, 165lb.

Next to each item I will put the result that I feel. It's hard for me to take something I don't feel any result from.

My goals are, I pretty much like to enhance learning. Lifelong readaholic, I learn lots of muscles for my massage business. So far noopept has helped me lots with motivation to do day-to-day things such as laundry or errands and I am reasonably satisfied with it (and I love the price) but I wonder if there might be something better. As far as the gym I'd like to reduce recovery time. Having been a scrawny dude my entire life, I am fed up and want to bulk up. I'm interested in maybe becoming a sprinter cuz that is more fun to me than endurance running. But I'm thinking about skipping running altogether as I have a crazy fast metabolism and I don't want to do something that will prevent me from bulking up. My endurance in hiking is not what I want and if I push myself very hard for me athletically, It is normal to feel drained for 2-3 days. I don't like this and am not sure the cause. I also have some social anxiety that prevents me from hitting on women or pursuing a relationship because I feel uncomfortable.

10mg Noopept 1-2x/day - motivates me, helps me feel more like myself, This is pretty much my ideal way to feel is on noopept. I just do the powder sublingual.
CBD oil - 1-2mg/day - Love the way I feel on this. Of all the things I've tried, marijuana, alcohol, CBD takes the cake for me as far as It makes me very chill and relaxed mentally which is how I want to feel always. I can give a nice smooth gentle relaxing massage on this and without it I can do therapeutic relief but really struggle with relaxational massage. The effects seem to last almost all day for me.
Centrophenoxine 200mg 1-3x/day (depends on how much noopept I take, as it goes up the centro goes up). I take 1 centro before bed w/ a melatonin and the result is, I get by on 7 hours of sleep whereas before it took 8-10. And I wake up clear-headed which I have never had (always used to take me a few hours to get my head together in the AM. Not anymore.)
Alpha GPC - pretty sure this helps and that I am choline-deficient in the past. One reason is, If I take noopept on its own w/ no choline source, I get very mild floaters. As I supplement w/choline the problem goes away and never comes back.
Dr Wallachs Tangy Tangerine - I notice effect on my energy levels & that's why I take this. Open to a better/cheaper multi if you guys think there is one?
Liposomal vitamin C - I make my own, just take 1/2 tbsp ascorbic acid and 1 1/2 tbsp Lecithin and blend it in with my banana smoothie and consume all immediately. This gives me an instant pick-me-up as far as energy if I am feeling drained.
DSF Formula by Nutriwest - I take this for my adrenals. If I don't take this, I have to adjust my neck 1-2x a week. This helps the adjustment hold so I never have to go to the chiropractor for my migraines.
Huperzine A - I am taking this 200mcg a day for choline but I notice literally no result
Tri-Boron by Twinlab - I take this for mild arthritis like symptoms in fingers. I probably use the computer too much. It seems to help but I wonder if there's something better.
Emoxypine - 125mg/day - the reason I'm taking this is, I had migraines 2x/week for a decade and used chiropractors to fix it. Not a problem any more, I can subtly align my own neck using percussor if I start to get tense. So it never gets to that point. But I wonder if using the chiros so often resulted in any nerve damage?
Lithium Orotate - I took this last year for mild depression, still have it, not sure if I will continue to take it or not. When I moved the depression pretty much vanished.

As far as diet, I juice almost every day, some of the juices I make are orange/carrot, beet, mixed vegetable. For my other meals I do lots of eggs, gluten free bread (But ocassionally I do eat normal bread) and meat, but I avoid beef for some reason it makes me sluggish and I focus on chicken instead, mainly ground. It's pretty much 50/50 cooked and raw. I do find the more fat I consume, the worse I do. What makes sense to me is the fat I ate for better part of 2 decades, fast food every day, etc put a lot of lipofuscin in my brain & body.

I work out 3x a week 30-40min in the weight room, doing muscles that push away one day, then muscles that pull towards, then leg muscles and some various thrown in there. I try to learn 1 new exercise on youtube each time I go to the gym & mix it up a bit that way.

This past week I felt great, but, worked it hard at the gym Thurs and Fri I went on a 6 mile hike and felt kinda drained. It could be because I just started 2 months ago trying to get in shape.

Thanks guys!
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post Jun 14, 2016, 08:09 AM
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Hi, great reading about your story. Been through the process you have described. I concluded that good diet, exercise, sleep, activity, genetics, and luck was what I needed. Couple things I like include POM wonderful juice, beetroot juice, coffee, dark chocolate, salmon. Activities include musical instrument, observational drawing, hiking, spin bike. In terms of socializing, learning and using peoples names.

All the best, peace.
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