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> THE GAMES OF LIFE--including astronomy, baseball & G~0~D, --all about G~0~D
post Apr 03, 2012, 04:30 PM
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LIFE, GAMES, BASEBALL, G~0~D and BIG-innings

RevLindsay G. King
April 3 2012

Anyone, if you are a sports-fan, you may be ... then again, you may not be ... It matters not... aware that Christopher Moses, is the new sports-writer at the Globe & Genesis Daily News. The headline of the lead-story, by him, in today's G&G SPORTS section is:

"Finally", CM said, "someone--and that someone is an amazing newcomer--about whom I will say more, later--has brought the buzz back to what has been a dismally-dark season for the cellar-dwelling Earthlings.

"The Earthlings accomplished this win against the heavy-hitting Martians, despite the fact that the Martians had a two-run lead up to the seventh inning of a crucial game in the playoffs, which the ... went on to win. And let's not forget the superb pitching by the tall guy from Porto Rico, Jesus Diabolos--the best pitcher of the Martians.

"How did this happen? Back to the new comer. In a word: Jay B. Good. JBG, though he was new to the team and a rookie to the game, he soon learned how to play it, well. Furthermore, a team player, he was respected by all his fellow players and loved by his fans.

"In addition, he was active, not just in his sport, but in the giving of himself in service to the whole community, especially the needy in Porto Rico. Of course there were those who were jealous of his talent. Also, not everyone was happy when he spoke up for the under-dog and the need for justice for all, including helping injured athletes who were not as fortunate as was he. Back to the game.

"In the seventh inning, with two out and bases loaded, JBG was given his first opportunity at bat.

"The call was: Strike!..Ball!..Ball! Strike! Ball! ... then WHAMMM!!! With this grand-slam home run, out of the cellar the Earthlings began to come. And the rest is history.
Later, in a book on baseball, Chris Moses gave special mention to Jay C. Good and the kind of life he lived. He titled the first chapter: "In the BIG-inning ..."

No wonder that, from then on, the fans of the Earthlings shouted in unison at every game:

LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! With the new buzz JBG brought to the game, it was light-like expansion from then on, for all involved. laugh.gif
Now. what does the above have to do with G~0~D and religion?

Recently, I made a new friend. We hit if off from the get go. Quite quickly, we felt comfortable chatting, freely, to one another. We soon discovered that we really had a lot of interests in common--the things we both studied in university, such as philosophy, psychology, Bible studies, history, science, the arts and the like.

However, when he discovered that I am a retired minister--ordained in 1953, retired in 1994--and that I prefer to think of myself as being re-directed--he became a bit apologetic: "You know, Rev", he said, "I do not think of myself as being very religious." Then I added, with a smile: You mean that, like a lot of people, you only go to church for baptisms, weddings and funerals--hatching, matching and dispatching?

Then I asked, "How about your moral behaviour? Do you believe it is okay to kill, steal and cheat others? And what about G~0~D? I added. I will explain, later, why I write 'god' as an acronym, using capitals and the tilde (~).

"Oh no, Rev" he said, "Even though I admit that I often fail to keep the Golden Rule, religiously, day in and day out, I do believe in the Golden Rule. I sincerely try to do to others as I would like them to do to you ... But I have to admit, I do have problems believing in a god, up there--one who is and all-powerful, all-knowing, every-where present and all-loving heavenly father--especially when I see the mess the world is in--so much pain and suffering! And how many children are either killed, outright, or who starve and die, everyday. If there really is a loving and almighty god, why does he just look on and do nothing?"

"However" I added, "But you do believe--whether or not we feel like it--we ought to be good to others and expect others to be good to us?"

My friend readily agreed. "OK" I said, there is your 'G'--the first letter in the acronym, G~0~D. I use the tilde and write in the form of an acronym to indicate that I am not talking about an individual and human-like being, one with dimensions--a being who is totally separate, divorced and apart from us and the universe. Such a god would simply be an idol.

Then I went on: "I assume you also agree that physically, mentally and spiritually, there is law and order in the universe. Whether or not we like what happens, things do happen, sequentially?
By the way, Jay B. Good is, and is in all of us, if we so choose. JBG is any child of G~0~D--all who will and choose to be and do that which is good, optimistic and desirable. GOD is not a being, but Being itself. The (~) is the symbol for a title. For example, Christ (anointed to do good) is a title, not name--so is G~0~D. [to be continued]

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