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post Feb 21, 2016, 06:33 AM
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Hi all...
New with nootropics and on this forum and i start having problems with dosage and staking.

Probl and improve cognition, stress, anxiety, mood swings,sleeping pattern (sometimes i start like 4 am monday, wednesday at 1200, Friday like 1800....also gastrointestinal problems ( i hope for serotonin and Kefir to regulate my digestion) and tutun/weed addiction (5htp is making miracles, even i didn't stop smoking, I don't feel the urge to smoke, but still having withdraw)

Also looking for improvement in area like empaty, clairvoyant,psihic....(i know u don't gain this abilities with nootropics, u are born with them, but we all have them in human sense and i think they're root's are in the brain)
Btw.....mdma, dmt, ayahuasca,mushrooms,lsd are on my list like nootropics but will stay legal today :-P curent stack for next 3-4 day...

Zink 50mg
Magnesium (one teaspoon)
Brewers yeast ( I've read that 5g will give u Urdine. Anybody knows something about this?)
Don't think all are noos but this 3 with spirulin,polen coconut oil and hemp oil is a v powerful stack wich i use to take

Alpha GPC 300mg ( choline source and is crossing BBB)
NACetyl L cysteine 600mg ( dopamine and glutamate)
L-tryptohan 1000mg (serotonin and melatonin, ok for BBB)
GABA 1500mg ( not ok for BBB and will be replaced with l-theanine)

After this stack i have large amounts of Niacin in my body ( like 2-3h red hot skin, like taking Niacin on empty stomach in morning :-P)

Today i stop taking :
L-theanine 300mg ( im waiting for caffeine ;-) ), but i think is safe to combo with Gaba
And i stop 5htp 100mg...because i take him with L-tryptohan and from here is my Niacin reaction, which didn't bother me if :

After second day with all above....i have a tension on arms and palms are almost shaking like angry or in a fight)
I think is from Niacin but i should see tomorrow because Niacin is released quickly, from what i know. Ill keep in touch.

And because of evil ebay, im waiting next list :

Caffeine 200mg, for l-theanine stack
Vitamin C 500mg ( don't know for what is good like noos, but I saw it in a lot of stacks and i like it)
Omega 3 1000mg, for choline stack
Vinpocetine 10 mg
ALA 600mg stack with
ALCAR 500 mg
Tyrosine i eat like 3-5 eggs daily wich should give me enough tyrosine
I saw a lot of ppl on Folic Acid.....but is not essential....
And just because was cheap and is stacking well, from one of my suppliers i found noopept 10 mg.

....that's it :-B do i take them?
Simple, old, dirty way?.....all in a glass of water twice per day :-))

I have a big problem with noopept...first is too strong and second is a drug, but I'll stack him to see what happens

So...GABA will be out, 5htp....maybe like emergency during day for addiction...half a pill maybe....

Egss, zink, "Urdine", magnesium vit C, Omega3 and Vinpocetine extract i should be more then ok twice per day even without the rest.

But....i can try also twice per day.....Alpha gpc,ALA,Alcar, NAC, L-tryptohan, l-theanine+caffeine?????

I should change any of recommend dosage?
...all pills are like half of what u need, usually 2/day (except gaba for4, but is out)

Btw....i was thinking to split all this list in two, so i could take 2-3 weeks, break 2-3 weeks and a new different stack again.....but i not sure how......

L theanine (300mg) with caffeine (200mg)....ratio 5 to 300mg need 1000mg x2/day= 2000 caffeine per day????
Lol 10 pills....can't be good.

I think I'll be back.....its my first post.....ever (except those of 3 words).
I never could stay to type an hole post, in which to say mostly all....
Im v logic, sequential,attention, patient....and i wrote it twice....cos copy delete :-SS
I definitely fell improvement in this 3 day.
I also find myself in some Add, Adhd criteria and i always struggle with dyslexia and anxiety of speaking with strangers, authority....bosses....

Thank you in advance for your time and reply
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