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> A Mathematical Approach to Consciousness (-H-) Hypothetical Pi, The Average Thoughts of the Mind
P JayS
post Sep 10, 2012, 04:42 PM
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I have attempted to define mathematically rational and irrational thought patterns from their origin with the use of pi and geometry. An irrational thought that cannot find closure may cause one to act irrationally. Pi = 3P would be transcendental and creative pi or irrational and rational pi working together for future purposes in space and time. There is a need for a relaxed rational mind exercised with self-control which may produce happiness or a Happy Spirit in individuals.

The combined circumference of Creative Pi (CP) + Transcendental Pi (TP) is 3P + pi. To take the average circumference divide by 2. This makes hypothetical pi (-H-).

(CP + TP) / 2. The formula C/pi=d reveals what the diameter of the average invisible point is. (CP+TP) / ((CP+TP)/2) = 2 or (CP+TP) / (-H- pi ) = 2.

One side (side a) of the circumscribed square of time to (CP+TP) is a=2.
By Pythagoras: c^2=a^2+b^2.
c^2 = 2^2 + b^2
c^2 = 4 + 4
c = sqrt 8
d = 2 and c = sqrt 8

The average invisible point is c/2 = sqrt 8 / 2 = sqrt 2.
c = sqrt 2
To find the prime point of thought in the mind d = 2/2 = 1 or side a = 2/2 = 1.
c^2 = a^2 + b^2
(sqrt 2)^2 = a^2 + b^2
2 = 1 + 1
a^2 = 1
side a = 1 of the simple line or circumscribed square of time surrounding the prime point of thought with a diameter d = 1.

Solving for Creative Pi, d = 1 and Transcendental Pi, d = 2 is the average of CP + TP = Hypothetical Pi (-H-), d = 1.

The average invisible point or average thought has a circumference of -H- pi value, a diameter of 1 and a diagonal of sqrt 2. C / d = -H-. The prime thought has a pi = 3, d = 1.

Transcendental Pi or irrational thoughts does not form a complete circle. The inscribed n-gon is always inside the circle and the circumscribed n-gon is always outside the circle with a diameter = 1. TP avalanches through time in the circle of the average invisible point or rational thought of Creative Pi with d = 1. CP forms a full circle in tangible space. CP + TP form average hypothetical thoughts of good and bad in time for the past, present and future. TP is turning in gravity and friction with Creative Pi = 3P.

TP is in and out of time (3P). CP is time from the start of perimeter = 3 of the concentric square of the Creative Pi Geometric Spencer Construction. Average thought (-H-) is from average CP + TP in time.

Using hypothetical pi with a diameter of 1 may be used for time travel perhaps, the result of a thought process involving a good relationship with God to reach some average tangible point in time and space for the past, present or future. A good working knowledge of TP, CP and ĖH- may be necessary. A thought process defining present time 3P between P=1 and P=2sqrt3 or the start of the inscribed hexagon to the circumscribed hexagon in the dream state while conscious or sleeping.

Time periods in time travel may be off limits to those without an escort. To those who have not studied hypothetical pi to the degree needed to travel alone.

Hypothetical pi would be an average time in lifeís experience, also an emotional pi for the Happy Spirit. Found here today is some Mathematics for time in the emotional make up of a person.

The Average Invisible Point:

The prime invisible point or prime circumference or prime thought for consciousness has a diameter of 1.

d = 1
side a = 1
c^2 = a^2 + b^2
c^2 = 1 + 1
c = sqrt 2
The simple line of time that now surrounds the prime thought now has a side a = sqrt 2. The diameter of the average thought now with imagination in point form is sqrt 2.

Circumference of the average invisible point:
C = CP + TP
Average C = (CP+TP) / 2 = -H-
Ave. C = pi = -H-
C / pi = d
C / -H- = d
Ave. C / (CP+TP)/2 = d
Ave. 2C / (CP+TP) = d
2 * 1 = d
2 = d

(CP+TP) / (2 = average) = -H-
(CP+TP) / (2 = diameter) = -H-
Hypothetical Pi is the average thought from an invisible point with a diameter of 2. The Average invisible point or thought in tangible space has a diameter of 2.

d = 2, pi * d = C
1) C = 6 , pi = 3 (pi of the Bible)
2) Perimeter = 3 , pi = 3.1415: inscribed hexagon: dark matter, inside of 3P time.
3) Perimeter = 3 , pi = 3P: concentric square: dark energy, inside of 3P time.
4) C = 2TP , pi = 3.1415 (transcendental pi) note: 2TP needs the pi symbol for 2pi.
5) C = 2-H- , pi = 3.1451 (hypothetical pi)
6) C = 6P , pi = 3.1486 (creative pi)
7) Perimeter = 2sqrt3 , pi = 3.1415: circumscribed hexagon: outside of 3P time: the records of thoughts and actions forming gunk (the building material of the next existence stored outside of the sphere of time within the void to be chaotically exploded as a start of time expansion within the mind of God). A new beginning in time and space.

C = 3dP
C / P = 3d
3d = 3dP
3d / 3d = P
1 = P
z = k = P
3z / 3 = 360 / 7^3
z = 360 / 7^3
3P = pi
P = pi / 3

P = 1 => P = pi/3 => P = -H-/3 => P = 360/7^3 => P =(2sqrt3)/3
1. P = 1 good thought (order): in time
2. P = pi/3 bad thought (chaos): in time
3. P = -H-/3 average conclusion: present response
4. P = 3z/3 rational/irrational re-action: in time
5. Perimeter = (2sqrt3)/3 imagination/memory: out of time

Transcendental pi does not complete the circle. It avalanches through time from pi/3 to (2sqrt3)/3 with 3P as time in between. This is a result of gravity and friction in thought caused by dreams or imagination affecting the present response and a rational or irrational re-action in present or planned future time.

Depression occurs when the prime thought that has been dreamed about does not become a reality. Depression can also occur when one loses a good reality.
Mania occurs when effort and energy is invested to achieve reality of the average conclusion again. This triggers rational or irrational re-actions to present circumstances in reality to the observer.

Pi = 3 is thought from the brain.
Pi = -H- is motivation from the heart.
Meditation of thought promotes action to fulfill dreams or prophesies. Impulse actions are from lack of self-control or conditioning. Thought starts with Pi of the Bible or God. P=1 is the origin of a rational or irrational idea. Motivation is preceded by thought. Action is spurred on by desire or want.

1. Pi = 3: original thought good or bad
2. Pi = TP: irrational thoughts (negative thinking)
3. Pi = -H-: average thought
4. Pi = 3P: rational thought (positive thinking)
P=1 ==> P=TP/3 ==> P=-H-/3 ==> P=3z/3 ==> P=(2sqrt3)/3

Average thoughts from hypothetical pi (-H-) that have advanced from original thoughts (pi=3) are subject to the imagination and dreams. Oneís searching for further advancement or not. From average thoughts that make no further advancement comes depression or satisfaction depending whether one is negative or positive minded or not. Also mania can come or a trying to reach (2sqrt3)/3 which is the imagined worth of the original thought.

Depth of depression = (2sqrt3)/3 back to P=1 or P=TP/3 or P=-H-/3 or P=3z/3.
Reality = 3z/3 the state of consciousness in real time.
Mania = 3z/3 forward to (2sqrt3)/3 or heightened dream state; desperate.
Dreams realized = (2sqrt3)/3 made evident in the present reality of pi = 3P.

(-H-) Hypothetical Pi and the Average State of Mind:

P.j.S Original Mathematics & Related Sciences
All Rights Reserved!

Peter Jeffrey Spencer: (Pi Guy)
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P JayS
post Sep 11, 2012, 12:49 PM
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The diameter of the average imagined thought is sqrt 2. A thought grows in the thinking process from the prime thought (P=1) to the imagined thought or dreamed reality (p=2sqrt3) and then averaged to -H- pi circumference with d=1 or now tangible thought (CP+TP)/-H-=2, d=2 or (2pi/2)/-H-=1, d=1 which is the average circumference of the invisible point.

The thoughts run in stages from 1 to 11 with 11 being the current ownership by the individual or common condition publicly of the original idea or prime thought.

O = the circumference of the circle of thought.
1. 2^0, d = 1, O is the prime thought or original idea (oneís own or someone elses)
2. 2^1, d = sqrt 2, O is the average imagined thought
3. 2^2, d = 2, O is the average tangible thought
4. 2^3, d = sqrt 8, O is the average thought, c = sqrt 8 / 2 = sqrt 2, imagining continues
5. 2^4, d = 4, O is meditation with positive thinking
6. 2^5, d = sqrt 32, O is meditation with negative thinking
7. 2^6, d = 8, O is Happy thoughts, the child of productivity!.
8. 2^7, d = sqrt 128, O is reasonable plans for happy thoughts
9. 2^8, d = 16, O is the fairness of sharing the idea or a spirit of justice
10. 2^9, d = sqrt 512, O is the decision to announce the idea
11. 2^10, d = 32, O is the conclusion to publicly proceed to advance the idea (deliberate argument for the idea: speech)

The average thought is d = sqrt 2. To make an invisible point in meditation or speech with the average thought is d = 2 or a circumference of O = CP+TP / -H- = d = 2. When the idea is established it becomes common sense or common place with a circumference (O) as d = 1 along with the prime thinking of the populace or general knowledge of the facts at hand producing Mankindís Scales of Justice emanating from a Happy Spirit or thoughts of happiness and not just from a state of contentment.

(-H-) hypothetical pi circumference with a d = 1 in time (the 3P circumference of the Spencer Construction surrounded by the circumscribed square also known as the simple line) has two basic diagonals of di = sqrt 2 for both positive and negative thinking or male and female energy.

Each individual male or female with an average tangible thought of d = 2 has both positive and negative thinking abilities.

If a person is born male then the imagined thought process of d = sqrt 2 is primarily positive with negative d = sqrt 2 imagined female thinking energy involved in the tangible and average thought processes.

Likewise a born female would be primarily positive with negative male d = sqrt 2 thinking energy involved in motivation to act.

Both male and female born have two individual d = sqrt 2 imagined positive or negative thought patterns. One pattern is from their father and one is from their mother. The dominate pattern dictates the personís mood and interests at the time.

P.j.S .
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P JayS
post Sep 12, 2012, 12:30 PM
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The thing to remember as the brain reasons upon the different invisible points with a circumference of pi with a diameter = 1, is that a circumscribed square with c = sqrt 2 as the value of the diagonal in time forming the simple line surrounds every circle of averaged thought. Otherwise the simple line holds some value of c from c^2 = a^2 + b^2 for the general line of thought which may have a varying diameter size other than d=1.

The simple line of thought c = sqrt 2 surrounds the tangible invisible point with creative pi as the chief pi circumference d=2 and then d=1with transcendental pi serving to move in and out of the time for the particular thought or line of reasoning which may be rational or irrational at the time.

All thought processes are protected in time by a circumscribed square which can be formed around the resulting individual pi circumference with a d = 1. Because the thought is protected in time then the individual has time to exercise self-control over the prime thought instead of acting rashly by means of conditioning. The conditioning can cause a person to act reasonably peaceful out of love or rashly hateful prone to violence as the training reveals over the mind and heart of the person being observed.

The brain rationalizes on the invisible points of all the pi circumferences of d = 1 and ends up with the averaged thought or pi circumference of hypothetical pi. That thought may be rational or irrational in its conclusion that may end up being motivated by the heart to in still some kind of action from the reasoning mind of the individual holding the thoughts.

P.j.S .
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P JayS
post Sep 15, 2012, 06:19 AM
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-H- hypothetical pi is sqrt (pi * 3z) = 3.145138... while average -H- is (3z + pi) / 2 = 3.145140... rounded off to 3.14514... .

-H- pi for all intents and purposes is 3.14514... .

Remember that (-H-) hypothetical pi has tolerances built in between creative pi and transcendental pi from P=1.

Pi = 3P
P = pi/3

1. P = pi/3 of transcendental pi = 1.0471975511965977461542144610932
2. P = pi/3 of hypothetical pi = 1.04838
3. P = pi/3 of creative pi = 1.0495626822157434402332361516035

creative pi (P = 1.0495626822157434402332361516035) + transcendental pi (P = 1.0471975511965977461542144610932) / 2 = hypothetical pi (P = 1.048380...) or 3P = 3.145140... for -H-.

-H- is in between 3z and pi.

When P = 1.048380 then gravity is started between dark energy and dark matter that both get their start from P = 1 or a perimeter of 3 for the concentric square and the inscribed hexagon that equals the pi circumference of 3 from the geometric Spencer Construction. This is a span of E=mc^2 energy before penetrating energy has divided the void. As dark energy compresses next to :0: each P value is reached between creative pi and transcendental pi.

Friction already exists at E=mc^2 between dark energy and dark matter at P=1. Heat increases between them as they slow down towards c speed and gravity at -H- pi is at a maximum value at c speed. Therefore -H- is a significant pi for matter that is still slowing to become visible less than c speed.

After the void has been penetrated at P of -H- then the tolerances between creative and transcendental pi exists as they both proceed to become their own pi in a rational and irrational state. -H- maintains the distance of the average tangible thought between the rational thoughts of creative pi and the irrational thoughts of transcendental pi in and out of time as these thoughts may be imagined upon by the perimeter of thought at 2 sqrt 3 of the circumscribed hexagon and applied to the 3P circumference of thought at a diameter = 1.

The average thought may be motivated by the heart of an individual to act rationally or not.

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P JayS
post Nov 08, 2012, 07:04 PM
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Thoughts start at the inverse of phi naturally and spiral into the digit 1. In the room of objectivity the thought starts with tolerances at 0.6 with averaged phi space. That's zero point six. The thought can penetrate lesser than zero space at -1. The timing is maintained at 1 second long between 1 and -1 despite dark light expansion or increased capacity of the mind. The shortest dark light span is 1E=mc^2. Thought starts at zero and is made zero from the subtraction law an - bn - cn = 0 where dark light travels between zero and an = 1 whole.

P = 1 and is multiplied by 3 arcs making a pi circumference of 3 which is the primary thought of good or bad.
x + x^2 + x^3 + x^4 = 120 which is one arc of a 360 degree circle with x = 3.

The primary thought is affected by the perimeter of (2 sqrt 3) circumscribed hexagon which is affected by dark energy and becomes irrational or rational pi thinking. Our mind works in circles of thought and sped along by the dark energy of dark light of certain orders that God knows. Dark matter makes up the brain cells.

Thought travels between 0 and the simple line as 0 and 1 with the perimeter of (2 sqrt 3) being imaginary thinking outside the box with the circumscribed hexagon. Positive thinking penetrates negative thinking at the -1 dimension affecting -infinity.1. Negative thinking exhausts through the zero dimension into positive thinking. Hypothetical pi is the averaged invisible point of thought. The equality for the simple line is -1 = 31 - 2^5 where the average primary thought becomes a circle of 360 degrees with the first arc of negative thinking or irrational pi and then the second arc of the averaged thought and then the third arc of rational pi. The average thought can swel from a perimeter of 8 to at least 32 of the circumscribed square surrounding the average circle of the primary thought. The averaged thought is the result of penetration and exhaust of negative thinking which reaches a balance of activity with positive thoughts. The capacity of the mind can expand while the equilibrium of the balanced primary thought remains one second long between 1 and -1.

Mania occurs with an imbalance of positive thoughts the same as prolonged negative thoughts produces depression. The average mind has a realististic view of oneself. The primary thought becomes the negative arc + the average arc + the positive arc of balanced rational and irrational thoughts in the average thinking individual. The pi circumference of the average primary thought is the addition of the individual arcs of pi/3 + -H-/3 + 3z/3 = 360 degrees. This would be the balanced logical thinking and circular reasoning of a peaceful and happy perfect person that rests in the range of the -H- pi arc with tolerances instilled in the mind through meditation on what is good.

The universe may be alive with male and female energy. Energy male and female that slows down from 1E=mc^2 or c^2 speed can make visible matter like planets, suns and moons or made into life, male and female who produce offspring as the numeral 6 from (-60 - -60) + (2.4 * 2.5) = 6. Each of us being a "6" or "The Child of Productivity!" in the binary legal language on the scales of mankind's justice with God.

Relative zeroisms use the opposing operator "o" to distinguish between individuals. For example one person may be assigned a number 0.0001587 and another person may have 0.0002653. They have 3 zeros in common. Therefore it may be said that they have a lot in common. But each individual is different. The digit weight between them for the pi time photon is:

0.0001587 o 0.0002653 = 0.0001134. This value is what produces friction and gravity between the two individuals in their dealings with each other as the weighted digit string 0.0001134 is opposed in the center k atom within the diameter of the pi time photon within the infinity second of time.

A verbal agreement between the two individuals activates the law of the pi time photon in the working out of the agreement whether the two individuals have to separate from each other or not. In the case of marriage and wedding vows individuals as part of their productivity package are still business counter parts even if they get divorced or not. This comes from the financial institution that supports the marriage institution. The equality is found from the simplification of -1 = 24 - 25.

P.j.S Original Mathematics & Related Sciences
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